Season 2 Episode 2

Morality Bites

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1999 on The WB

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  • I've seen the future... and it SUCKS!

    This is a very good but overrated episode basically memorable for two fantastic scenes that have a place among Charmed greatest.

    The first scene is where Piper goes to bind her daughter's powers and finds that she can't do it. Leo shows up and talks about their attempt at being together. It is an emotionally powerful scene with amazing color and even more amazing acting from Holly and Brian. Holly looks gorgeous, and Brian is once again spectacular when emoting over Piper: a truly beautiful and bittersweet scene.

    The second scene is the execution scene. All three sisters are incredible, especially Alyssa. There are very few scenes in all of Charmed more gut-wrenching than this fiery spectacle. Too bad the amazing and powerful scene is basically followed with an ending that is the equivalent to- Oh, it was all just a bad dream!- Frankly, the ending seemed hurried.

    Since I've already seen the future for Charmed, it wasn't as interesting for me to see a future that I know won't happen. The future is all so unrealistic that basically it can only be taken as allegorical: a morality play. The problem is I can hardly agree with the moral of the story. The Charmed Ones are meant to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. However, one is often the same as the other. I don't agree that Phoebe did anything wrong in killing a man she knew was a murderer. Illegal? Yes. But not immoral. I would say a murderer getting justice is for the greater good. I also see nothing wrong with having a man step in his own mutt's poop. Sounds like karma to me. Phoebe in later seasons would turn an obnoxious man into a turkey. I would say that is a harsher use of their magic.

    Amazing episode at times, but the nonsense of the lesson to be learned keeps it from being among Charmed's best.