Season 6 Episode 5

Love's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2003 on The WB

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  • Original effects, original camera and original changes... Anyway, a bad story! It could have been a lot better, the only thing that is good in the episode is the final fight. The rest is plain boring, the story starts in the 25 min on!

    I can assure you that this episode has a lot of pontential but it is not as good as it could have been.

    I think that the best thing that has this episode is the camera job and the great photography. The filming is so original that is shocking in Charmed, they usually don't do this kind of things! I loved the scene in the attic, they filmed from above and the effect was cool, the scene with Paige/ Olivia in Richar 's house was cool (The scene when they are kissing is plain perfect!) and the original effect of the closing of the door and the explosion! The scene when Paige gets in and Phoebe gets out! XD And when Phoebe fall from the ceiling! The scene when Phoebe is talking Piper hidden after the door...

    Wicca part and effects in the episode are the best of it!! The blood part was a new thing in Charmed that we had not seem usually. Besides, this episode has a very notable dark side! And what about the final battle? It's a great idea! They never do battles like that, so big, people jumping and the perfect effect in the TV blowing after them!

    Despite that, the storyline was quite awful. A feud...? We only saw a great battle between them!!! The sceance is good but it has not the potential that could have got! Despite that what was the enterteining in the episode...??? The end with the ghost was boring aswell. The scenes between Leo and Piper were good! I don't think that Leo should do what he did but they had chemistry. Anyway, Leo and Chris scenes were quite the same and boring. Paige was cool as she always is, she did a perfect job in the possesion-acting. You cannot see Paige there you can see Olivia, Rose did it so perfectly! And Phoebe... this is one of those episode in the ones you would want the P3 to died! She's so anoying, and tecnicaly plain stupid! When she said... "I0m gonna help Paige" just after closing the door... I would kill her in that moment!! Well, Ending... The episode has a perfect camera (a strange filming new in Charmed) and a perfect photography (The scene in the dark with the candle). A new things: like the blood, the big battle and the ghost plasma. But a plain bad story, that has a few good moments but a lot of bad ones! Puntuation: 7.5. Has a lot of trivia, original things like the blood and the battle, and the story is the only thing that is bad... so it's not so bad episode.

    PD: This season has the best images in the openings... (When we see San Francisco) I loved speecailly this one. The sea and the rain.
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