Season 2 Episode 2

Morality Bites

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1999 on The WB

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  • Phoebe pulls of prison well!

    So my first qualm with this episode - Nathanial starts a witch hunt because he gets dog poo on his shoe? It's not like he was staring at it and it turned up out of nowhere, he was looking around... And I'm sorry but 'punishing the guilty' is wrong (mostly) yes, but flicking dog poo at him is HARDLY a big issue. As someone below said, Phoebe turns d**bag into a Turkey in later episodes. And also, I'm sure there are things that could be done if a man is intentionally doing this on your side walk and not cleaning up after himself.

    I don't get why Leo is so dead set against the idea it's possible for them to be from the past (especially since in his past he was the one that sent them to the future).

    As witches 10 years in the future, I don't get why they didn't just create a summoning spell. As past witches sure they don't know they can just make spells, but the future ones would..

    I also don't get why people ALWAYS have to say "Piper freeze... him/her/whoever" like when you open a door, I'm sure Piper knows she needs to freeze, but by saying Piper freeze, before anyone is actually frozen means they've heard her say that. But that aside, it's every single time, I'm sure she knows how to use her power.

    Overall I have always loved this episode but I wish we got to see more of Phoebe for a Phoebe centered episode. But as the person below said, the moral of the episode may not be horrible but they just did it badly I think also. Comparing murder to flicking dog poo on this man are extremely different things. It's like her saying "I shouldn't lie about the murder I committed last week, so I won't lie about what I ate for dinner last night". BUT Brilliantly played by Phoebe, the episode took away from the amazingness that was her acting, but I thought she did it so well, I thought she was really on fire for a second.

    Fashion: As usual Phoebe won this episode for me, in both her purple top and in her prison jumpsuit I thought she looked gorgeous, loved the long hair.

    Piper: I thought looked gorgeous in that white top and long hair, so natural and functional!

    Prue: Well the blonde hair was just too fake to me, it felt like a cheap plastic wig, but the leather wasn't too bad (over the top maybe) but was fine.

    My biggest dislike: I hate that we NEVER get to see this electrical power from Phoebe ever. I do like her other future powers yes, but it sucks she never gets it. If the powers that be don't trust her to have it because of this episode well it never happened, she learnt her lesson, so hardly fair. Would've liked to of seen it, even if only for a season.
  • Morality Bites

    Morality Bites was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story full of character and plot development for the sisters. It was awesome to see I interpretations of their future selves. Prue with long straight blonde hair, Prue with a daughter and Phoebe a murdering witch! It was suspenseful to watch the story unfold and I liked how every thing was approached. Leo played a key role in the episode and it was nice to see more of his presence. The sisters learn their lessons and return to their own time and it was great to see them grow from the experience. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • I've seen the future... and it SUCKS!

    This is a very good but overrated episode basically memorable for two fantastic scenes that have a place among Charmed greatest.

    The first scene is where Piper goes to bind her daughter's powers and finds that she can't do it. Leo shows up and talks about their attempt at being together. It is an emotionally powerful scene with amazing color and even more amazing acting from Holly and Brian. Holly looks gorgeous, and Brian is once again spectacular when emoting over Piper: a truly beautiful and bittersweet scene.

    The second scene is the execution scene. All three sisters are incredible, especially Alyssa. There are very few scenes in all of Charmed more gut-wrenching than this fiery spectacle. Too bad the amazing and powerful scene is basically followed with an ending that is the equivalent to- Oh, it was all just a bad dream!- Frankly, the ending seemed hurried.

    Since I've already seen the future for Charmed, it wasn't as interesting for me to see a future that I know won't happen. The future is all so unrealistic that basically it can only be taken as allegorical: a morality play. The problem is I can hardly agree with the moral of the story. The Charmed Ones are meant to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. However, one is often the same as the other. I don't agree that Phoebe did anything wrong in killing a man she knew was a murderer. Illegal? Yes. But not immoral. I would say a murderer getting justice is for the greater good. I also see nothing wrong with having a man step in his own mutt's poop. Sounds like karma to me. Phoebe in later seasons would turn an obnoxious man into a turkey. I would say that is a harsher use of their magic.

