Season 8 Episode 11

Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2006 on The WB

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  • Mr. & Mrs. Witch

    Mr. & Mrs. Witch was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, and intrigue. It was interesting to see Billie's parents and how they interacted with each other. They were awesome assassins and I liked watching them in action. Paige had some good scenes trying to get to know Henry and Phoebe was still trying to find herself and she came to an inevitable conclusion. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Billie fails to listen to the sisters and messes things up, initiating another episode with too much Billie. Billie's parents return, Billie gets a new power, and Billie has sad emotional end-of-the-episode time with mommy.

    Well I definitely think Billie was the star of this episode, and I see no way anyone can deny it. I hope my summary made obvious the stupid ehnanced Billie-ness of this episode. And haven't we seen the lame "Billie goes out and doesn't listen to the sisters, messing things up and in turn creating the plot for the whole episode" plot like 5 times already this season? If Billie never met with that demon guy, him and his "Annie the nanny" friend wouldn't have ever known about the sisters and would have never been able to set up Billie's parents. And apparently the sisters don't even mind that Billie doesn't listen to them anymore, because they never said a thing to her. I mean, Billie showed Phoebe the news story on her computer, and she didn't seem to care. Yes Paige and Piper didn't see the news story, but didn't they think it was a bit odd that somehow Nanny and demon-as-human guy set up Billie's parents???

    I'd have to say that it was nice in a way that Billie's parents came back, because we found out that they actually did know that Billie and her sister were witches. Though it's inane and insipid and banal and terse and no one cares and I just want Billie to find her sister's stupid rotting corpse already so she gives up searching for her and kills herself, I guess the stupid Billie's missing sister side-plot (or is this crap the main plot of the show now...?) moved along nicely.

    Phoebe's writer's block was incredibly dumb because the result of the whole stupid sub-plot was her wanting to move out, and what the heck how many times have the sisters tried to move out over the last 8 years??? IT DOESN'T WORK! I do like Phoebe's hair though, and I'm sooo glad she didn't mention anything about getting pregnant or anything along those lines.

    Paige and Henry finally made the hook-up, that's good. Except he looked pretty trashy during this episode...maybe because he said he's been working really hard lately?

    Piper didn't do too much this episode. The way her grief crap was executed was horrible. She didn't have anything to work with really, and the whole thing came off as lame. She just seemed...weak and boring.

    So after this episode, we find out Billie's parents knew her sister and she are witches, Piper's obviously sad because Leo is gone, and Paige finally got something from Henry. Phoebe um...has nice hair.

    Bring back Leo!

    This episode isn't as bad as some on here make out. The acting's alright, the demon plot is well thought out and there's some good character development for Billie. Even Kaley's acting takes a turn for the better.

    The real problem is the focus. First up, this is yet another episode centred on, you've guessed it, Billie. And then there's the timing. Leo has all but died and all he gets is one or two lousy mentions in the opening scene. Where is the grief? Why does Piper carry on like he's away on nothing more than a business trip? A poor showing by the writers.

    Including Billie's parents in the episode was a good idea (although what was with that dress?) but what having them turn into James and Janet Bond was wrong on so many levels. Do all hired killers spend every possible second snogging each other? I doubt it. And who the hell insults their parents by calling them cold hearted assassins? I've not seen the film Mr and Mrs Smith but on this evidence I don't think I'll bother.

    All this nonsense springs from Billie's new power of projection, which works as follows: 1) Billie makes an offhand remark 2) something near her changes for no apparent reason. I'm sorry but this really does jump the shark.

    Paige and Henry are fast becoming the new Prue and Andy. All this faffing around with missed dates is painful. If you're going to have a relationship please just get on with it. Phoebe is hardly used at all this week. Still, at least she's stopped going on about babies.

    The best thing by far is the demon plot. It's nicely plotted and leads to some good individual scenes. The idea of the company chairman being switched at birth is interesting and Piper even gets to freeze something. Whatever next?

    Score: 8.2
  • When Billie discovers the power of projection, she inadvertently transforms her parents into cold-blooded assassins who are then hired to kill the CEO of a powerful company.

    Billie's parents are really tight and stuck up. One of the bits i found funny was when they are all having dinner and Paige gets out of it by saying that she has to go meet Henry but she also says that one of the people you don't want to be late for is a parole officer and Billie's parents think she means that he is her parole officer. Billie dosen't actually relise that she has a new power until she kills a plant by saying her parents were going to suck the life out of the place, and then turns her parents into assassins.
  • Billie's parents are coming for a visit, and during a dinner at the manor, Billie somehow turns them into a parody of the movie Mr and Mrs Smith. Yeah.

    This was one of those episodes that you just want to end. It started out rather promising with some nice oneliners and, as always, excellent play from the leading ladies, but the main storyline just plain sucked.

    I really resent the manner in which everything is starting to focus on Billie. I had begun to warm up to her, especially after Vaya Con Leos, but her character remains uninteresting and her relationship with her wimping mother (what's with that hideous dress, mom?) and s.o.b.-father is never as moving as it probably appeared on paper. As another review on this website pointed out, it's an awful idea to have Phoebe leave the manor at this point. Her 'journey' hasn't really been of any interest since Cole's exit back in season 5 (or arguably in season 4). And it makes no sense that she should leave Piper right now where she lost Leo and probably feels rather alone?!
    The Paige-Henry storyline isn't really that gripping, either, but Rose McGowan and Ivan Sergei have genuine chemistry, rather like she had with Kerr Smith. Get the relationship going already, we all realise they're headed for the bed!

