Season 6 Episode 5

Love's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

The Montanas and the Callaways are two magical families that have been feuding for longer than anyone can remember. The uneasy truce between the families is apparently broken on Paige's first day of her new temp job as a home assistant for Grandma Callaway. Grandma Callaway avoids injury, but Paige is hit. Paige is feeling beset by magic, and is seriously peeved that her sisters don't trust her enough to let her fight her own battles.

Piper is trying to build a life after Leo, which includes dating. She's terrified.

Phoebe is still trying to control her empathy. She's doing a lousy job of it - and an even worse job of keeping her mouth shut when it comes to her sisters' feelings.

Chris travels to the underworld to get a mysterious potion that helps conceal secrets. The ever-suspicious Leo follows him.

Paige gets seriously snippy when Phoebe starts emoting about Paige's feelings about the feud. Paige wants to handle this by herself, with no help from her sisters. Paige tries to get back into the Callaway house, but she's interrupted by Richard Montana, who warns her not to get involved. Richard has been spared most of the attacks since he's not practicing magic. What's more, he was engaged to Olivia Callaway, who died tragically last year. Olivia may be dead, but that doesn't mean she's gone - her ghost is still around, and is pretty pissed about the whole affair. Olivia's ghost launches an attack at Papa Montana, making it look like it came from the Callaway house. Looks like the feud is back on. While Piper is distracted on her first post-Leo date, Phoebe ignores Paige's request to butt out and uses a spell to jump into the Callaway house. She shows up just in time to see that the energy ball did not come from the Callaways. Paige is furious at Phoebe, and Chris has to pull Piper off her date to keep her sisters from killing each other. Piper does a little investigative potion on the shirt Paige was wearing when she was hit in the first attack and discovers it wasn't an energy ball at all - it was a plasma ball. Big deal, you say? Well, yeah - plasma balls can only be thrown by spirits. You know, like ghosts. The sisters decide to get the two warring clans together for a séance that will reveal the angry spirit. It works, but has some unintended consequences: Olivia reveals that Richard's brother killed her (he claims it was an accident) and that she doesn't want peace - she wants vengeance. She's pissed off enough to make the families scatter. In the confusion, she possesses Paige's body. Polivia tries to convince Richard to kick some butt in the family war. Richard is still on the fence, but he gets mad when one of the Callaways hits Mama Montana. Piper and Phoebe jump in to try to stop the fighting, but can't prevent Richard from getting seriously hurt. Polivia freaks and reveals herself, then orbs Richard away. They end up in the Callaway mausoleum. If Olivia can't have Richard alive, she'll be united with him in death. When the sisters find Polivia and Richard, Olivia jumps out of Paige and rants a bit. Phoebe threatens to vanquish Olivia but Paige stops her. Paige felt Olivia's pain, and she knows that what really needs to happen is for Olivia to move on. She convinces Olivia to let go of her vengeance and get on with her death. Chris has a solution to Phoebe's empathy problem - that secret potion he went to the underworld to get will hide Paige and Piper's feelings from Phoebe. Leo is reluctant, but the sisters are thrilled. When no one is looking, Chris downs the potion himself - looks like his secrets are safe now, too.