    Amazing episode at times, but the nonsense of the lesson to be learned keeps it from being among Charmed's best.
  • To say this one is great would be an understatment.

    Although I rate this episode as one of my favorites, the entire reasoning for that is wrapped up in the final ten minutes when the sisters come together and realize the wrong that was done.
    Up to that point, it is great, but still a very much average episode.
    A simple one-line synopsis would be "A hard-hitting look into the future"
    Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) gets a shocking glimpse of herself being burned at the stake in the year 2009 for a crime she states she did not commit.
    However, when another glimpse reveals she did do the crime, she accepts her fate and burns for her crime.
    As said at the top, the sisterly bonding before the burning is one of the best scenes in the history of the show.
  • awesome eppisode!

    i loved this episode. it was awesome to see prue in BLONDE hair! (sry, i love prue). it was cool to see all the sisters powers advance! i thought it was cool (in a good way) when phoebe was burned at teh 'stake'. lol. too bad prue doesnt live to that age! 'tear tear' lol. dow long in the future is this? one of the best episodes!!
  • Great Episode!

    I was watching this episode for the... (I don't even remember how much times did I watch this episode), and I think now, this is one of the best time-travel story of Charmed.When I watched That 70s Episode , I never tought that they could done more greatest and brilliant episodes like Moralite Bites (and of course All Halliwells Eve).The other episodes The Charmed Ones go to the past like Cat House and Generation Hex was definatelly horrible episodes, A lot of Charmed fans don t like Witchstook, but I really like that one, is not great as moralite bites , but is a good episode, well this episode is perfect and proves that Alyssa when she wants she can act very good.
  • One of my many favs!!

    This episode was so sad!! The girls must go into the future to stop a premention from happening of Phoebe get burned at the stake. And I loved it! That sounds odd but I loved this episode!

    The acting was very good in this episode. I thought Piper did a good job of acting the most. My favorite part was when Prue like blew up the whole freaking attic. That was awsome! Prue looked awful with blonde hair!! YUCK!! When Phoebe was being burned at the stake that like broke me down! Every time I wacth that episode I want to cry. Even though I know what happens! Prue was a b!tch!! I mean piper was crying and she holds on to her but instead of turning Piper's head from Phoebe dying she turns her toward it! Sorry I thought that was mean!

    I love this episode!! One of my favs!!
  • There's no fate but what we make

    Having seen themselves in the past in Season One, this episode sees the sisters travel forward ten years to meet their future selves. In a clever twist, they unwittingly end up in their future bodies, but with none of the memories they should have. Their struggle to piece together what has happened in the last ten years gives us one of the most intriguing hours in the whole series.

    The writers have obviously put a lot of thought into the plot, and have created a future where witchcraft has been exposed and a full scale witchhunt is underway. There are plenty of surprises: I loved the way Prue's and Piper's powers had grown and it was cool to see future Leo all full of angst. I did think that door spell was a bit lame though. This being a future that never comes about, we see Prue still alive, Wyatt as a girl named Melinda and no sign of either Paige or Chris.

    Seeing Phoebe on death row is deeply disturbing and her burning is horrific, although I did think Alyssa could have been a little more convincing with the tears. How awesome were Phoebe's new powers though? It would have been great to see her electrocuting warlocks in later episodes.

    For, once, I couldn't see how this one was going to end but, in the nick of time, the elders undo the spell and send them back to the present, where they let the bloke with the pooing dog off the hook. Is it just me or was it obvious from the start he was going to be the one leading the witch hunt?

    The plot takes exposure to a whole new level and knocks the issue of personal gain well and truly on the head. It also teaches Prue she needs to refocus away from her career. Although the sisters learn valuable lessons themselves, the episode is not overly preachy to the viewer, to the great credit of the writers.

    Another classic from Zack Estrin and Chris Levinson.
  • Time travel.

