Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2002 on The WB

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  • The Wedding Stinger

    Another season, another wedding. To be fair, writer Daniel Cerone has gone out of his way to make this as different as possible to Piper's wedding in "Just Harried" (although it's interesting that he wrote both). Instead of a private affair at the Manor, we have a proper church wedding complete with vicar and non-magical guests.

    For all the planning, however, there's only so much that can go right when the groom is possessed by the Source of All Evil. The Seer tells the Source that he and Phoebe will have a child which will grow up on the side of good unless he can thwart the wedding and trick his bride into marrying him in a dark ceremony, which he duly does.

    Through Cole, the Source sets up one disaster after another, some of which are very amusing. The invisibility spell works surprisingly well on screen, and I had to laugh at Phoebe wallowing around in that huge dress. Paige gets the blame for everything but you always have the feeling there'll be no grudges by the end. As an aside, it would have been nice to see Patty and Penny at some point but I guess the actresses weren't available.

    It's a cleverly plotted and action filled episode but I can't help thinking things are moving too swiftly. I was really looking forward to seeing Cole struggling against his possession for a few weeks longer but instead the Source seems to have him over a barrel. I just hope we get to see the real Cole again.

    Once again, the Seer is in the thick of things. The lazarus demon she summons isn't the most exciting but he does give us plenty of vanquishes. Not sure how any of the baddies manage to get into the church - in "Charmed Again" the Source is unable to get onto hallowed ground while possessing Shane.

    The ending is wonderfully dark and, for once, evil comes out on top. What now for Phoebe and Cole?
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