Season 8 Episode 2

Malice in Wonderland

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on The WB

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  • Malice in Wonderland

    Malice in Wonderland was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging, there was character and plot development, and magic. It was fun to see Paige and Billie actually get to know each other a little. I liked the take on Alice in Wonderland and though it wasn't fully explored enough it was still good. I liked how Phoebe continued working at the paper under her new identity. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Great episode but what's with the voice-over?

    This was a really good episode, I loved Billie, she was real cool and funny. She also put a modern touch to witchcraft, like the scrying with the computer thing.

    I didn't like how the demons figured out the charmed ones so quickly but I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the amount of times Phoebe slipped up and after all that, she got to become a columnist again?? It doesn't really seem fair.

    I felt bad for Paige that hardly anyone remembered her at the funeral, I mean surely people from her old job would go to her funeral? Or something like that. I mean, seriously, she did have a life before witchcraft!! Other than that I loved her in this episode, but I think she should have been a cop instead of just running out and then shoving her tongue down the cop's throat even though she's only just met him. Tut tut!!

    Overall, a good episode but the thing that really bugged me was the voice over thing with Phoebe. It makes the episode less exciting and also it makes it seem like Phoebe's the main character, when I personally think she was my least favorite sister in this episode. Even when Piper's plot was kind of bad, just saying, the whole normal life thing is getting old!!
  • Mediocrity In Blunderland


    Malice In Wonderland-While attempting to take over the Underworld, a young demon plots to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, but when Billie stumbles onto his plot ,she becomes one of his victims instead.

    Ehw! Brad Kern must really have been full of himself at this point to even think this "Sex and the City" Knock-off effort would even bemildlyentertaining. I don't know if it's the fact Jason Lewis, who starred on the HBO series, now stars on this show that made Kern want to pay tribute to the "Sex" fans who might be watching the series during that time because Lewis was on the show, but it just doesn't work. Phoebe's Samantha inspired monologues were far from hilarious or even insightful, just filling up needed air time when we should be focusing on the sisters' new lives and exploring what that means for their future, but no, it's just more gimmick than anything else. It's episode 2 and I already bored to death of Dex. His scenes with Phoebe (who he thinks is Julie, her cousin) just go on for too long and it just seems forced when the reason Phoebe is only getting to know him is because she "thinks" her premonition means that Dex is her future husband. What's even worse about this plot is that we know they won't end up together and that this whole wedding vision is just a cheap attempt to get Phoebe to throw herself on another guy. Not to mention, besides the looks, Dex is about as interesting as watching dust collect on a computer screen.

    Then you have Paige's sub-plot with her becoming a police officer...for an episode...than quitting.....*headdesk* I won't even talk it because it's a completely unnecessary and non-existent plot as you see! But it once again leads us to Trinity...I mean Billie, in all her tacky goodness, leading to one of the most random and laughable fights I've ever seen. Since when can Paige fight like that!? *headdesk* Then we officially introduced to Billie and besides being easy on the eyes, Kaley Cuoco is bland as u'd expect. Not that the character of Billie is written well anyway. I find it hard to believe that someteen-agedgirl can learn all about being a witch and hunting demons so casually. It took the sisters years to be that good but suddenly this new chick seems more advanced than the Charmed Ones.....right! *rolls eyes* The demon plot is also a typical Charmed mess with a fairytale being used to harm innocents (which is mostly just crappy CGI and lame direction) I couldn't help but laugh watching that girl going after the bunny...seriously, was she stoned!? O_0 After all that is said and done with, the sisters decide to take Billie under their wing if she does the demon hunting for them, Oh if only they new!

