Season 6 Episode 5

Love's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2003 on The WB

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  • A war between two families going on for centuries resolved by the Charmed sisters.

    Actually the families fighting was quite boring. It was obvious that the sisters would finally get them to talk it over and the fact that Olivia was behind all this was revealed to the viewers way to soon.

    The fact that Pheobe is an empath is really getting annoying and thankfully they get rid of it at the end of the episode.

    As for Paige... didn't Pheobe tell her that she will never find a Temp-job without any magic? seeing how she rejected a Job at Bucklands because she would get premonitions all the time. And the number of demons vanquished at P3... So this is just plain stupid writing. Because either Paige is fine with magic Temp-jobs or she stopped getting them.

    As for Chris... This Episode has actually a lot of clues for my theory that Chris is Wyatt's future. The fact that he is hiding a secret is obvious ever since he first appeared on the show. However the ends he would go to to protect the secret show us that he means business. I don't believe that he wants to harm the sisters he just wants them not to do something they would've done otherwise. I also believe now that he never came back because the charmed sisters couldn't vanquish the titans seeing how he wouldn't live long enough to grow that old. Plus if the Titans really killed all the Elders where he came from, who made him a Whitelighter???
    Plus when Piper has her date he is totally angry at her and wants her to leave that guy as soon as possible. His attitude towards him is very revealing. (at least to me)

    Piper is dating again and I sincerely doubt that she is feeling this indifferent to the whole Leo breakup thing. I hope the writers don't forget that he is the love of her life and give us a better explanation.