Season 5 Episode 17

Lucky Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on The WB

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  • An alright one.

    So I did dislike Paige in this one. I'm completely against gambling in general but I do get why they started it here because what other way to quickly check your luck but her being arrogant about it was annoying and making Piper seem over the top because she wants to think of her child...

    I liked Phoebe's storyline with Jason. I felt she was being quite blind to the idea of online dating. I'm the biggest romantic I know but I still believe you can meet the one online. The roses, chocolates, eye contact come once you meet each other not like you speak online until you get married or something.

    I like the story including magical creatures. I actually dislike shows that pussy foot around whether things exist or not. If you are going to create magic, you create all of magic. And these creatures are included in that. While the acting and the plot itself was kinda crap, snake demon was lame. And what did those two girls owe him. They pledged allegiance to him, but they owe him still, and the luck was payment not what they owed him for.
  • Lucky Charmed

    Lucky Charmed was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. i really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. The guest cast was amazing and they all played their parts well. I liked the story lines and the intrigues of the episode which all played out pretty well. It was interesting to see Charmed take on Leprechauns and the writers,directors and actors all did a great job! It was also great to see baby Wyatt. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Ni maith liom an episode seo.


    It's difficult not to feel something of a patriotic sting as an Irishman watching the defamation of our mythological beings time and time again. Yet, despite the god AWFUL accents, our little lucky friends aren't the worst offenders of the episode. No, that has to go to our demons-of-the-week, some of the hammiest acting on this show to date and that is saying a hell of a lot. But I don't really blame the actors, per se. I've seen what Domonic Fumusa can do on Nurse Jackie and does anyone remember Phina Orcuhe (that's Female Demon 1, to you and me) from her little stint on Buffy as Rupert's fling? They were clearly told to treat everything as though they were working in a pantomime. This really isn't as bad as I remember it, some of the sisterly stuff actually works, but much like the crappy effects, and one of the cheapest looking demon lairs EVER (was it difficult being tied down to that paper mache tree, Piper?), this episode never truly aims to convince us that this is a story worth telling.

  • There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

    There is an odd dichotomy in the Charmed fan-verse. Mythical creatures are generally well-received IF they are bad guys. Similar creatures, however, do NOT appear to make appreciated good guys. There are some undeniably creative ideas in this episode. This is the only episode where the sisters' biggest challenge is overcoming bad luck. Meanwhile, a run of good luck is ingeniously used to teach each of the sisters another lesson that will help propel their characters forward. However, the leprechaun story is overly ambitious and frankly fumbled. It would be an understatement to call the story of an oppressed people being motivated to defend themselves unoriginal. And likely the biggest problem is that I don't believe a likable leprechaun has ever graced Charmed. Oddly, the writers have decided that leprechauns as a race are whiny, somewhat pitiful, and yet uproariously condescending. Even the original leprechaun hero, Seamus, is about 8 feet of attitude in a 3 foot frame.

    All the demons in the episode, fronted by the reptile (?) demon, are poorly written and about equally portrayed. Did anyone really believe Piper was in any danger at the end? Yeah, I didn't think so. Frankly, the best thing about this episode is Holly's hair. Wow. Gorgeous. In fact, all three ladies look fantastic. Phoebe and Jason's scene at the end is actually well done, and Phoebe is scrumptious. Unfortunately, these decent moments of drama can't overcome the big fail of the main story.
  • Sucky Charmed

    Lucky Charmed-The Charmed Ones face a demon who has been killing leprechauns and stealing their magic. The leprechauns endow the sisters with good luck, which enables Paige to gain material wealth, Phoebe to meet a man, and Piper to book a major star to play P3. I really must commend the writers for this one. they have actually achieved a whole new low for trashy television with this chilidish, obnoxious mess of an episode. I don't know where to begin with "Lucky Charmed". So I decided to make a list:

    -Horrible plot (Leprachans in danger!! OMG!! Kil them all I say!)

    -Over the top Irish accents

    -Horrible guest stars

    -Awful acting

    -Terrible sub-plots (Online dating is so great!! What is this? An infomercial?!)

    -Cheap, corny rainbow affects

    -That disguising Irish flute score playing in nearly every scene!!!

    -The sisters have to be saved by a bunch of leprachans by a "low level" demon. I don't care if he gave them bad luck!! 1) Leprachans shouldn't be more powerful than the freakin' Charmed Ones and 2) these are the same sisters who vanquished the Source not to long ago, but they can't stop your run a mill demon, especially considering we know Piper blow him up in 2 seconds!!!