    The only decent plot point is with Piper, more specifically the scene where Piper talks about how much of a whirlwind the last 7 years has been for her from being a college grad/aspiring chef to discovering she's a witch to getting married and having children. Piper certainly have gone through the most evolution over the years in terms of the various stages she's taken in her life, it makes sense if she would feel like she's lost her identity with all that happened. Leo's answer to her question was truly touching, showing that the sisters', especially Piper have earned a life without magic considering how selfless they've been and now it's time for them to be selfish. It's too bad the rest of the episode couldn't have been a self-reflective. "Malice In Wonderland" is the same old tired trite Charmed, with only a decent moment of clarity from Piper and Leo that truly means something.

  • Alice in the City? Sex in Wonderland? Anyone?

    There's a game to be played with this episode. A drinking game. Every single time the word sign is mentioned, take a swig of your preferred poison. I can guarantee you that you will be buckled come episode's end.

    A fun title, and an admittedly fun episode, 'Malice in Wonderland' is Brad Kern's ode to Sex and the City. While it doesn't necessarily work, SATC had just ended when this episode aired, and with hunky Jason Lewis fresh off the series, it was a nice attempt to bid adieu to the show.

    Again, much like the previous episode, some things work well, while others don't (to the power of infinity). Paige could have had a truly great arc if Brad had kept her interest of enrolling in law-enforcement a long-term idea (instead of, ya know, the five minutes we get here toying with the possibility; she doesn't get the job, but she gets the cop - the little slut, oh, er, I mean 'Free Spirit'). Oh, and where did Paige learn those fighting moves from, eh? We ALL know that Paige isn't one for the punches and kicks (unless she's a vampire), let alone swirly spinning kicks.

    Which leads me to Billie, who I actually really enjoyed in this episode. (No, really.) Her action scenes were fairly slick, and I love how cocky she comes across, yet so very air-headish too (I laughed when Paige tried to explain the dangers of being a witch, to which she replied 'yeah, whatever'). I also liked her own spin on scrying - you can tell that Brad certainly had Kaley in mind for a Charmed spin-off.

    Piper's subplot wasn't all that engaging, but it had its far share of tender moments involving Leo. Piper now understands that she simply cannot escape her fate as a witch, and I loved her little rant to Leo, and how she brought up the past seven years and how so much has happened during that period.

    Overall, it's a peculiar mix of sass, Sex and the City nonsense, and a left-field Alice in Wonderland homage (which I had a lot of fun with). Ya know, I remember hating this episode once upon a time, but in retrospect, there's a lot of fun dialogue throughout, and a playfulness and attention to characters that the show has been missing for some time.

    Oh, er, Rose, dear...please, stop with the crazy expressions and lay off the tacky jewelry.kthx.

    It's all about the signs

    Not sure why this episode has such a low score as it's actually rather good. The plot follows on neatly from last week, with some strong character development for Billie. Sure, she's cocky and full of it but isn't that just what the sisters need? No-one has ever challenged their position as top witches and it really shows. It's about time someone was there to keep them on their toes.

    The opening scene is brilliant. I'm sure the 'Charmed Ones in disguise' plot will wear thin after a while but, for now, it's highly entertaining. I love the way Leo is constantly checking himself out. Piper seems almost back to her old self this week and her scenes with Leo are lovely. I much prefer her this way to the sarcastic whingebag she has been for the last three seasons.

    Despite Paige taking the lead role this week, she also gets a subplot in which she decides and then undecides to join the police. While this is fine as an idea, the writing is laughable. Basically, she walks into the station (which is the same set as the Bay Mirror - how cheap!), assaults the recruitment officer and takes her first training class about five minutes later. Meanwhile, Phoebe visits Dex and they talk about very little. And I thought Jason was dull!

    Having demons take over Magic School is a neat twist. I liked the idea of them using innocents to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding but the Alice in Wonderland theme was a little odd. That hall of illusions thing was seriously weird and the guest actress was very wooden. Good vanquishes though.

    As for those voiceovers - interesting experiment but please don't try it again. I've never seen Sex and the City but I'm guessing that's where they got the idea. And top marks for the title - my personal favourite of the series.