    The sisters go to the future in order to find out what happen to Phoebe when she saw herself being executed-burned alive. So the sisters go to 2009 (next year) to find out what happened. Just another great episode, this is one of the best episode in the series, and also one of my favourite episode in Charmed. Although this episode has no demons but I still love this episode. Congratulations to Zack Estrin and Chris Levinson, and Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano for such an excellent episode. This episode has a good plot, good directing...This episode is just perfect. Love it.
  • The ultimate lesson against using your powers to punish instead of to protect

    Original, dark and exciting. What more could you want from a Charmed episode?! Morality Bites stands out from the majority of other episodes in season two for it's massively dark tone and superb acting from all three leads.

    The sisters' travel to the future after Phoebe has a premonition of herself being executed. Upon arriving, Prue and Piper discover that she murdered someone using her power and in the end it turns out that it all sprouted from using there powers to punish Pratt (the man with the dog at the start and the man who goes on to become the person to have Phoebe executed) for letting his dog do it's business in their driveway.

    I enjoyed seeing the girls' powers ten years in the future. Prues developed into a sort of telekinetic explosion, Piper was able to freeze huge areas and for long periods of time and Phoebe was able to create electricity and levitate.

    This episode is one of the best for Alyssa, acting wise. I really did feel for her when she was in prison, she was very convincing. The same goes for Piper and Prue, it was such a well written episode and they made it so much more!
  • Phoebe sees her future and she doesn't like it one bit!

    Phoebe has a vision of herself being executed by the state in 2009, which is ten years in the future. Her crime? Being a witch. A DA, hell bent on being re-elected has resurrected witch hunts as a platform upon which to run his campaign and Phoebe is right in the firing line.

    Working frantically, the sisters come up with a spell to travel forward and save their sister from the certain death that awaits her but, while they manage to do that, both Piper and Prue find themselves very disappointed with what they see to come in their own lives.

    This episode was a very good mix of drama and personal difficulties as Phoebe and her sisters fought for her life whilst Prue and Piper found themselves discontented. Very definitely a good one to watch.
  • Prue's a Blonde! Aaaaggghhh!

    Usually when the sisters travel through time, it's a long journey involving over-sentimentality, melodrama and some corny jokes. Morality Bites features none of these. It's by far one of the darkest hours in Charmed history and a masterpiece of an episode.

    The episode sees Phoebe having a premonition of herself being burned at the stake in 2009. The sisters decide that they need to travel to the future and change events, hopefully saving Phoebe's life in the process.

    The best thing about this episode is the new directions each sister has experienced during the future. Piper is now a loving mother to a young girl, something which fits her character perfectly. Although, this "new Piper" also seems to be a slightly destroyed woman. She's divorced from Leo and seemingly cut off from her sisters, Prue because of her new power-crazed attitude and Phoebe because of her execution. Forced to abandon her witchcraft and ban her daughter from using magic, you really get the impression that Piper just isn't happy in the future. Prue is now the boss of Buckland's and has become a completely different person. She's a power-hungry bitch who cares about nobody but herself, meaning she's had no luck in relationships with men or her relationship with her family.

    It's Phoebe who has undergone the biggest transformation. Her powers have evolved so much that she now has the ability to kill people at will, something she uses on baseball star Cal Greene after he injures somebody she cared about. We get no further information on who he injured, but it's likely it's somebody very close to Phoebe's heart.

    Nathaniel Pratt is probably one of the creepiest Charmed bad guys. Knowing that something as pathetic and miniscule (a dog pooping on his leg) could turn him into such a hateful person is something really unsettling and there are parallels between Pratt's "witch-hunt" and most big human-rights crisis from the last 100 years, something rare for a show like Charmed. His motive is also both imaginative and thought-provoking at the same time.

    The only Charmed episode which features only our lead three ladies in the credits and hardly any guest stars, this is a memorable hour which manages to effect the viewer on so many different levels. It's a complete classic, with expert writing by Chris Levinson and Zack Estrin and excellent acting from the leads, notably Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano, who really seem like they've fully embraced the disappointment and sadness of Piper and Phoebe discovering what they'll eventually become.

