Season 5 Episode 17

Lucky Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Phoebe and Piper are at P3 for a night out. Piper has scheduled a band to play, but they call and cancel at the last minute. Piper is very upset and can't believe how badly her luck is going. Phoebe accidentally touches something of another patron's and has a vision that he is a demon about to kill her. Phoebe gets Piper to freeze the club and the man who Phoebe suspects is the demon keeps moving. He tries to throw a fireball at Phoebe, but Piper vanquishes him first.

On a street corner, a man is playing a guitar and singing for extra change. He tries to ask people for spare change because he has been down on his luck. Behind a bush a little man appears and listens to the man's begging. The little man pulls out a piece of gold and says some magic words, making the gold turn to dust and wash over the man. The next minute a wind blows and the man finds a 50-dollar bill. The little man then zips away extra fast, but runs into another person. The person he runs into isn't really a person, but a demon that wants to kill the Leprechaun to find his gold. After killing the Leprechaun, the demon, Saleel then takes the Leprechaun's stick and makes a rainbow appear. After getting the Leprechaun's gold, he gives it to other demons as a way to bribe them to support him when he bids for ruling the underworld.

At the Manor, Piper is being super mom, businesswoman, and supporting sister. Phoebe is trying to work on an article for her new boss on Internet dating. Piper tries to talk her out of meeting with the man that has been emailing her and Phoebe agrees. At the end of the conversation, Paige finds out that one of her favorite sweaters is ruined and complains that she is going bankrupt from all of her demon fighting. She decides that she won't use magic for personal gain, but she will use it to correct the things magic has messed up for her. Phoebe and Leo both try and warn Paige into not doing anything, but she doesn't listen. When Leo is speaking with her he tells her that the elders are concerned that all of the good magical creatures are having such a bad run of luck and all of the demons and underworld things are having too much good luck. Leo asks Paige to try and look into what is wrong. Paige does a spell that teleports her to the Leprechaun's land and finds Seamus Fitzpatrick, a Leprechaun, that has convinced all of the other Leprechauns to pool their good luck together to fight the demon that is trying to destroy them.

After Seamus explains what is happening to Leprechauns he give Piper, Paige and Phoebe a bit of extra "good luck" and tells them that they need to take risks for making the good luck continue and defeating Saleel. Paige thinks this is the perfect opportunity for her to earn back some of the money she has lost by fighting demons. She takes Piper with her to a casino where she wins a lot of money, but pushes her luck too far and loses everything. During the process though, Piper figures out a way to find Saleel's lair and the girls are in business to go fight a demon. When they arrive, however, Saleel is ready for them and uses some of the gold that he has stolen from other Leprechauns to give the girls bad luck. After lightning strikes them, he grabs Seamus and kills him. The girls are heartbroken and have a lot of bad luck with everything.

While they begin to make a potion to kill Saleel, he takes the offensive and hires the demons that he had already given the good luck to and tells them to kill the Charmed Ones while their luck was bad. He boosts them with extra luck, but when they get to the Manor, Paige is able to kill one of them. The other takes Piper who was knocked unconscious away and is held captive at Saleel's lair.

Meanwhile, Paige and Phoebe decide to find the other Leprechauns and convince them to help the Charmed Ones and help themselves. Paige convinces them and they all head to Saleel's lair. Saleel is expecting the Charmed sisters, but is surprised by the Leprechauns who are successful at vanquishing Saleel.

Back at the manor, Phoebe agrees to finally go and see her Internet chat pal and finds out that the person she has been writing to is her boss, Jason Dean. She agrees to continue the date and find out if there is anything for them in the romance department. At P3, Piper tells Leo that she has decided that she needs to sell the club, because she can't be a good mother, wife, sister and business woman all at the same time. She thinks that she really needs to focus on Wyatt. Leo informs her that the Elders have given him paternity leave and that Piper can keep the club, and they will work out the childrearing together.