    Score: 9.0
  • Alice in Wonderland?

    College students are trapped (kidnapped) by demons. Like Alice in Wonderland, except this lacked of rabbits. What can I say about this episode--it is completely pointless and I waste my one hour in my life watching this completely pointless episode. This episode is the worst episode I've watch so far in this series. Especially the end of the episode, where they vanquished the demon, they just throw the potions and then "BOMB", the demons is vanquished.

    I think that the writers is having problems dealing with the plot of the series. The series is getting worse and worse. Can the writers be more creative and have a better episode?
  • Poor college students are dragged into a fairy-tale alternate reality, Billie picks up on the scent. Meanwhile, The Charmed Ones search for their identities

    I liked this episode. It resurrected the fairy tale idea from season 5's Happily Ever After and identified many symbolisms. For example, the title states that there's trouble in the Charmed Ones' perfect lives, while alluding the classic story: Alice in Wonderland, which, according to Pheobe, is about the loss of innocence and the search for one's identity, which is what this whole episode is about. I liked that they brought back the demon from Seaon 8's Still Charmed and Kicking who is now trying to expose the Charmed Ones' identities. However the Charmed Ones took him out and his little demon whore too, He, He, He. For future reference I was spoofing The famous Musical: The Wizard of Oz. Thank and good night (Elvis).
  • I didn't actually mind it... a bit different.

    Malice in Wonderland was the first episode I watched that really got me into charmed. From there I watched seasons 4-7 and some earlier ones, and now I am starting on season 8 again and here I am back at this episode. It is a bit different than usual as it is narrated by Phoebe and it has a 'sex in the city' kinda theme going on. The sisters struggle to cope with their new identity's, and there are a few amusing moments, mainly with Piper. Paige keeps being bugged by her new charge, who turns out to be some super smart and good looking blonde girl (seen 8 simple rules? her.) Miss Perfect manages to track down the very demons who are onto the charmed ones ruse and figures out how they are enticing young adults with an Alice in wonderland theme, freaking them into madness. (and it was pretty scary when you see it at the end). Phoebe does some random thing with some random guy called Dex. She gets a premonition where she marries him. Doesn't it bother her that he had a crush on Phoebe, now it is her (disguised)?

    I liked this episode because it was a bit different and fairly well done. Not very wiccan which is a bit bad but still good. B+/A-
  • Now we have powers too... A premonition: The whole season is gonna be like this! So we have to get used to it!

    How can they do such a bad episode!?

    ... Bad episode, so bad, extremely bad.

    The whole story itself is horrible: A bad demons, it's a bad story. What about the whole whore demon?? That is not serious! The effects were so bad! the explosion was a shame, and the "wonderland" thing was a thing to 5-years-old-boys! They did a set that could have been used a lot more! (I mean the under city water thing!)

    In the other side... The story of the sisters was bad aswell. It's imposible that they were able to stay indiferent to the deads of the teenagers. It's just imposible. No one would be able to ignore that people are dying!

    And... What about the whole Sex and the City thing!?
    Charmed is a show about wicca, sisterhood, and supernatural stories. Now it seems that is a show about woman lifes, like a feminist show. It's not!!! A lot of boys see the show and don't like those kinds of things!

    So a bad episode itslef: Bad wicca story, bad sisters story! Simply Bad
  • While attempting to take over the Underworld, a young demon plots to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, but when Billie stumbles onto his plot ,she becomes one of his victims instead.

    Great episode. Billie makes this season so much interesting. I like her uniform but she looks cool without it to. Some of those demons are so smart if they figure out that the Charmed ones are still alive. If they did they would of have to change their plans because they wouldn't be able to beat them. Can Billie see the true Charmed ones and not their identies since they cast a spell that what is family to them. I think she can since they are going to teach her.
  • A bit too much I thought.