    -Jason and Phoebe's surprise date couldn't have been more predictable!!

    -Paige carelessly using magic again!! ( I don't care what her reason was, how many times has she learned personal gain=bad consequences!! The writers are seriously starting to make Paige dense!)

    It I had to sum it up, "Lucky Charmed" is like Charmed gone PBS, I'm surprised a teletubbie didn't help the sisters too!! One of the worst Charmed episodes of the series. Everything about it was crao....well....Pat Benatar was pretty awesome though!!! Avoid this at all times!!
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  • Establishes the relationship between the Charmed Ones and Leprechauns, which is revisited on numerous occasions in future episodes.

    This episode introduced the Leprechauns for the first time, setting the stage for future appearances for the remaining three seasons of the series. It also is the only time, to my knowledge, that a Musical Guest also had a speaking/acting role in the episode.

    I'm a bit biased in my evaluation of this episode because it is how I became a Charmed fan. I was a late-comer to the show, but had been a Pat Benetar Fan since I was a kid. When I learned she was going to perform on the show, I watched and was hooked! The significance to future episodes alone is enough to make this an important episode and I never get tired of watching it!
  • Exactly how deep is this barrel they're scraping?

    Let's begin with our Irish friends, shall we? The rainbow is cheesy, the music is annoying, the accents are rubbish (most of them wander between Irish and Scottish) and the names are pathetic. Seamus Fitzpatrick? Come on! If they wanted Irish surnames why not use McGowan or Doherty? Now, that would have been funny.

    Why would leprechauns from California have Irish accents anyway? Cupid didn't have an Italian accent and the nymphs we are about to meet don't have Greek accents.

    For all the fake accents and silly names, however, the leprechauns aren't as annoying in this episode as they are later in the series. I put this down to:
    a) a decent guest actor as the head leprechaun
    b) the use of some good British swearwords like 'wanker' and 'bollocks'
    c) the fact that several of them get incinerated (tee hee).

    What really lets this episode down is the dreary demon plot. It's exactly the same as "Sand Francisco Dreamin". The head baddie is as charismatic as a wet lawn (although I did like his throttling power) and the two women he hangs around with are completely pointless. If you're going to bill someone as a 'reptile demon' at least make him look like one! All three parts are badly acted and that vanquish with the meteorite is ridiculous.

    Phoebe's tedious subplot continues and (shock!) she and Jason go on a date. I would say more but I'm bored already.

    With its runs of good and bad luck, this episode should have been a comedy classic but Curtis Kheel somehow manages to squander every chance he gets. The result is perhaps the biggest missed opportunity in the whole series. To see how it should have been done, check out the Supernatural episode "Bad Day at Black Rock".

    I take it Pat Avatar is some has-been American rock star btw? Never heard of her.
  • It's not 40 min about the freaky leprecaun! So it's not a 40 min bad episode! The episode is much more than that. If the only reason you don't like this episode is because a leprecaun is shown, you know, that is a silly reason!

    Yes, I am the first one that I loved when Saimus (I don't know the name) was killed! I liked it so badly! It was selfish, overacted, horribe character! I would kill it myslef... Anyway, he is dead but the half of the episode so why are you complaining then? The episode is more about luck than about leprecauns! I really don't like then, besides they did it look like st*pid, coward, not sense character and that is even worse! Anyway, I like this episode, and all the moments are not about leprecauns!

    The story was really great: demons with luck, charmed without it, etc... It was not fantastic, I know, it was very filler material! but that is why it is not a 10 episode neiter! Some parts were very original like the "snake eyes" thing for example or the final meteorit! That is not so common! A really loved the writting in this episode! I don't know why but I think that the writting here was fantastic, I should go and see who wrote this! It did it great. Sentences like "How many should I have / 3 /0! " were great! Besides the camera job this a really good filming there! So...

    Besides we have funny moments aswell! (Not with the leprecaun ¬¬ of course) I loved Paige's spell! ... leave to sucks!! It was hilarious. One more? When Phoebe opens and shuts the door! Xd

    So, here is the deal: What i said at the beginning, the episode is not a bad episode because of the idea! One episode should not be judget by one little thing! (little... LOL) It should being by the whole 40min! If you keep saying "The episode is the worst ever, it was a stupid leprecaun there!" you know for sure that you are not right! It was a stupid idea, not a stupid episode! It is a 8 one.
  • Brilliant episode but i didn't like the way the Leprechauns were portrayed.