    Rating: A+
  • The sisters time travel forward to the year 2009, to save Phoebe from being burnt at the steak for murder and witchcraft by a bigoted D.A. who has brought back witch trials in order to get elected to higher office.

    The time travel episodes were some of the best of the series; they explored more of the characters, and family history, as well as adding in some more serious philosophical-ethical issues and or social commentary, in this case some jabs at the religious right, through the witch trials. A few complaints keep the episode from getting a perfect score. First, the social commentary plays it too safe to avoid offending anyone. Second, much of this created history was pretty much totally ignored, when the series actually aired in 2009, suggesting that someone was not paying attention to the show's cannon. Last, but not least, the time travel element got used [later on] way too much in the series, when it seemed like the writers had written themselves into a hole and needed a quick fix.
  • Phoebe has a premonition that she will be executed in 2009 for killing someone and being a witch. The sisters find a spell for going and coming from the future but they can only be used once. So they go to see about stopping the execution.

    Interesting episode with some strange turns and morals. I am not sure if I agree with their deductions at the end or the powers at be for the way they handled the message but it was definitely an interesting experience.

    It seems the truly immoral person in all this is Nathaniel Pratt played by Pat Skipper. Especially when we see the coincidence that it was his dog that is soiling everyone else's lawns. Not only is this gentlemen morally corrupt but he is the epitome of the people who burned witches at Salem and I don't believe most people have a high view of them today. A politician with an agenda interested in his own ends.

    That little bit with the dog led the girls, well two of them, to turn into uncontrollable monsters with no conscious. Obviously the future is not written in stone and I'm sure the one dog situation was not the reason for the results they showed. Also as we know today all three of the girls are not alive in 2009. So are they saying if they left them alone Prue would have not died?

    I personally have trouble with most time travel stories. This one has some of the same problems they all suffer from. The future is not written in stone and can always be changed so you could do a whole year of episodes that are what ifs? Pretty much a rip off.

    I enjoyed the acting and Leo/Piper's relationship and maybe in a way this will push that story forward in the future. Thanks for reading...
  • Up to this point the best Charmed episode bar none - simply brilliant

    When Phoebe has a premonition of herself being executed 10 years in the future the girls Quantum Leap into their own bodies to sort things out.

    This has to be the best episode so far, not only is it the first to have an adversary not of supernatural origin but it gives a great glance into a possible future. Also having seen a few Season 5 episodes I now know why Piper is convinced that she is pregnant with a baby girl.

    What's great about this episode other than the glimpse into the future where Piper has a daughter, Prue is the owner of Bucklands and Phoebe is on death row, is the feeling that the world feels established. In some cases more so than the present, the increase in powers throws up some great scenes as well. It is also convincing due to who they are that maybe bar Prue a little, each character could head in the direction that they are in here. Even Leo's character makes perfect sense as Pipers ex/husband, given a white-lighters job I'm not surprised it would cause complications.

    This is a world where the senator of California is a anti-witch activist. Phoebe committing murder was the perfect leverage for him to launch his campaign and start a witch hunt. The scenes where Phoebe while about to be burnt alive realises that she shouldn't get away for her crime were well played. She accepts her fate and that is harrowing especially as she is still in the body of her future self.

    However the best bit in all of this is Piper's hair, why doesn't she wear it like that in the present, it suits her much better.
  • Witch Extinction 2009

    Morality Bites-When Phoebe has a vision of herself being burnt to death, the sisters travel ten years into the future to learn what happened. Only to discover that she used her powers to kill Cal Greene, causing a local D.A. named Nathanial Pratt to begin modern day witch trials as a platform for political office. Meanwhile, Prue and Piper try to save Phoebe, but they both are surprised and somewhat disappointed to learn how their lives turned out.