    Hoping to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, Haas, a young demon wanting to take over the Underworld, uses the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale to prey on young victims. When Billie stumbles upon his plan and tries to stop him, she becomes one of his victims. The sisters come to Billies rescue, and realize that they can benefit from Billies willingness and desire to fight demons. Meanwhile, Phoebe , in her new identity, decides to get to know Dex better and learns that he was a fan of the Ask Phoebe column. Surprisingly, she lands a job at the paper as Phoebe's replacement with help from Dex. Paige's traffic stop leads her to enroll at the police academy so she can still help innocent people, and Piper finds that starting over and living a normal life is not as easy as she thought it would be.
  • This sign is to warn you, that this episode is rubbish

    How many times did Alyssa Milano say "Signs"? I happened to be just getting interested in this episode when all of a sudden Alyssa's voice comes from no where, I hoped that that would be it, that she would not speak so randomly, unfortunatley for me she didn't shut up and throughout the whole episode she carried on and on. It was so corny it wasn't like desprete houswives or sex and the city, it was annoying. I decided to ignore these frequent "sign" talks.

    The Alice and Wonderland theme could have been better, tyhe special effects were good but they were used in the wrong way.

    The start was really good and interesting, however the end was not up to much, the sister vanquished the demon being very quickly there wasn't even a struggle. I expected alot from this episode.

  • Despite some bad and just plain silly story lines, this is ultimately a fun, fresh episode that opens up some new possibilities for the story. Better than people seem to think.

    Many see this as the worst episode of the season, if now of the series, but I don’t get that. I agree, the whole “Alice in Wonderland” theme was unnecessary and silly, but it had many good sides and showed some character development and opened up new story lines for future episodes.

    First off I would like to discuss the good parts of the episode. Piper’s neurotic behaviour and slightly paranoid approach to having a normal life is fun and Holly is as always amazing. Piper and Leo is great together and their few moments together are great. Holly and Brian work so good together in this season, and it’s a joy to see them act out that family-like feeling. Speaking of which, the scene in the bathroom in the beginning was genius and I love how they feel like sisters again, and not some people that happens to live in the same house. Piper’s constantly whistling was also something fun, though simple.

    The Sex and the City – narration was fun and made the concluding scenes of the episode feel more real and sweet. Though, sometimes Alyssa’s voice sounds so childlike when she’s talking, but that’s something I can overlook. Paige was more stunning than ever during most parts of this episode, and Rose’s acting just lifts this episode to a new level, with her freshness and skills as a comedian.

    The things I find the worst in the episode is the demons. They’re unoriginal and boring, and most importantly: they can’t act. The Alice in Wonderland thing was stupid and boring, and didn’t make much sense. If they wanted the sisters attention and wanted to spread havoc at the same time, they could have done it in a much better and more original way. The mirrors are still very badly done at just annoys the crap out of me. The whole sub plot about Paige trying to be a police was unnecessary and pointless, and to much filler for my taste. Dex and Phoebe is also something very boring, and they have absolutely no chemistry. Their romance is just one of many, and they all end the same way. Come up with something original for Phoebe to do, please.

    And now for the tricky thing to discuss: Billie. Sometimes she just annoys me to no end, with her reckless behaviour and “I’m better than everybody else, and I have no depth”-attitude is so irritating. But on the other hand, she can be very sweet at times, and does bring a new freshness to the series. She is on occasion funny, and can sometimes be much smarter than she seems. And I love how she scried with the computer. So good.
  • The charmed ones demon free lives are once again put on hold when they discover a demon is using the fairytale of alice in wonderlad on innocents. The worst episode I have ever seen.

