Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2002 on The WB

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  • Marry-Go-Round

    Marry-Go-Round was another spectacular episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging, full of character development and action. There was a lot of magical intrigue and some great battle scenes. It was fun watching Cole play both sides of the fence. The Seer was awesome as usual. It was crazy to see Phoebe unknowingly get married to Cole by a dark priest. The show has really developed a great mythology and I love every minute of it that I can get. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The dark wedding no one noticed...

    So, we get another big wedding, and this is a quality episode, though not near the awesomeness of Just Harried. Strangely, even though she is no adherent to any religion that I know of and she is marrying a former demon, Phoebe apparently still wants a full ceremony in a big church. Quite strange. An evil Cole is a good Cole, and Cole and Seer continue to be great entertainment here. It is always nice to see Victor, who improves any episode he is in.

    Besides them, the highlight of the episode is the wedding itself; it is hilarious as first Paige, and then Piper and Leo, and finally Phoebe and Cole are sucked into the battle with the Lazarus demon mid-ceremony. I'm not sure why Paige or Piper would need help in vanquishing the demon, but I also don't get why the Source is able to attend a church ceremony in the first place. So, I guess there is a lot going on here that I'm not sure about.

    I agree that Cole's reaction to being outed by the Lazarus demon is great, and his ruse as the Seer is brilliant. However, the ending of this episode is completely contrived. A chapel with a priest available just happens to be there so they can get married, and everything just happens to go as the Source and Seer planned. I am assuming that being married in the dark way has more differences than simply who is performing the ritual. I would assume the ritual is entirely different and would absolutely be recognizable to Leo at the least. This is a good beginning for the dark storyline to follow and I appreciate the similarities to Just Harried, but the ending is extremely contrived and hard to believe.
  • A rare episode where Evil comes out on top.

    An awful lot happens in this episode: Phoebe is preparing for her wedding; The Seer is conspiring to be the mother of Phoebe's unborn child; Cole is scheming to sabotage the wedding so he can lure Phoebe into a dark ceremony; and Paige's growing suspicions of her soon to be brother-in-law escalate further with some fantastic results.

    This being Charmed, there are a few candyfloss sub-plots thrown in to appease the younger audience. These slap-stick elements are far from the worst comedy attempts from this series, but we certainly could have done without them (although Cole as Piper was a highlight, and that in part is due to an eerily laconic Piper hexing Paige and Phoebe).

    Again, the crux of the episode's success lies heavily on the Source's attempts to prevent the marriage from going ahead, and Paige's persistence in communicating to her sisters that there's something not quite right with Cole. Rose McGowan is in top form here – she looks absolutely stunning throughout, and she really conveys Paige's conflicting emotions laudably.

    Likewise, Julian is having a blast playing the villain again. The Source's efforts may come across as contrived at times, but for the most part, it's genuinely exciting watching him be one step ahead of the sisters. And the reveal in the cemetery was a definite highlight: his blasé reaction when Coolio outs him is fantastically underplayed and a magnificent WTF moment.

    All in all, 'Marry Go-Round' pushes the arc into overdrive and mostly works because of that. It's great to see Darryl and Victor again, and for once, the girls do not come out on top. In fact, it's a rare Charmed episode where everything works against them. That montage sequence at the end was bittersweet; Phoebe gets her dream wedding, yet little does she know she's been tricked into a dark wedding, blood ritual and all.
  • Wedding Bust

    Marry-Go-Round-As Phoebe prepares for her wedding day, she is completely unaware that the Source has taken over Cole's body, a plot that will likely ruin the big event. Meanwhile, when the Seer tells the Source that if he can marry Phoebe in the "dark way", it will insure that their future son will be the most powerful, evil being ever.

    While not nearly as emotional as Piper and Leo's wedding in "Just Harried", "Marry-Go-Round" is surprising more entertaining with all the wedding and demonic hijinks throughout on the day of Phoebe and Cole's wedding. The whole cast is great throughout when dealing with the unexpected twists that come about when Cole and Seer plan to stop the wedding. Cole and the Seer are already making for an incredible due of villains with their evil plans against the Charmed. It's great to see Julian playing evil again as his always stronger when Cole is menacing. Debbit Morgan also continues to shine as the Seer bringing such class and presence to Charmed not yet seen before.

    Once again, the wedding hijinks was hilarious with Phoebe nearly killing Paige at every turn when something went wrong, with her dress being too big, the wrong name tag, and of course, the horrific sores on his face. The sisterly banter was so too funny with Paige and Phoebe going at it about her wedding day, making the situation feeling a bit surreal. Then when Phoebe becomes invisible thanks to Paige trying to use a spell to help Phoebe was priceless. The only downside is rapper Coolio as the Lazarus demon. I'm glad the writers game him only a few lines, as watching him attempt to act was painful to watch. I really loved the climax of the episode when Cole's identity is almost revealed to everyone but he cleverly makes himself out to be the Seer all this time and tricks everyone to believe Cole was captured by the Seer. Cole and Phoebe's wedding ceremony provide some the darkest moments from Charmed as now Phoebe is unknowingly married to the Source of all evil. All and All, "Marry-Go-Round" is a stellar episode full of both humorous moments as well as dark.
  • The Wedding Stinger

    Another season, another wedding. To be fair, writer Daniel Cerone has gone out of his way to make this as different as possible to Piper's wedding in "Just Harried" (although it's interesting that he wrote both). Instead of a private affair at the Manor, we have a proper church wedding complete with vicar and non-magical guests.

