Season 8 Episode 2

Malice in Wonderland

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on The WB
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While attempting to take over the Underworld, a young demon plots to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, but when Billie stumbles onto his plot ,she becomes one of his victims instead.

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  • Malice in Wonderland

    Malice in Wonderland was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging, there was character and plot development, and magic. It was fun to see Paige and Billie actually get to know each other a little. I liked the take on Alice in Wonderland and though it wasn't fully explored enough it was still good. I liked how Phoebe continued working at the paper under her new identity. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Great episode but what's with the voice-over?

    This was a really good episode, I loved Billie, she was real cool and funny. She also put a modern touch to witchcraft, like the scrying with the computer thing.

    I didn't like how the demons figured out the charmed ones so quickly but I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the amount of times Phoebe slipped up and after all that, she got to become a columnist again?? It doesn't really seem fair.

    I felt bad for Paige that hardly anyone remembered her at the funeral, I mean surely people from her old job would go to her funeral? Or something like that. I mean, seriously, she did have a life before witchcraft!! Other than that I loved her in this episode, but I think she should have been a cop instead of just running out and then shoving her tongue down the cop's throat even though she's only just met him. Tut tut!!

    Overall, a good episode but the thing that really bugged me was the voice over thing with Phoebe. It makes the episode less exciting and also it makes it seem like Phoebe's the main character, when I personally think she was my least favorite sister in this episode. Even when Piper's plot was kind of bad, just saying, the whole normal life thing is getting old!!moreless
  • Mediocrity In Blunderland

    Malice In Wonderland-While attempting to take over the Underworld, a young demon plots to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, but when Billie stumbles onto his plot ,she becomes one of his victims instead.

    Ehw! Brad Kern must really have been full of himself at this point to even think this "Sex and the City" Knock-off effort would even bemildlyentertaining. I don't know if it's the fact Jason Lewis, who starred on the HBO series, now stars on this show that made Kern want to pay tribute to the "Sex" fans who might be watching the series during that time because Lewis was on the show, but it just doesn't work. Phoebe's Samantha inspired monologues were far from hilarious or even insightful, just filling up needed air time when we should be focusing on the sisters' new lives and exploring what that means for their future, but no, it's just more gimmick than anything else. It's episode 2 and I already bored to death of Dex. His scenes with Phoebe (who he thinks is Julie, her cousin) just go on for too long and it just seems forced when the reason Phoebe is only getting to know him is because she "thinks" her premonition means that Dex is her future husband. What's even worse about this plot is that we know they won't end up together and that this whole wedding vision is just a cheap attempt to get Phoebe to throw herself on another guy. Not to mention, besides the looks, Dex is about as interesting as watching dust collect on a computer screen.

    Then you have Paige's sub-plot with her becoming a police officer...for an episode...than quitting.....*headdesk* I won't even talk it because it's a completely unnecessary and non-existent plot as you see! But it once again leads us to Trinity...I mean Billie, in all her tacky goodness, leading to one of the most random and laughable fights I've ever seen. Since when can Paige fight like that!? *headdesk* Then we officially introduced to Billie and besides being easy on the eyes, Kaley Cuoco is bland as u'd expect. Not that the character of Billie is written well anyway. I find it hard to believe that someteen-agedgirl can learn all about being a witch and hunting demons so casually. It took the sisters years to be that good but suddenly this new chick seems more advanced than the Charmed Ones.....right! *rolls eyes* The demon plot is also a typical Charmed mess with a fairytale being used to harm innocents (which is mostly just crappy CGI and lame direction) I couldn't help but laugh watching that girl going after the bunny...seriously, was she stoned!? O_0 After all that is said and done with, the sisters decide to take Billie under their wing if she does the demon hunting for them, Oh if only they new!

    The only decent plot point is with Piper, more specifically the scene where Piper talks about how much of a whirlwind the last 7 years has been for her from being a college grad/aspiring chef to discovering she's a witch to getting married and having children. Piper certainly have gone through the most evolution over the years in terms of the various stages she's taken in her life, it makes sense if she would feel like she's lost her identity with all that happened. Leo's answer to her question was truly touching, showing that the sisters', especially Piper have earned a life without magic considering how selfless they've been and now it's time for them to be selfish. It's too bad the rest of the episode couldn't have been a self-reflective. "Malice In Wonderland" is the same old tired trite Charmed, with only a decent moment of clarity from Piper and Leo that truly means something.moreless
  • Alice in the City? Sex in Wonderland? Anyone?