    This episode barely deserved a two. From the very beginning I was completely bored, the story was unoriginal, the deomns were stupid and the only thing that kept this episode going was the charmed ones discover of Billie's identity. After the great season opener I was expecting a whole lot more for this episode. I was sitting through the entire thing waiting for it to pick up but it never happened! Nothing new actually happened in this episode except for the demons being vanquished which I am dissapointed about because I thought Haas would last longer than that and Phoebe got her job bakc, which lets face we all knew was going to happen. All in all a load of ****.
  • Just when I thought it could'nt get any more worse

    When I thought that the first episode of this season was bad,this episode made the first one seem oscar-worthy.Brad Kern deffinitely needs to actually get GOOD ideas before he ruins the show and his own name along with it.Everthing in this episode sucked!!!

    Malice in wonderland had some demons kidnapping some teenages and leaving them mindlessly wandering the streets to draw the sisters out.Paige signs up to be a police officer.Phoebe gets back to her old job as Julie and Piper gets the whole episode to complain about being stressed out and needs to relax.And Billie gets mistaken for one of the Charmed ones by some demons.

    Paige's idea of being a police officer came out of nowhere.There were no signs in the past four episodes that she would be interested at all.It seemed totally out of character and did nothing to the season's development and was just there for Paige to do something.

    Piper's storyline felt very reused.Piper has been complaining like that for almost the whole show itself.She felt guilty about the identity change and throwing seven years away, which is understanderble but she made it sound so whiney like she did not consent to it.

    Phoebe.The worse storyline was focussed on her and she is actually on my personal HATE lists of characters in a Tv show.It was so pathetic how Dex,Mr no character at all,just given Julie the job.The annoying voice-over was not Charmed style and possibly never would be.I just cannot stand her preaching for 45 minutes.For God's sake!There is only This much a human being can take.

    Billie was as anoyying as ever in this episode and the fight with Paige was pretty pathetic.Billie's totally lame Alias costume better be burned before I puke my guts out looking at her like that again.Kaley Cuoco is not a bad actress,I just don't seem to like that character. She seems to be taking away all the spotlight on the Charmed ones onto her.She is like the young witch who is going to take over the Charmed ones duties completly and I don't think that is a good idea at all,considering that this season would probably mean the end of this show.

    The Alice and wonderland plot the demons were in was probably the lamest attempt at getting to the Charmed ones.The demons could have just went a killing spree but no... they had to be brainwashing teenagers with Alice in wonderland.The special weird effects don't seem to entice me at all.

    Malice in wonderland is probably the worst episode ever featured on Charmed.I never I would be saying this but if they continued to make episodes like this,I would rather let it go than for it to continue with it, destroying the show.
  • Lewis Carroll Is Spinning In His Grave

    This season is shaping up to be one of the worst yet. It's easily rivalling seasons five and six in terms of awfulness. The storylines are becoming even more unbelievable and the demons are being reduced to subplots. I swear, Brad Kern must be desperately searching through The Big Book of Knock-Off's as this episode features two of them. Both awful, unsurprisingly.

    Malice in Wonderland has the sisters battling a demon called Black Heart who lures young wiccans into a trap with the help of a cute little bunny rabbit. Meanwhile, Phoebe suddenly becomes Carrie Bradshaw and lands a job at the Bay Mirror under her alias with the help of Cardboard-Cut-Out-Boyfriend #24439 and Paige enrols in police academy. What? You didn't see the signs leading up to that storyline ever since she came on the show?!

    The most annoying thing about this episode is Phoebe's annoying voice-over. It works on Veronica Mars, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Ally McBeal. But it doesn't work on Charmed. They can't just suddenly have this in an episode without people finding it annoying. If every single episode of Charmed had the voiceover thing, it would have worked but having it just pop out of nowhere for one episode just sounds weird. Seriously, how many times can one person say the word "signs" in 45 minutes??!!

    It's massively unbelievable that Jenny (or Julie or whatever) gets a job at the paper. It shows off how cheap the budget is now that they can't even afford to build a new set for a new job. Paige's sudden enrolment in the police academy is also ridiculous. We've never been shown any indication that Paige has ever wanted to be a cop so how come it just pops out of nowhere? It was stupid how it showed her signing up for the academy and then exactly 5 minutes later, she was all done up in her cop outfit. They must have new writers or something as this season seems to of completely forgot about Paige's past. First with her apparent lack of friends in the season premiere and now this.