    For all the planning, however, there's only so much that can go right when the groom is possessed by the Source of All Evil. The Seer tells the Source that he and Phoebe will have a child which will grow up on the side of good unless he can thwart the wedding and trick his bride into marrying him in a dark ceremony, which he duly does.

    Through Cole, the Source sets up one disaster after another, some of which are very amusing. The invisibility spell works surprisingly well on screen, and I had to laugh at Phoebe wallowing around in that huge dress. Paige gets the blame for everything but you always have the feeling there'll be no grudges by the end. As an aside, it would have been nice to see Patty and Penny at some point but I guess the actresses weren't available.

    It's a cleverly plotted and action filled episode but I can't help thinking things are moving too swiftly. I was really looking forward to seeing Cole struggling against his possession for a few weeks longer but instead the Source seems to have him over a barrel. I just hope we get to see the real Cole again.

    Once again, the Seer is in the thick of things. The lazarus demon she summons isn't the most exciting but he does give us plenty of vanquishes. Not sure how any of the baddies manage to get into the church - in "Charmed Again" the Source is unable to get onto hallowed ground while possessing Shane.

    The ending is wonderfully dark and, for once, evil comes out on top. What now for Phoebe and Cole?
  • Ten for me !!

    Its Phoebe's wedding day and she is toally unaware that the source has taken over Cole's body. Cole's plan a.k.a the Source's plan is to marry Phoebe in the dark way to conceive a powerful baby and rule the underworld. Phoebe ends up marrying Cole in the dark way and he gets away with it without the sisters knowing.
  • Pheobe\'s Wedding!

    I am only a casual Charmed watcher, but I enjoyed this episode.

    Pheobe is all set to marry Cole, but things keep going wrong. That about summarizes it, if you add a couple demons.

    I was a bit confused about Cole during the episode, and I felt so sorry for Paige. She kept getting blamed for everything, when she really was just trying to help! But it was such a great episode. I just don\'t get how no one can tell Cole\'s a demon!

    The bridesmaids dresses were really pretty, it\'s just too bad Prue couldn\'t be there... sniff, sniff.. Classic episode, though!
  • This episod3e is ....interesting to say the least!!!

    I like this episode because it has a bit of comedy, a bit of supernatural drama and a bit of spunk which is clearly a good thing as a lot of this episode is based on Phoebe and Cole and their relationship has a lot of spunk and this is truly incorporated into this episode. I also like the fact that the wedding ( the first one before it was ruined) was a lot like the normal weddings but of course it goes horribly but it also shows that Phoebe is like any bride-to-be, nervous, wanting the pperfect wedding etc. This is another great episode - as always!!!
  • Cole is evil again!

    This episode was probably the best one so far. Not only was it funny but it was also really cool because now The Source has taken over Cole's body, but Cole's love for Pheobe is still too strong for the The Source to overcome, so he still needs her.

    Another wedding for the Charmed One's and as always something has to go wrong. There is no such thing as the perfect wedding for them.

    The wedding was too funny, first we had the spell that Paige cast backfiring & making Pheobe invisible, then Paige becomming invisible, crying at the wedding & fighting the demon. I don't think I stopped laughing with Piper leaving to see what was going on then Leo then Pheobe & Cole.

    The Seer & The Source finally got their dark wedding at the end, now I wonder what will happen.
  • what can i say?????????

    well, the episode was full of action and it was great, there were really unexpected developments which i liked. but im sick of watching cole as the sorce or something really evil,it would be great if he was good and with a power so that he could help the charmed one, like when belthazor was good and as for cole and phoebe i dont really see him keep lying to her, no he must open up and confess and with her love and help he can overcome the source within him............ i love COLE TURNER but its really depressing watching him do whatever the source wants. and what about " the dark wedding" and "the evil heir" ??????????????????????
    their child SHOULD be good.
  • Pointless Has-Been Guest Spot #3: Coolio

    Compared to Piper's wedding back in season three, this was a major improvement. Phoebe's marriage episode contains some darkness, some comedy and, of course, some bad guest stars.

    Marry-Go-Round sees Phoebe's wedding day beset with bad luck, mostly involving Paige, making the bride-to-be believe that Paige is trying to derail her big day. In truth, Cole is behind the bad luck and his evil machinations with The Seer continue.

    This episode is a massive mixed bag of drama and comedy and it only sometimes works. This is one of the few Charmed episodes which goes from "hilarious" moments involving such things as pimples on your wedding day to "dramatic" developments involving mortally wounded sisters etc and you almost feel like the writers have tried to throw too much story into one episode. Some of the episode is pretty pointless. For instance, Phoebe's sudden invisibility goes nowhere and the constant derailment of the wedding also gets tiring after a while. Despite those problems, it all comes together to be an all-round entertaining episode.

    Coolio pops up for a completely pointless guest spot as a Lazarus demon and, thankfully, the writers only give him around one line. Probably because they know he can't act... at all. The good performances come from Julian McMahon and Debbi Morgan, who are excellent as the evil duo, constantly double-crossing each other as the season goes on.

    I have to give the writers praise for attempting to make Charmed a darker series than it once was. It isn't perfect but does make a change from the "light as cotton candy" type of episodes which are Charmed's trademark.

    Rating: B
  • subtle rules the game

    Even though this episodes is full of little quicks and several bungled errors. This episode is great to watch. As cole slowly and surely manipulates the events and the three sisters is pretty gold, and seeing them go at each other seems a little bit over the deep end, especially in the light of the modifications that cole makes. The use of the lazarus demon to spoil the normal wedding and to ensure a dark wedding to occur, those behind the lines seem to be either unaware, or opting-in for the dark wedding.

    The little details that move it all to one direction is pretty well written, making this a nice episode to watch.
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