    There's a game to be played with this episode. A drinking game. Every single time the word sign is mentioned, take a swig of your preferred poison. I can guarantee you that you will be buckled come episode's end.

    A fun title, and an admittedly fun episode, 'Malice in Wonderland' is Brad Kern's ode to Sex and the City. While it doesn't necessarily work, SATC had just ended when this episode aired, and with hunky Jason Lewis fresh off the series, it was a nice attempt to bid adieu to the show.

    Again, much like the previous episode, some things work well, while others don't (to the power of infinity). Paige could have had a truly great arc if Brad had kept her interest of enrolling in law-enforcement a long-term idea (instead of, ya know, the five minutes we get here toying with the possibility; she doesn't get the job, but she gets the cop - the little slut, oh, er, I mean 'Free Spirit'). Oh, and where did Paige learn those fighting moves from, eh? We ALL know that Paige isn't one for the punches and kicks (unless she's a vampire), let alone swirly spinning kicks.

    Which leads me to Billie, who I actually really enjoyed in this episode. (No, really.) Her action scenes were fairly slick, and I love how cocky she comes across, yet so very air-headish too (I laughed when Paige tried to explain the dangers of being a witch, to which she replied 'yeah, whatever'). I also liked her own spin on scrying - you can tell that Brad certainly had Kaley in mind for a Charmed spin-off.

    Piper's subplot wasn't all that engaging, but it had its far share of tender moments involving Leo. Piper now understands that she simply cannot escape her fate as a witch, and I loved her little rant to Leo, and how she brought up the past seven years and how so much has happened during that period.

    Overall, it's a peculiar mix of sass, Sex and the City nonsense, and a left-field Alice in Wonderland homage (which I had a lot of fun with). Ya know, I remember hating this episode once upon a time, but in retrospect, there's a lot of fun dialogue throughout, and a playfulness and attention to characters that the show has been missing for some time.

    Oh, er, Rose, dear...please, stop with the crazy expressions and lay off the tacky jewelry.kthx.moreless

    It's all about the signs

    Not sure why this episode has such a low score as it's actually rather good. The plot follows on neatly from last week, with some strong character development for Billie. Sure, she's cocky and full of it but isn't that just what the sisters need? No-one has ever challenged their position as top witches and it really shows. It's about time someone was there to keep them on their toes.

    The opening scene is brilliant. I'm sure the 'Charmed Ones in disguise' plot will wear thin after a while but, for now, it's highly entertaining. I love the way Leo is constantly checking himself out. Piper seems almost back to her old self this week and her scenes with Leo are lovely. I much prefer her this way to the sarcastic whingebag she has been for the last three seasons.

    Despite Paige taking the lead role this week, she also gets a subplot in which she decides and then undecides to join the police. While this is fine as an idea, the writing is laughable. Basically, she walks into the station (which is the same set as the Bay Mirror - how cheap!), assaults the recruitment officer and takes her first training class about five minutes later. Meanwhile, Phoebe visits Dex and they talk about very little. And I thought Jason was dull!

    Having demons take over Magic School is a neat twist. I liked the idea of them using innocents to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding but the Alice in Wonderland theme was a little odd. That hall of illusions thing was seriously weird and the guest actress was very wooden. Good vanquishes though.

    As for those voiceovers - interesting experiment but please don't try it again. I've never seen Sex and the City but I'm guessing that's where they got the idea. And top marks for the title - my personal favourite of the series.

    Score: 9.0moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • When Paige uses the phrase "deadly real", Billie corrects her, telling her she cannot use an adverb with a noun - but both words are actually adjectives.

    • Phoebe (as Julie) tells Dex that she always thought he was a lawyer and then quickly covers by saying that is what Phoebe thought. Wouldn't it have made more sense to cover by saying that she thought that after seeing him at funeral and in elevator the other day rather than by saying Phoebe who never even talked to him said it?

    • When Paige is scrying, it's obvious that the crystal doesn't hit the map by itself, but Paige drops it deliberately.