    Billie is still extremely annoying but hopefully the lame wigs and hooker-gear (probably stolen from Phoebe's wardrobe, he he) will end after this episode. Kaley Cuoco can't even say a line without sounding like she's reading off cue cards and, did I mention, I hate her! Her lame "SuperCool SuperNew SuperScrying SuperTechnology" was laughable.

    The Alice in Wonderland storyline is better left un-mentioned. It's ridiculous and has some extremely corny special effects. Nice to see Magic School getting all wrecked though. And the least said about Leo's subplot the better. Seriously, what show has an episode about somebody getting locked out of his house?! The Piper storyline was also a mess. Does anybody care that she can't find peace? She's been complaining about it for eight years already!

    Malice in Wonderland is an appalling episode which manages to be even suckier than the season premiere. Please, please, please make this the last season. I just can't stand it anymore!

    Rating: F
  • Not the best episode, but not bad.

    After seeing Still Charmed & Kicking, I must say that this episode made up for last weeks mistake, but it still could have been alot better. So we finally get what Billie is all about, but the whole portryal of her character is not right on Charmed. I have seen every season of this show, and this is nothing like they've ever done before. Sure, its new and different, but I'm sure some people will tune out because of the shows new vibe. I really found the line said by Billie 'Teach me everything you know about witchcraft' quite pathetic and annoying. Hopefully next week will have better events occur.
  • A disappointing episode

    Didn't really enjoy the episode
    There was too much going on and none of the storylines were really concentrated on especially Paige's which was especially rushed and coul've been left to another episode
    The narration a la SATC was badly done, Phoebe kept saying the same things over and over again which is not what Carrie does. Also I get why they did the SATC theme with the crossover of the actor who plays Dex being in it but it would've been better to do it soon after SATC actually finished as it would've been more topical.
    The Alice in Wonderland storyline line was really stretched and while I find the actress who plays Billie quite annoying, I don't really want to judge her on this episode as the storyline and the scene she had to do with the cards and everything was absolutely dire so it wasn't really her fault if she was rubbish!

    Also did anyone else find Piper's aims quite unrealistic. She is a working mum with 2 small infants. Any mother in her situation would find it difficult to find time to relax! Leo's role in this episode was quite small which is disappointing but there was so much going on anyway, any more storylines would've clogged up the episode completely.

    A pretty rubbish episode with some very weak demons but I was pleased to seem some continuity with the demons from the last episode.
    Only a 5 out of 10. Hopefully the season will calm down a bit and we can see some more developed stories.
  • charmed is so great..

    charmed is so great.. i used to watch it all the time but lately i forget when its on and try to watch the reruns on tnt, but can never remember what time it comes on cus they change it way to much. but its one of the best shows on tv.
  • Not very good episode...... I Think

    What can I say to the world about Malice in Wonderland? It was a prety good episode, but nothing really. All on the other hand we can say that we have already seen the apisode about FAIRY Tales. I mean that that wasn't fresh episode at all. But it had very interesting moments too. We can listen to the music which is from Sex and the City. I know that Jason Lewis was in this serial and it was a lil bit fun when Phoebe was talking in many moments. For exaple: It is not easy starting new lives, following new signes. Especially when the old ones keep getting in the way.
  • Billie is a blond! And Phoebe goes Sex and the City!

    a nice episode

    It's nice to see Kaley's character to develop a bit more and to see the sisters' try to build a live without demons and stuff like that

    I like Dex btw, I hope it works out
    And it also appears that no matter what the sisters are drawn back into the live of fighting demons... It was nice to see Bilie so impressed with the sisters. I think it will be interesting to see the sisters teach Billie everything! I can't wait to see how this develops!

    And i like leo! There isn't one time when I haven't loved his character
  • And now demons stick teenagers in a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, and Billie becomes one of their victims...