    One of the darkest hours from Charmed, not to mention, one of the finest scripts ever written from the writers, "Morality Bites" is an emotional dark drama with some of the saddest scenes I've ever seen from the series. The episode starts with the sisters using their powers to get some pay back on a guy who let his dog poo in front of their house. After that, Phoebe gets a horrifying vision of being burnt into stake in 2009. To stop this future from coming to past, all 3 sisters cast a spell to go into the future and find some shocking changes after a decade when they're force to live in their future lives unknowingly.

    Pat Skipper (Nathanial Pratt) is one of the best villains of Charmed's 8 year run. The twist at the end where the guy with dog turing out to be Prat was an shocking twist and no one could have possibly seen that coming. Knowing that something like poo being thrown on a guy shoe could one day turn him into a vicious tryant who starts a deadly crusade to hunt and kill witches is a powerful statement on similar horrifying events throughout history like the Holocaust and the Apartheid. The scene with Pat sent chills down your spine as you truly believe you looking through a modern day Hitler who only wants to satisfy his naive ideals instead of trying to understand a race of people he has no knowledge of. The scene between Prat and Phoebe especially show this as Phoebe could see the fear in his eyes and knowing that he is blinded by his hatred. The alternate future is also very entertaining with it's commentary on pop culture like this one:

    Newsman: And now back to your regularly scheduled programming MTV's Real World 18: On the Moon. Prue, Piper and Phoebe all go through some intense character development as they find that it's not only Phoebe's future in jeopardy, but all 3 of theirs. Shannen Doherty is great as Prue discovers she is now head of a chain of Bucklands all around the world and is living the high life. But at the same time, she is now a cold-hearted b!@%# who has disconnected herself from her family and is extremely unhappy. Holly Marie Combs is amazing as Piper discovers she's a mother of a beautiful little girl and still lives at the manor but at the expense of being divorced from Leo and forcing her daughter to never use her magic. Lastly of course, Alyssa Milano gives a powerful peformance as Phoebe discovers she's about to be burnt into stake after killing baseball star Kal Green and has used her power to punish the guilty, breaking the most sacred of witches rules leading her to accept her terrible fate. It's an incredible glimpse of the future that truly takes a toll on the sisters and makes them realize how important it is protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. The scene where Phoebe gives a powerful speech to her sisters and then both Prue and Piper watch her die is without a doubt the saddest scene in Charmed's history. I remember almost being brought to tears the first time I watched it, as you almost believe Phoebe is gone for good, but of course, she reunited with her sisters. Also, I love the power display of the sisters' future powers as Prue's power develops into a powerful telekinetic energy blast, Piper can freeze half the city of San Fransico, and Phoebe can generate lightning from her hands as well as levitate. All and All, "Morality Bites" is not only a Charmed classic, but one of the best episodes of the series with powerful writing, amazing acting, and truly dark moments never before seen on Charmed.
  • Phoebe had a premonition about being burned alive in the future(10 years later).

    Thus,the Charmed Ones cast a spell to teleport themselves to the future to find out about it.

    What an amazing episode!!!
    Having the chance to take a peek of the Charmed Ones' powers in the future is surely satisfying!

    Progress in powers:

    Future Phoebe
    -electical power.
    *killing her ex by using the elctrical power and at the same time levitate.

    Future Piper
    -unknown power(increases&decreases volume of her TV).
    -Freeze time in a wide area.

    Future Prue
    -Powerful telekenisis power!One hand-swing and SWOOSH!!!As if a sudden rough wind come by.

    This is one of the best episodes of Charmed.It's been five years already since I watched this episode and I still can remember the plot quite clearly.
  • Favorite!!!

    This is one of the best episodes of the series hands down. Phoebe has a premonition that she is being burned alive, forcing the sisters to travel to the future to figure out why and to stop it from happening. The writers really thought everything out in this episode (granted as the series went on the future changed, naturally) and it is just so exciting to see what has not only changed in San Fran 10 years later but how the Charmed Ones have changed 10 years later. This episode screams "No!" to personal gain and "Your future is what you make it." The first time I saw this episode I was taken aback by Prue being a blonde, but I got used to it after the first hundred times of watching the episode. Favorite Quote: Leo: Nobody's gonna rescue you. Phoebe: If that is some kind of whitelighter humor, let me be the first to tell you, you are not a very funny race of people.
  • Never use your powers for personal gain!