    A reptile demon is methodically killing leprechauns and stealing their gold, to spread bad luck throughout the world. After her personal gain spells Paige comes to the rescue of leprechaun Seamus Fitzpatrick after he is being attacked by a demon then Paige gets the demon to go away and then the Leprechauns are all safe the little man rewards the Charmed Ones with more good luck than they can ever possibly handle until all their good luck is taken away which leaves falling over rugs,tripping down the stairs and even meteors lanbding right on them !!
  • Bad luck has been running through the magical kingdom cause a demon has been killing leprechans.

    Despite what others have said about this episode, I actually thought it wasn\'t so bad. It\'s not the best but it\'s not the worst either. I liked the tounge in cheek sayings about Justin Timberlake by Phoebe (her current boyfriend at the time.) and with Pat Benitar and \"I\'ve hit you with me best shot.\" (name of one of her songs). It was interesting to use the idea of leprechans and luck. Plus when the Charmed Ones are cursed with bad luck, that part was pretty funny. Like Paige falling and the fire extinguisher. Anyway, it\'s not a bad episode.
  • An average episode.

    I would never want Pipers crazy schedule having to watch Wyatt and deal with demons and work. I don't like the parts in the episode where it shows what the demons are doing I'd rather have that time devoted to something interesting and be somewhat surprised to see what the demons were thinking of doing. I think that it is awesome that the leprechauns join up with the charmed ones. Paige using magic to keep her clothes new after all the demon fighting is funny and awesome, since she doesn't care at all about any personal gain. This episode is written very well. The good luck the leprechaun gives the sisters is aweome because it teaches them all something or gives them something. The ending of the episode is not the greatest it is just okay.
  • Drunk leprochauns


    How old do you think the veiwers are? The magical creatures thing is becomming a bit too annoying, how many are there now? I was tempted to turn off the tv when the leprochaun talked. The leprochaun sounded drunk not Irish, however the episode was ok not brilliant but it was alright. The storyline was good but some things were poor like most of the quest stars and actors.

    If you like creature episodes and rainbows, this episode if perfect for you, but for people who live in Ireland I suggest you shouldn't watch this episode because you may be slightly affended by the Irish accents.
  • Bad Luck is running around San Francisco and THe sisters have to stop it.

    Ok not exactly Charmed style but it definately goes with the theme that has been season 5. Not at all the best but not the worst this season has dished out.

    So lepracauns( they will be referred to as leppys) are being killed a demon named Saleel( i liked his snake contacts) and he is using their pot of gold to cause bad luck. I thought the idea was a pretty decent one it was just carried out in a humorous matter.

    The beginning was really stupid. Phoebe met a demon thru online dating,omg i wanted to scream( so stupid). piper kills him but the way phoebe described the way he killed he would have been an interesting demon for like a b or c plot of an eppy. THe rainbow effect was cute.

    Piper is having issues with the cluba nd thinks she should sell it. Leo and her are having problems which is a set up for the next eppy ( a really good one).
    Phoebe is angry with jason because of her assigment.( what was with those pants. they were so freaking low. if they were a bit higher they would have looked golden.)
    Paige wants magic to reimburse her.

    moving on: paige casts a spell for good luck but is intercepted by the leppys magic. the green orb was great. i loved seeing paige get slapped like 50 feet across the land, it was funny but looked like it hurt. she brings the leppy home and saleel is all mad, shut up saleel.

    bickering occurs at the house. piper is occupied with the baby and phoebe with her online friend. leppy hits piper with good luck and who pops by the manor, pat benatar. OMG i totally love her and wow did she look fantastic. piper is all smiles.
    paige gets hit next and orbs piper to a casino. phoebe gets hit also and jason takes her out. i loved when she opened the door and then slammed it, i love alyssa's comedic relief in any episode.

    paige and piper are on a winning streak and apparently she has enough for a college tuition,lol. she eventually gets snake eyes and the dots connect, paige makes with the shocked faces. nitpick: piper or anybody else for that matter couldnt figure out snake eyes could find a reptile demon. 5 years piper, five years.

    phoebe finds out jason is all for the internet dating thing and her attraction is becoming more apparent towards him. and she is also a little slow is not a coincidence her boss put her this assignment and he runs this type of place? whatever.

    later on they all get hit by bad luck and the leppy paige saved gets killed. at the manor their bad luck continues and it was a hilarious scene. paige trips, the outlets explode and the chandeleir breaks.phoebe falls down the stairs( those pants would have fallen off before she reached the bottom) the battle scene was fantastic. piper explodes the banister and she gets hit on the head. phoebe throws her palm pilot thingy to stop an energy balla nd paige kills blondy. the other chick is all mad and takes piper. a wonderful scene

    they go to the leppys for more help and paige makes a rather beautiful speech. rose did a great job with it.

    they go to saleel and the leppys hit him with the bad luck and a comet kills him. that is what made the score for this eppy really low. i couldnt even say anything when i first saw it.

    pat performs heartbreaker and i was enjoying every minute of it. phoebe and jason take a chance on each other. i thought that pink dress looked great on her. it was an ok episode.
  • The charming Kern and all his family

    This episode really made me cry, it was that bad.