    I liked this episode. The scene where Billie and Paige fight is awesome - of course, since in the last episode Billie appeared to be superior to the Charmed Ones, and we can't let her get the better of them. Which is also why they have to save her in this episode as well, to even the score. The twisted Alice in Wonderland world was nice and really makes you see Alice in Wonderland in a totally different light. I also like the character Billie, played by Kaley Cuoco. She's cute and very pretty. She's like, the average teen...but with a huge secret. She's very optimistic, sexy, melodramatic, enterprising, and youthful. A funny combination, but one you'll find in almost every youth. Anyhow, good episode. The demons were nice. The female one had this sexy/cutesy/creepy vibe when she was luring the teens in the white rabbit T-shirt. I'm glad the Charmed Ones made up with Billie. It is, after all, Paige's job to protect her - and how can anyone resist this adorable girl?
  • I expected more from one of my favorite programs. Maybe I should get used to disappointment.

    This is by far the worst episode of Charmed that I have ever seen. THE WORST. EVER.

    What is it with the sisters' hair not matching the hair of their glamour-selves? I'm writing this after "Rewitched," so it's not much of an issue anymore, but man, that was seriously bothering me. It's like they had no regard for details like that. Sheesh.

    I'll admit, Billie has grown on me. I still don't like her, and this episode didn't help much in that. How dumb was she?

    And that "alternate reality" thing, where the cards were chasing her and random weapons and demons attacked Billie - where in god's name did those come from?

    I really didn't understand the need for this episode. The only thing I remember from it is that Billie had some sort of bad LSD trip or something and the sisters came and saved her sorry butt. Which I'm sure they'll be doing a lot this season.

    Honestly, I can't remember anything else important that happened.

    Wow, this episode was BAD. I give this episode a big fat F.
  • This episode it's like a continuation from the last one "Still Charmed & Kicking'" We finally knows who this "black cheap outfit" girl is and the problem of the sisters trying to get a normal life is, for now, solved.

    This episode it's like a continuation from the last one "Still Charmed & Kicking'"

    We finally knows who this "black cheap outfit" girl is and the problem of the sisters trying to get a normal life is, for now, solved.

    This chick will be the one who figth the demons and vanquish them while the sisters will teach her everything they know about witchcraft and have there normal lives.

    I think that meanwhile the sisters teach Billie, they will start to noticed that being witches are part of who they are and that they can't run from it.

    I didn't bother Phoebe's voice over, because it was part of her story. I love the fact that Paige get the same atention than the other sisters and Piper... she is not happy with her normal life after all (that's awesome) :D
  • To trick the Charmed Ones out of hiding, a demon uses the Alice In Wonderland fairy tale to lure them out. (enough with the stupid fairy tales)

    Enough with the stupid fairy tales, I'm really getting sick of them and i'm apparently not the only one.
    Nymphs, trolls, lady godiva and now Alice. Come on, i thought this episode was not very good compared to 'Still Charmed and Kicking'.
    The only fun thing was how the episode was made like the show Sex and the City, but all the other stuff was just boring.
    Billie was acting stupid, her character isn't that enjoying. although Kaley Cuoco does a fine job playing the part.
    Definetely not one of the best episodes if you ask me...
    Message to Brad Kern: Please put an end to the fairy tale episodes, they're really annoying.
    Take a look at the episodes of the first 5 seasons and the last 2 episodes of season 7 and now look at this one.
    Not good.
  • It was an ok episode but not what I had expected

    The narration was nice and a different touch to the show, but I really didnt like the whole Alice in Wonderland story line. Maybe it's due to the fact that I've never really liked the story even as a child and now I like it even less.

    I liked how Pheobe finally found some one, and is ready for comitment, but hopefully he'll turn out the perfect guy for her & not some demon in disguise like cole was.

    Although there was no real explenation about the demon, and what kind he was.

