Season 3 Episode 2

Magic Hour

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2000 on The WB

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  • Yeah kinda a lame one I guess.

    Must say I agree completely with the other negative reviews. I found both Phoebe and Piper completely out of character.

    I mean I get being scared of 'unspeakable wrath', but she isn't talking about that at the start anyway, she's just talking about 'breaking rules', and yeah it was a bit out of character.

    I found the library scene kind of cute. Cole trying to flirt, and giving him such stupid lines because he hasn't been around for so long was funny. He's charismatic but still a bit out of it.

    I don't like that this is the second time that they have denied a darklighter a lover. Yes ok, in this one he was kinda rude about it and put a curse on them. But he didn't actually kill him which I don't get why he didn't do that in the first place. But he dies because he sees them kiss? To me that means he actually loved her .. so who's the real demon here? He just wanted his love, maybe went about it badly and was a creep, but he still cared for her.

    I don't get why she had to write 'handfasting', to tell them what it's called, I mean they could've just stood up and looked themselves.

    I also found the whole 'eclipse' thing pretty predictable and surprised nobody else figured it out. Especially if you really want the curse broken, surely you would've spent ages trying to figure it out?

    And Piper feeling 'sick' when they get to the building... I'm sorry 'when the time is right you'll know' is just a saying. You don't actually get a physical change in your body telling you. And why do you need to do all these things? If this is supposed to be a small affair to keep it a secret, having a florist and dresses and this and that kinda makes it obvious. Have the ceremony small and have an actual wedding later?

    Sorry my reviews got so long, but guess this one is shorter. Mostly because I did other things and had it playing in the background. But I thought the couple were pathetically annoying, the death scene was lame, and Phoebe acting weird about the eclipse, looking all confused and feeling weird..
  • Magic Hour

    Magic Hour was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and well written. True Love was a major theme as Piper and Leo considered getting married and then when the sisters find two star crossed lovers who have been separated by a curse. There was some great character development and it was interesting to see Cole making moves to get closer to the sisters through Phoebe. The end of the episode where Cole is reporting to his bosses was a great scene and what happened to Leo was shocking. It was also good to see Grams again. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Unfortunately, there is nothing magical about this hour...

    I have to agree with other reviewers that this is a disappointing installment after a promising start in the season opener. This is a rare instance where watching this a second or third time actually made it worse in my mind. There is just a lot wrong with this episode.

    A norm of Charmed is that the demon story mirrors the personal lives of the sisters. This episode basically follows the structure of the imminently better P3 H2O where Piper and Leo's relationship is paralleled with another, seemingly doomed, couple and ultimately leads to lessons being learned. Combine that plot thread with a rather ridiculous rip off of Ladyhawk, and you have this episode. I actually got kind of a kick out of the sorcerer/warlock/darklighter in this episode. He is more comical than he is menacing. Why he would lay such an extravagant curse on the young couple instead of using his myriad of magical powers to get his way will forever remain in mystery. The foolishness reaches its zenith when the owl flies into the path of an arrow to save the damsel. Come on. Phoebe is also out of character here. Always close to Leo, she suddenly becomes so afraid of the wrath of the absentee landlord Elders that she reverses course and counsels Piper against marrying him, even going so far as to call Piper selfish. Well, sure, but that is like the pot calling the kettle black, is it not?

    The fact that the eclipse would break the curse should have been obvious from the first seconds the curse was mentioned. And why again did the sorcerer/warlock/darklighter self-immolate? Huh.

    Of course, Phoebe retrieves her sanity for the end, and we get the shortest wedding in TV history where Piper once again is left in tears, which must have been akin to a cliffhanger ending when it first aired. For Cole's brief scenes and that final scene, I at least rate this a 6.5, but no higher.
  • This episode was a hooooot, hooooot! Geddit? Oh, I'll be here all night!

    Again, another mind-numbingly average episode of Charmed that has a main plot that rarely manages to be anything other than a mild form of television torture - with a mix of vomit inducing dialogue brought to you by two actors carved out of wood, the episode hit rock bottom from the get go. ~~

    Again, however, just like the previous episode, there are some moments that do, rather shockingly, manage to work! Piper's little selfish act shows a rare time that Piper doesn't think of the bigger picture and it was unusual to see the often reckless Phoebe become the voice of reason for once. Although I did notice Alyssa dropping the ball on occasion, especially when she's trying to explain to Piper why she didn't inform her sister about the spell in the book.

