Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

The White Wedding - With the help of her sisters Phoebe plans the wedding of her dreams. She wants the fairy tale, complete with the church, flowers, the perfect dress, family, friends, and of course the perfect groom. Although she is highly stressed and worried that something will happen to ruin her big day, things are going as planned. Until the new Source, a.k.a. Cole intervenes with the help of the Seer. They use Phoebe's tension and Paige's intuition about Cole to fuel a fight between the sisters. The end result, on the day of the wedding, is a spell that causes Phoebe to be invisible. They try everything to break the invisibility spell to no avail. They are about to call the wedding off when Paige has an idea to cast a spell to transfer Phoebe's invisibility from one sister to another. The spell works and Phoebe, a beautiful, perfect, bride walks down the aisle with her father. Invisible Paige slips in at the back of the church to watch. The ceremony begins, but is interrupted when a demon attacks Paige in the back of the church. They try to continue with the wedding, but eventually the noises become too intense and they all leave to join the fight. They defeat the demon and manage to save Paige, who is seriously wounded in the fight. But Phoebe's perfect wedding is destroyed. Paige's concerns - Paige has a bad feeling about Cole. She can't get past his demonic history. So, as the wedding between him and Phoebe draws nearer, her own intuitions about him grow stronger. Especially when Phoebe gives her a new set of tarot cards with her bridesmaid gift. When Paige asks the cards to tell her what is in store for Phoebe and Cole's future she draws three cards, "Lovers", "Despair", and "Death". At first she keeps it to herself, but after the second time with the same result she confides in Piper. Piper reassures her. But Paige presses on to tell Piper that she feels Phoebe is making a mistake. Before they can continue their discussion further, they are interrupted by a scream. Phoebe is standing in the attic wearing her dress. Paige picked it up from the shop and now Phoebe is standing in a dress that is several sizes too big. It doesn't even bear her name on the tag. Phoebe and Piper look to Paige for an explanation, but Paige is shocked. She knows she had brought home the right dress and can't understand how this happened. She offers to fix the dress with her sewing abilities. She tells them about her Tarot reading. Her concerns only upset Phoebe further. In an effort to help calm Phoebe and prove that she wants her sister to be happy, Paige mixes up a natural face cream to relax the bride to be. The next morning, Phoebe awakes late. She is furious that her sisters, particularly Paige, had failed to wake her. She rushes to the bathroom, where she discovers that her face is covered with zits. Once again Phoebe turns to Paige with blame. Upset and trying to prove her own innocence, Paige quickly recites a spell to clear up Phoebe's face. But instead of just clearing up her face, it makes her invisible. They try everything to reverse the spell. Paige expresses the idea that there is outside magic involved. Phoebe ignores her, but Piper is receptive. Finally, they cast a spell to transfer the invisibility from Phoebe to Paige. The wedding goes on as planned, until a Lazarus demon appears. Paige begins fighting with him. She is seriously wounded. Her sisters come to help. They defeat the demon, but because she is invisible, they can't find Paige. Even Leo can't sense her because her heart has stopped beating. Cole spots a puddle of blood. Leo is able to get to her just in time and heal her. Cole, The Seer and The Lazarus demon - The Seer tries to talk Cole out of marrying Phoebe, but he refuses. There is still a part of him that loves Phoebe and needs her by his side. The Seer tells Cole that she sees a son in their future. But if the white wedding proceeds the son will be on the side of good. To turn the son to the side of evil, they must destroy the white wedding, and have a dark one instead. Cole proceeds to sabotage the wedding, by aggravating the tension between Phoebe and Paige. He is responsible for altering Phoebe's wedding dress, tainting the face cream to give her zits, and causing all the sisters to oversleep. The Seer wants to make sure that Cole's plans are successful. With the help of the dark priest, she unearths the Lazarus demon from the cemetery. She sends him over to the manor where he attacks the girls. They manage to fend him off with the help of Leo and Cole. Cole is furious at the Lazarus demon because he endangered Phoebe. He warns him that he is in charge. The Seer explains that the Lazarus demon will help in drawing Phoebe to the cemetery. (To vanquish the demon, the girls must bury his remains there.) Cole tells the Lazarus demon to wait for instructions from him. When Phoebe manages to become visible again, Cole has the Seer order the Lazarus demon to attack. He knows that this will force them to stop the wedding ceremony. The demon attacks Paige. The ceremony has begun, and Phoebe try's to ignore the sounds. Piper runs down the aisle to help, followed by Leo. The ceremony continues for a little longer, but eventually Phoebe and Cole are forced to join in the battle. Together, they all defeat the demon. With the white wedding now destroyed, Cole proceeds with plans to trick Phoebe into a dark wedding. The Dark Wedding - With her dream wedding destroyed and everyone OK, Phoebe wants to destroy the Lazarus Demon once and for all. They all take the remains the cemetery to be properly buried. They find the perfect spot, so Cole and Leo begin digging. Paige comes up with an idea to ask the demon who he was working for. Cole protests, but the sisters do it anyway. Piper unfreezes the demon and they question him. He points to Cole. He is furious that his service isn't being rewarded. At first Cole denies it, but then he realizes he is caught. So, thinking quickly, he incinerates the demon, then shapeshifts into the form of the Seer. Phoebe demands to know where Cole is. The Seer tells her where he is and makes up an excuse for why she stopped the wedding, then flames out. 'The Seer' flames into the mausoleum and shapeshifts back into Cole. A moment later, Phoebe, Piper, Paige, and Leo come rushing in. As they leave, Cole leads them down a corridor past a doorway. It leads to a chapel with lit candles, flowers, and a hooded priest. He tells Phoebe that it's perfect for a wedding. She agrees. The new wedding begins. Cole pulls a rose from an arrangement of flowers and hands it to Phoebe. She is pricked by a thorn, so he takes her finger, and gently sucks away a tiny drop of blood. The Dark Priest performs the ceremony. He tells them that they are now one and they kiss. Everyone celebrates. The Seer is outside watching the cozy ceremony unfold. "It is done."