    The Halliwell sisters play a prank with their neighbour Nathanial Pratt because his dog always defecates in their sidewalk. Phoebe has a premonition of her death in 2009 executed by burning at stake and the sisters cast a spell to travel to the future. They see the destiny of each one: Prue is a wealthy workaholic businesswoman without a boyfriend; Piper is divorced with a daughter; and Phoebe will be executed for the murder of a man. This incident with Phoebe provoked a witch hunting leaded by Nathanial Pratt. In the end, the sisters acknowledge the importance of ethics.

    In spite of giving an important message about ethics and morality, since the sisters are not allowed to use their powers for personal advantage, this episode is only reasonable.
  • Phoebe has a premonition of herself being burnt at the stake 10 years into the future. The girls travel to the future to prevent Phoebe's predestined fate.

    A definate top 10 episode of Charmed. Fantastic material, drama, acting, suspense, and tearjerking moments!

    The episode has a great deal of darkness, as the future world that the girls live in is corrupted by the evil politician Nathaniel Pratt, who developed the future witch trials to protest against the use of magic. We find out later that he is the girls neighbour, whom the girls punished with their powers for allowing his dog to do his business in front of their house.

    Alyssa Milano amazingly gives the best performance in this episode, she makes Phoebe's situation appear so surreal. Especially when she finds herself locked in a high secrity prison. When she has a premonition of herself murdering a baseball player who killed her close friend, she discovers why she is too be burnt at the stake. I must say her future powers are awesome. She is able to levitate and emit electrical pulses into her victims head. It is nice to see that their are close ties to this episode as she gains the power of levitation in season three.

    Piper' situation is also very interesting, she has been married to Leo and divorced from him, they have a daughter, called Melinda who also has powers. The scene where Piper struggles with her decision to bind her daughters powers is very powerful, Holly and Brian are fabulous as the pain of their characters failed marriage comes to thaw.

    Prue's future life is most interesting job wise, she is blonde and is the owner of Buckland's as well as branches in Tokyo and London. Prue has turned out to be a power hungry, single female with little time for her sisters and hoards of PAs whom she treats like servants. We also discover that Prue and Piper's powers have increased substantially. Prue as a reaction to anger blew up the attic in the manor with a wave of her hand. Piper was able to freeze an entire street in a shock reaction.

    The most powerful and dramatic part is at the end when Prue and Piper try to rescue Phoebe, but she persists that she needs to die for the greater good. As she used her powers to punish not protect. The three leads give oscar winning performances and I must admit I became teary eyed when watching this scene for the first time.

    The end of the episode is well solved following Phoebe burning at the stake the girls are taken back to the moment before they punished their neighbour. Phoebe realises the lesson that has to learnt and the girls don't make the mistake of punishing the neighbour

    One of the best episodes of the entire series. Should definately be watched!!
  • Another fantastic time-traveling episode!

    I gotta say that this is by far my favorite time-traveling episode of the whole entire Charmed series! I love how they don't go in the past but the future. And I can't believe Prue's blonde! That's pretty weird. lol Piper's daughter was one of the cutest kids in the world, too. Well, of course, she comes from two beautiful parents! But, Piper and Leo have two sons in the future not a daughter but whatever. When the part where Phoebe was burned at the stake came on, it was just so freakin' sad! Right when the flames started a million tears were falling. It's on my Top 5 of Charmed episodes that I cried the most in (Yes, I keep a list! Do you have a problem with that?) Overall, best time-traveling episode of Charmed!
  • One of my all time fave charmed episodes!