    I'm hoping that this season will turn out better than the way it started out.

  • When demons take over magic school, and they create an alice in wonderland trap to lure the charmed ones, billy the new witch takes charge. Its narrated by Phoebe with a sex and the city type of speech. Billy ends up falling in the trap byut is rescued by

    This was great and a wonderfully dymatic episode. It involved a great plot although in some parts lacked a reason. Like when Billy was in the trap, she saw all these images, but it could have been better explained and better planned out. We didnt even see black heart get vanwuished by the never deafeated charmed ones. Although great, it lacked the quality i saw in the season premiere. It did however show great information on the mysterious new witch. It showed the action of the charmed ones that i didnt think we would see until thier identities are revealed and are found undead!
  • Back to Basics.

    Much better than last weeks premiere and Charmed seems to have found its groove again in focusing more on the sisters lives than on magic. Hopefully this trend will continue with a little bit of magic, a little bit of drama and a lot of comedy on Paige's and Phoebe's parts.
  • The Charmed ones are still in hiding. An evil demon uses the storyline of Alice in Wonderland to lure innocent teenagers with names similar to Alice, like Alexis, Alastair, down the rabbit hole, in order to lure the charmed sisters out of hiding.

    I loved this episode, I thought it was really creative to use the Alice in Wonderland storyline in this episode, added interesting layers to the story. I also loved how they channeled Sex and the City with the voiceovers from Phoebe. I think they should lose the alter identities as soon as possible b/c its not very interesting, but overall, I think they are heading into better territory, especially with adding Kaley Cuoco to the cast. A fourth will only add so much more to what they are capable of.
  • Charmed takes a stab at something new as it chooses to have a Sex In The City style voice over by Phoebe. Although that was sucessful, the reference to Alice In Wonderland leaves a lot to be desired.

    Upon reading the title of this episode "Malice In Wonderland", I was practically jumping for joy, because as one of my favourite and most spectacular of fairy tales, one of my favourite shows could only be improved by alluding to it.

    How I was proved wrong. The only thing that was used as a reference point for this episode was the name "Alice"; where the teenagers that were "kidnapped" were by the names of "Alicia", "Alison", "Alestor", "Alex". That, and the random uttering that referenced the storytale.

    Also, the special effects of this episode seems to have gone a little lower on the usual budget. Small things, like when scrying, Paige's crystal doesn't pull, she just drops it, and we assume that because it has been done so many times before, that that was where the crystal was pointing.

    Going back to the Alice In Wonderland disapointment, when Billie gets taken into this twisted reality, the special effects, and the representation of the tale were very much of a let down to say the least.

    The plot of the sisters not being able to relax in their life is practically forced in this episode. Especially when all three of them are together. On their own, they carry off their troubles quite well.

    Phoebe's love troubles seem a bit forced, as she seems troubled by the fact that she recieved a premonition about getting married to someone. She is troubled by the fact that she hardly knows the person. Isn't that the point of every darn premonition that she's had before? That its used as a sign, and she fills in the blanks by herself? So why be so worried about it this time. And hello - personal gain anyone?

    Piper's troubles of not being able to focus on herself are highly overdone. Not only has she gone through this many many times before, but there is a point of how selfish you can be, especially when you have a family to think about.

    Paige's persuit of finding herself leads her to a career in the police force. Which she quickly exchanges for her White Lighter duties, and a dash of making out with one of the officers.

    All in all, the only thing that carried this episode was Phoebe's commentary, her writing, and her lovelife evolving. However, little things let this story down; special effects, the poorly referenced storytale. All mixed together with out of sync lip syncing for the new actors who the sisters have taken appearance of, and I mean, if you look in the mirror, and tie your hair up, how does your glamour have their hair out in such a highly hair dried way, while you have yours up?

    Perhaps the creators should pay attention to the details, it is after all what keeps the story after you have attracted the attention of the viewers.
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