Season 6 Episode 5

Love's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2003 on The WB

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  • Neighbours at war

    A hectic episode with plenty of intrigue and good stories for all the cast. The main plot, involving a feud between two witchy and very wealthy families, does take a while to get going but this isn't a huge problem as there is plenty of action elsewhere.

    The idea of feuding families is hardly new, but it hasn't been done on this show before. To be truthful, I wasn't remotely interested who was responsible, I was just hoping it would build into a decent bunfight, which I'm glad to say it did. Some good blood and guts along the way! The séance was a great scene, although I was disappointed it ended with one of the sisters being possessed AGAIN. How many more times is this going to happen?

    All the characters have their own plots this week. Paige is still looking for a life beyond the Charmed Ones and ends up becoming embroiled in the feud. She also succeeds in hitting on the leading man.

    In a desperate attempt to stop Phoebe finding out his secret, Chris goes to some dodgy back street wizard for a potion. Unfortunately for him, Leo is watching from the shadows. I love all the intrigue around these two and I really hope it blows up soon. This is the first time we hear Chris refer to Leo as "Dad", although it's hidden in a reference to Wyatt.

    Phoebe's new power is driving everyone mad, including most of the viewers. I had to laugh when Paige orbed that apple into her mouth; one of the funniest scenes ever. Good also to see her hovering over the hoovering. Piper is dating in a desperate attempt to get over Leo. It won't work, of course, but I did feel very sorry for Leo when she said she wanted a divorce. Some nice acting by Brian.

    So here we are in episode five and so far this season the sisters have vanquished one evil being (and that was in the first ten minutes of the first episode). Are they going soft?
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