    I love episodes when they go to the past or the future. it is always interesting and those episodes are usaully full of drama and suspense. I liked finding out about each sisters future and seeing there reactions was also good to see. I liked they way it all turned out that pratt was the guy with the dog. Great ending! and awesome episode!!
  • The sisters travel to the future to try and save Phoebe's life in a fantastic episode.

    Phoebe has a premonition that she is being burned alive in modern day witch trials so the sisters travel ten years into the future to try and stop it from happening. In the future, all of the sisters’ lives have changed – Prue is a workaholic, Piper is a mother and Phoebe has been sentenced to death for using her powers to kill a man. I think that this is the best episode from season 2 and one of the best episodes from the whole series. It has a big impact on the rest of the series with the message “our job is to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty”. The scenes where Phoebe is ready to be burned alive are really emotional and it’s great acting from all the sisters. This episode was different from a lot of the others, with no demons to vanquish or evil to fight, but it worked really well and it’s one of my all time favourites.
  • burn baby burn

    How come Phoebe has an electrical power as well as levitation when they go ten years into the future. Ok you probably think i'm weird. I meant if you had seen all of charmed you would know that Phoebe can levitate but she does'nt have the electrical power. Prue wears a platinum long blonde wig and Piper has a daughter called Melinda.
  • A future episode !!

    When Phoebe has a vision of herself being burnt to death, the sisters travel ten years into the future to learn what happened. Once there they discover Phoebe used her powers to kill someone, which caused a local DA to begin modern day witch trials as a platform for political office. As Prue and Piper try to save Phoebe, they both are surprised and somewhat disappointed to learn how their lives turn out.
  • Ten years into the future.

    The girls travel ten years into the future, placed in their lives during that time period and really see how different they are going to end up. Phoebe is being burnt at the stake in a modern day witch trial for killing a man with her powers. Piper is divorced from Leo but they have a daughter, a magical daughter who is at risk simply because she is magical. And Prue has a completely different life, where her sisters aren't even known to those she works with. All there powers have advanced greatly as well. But the real point of this episode is that the sister's are meant to use there powers to protect the innocent not punish the guilty. And as it turns out a scene from the beginning of episode is far more important then it appears. A man who the girls seck revenge on when he let's his dog relieve himself in their driveway is the same who would later seek to uncover the truth about them and the one responsible for Phoebe's execution.
  • This is such a great episode!!

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to see how much the charmed ones powers had grown in 10 years, but to watch Phoebe being burnt to death was horrible. The episode was cleverly written and definately a series classic. I hope there are many more episodes as good as this one!
  • Loved it, go to the future save the future of witches and Phoebe.

    i just love this epsidoe my favorite charmed episodes or one of my favorite ones. The sisters go to the future to learn not to use their powers to punish the guilty but to protect. Excellent show i enjoyed seeing how each one turned out. How Piper and Leo were married and how they had a daughter. Prue obsessed with work like she is now. And not that much on Phoebe. I think she should have said more about phoebe's future besides her killing a man for revenge. Like was the person that was close to her, her lover fiance or just friend. Other then that this episode was well written and a good one.
  • Witches to the Future

    This is one of my favorite all time CHarmed episodes. I like shows or movies that go into the future anyway, so it was interesting to see the Charmed Ones go into the future to find out what went wrong. I like the ways their powers grew so much, I thought that was very cool. Especially Piper's power, and the way she freezed like everything-way cool! THis was a very good episode, one of the best of Season 2 in my opinion, and also taught the Charmed Ones not to use their powers to teach people a lesson, only to protect the innocent. Check it out if you haven't already!
  • Phoebe has a premonition about being burned alive so she and her sisters cast a spell to go to the future and find out why.

    The best episode of season 2 and one of my personal favorites. It has a great message \"protect the innocent, not punish the guilty.\" The scene at the end with Phoebe being burned was a tear-jerker. It is a great episode. I also liked how their powers grew. Like Prue having the attic explode just by waving her arms and Piper freezing \"everything.\" I really liked Phoebe\'s powers too. Like that electro-thing. I wish we got to see her use them or get them more in the series. Again, a great episode and one I love to watch over and over!
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