    • When Leo calls Piper at the beauty parlor, he says he's locked out of the house with Wyatt. So why doesn't he just have Wyatt orb them inside rather than disturb Piper?

    • When Billie puts articles cut out of newspapers in front of her, the one named "College woman missing" has its left column dealing with a missing student - "After the disappearance of a student from her sorority house on Thursday morning, the university is cautioning women to be on high alert around the area. San Francisco Police have begun working closely with College Judiciary Affairs on this case. Anyone with information on her whereabouts should contact the local authorities. Future plans... (the rest is blurred out)". However, the right column deals with taxes - "Residents feel that they have been taken advantage of ever since the tax laws governing their additional land holdings were reviewed and increased. (the rest is blurred out)" and has nothing to do with missing women.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Piper's hair is down, but her mirror reflection's hair is up.

    • The female police officer Paige is pulled over by is first shown with a badge number of 8675. When the camera zooms back out it's 3421.

    • In this episode when Paige is training in the police academy, it's obvious it is the same set used for The Bay Mirror. The doors are the same and the corridor when Paige leaves the room is identical.

    • Paige's reflection, instead of her alias', was seen as she was going up the stairs before Phoebe began the narrating.

    • In the fifteen minutes that Paige was gone, Billie somehow tracked the demons, changed back into her wig and costume, and drove over to where the demons were? Not very plausible.

    • What happened to Billie's sunglasses when she fell? Her wig slid off and Paige picked it up but her sunglasses seemed to disappear.

    • Billie's wig didn't fall off when she was doing cartwheels and flips in the air, so why would it easily fall off when Paige punched her and knocked her to the ground?

    • TRIVIA: The recruitment officer that Paige dates in the end is the same actor (Michael McLafferty), who played Prue's boyfriend Alan in the episode, "She's a Man, Baby, a Man".

    • Even though Phoebe's hair is tied into a bun, the hair of her assumed identity and reflection is flowing freely. So they cannot affect the hair of their reflections in any way now?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Billie: I can't believe this, you guys really are The Charmed Ones. I did a little research after you left. The newspapers said you all died in some terrible accident. (looks at Paige) And which one are you?
      Paige: I would be Paige.
      Phoebe: What do we do?
      Piper: Blow her up?
      Paige: Piper!
      Piper: What? Do you have any better ideas?
      Billie: I'm not gonna tell anyone if that's what you think, I promise.
      Piper: What's the catch?
      Billie: Well, show me the ropes. Teach me everything you know about witchcraft. Everything.
      Phoebe: Forget it.
      Paige: Wait a second, what do you have to offer?
      Billie: I can help you guys fight the demons so you don't have to do it all the time. I mean, I assume that is why you faked your own deaths, right?
      Piper: You're right, she is too smart for her own good.
      Paige: All right. One condition, lose the cheap vinyl outfit.
      Billie: Oh.
      Paige: Sorry.

    • Paige (talking about "Sex and the City"): Didn't one of them sleep around alot?

    • Piper: People don't make me whistle again.

    • Billie: Oh, yeah?! Actually my problem is, is that you're just killing my buzz!
      Paige (laughs): Buzz. That's what you call fighting demons?
      Billie: Beats the hell out of video games!

    • Piper: Not now, I'm not in the mood!
      Leo: Oh, come on! Like that's what I want.

    • Leo: I think the point is that we need to take it slow, be patient.
      Phoebe: Tell that to my premonition!

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: Streghe nel paese delle meraviglie (Charmed in Wonderland) Germany: Halliwells im Wunderland (Halliwells in Wonderland) France: Traquées (Betrayed)

    • At the beginning, Phoebe and Piper talk of Dex in references to the show Sex and the City which Phoebe continues to give a narriation throughout the episode in a Carrie-like voiceover. This is somewhat of an inside joke of course, since Jason Lewis appeared several times on that show as Smith, Samantha's actor boyfriend.


    • Re: Phoebe's voiceover

      As mentioned at the beginning of the episode, they're riffing on Sarah Jessica Parker's voiceovers on the TV series "Sex and the City".

    • Title: Malice in Wonderland

      This is a reference to the classic novel, "Alice in Wonderland", and its Disney film adaptions, animated and live-action. It's also a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor from 1985.