    It’s tough for me to rank episodes low, because I always try to see all the good things in episodes.
    But looking at all the good things of ‘Lucky Charmed’ leave me with not so many.

    Let me begin with all the good things.
    It has snakes in it.
    It has Rose McGowan in it.
    And I actually thought the demon’s death was neat, oh look. A meteorite…/SMASH/

    Now, lets go to the real episode, shall we?

    Leprechauns are in trouble, a mean demon is taken all of their luck away to find his own gold! *gasp* what a mean demon!

    Seriously though, I think a 6 year old would fall asleep.

    This whole episode was dragged out, some lame leprechauns. Phoebe and her boss Jason falling inlove, who would have guessed that? It has to be the first time that a Charmed one falls inlove with her good-looking boss/college, right? Oh wait, it isn’t. *yawn*

    Even Paige was slightly irritating with her personal-gain, didn’t she learn from her big boobs?

    Other than that it didn’t develop almost anything, except that the elders want to look after Wyatt, do I have to pretend as if I care?

    ‘Lucky Charmed’ is one of those painful episodes of Charmed, badly written, badly acted, no character development, no reason to exist. Just Brad Kern and all of his annoying tiny family.
  • Excuse Me Whilst I Tear Out My Eyes...

    Sucky Charmed sees the sisters becoming involved with a bunch of magical midgets who spread luck (good and bad) to anybody who needs it. A demon is after the midgets for some reason and hires two big ol' lesbians to help him kill all the magical midgets. Meanwhile, Phoebe realizes she's done enough whoring about in reality and turns to cyperspace to find a man...

    The main storyline of this episode is the stuff dreams are made of. Y'know, those alcohol/drug-induced dreams where you have all those hallucinations about really terrifying stuff before waking up in a mess with your face a wreck and a large pool of vomit around your head? Yeah. Those.

    The leprechauns themselves are hilariously bad, from the bad faux-Irish accents to the annoying flute playing to the sub-Sesame Street rainbow effects to the corny midget-sex gags etc etc etc. God I hate this episode! During the hour, the sisters experience various forms of bad luck. Sadly, this bad luck is neither fatal nor interesting. I would have rated this episode higher if Phoebe somehow got incinerated or Paige got her neck torn out by some flying knives but, alas, no.

    The demons also sucked. Sopranos actor Dominic Fumusa should NOT be reduced to garbage like this, same goes for former Buffy recurring star Phina Oruche who does actually put some effort into the pointless role of Lesbian Demon Babe #1. The appearance by Pat Benatar is both cheesy and pointless. We're used to talentless musicians (well, bar a few -cough-Flaming Lips-cough-Orgy-cough-) self-promoting their crappy albums on Charmed, but having Benatar actually pop up and try and act is just pathetic. A complete waste of time and doing nothing for the storyline. I'm also surprised that Benatar would be okay with the hinting that her fame is all down to some frickin' midgets but, y'know, she was paid, right?

    Phoebe's subplot is completely embarrassing to watch. Every single person who watched this episode (even the severely mentally challenged) would have guessed that Phoebe's online date would turn out to be Jason. Their relationship is both pointless and a complete bore and should be viewed with the mute button handy.

    Whoever was responsible for this episode should be forced to eat his own intestines and never inflict his writing on TV screens again. Brad Kern has said in interviews that he loved this episode and that he had always wanted to do a storyline with leprechauns in it. Honestly, if anybody still likes this guy after these comments... well, let's just say that I do not like you. This mess was painful to watch from beginning to end.

    Rating: F
  • The Charmed Ones face a demon who has been killing Leprechauns and stealing their magic but when the Leprechauns endow the sisters with good luck, which enables Paige to gain material wealth, Phoebe to meet a man, and Piper to book a major star to play P3

    I do not agree with the other review! This is not my fave. episode but it\'s a good one all the same. I love charmed. and i love the supernatural in it and the way they use things we all know about and incorperate them into the great show Charmed!
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