    The demons this week, much like the other guest stars in this hour, are bloody awful! A Jim-Carey knock off, the main demon had the comedic timing of a door knob and although there was effort made in adding humour to the proceedings there wasn't a guest star in sight that could pull off any of the quips. And lookithere, it's Elisabeth Harnois, star of that god-awful show "Point Pleasant" showing off her be fair, though, she's brilliant in "Pretty Persuasion" a movie I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a deliciously dark comedy. ~~

    Final Vanquish: The ending, if anything, saves this one from becoming a complete joke. And so Leo is whisked away and we're given another great performance from Holly, not to mention the arc finally kicking off with Cole's plans being finally revealed! Hurrah!...pity it's in such a boring episode!
  • A couple cursed to be animals at opposite times of the day. On teh day of the eclipse. and, ho yeah, an attempted marriage.

    Well, at lease they were willing to admit they'd ripped something off! As Piper said "I swear I've seen this in a movie somewhere" and you may have, it's called Ladyhawke.

    The couple storyline felt like a footnote only put there to drum up some "drama" around the attempt to get married. The demon was a bit OTT but the couple were very bland, I couldn't see either of them fighting for anything and some of the dialogue from those two was far too corny.

    It did seem a bit strange having prue go along with Leo and Piper's plan and Phoebe being the one who isn't sure considering what Phoebe does end up going through for Cole but it was a nioce way to turn things around. And this episode had one great thing going for it; Prue doesn't save the day! A rarity, esepcially in series 3 I've noticed.
  • Wow, this one was boring! I tghink the writers must have fallen asleep again and woken up in time to throw a script together in ten minutes. It shows.

    Piper and Leo desperately want to get married but Leo's bosses upstairs are less than enthusiastic about the idea. Just as Prue thinks she may have found a way around it, there is a little distraction in the form of a young couple who have had a spell put on them which turns one of them into an owl by night and the other, into a wolf by day.

    I'm honestly not sure if a plot can get more ridiculous than this but I somehow doubt it very much. There was nothing even remotely interesting in the majority of this episode and I think I'm being quite generous even giving it a 4 as it was pretty bad. Thank goodness I know there are much better things to come.
  • We All Care About the Injured Owl... Right? Right!!

    Lame, lame, lame! When you're ripping off another movie, at least try and make it slightly original! Magic Hour is one of those episodes of Charmed you just can't wait for the ending to arrive.

    The episode has the sisters attempting to break a curse put on two lovers, which turns the man into an owl by day and the woman into a wolf by night. Meanwhile, Grams arrives to help Phoebe learn to have faith in Piper and Leo's relationship so she can give them her blessing for their marriage.

    I found most of the things that happen in Magic Hour unintentionally hilarious. I found it so pathetic how the writers believe that we'll be in shock when a lackey demon shoots an arrow at Brooke, the wolf-woman, but Christopher, as an owl, flies in front of her to take the arrow. Who cares really? Do they really think we'll be desperately hoping that Leo can heal "a bird"? It's a freakin' bird, for cripes sake! The only thing in Magic Hour that makes an impact is the closing moments, where Leo is forcibly taken away by the Elders during the marriage ceremony, leaving Piper devastated. It's a very sad moment and Holly is very convincing.

    Rating: F
  • Crappy Hour!

    Magic Hour-The sisters must find a way to break a curse which turns a man into an Owl by day and his girlfriend into a Wolf by night. Meanwhile, Prue discovers a way to hold Piper and Leo's wedding without "The Powers That Be" finding out.

    Okay, who in their right mind thought this would be a good idea where the sisters have to save a couple from a curse that has each of them turning into an animal by day and by night. This is without a doubt one of Charmed's sorriest attempts at a dramatic storyline, especially when the writers expect the audiences to be so saddened and at the edge of their seat when a darklighter shots an owl...I mean..WTF?! That had to be the most unintentionally hilarious scene I ever seen, I just couldn't stop laughing from how ridiculously bad that scene was. All the guest stars are either boring actors Michael Dietz (Christopher) and Elisabeth Harnois (Brooke) or so over the top they just suck Erik Passoja (Icky Demon Guy/The Boss).

