Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2002 on The WB

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  • The dark wedding no one noticed...

    So, we get another big wedding, and this is a quality episode, though not near the awesomeness of Just Harried. Strangely, even though she is no adherent to any religion that I know of and she is marrying a former demon, Phoebe apparently still wants a full ceremony in a big church. Quite strange. An evil Cole is a good Cole, and Cole and Seer continue to be great entertainment here. It is always nice to see Victor, who improves any episode he is in.

    Besides them, the highlight of the episode is the wedding itself; it is hilarious as first Paige, and then Piper and Leo, and finally Phoebe and Cole are sucked into the battle with the Lazarus demon mid-ceremony. I'm not sure why Paige or Piper would need help in vanquishing the demon, but I also don't get why the Source is able to attend a church ceremony in the first place. So, I guess there is a lot going on here that I'm not sure about.

    I agree that Cole's reaction to being outed by the Lazarus demon is great, and his ruse as the Seer is brilliant. However, the ending of this episode is completely contrived. A chapel with a priest available just happens to be there so they can get married, and everything just happens to go as the Source and Seer planned. I am assuming that being married in the dark way has more differences than simply who is performing the ritual. I would assume the ritual is entirely different and would absolutely be recognizable to Leo at the least. This is a good beginning for the dark storyline to follow and I appreciate the similarities to Just Harried, but the ending is extremely contrived and hard to believe.
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