Season 8 Episode 2

Malice in Wonderland

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Paige uses the phrase "deadly real", Billie corrects her, telling her she cannot use an adverb with a noun - but both words are actually adjectives.

    • Phoebe (as Julie) tells Dex that she always thought he was a lawyer and then quickly covers by saying that is what Phoebe thought. Wouldn't it have made more sense to cover by saying that she thought that after seeing him at funeral and in elevator the other day rather than by saying Phoebe who never even talked to him said it?

    • When Paige is scrying, it's obvious that the crystal doesn't hit the map by itself, but Paige drops it deliberately.

    • When Leo calls Piper at the beauty parlor, he says he's locked out of the house with Wyatt. So why doesn't he just have Wyatt orb them inside rather than disturb Piper?

    • When Billie puts articles cut out of newspapers in front of her, the one named "College woman missing" has its left column dealing with a missing student - "After the disappearance of a student from her sorority house on Thursday morning, the university is cautioning women to be on high alert around the area. San Francisco Police have begun working closely with College Judiciary Affairs on this case. Anyone with information on her whereabouts should contact the local authorities. Future plans... (the rest is blurred out)". However, the right column deals with taxes - "Residents feel that they have been taken advantage of ever since the tax laws governing their additional land holdings were reviewed and increased. (the rest is blurred out)" and has nothing to do with missing women.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Piper's hair is down, but her mirror reflection's hair is up.

    • The female police officer Paige is pulled over by is first shown with a badge number of 8675. When the camera zooms back out it's 3421.

    • In this episode when Paige is training in the police academy, it's obvious it is the same set used for The Bay Mirror. The doors are the same and the corridor when Paige leaves the room is identical.

    • Paige's reflection, instead of her alias', was seen as she was going up the stairs before Phoebe began the narrating.

    • In the fifteen minutes that Paige was gone, Billie somehow tracked the demons, changed back into her wig and costume, and drove over to where the demons were? Not very plausible.

    • What happened to Billie's sunglasses when she fell? Her wig slid off and Paige picked it up but her sunglasses seemed to disappear.

    • Billie's wig didn't fall off when she was doing cartwheels and flips in the air, so why would it easily fall off when Paige punched her and knocked her to the ground?

    • TRIVIA: The recruitment officer that Paige dates in the end is the same actor (Michael McLafferty), who played Prue's boyfriend Alan in the episode, "She's a Man, Baby, a Man".

    • Even though Phoebe's hair is tied into a bun, the hair of her assumed identity and reflection is flowing freely. So they cannot affect the hair of their reflections in any way now?

  • Quotes

    • Billie: I can't believe this, you guys really are The Charmed Ones. I did a little research after you left. The newspapers said you all died in some terrible accident. (looks at Paige) And which one are you?
      Paige: I would be Paige.
      Phoebe: What do we do?
      Piper: Blow her up?
      Paige: Piper!
      Piper: What? Do you have any better ideas?
      Billie: I'm not gonna tell anyone if that's what you think, I promise.
      Piper: What's the catch?
      Billie: Well, show me the ropes. Teach me everything you know about witchcraft. Everything.
      Phoebe: Forget it.
      Paige: Wait a second, what do you have to offer?
      Billie: I can help you guys fight the demons so you don't have to do it all the time. I mean, I assume that is why you faked your own deaths, right?
      Piper: You're right, she is too smart for her own good.
      Paige: All right. One condition, lose the cheap vinyl outfit.
      Billie: Oh.
      Paige: Sorry.

    • Paige (talking about "Sex and the City"): Didn't one of them sleep around alot?

    • Piper: People don't make me whistle again.

    • Billie: Oh, yeah?! Actually my problem is, is that you're just killing my buzz!
      Paige (laughs): Buzz. That's what you call fighting demons?
      Billie: Beats the hell out of video games!

    • Piper: Not now, I'm not in the mood!
      Leo: Oh, come on! Like that's what I want.

    • Leo: I think the point is that we need to take it slow, be patient.
      Phoebe: Tell that to my premonition!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: Streghe nel paese delle meraviglie (Charmed in Wonderland) Germany: Halliwells im Wunderland (Halliwells in Wonderland) France: Traquées (Betrayed)

    • At the beginning, Phoebe and Piper talk of Dex in references to the show Sex and the City which Phoebe continues to give a narriation throughout the episode in a Carrie-like voiceover. This is somewhat of an inside joke of course, since Jason Lewis appeared several times on that show as Smith, Samantha's actor boyfriend.

  • Allusions

    • Re: Phoebe's voiceover

      As mentioned at the beginning of the episode, they're riffing on Sarah Jessica Parker's voiceovers on the TV series "Sex and the City".

    • Title: Malice in Wonderland

      This is a reference to the classic novel, "Alice in Wonderland", and its Disney film adaptions, animated and live-action. It's also a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor from 1985.