    The only redeeming quality is Piper and Leo trying to hide they're wedding from the Elders. I liked how Phoebe didn't support Piper at first, fearing the worst could happen to all 3 of them, but then came around after talking to Grams. the episode ends with one of the saddest scenes as Leo is taken away by the Elders, leaving Piper devasted as Prue and Phoebe try to consoul her. Holly Marie Combs is just so heartbreaking in that scene and ends this terrible hour with a surprising bang. Don't waste your time, "Magic Hour" is a crapfest of lame storylines, horrible performances and weak developments.
  • To marry or not to marry...

    Piper has doubts whether she ought to marry Leo or not. The Halliwell sisters meet the stranger Christopher that becomes an owl by night whilst his lover Brookes takes the form of a wolf by day. Brooke explains that her boss is a sorcerer demon that cursed the couple of lovers because he wanted her for him. While the sisters try to break the spell, they believe that during an eclipse, Leo and Piper could get married without The Elders finding out. But the Evil Triad is aware of their intentions.

    In spite of being a rip-off of "Ladyhawke", "Magic Hour" is a good episode of "Charmed". The role of Cole Turner in the series is disclosed, and together with the participation of Penny 'Grams' Halliwell and the mysterious fate of Leo, will certainly improve the next shows.
  • Total eclipse of the heart

    This was a right disappointment after last week. The episode revolves around the rights and wrongs of Leo and Pipers' decision to get married and their fear of being found out by the elders. To complement this is a sub plot featuring two lovers who have been cursed never to be together.

    I normally like Leo based episodes but this whole wedding thing just feels far too rushed. I know they are in a hurry but I really think the writers should have waited another week; there is no build up at all.

    The wedding service (or handfasting) was ridiculous. As if getting married by your dead grandmother at the bottom of the stairs would be legally binding. And since when has Grams been a high priestess? It did at least have a dramatic ending, with Leo being whisked away by the elders to be punished.

    The demon plot was alright but I gather was ripped off from a film. Estrin and Levinson obviously have a thing for animals turning into naked men as they also wrote "Animal Pragmatism". I did like the bloke playing the demon / warlock. He was very cool. Shame about the two darklighters.

    Cole had little to do this week and seems to have been included only to justify Julian's pay cheque. As for the eclipse: great idea, lousy execution. Four points:

    1. The shots showing the eclipse are rubbish. Why couldn't they have used real footage?
    2. Total eclipses last for a few minutes. This one seems to go on all afternoon!
    3. The vanquishing scene takes place during the eclipse yet there is bright sunshine outside the window.
    4. How could the girls have forgotten there would be an eclipse that day? Total eclipses are a once in a lifetime event and the whole city would have been talking about it.
  • A curse is keeping a couple apart and Leo and Piper attempt to get married

    This was actually a pretty good episode of Charmed. It was cool to see that couple being cursed because someone else wanted Brooke. It was something a little bit different than usual. One curse as an owl and the other as a wolf and the only way for the curse to break is if Brooke kisses the bad guy! The way to break the curse was lame though.

    I loved Prue's response to Christopher changing from an owl to a naked man. I loved how she just said "good kitty" to Kit who had dragged him there. It was just amusing and cute at the same time.

    Making the plans for Piper's wedding though was not as great as it could have been. Even though they had to hide the plans from the Elders and all it should have at least been cool to hear the code words for it but it wasn't. It was like yeah they had to hide it but the episode lacked Leo in the worst way and Piper and Phoebe were still getting books about marriage and all. It was however great seeing Prue and Phoebe arguing over who Piper was going to have as her Maid of Honor.

    I hated Cole switching bags with Piper and Phoebe it was really dumb and seemed almost pointless. All he ended up with was being held outside the door as Phoebe got him his books. So I stick with my original theory of pointless for that entire ordeal. It was so sad at the end when Piper and Leo were going to get married and Leo got taken away. It was awful to see Piper looking so sad but it was something you knew was going to work out that way

    This like many other episodes of the show could have been better if it had been less predictable and had less useless points. It was a good episode though!
  • Boring

    O my god was this a boring episode or was I just extremly deaf and blind during that hour. I only liked the episode about 1% only because of the Piper and Leo side of it. The whole animal thing was so boring I started yawning around 5 minute in. Hope the season gets better.
  • Come on this is so bad !! and the reason why im giving it a 2 is that i liked to hear Leo and Piper tying the knot.

    Piper tries to secretly plan her wedding day so that The Elders cannot stop her and Leo from tying the knot while the sisters befriend a cursed couple who turn into an owl and a wolf during the night hours. Turns out a sorcerer became fond of Brooke, the wolf girlfriend, and cursed the couple when he found out his love was in vain. The cursed lovers are considering their last resort to end the curse, their deaths. While the sisters try to undo the lovers situation, wedding plans are under way. Piper and Leo think its safe to get hitched and are performing their secret ceremony with a ghostly Grams overseeing the nuptials. Unfortunately, it appears that Cole, Phoebe's new found flame, may have spilled the beans to The Powers That Be and Leo is twinkled to sparkling dust just before the ceremony can be completed

    This is the worst episode ever !! , I can say alot , unoriginal, boring and so on but I love Charmed so much I dont want to give it a bad name.
  • I like the fact that Piper and Leo are trying to get married and everything...but an owl and a wolf? It wasn't exactly the most interesting episode.

    When Kit drags an owl onto the front step, then turning into a naked man, the sisters decide to try to help him when he begins to speak and seems to have the whole tortured innocent thing going on. However, he runs away before the sisters can actually help him. Piper, wanting to let the fact that an owl turned into a man on their front porch just slide by because she is preoccupied with trying to find a way to marry Leo in secret without the Elders finding with the burden of not even being able to talk about the ceremony because "THEY" are listening.

    The sisters try to help the innocent by killing a sorcerror who put a curse on the innocent, Chris, and the woman he loves, Brooke, because the sorcerror fell for Brooke and wants her to give in to returning his love, otherwise she and Chris can never be together until "a night within a day" or until she gives in.

    Phoebe and Piper go shopping for books on how to elope and run into Cole who switches his books with theirs in order to find out what the charmed ones are up to. He is working for the Triad and has to give them reports on information he has found out.

    In the end, after they help the innocent, Piper and Leo attempt to get married quickly because of the Eclipse, thinking that the Elders can't look down because they can't look up. However, somehow the Elders found out about the secret marriage attempt (Cole tells Triad, Triad tells Elders kind of thing) and pull Leo "up there" before any vows are said.

    This was an okay episode, although not very interesting or atleast not very original.
  • Why can't they just get married?

    This episode really tugs at the heartstrings although I found it hard to sympathise with an owl. Couldn’t they have picked a cuter animal? I thought that it was great to see Grams again, especially helping Phoebe out and letting Piper do the ceremony. This was not one of my favourite episodes because of the story of the wolf and the owl, but trying to get Piper and Leo married and to hide it from the elders made for a good storyline. I bet everyone was upset when Leo got orbed away during the ceremony, although I was more upset for Piper.
  • It was not that great...

    A demon on top of a company, or at least it seems like that, transforms a man into an owl and a woman into wolf, while Leo proposes marriage to Piper, and they agreed to do it secretly. I can't believe what I am going to say, but this episode was... boring!!! There was not that much fight like in previous episodes, and there has not been powerful demon, I think that this season was OK for the fact that Cole appear but this episode sincerely take the season to the oblivion.
  • Cool Episode

    I liked this episode, It was so romantic & I'm a sucker for romance.

    First we have a couple who are madly in love but are cursed, one is an owl by day & the other a wolf at night & they can only see each other for a brief second at sunrise while they are both changing.

    Then we have Piper who wants to marry Leo but won't go ahead with the wedding unless both her sisters give her & Leo their blessing.

    We see Piper identifying with the couple because both of them are kinda in thae same situation, a forbidden love.

    The ending was heartbreaking with Leo & Piper getting caught & Leo forced away leaving Piper devastated & blaming herself. And we find out that Cole is really evil and was behind the whole thing.

    The whole Cole & his shadow was really cool too.
  • wierd...

    like the other guy sayd, do we care about a guy thats an owl thats injured... NO! lol! this was a stupid and silly ep. it was stupid that he turned into an owl during the night and during the day, the girl turned into sum thin during the day, that was stupid.