    All in all, a very bad episode which never seemed to end. The main storyline is very, very uninteresting and there's no real story development, except for Christy's diary that Billie's mother passes over to her, hoping that she might be able to interpret something in it.
    It's a shame that this episode follows Vaya Con Leos which was awesome.
  • oh great..billie has a new power. yay... like the strongest one in the world. hope that doesn't come to bit the sisters in the ass in the future..oh wait it does.

    And why couldn't there have been a sisterly moment like piper crying because of Leo and Phoebe and Paige comfort her like in Long Live the Queen? Damn writers for season's like interesting theories of what can happen...but not worked upon at all. BLAH

    This episode is boring. Why couldn't Billie's mother had been a witch..doesn't make sense. I can't even remember what Paige and doing in the episode, Let alone Phoebe since shes so boring in season 8 all together. She fights like, NO DEMONS. Piper was the star of the episode, and Billie is just..billie in this one. annoying bratty lucky girl who has such powerful powers and the charmed ones watching her back.
  • Interesting quote about the corporate world / magic.. People say this episode is dreadful but... it isn't.

    Billie thinks her sister was taken by demons to take over the corporate world. I'd never thought of magic in that way before.

    This episode had some shocks, such as Billie talking to some random man (who we find out is some hotshot businessman who was also kidnapped as a kid but returned) and she tests him to see if he is magical, then runs away, and suddenly it is revealed he is a demon, when this nanny-demon appears (they didn't explain her). Billie (yes this whole episode is about her it seemed!) accidentally turns her parents into assassins and they get hired by the demons to kill someone, she saves them, they talk about Billie's sister and shed light on her past. This plot was good but a bit cheesy and unbelievable. Though it did shock me when they changed as I thought they were demons!

    Now.. the power of three..
    Paige- got stood up by henry, then got to know him more, nothing much, they do gel well.
    Phoebe- nothing? She wrote ONE response to a letter. Easy job much? How is she so famous! Oh she also decided to move out.
    Piper- Didn't really grieve? He died. Kind of. More screen time needed!

    Since when did Phoebe become Billie's mentor, she used to be Paige's charge! They are similiar though, at least Brad Kern is over his "lets strip Phoebe down as much as possible without her being actually naked" phase.

  • Sorry, I was gonna review a "Charmed" episode but this have to be a mistake because this show is named "Billie"... The P3 died with Zankou!

    Another episode about Billie!? This is getting ridicule! None of the "not-principal" characters has never do so many episodes like Billie is doing! (Even Chris!) And truly Charmed fans don't like it!

    The character developing is horrible! When Prue died Piper spend half of the season trying to get use to it and now in one week she has get to the Leo leave! I don't believe, she's more emotional than that!

    The demon storyline was good enough to save the episode and the effects were good aswell. But the Billie new power thing is kinda strange, we have lost all about the Charmed Ones! Now it's all about Billie! I don't know... it's a bad episode! Not Charmed and and characters thing! I give it a 5 because at least we had a "action" episode, with a lot of moments of action, magic stuff and all!
  • When her parents come for a visit, Billie accidently transforms them into assassins. Piper attempts to continue her life without Leo. Paige tries to make a connection with Henry. Phoebe tries to find a way to have her own life.

    This wasn't my favorite episode of this season. I wish Leo wasn't gone long because he won't be back until the end of the season and it is because of stupid budget cuts. Billie's parents were rude at dinner with everyone like saying how they don't read the paper and talking about that they are strangers when they know Billie very good. Henry and Paige's relationship grows more. Piper is trying to live without Leo.
  • Billie has a new power and it isn't going quite well for her !! also boring and unoriginal.

    Billie's new theory that her sister's kidnapping was a demonic conspiracy leads her to contact victims of various magical kidnappings, including Dalvos (Sean McDermott), a partner at a powerful company who, unbeknownst to Billie, is a demon posing as a human. With the stress of trying to find her sister while her parents are visiting, Billie discovers the power of projection when she inadvertently transforms her parents into cold-blooded assassins, who are then hired by Dalvos to kill the CEO of the company. Meanwhile, Piper tries to deal with Leo being gone; Phoebe gets a bad case of writer's block; Paige finally connects with Henry; and Billie learns that her parents never stopped searching for her sister, which was a surprise to her.

    This was boring and unoriginal for me, I didn'y like the way the episode was all about Billie because she cant act at all !!
  • Give me a break...

    Don't get me wrong, I still love Charmed, but this final season is not as strong as I would have expected. I really liked the start of the season and I like Billy, but this episode was a little silly...
    All in a sudden Billy has this enormously strong new power and what the writers did with it was a little stupid, I think.
    Also, I don't really get the whole Leo-story. I'm guessing they just needed a storyline that allows him to stay away until the big finale, I dunno... It's just stupid and Piper's behaviour isn't really so good either...
  • An episode that may help to reveal some new facts about Billie's sister, but in a completely uninspired manner. Billie's parents deserved a better introduction.

    Ah well. After many episodes that had me wondering who had the great idea of introducing a character as stupid as Billie, I had finally gotten used to her presence - and now that! It seems to me the writers lost all of their creativity, since the episode was good in its basics, but terrible in its carrying out.

    Good things first: we learn some more about Billie's lost sister, and Paige and Henry are getting closer. I loved the latter, by the way. But unfortunately, that's all I really liked about this episode. Having Billie's parents transform into assassins was the most uninspired idea in a long time, it was completely useless and not even exciting. To me, it seems like the whole plot including the demon company thing served merely as a filler because there was nothing better. This story just wasn't worth my time.

    I really wish they could start revealing the big challenge the Charmed Ones will soon have to face. Even though I'm starting to get some ideas about it, what I miss is an actual storyline that runs over several episodes. Like in season 6, when there were actual story arcs. Sorry, but I'm really disappointed. Altogether, I give this episode a 4.5 rating, but that's really just because of the Paige/Henry story and because Piper gets a sympathy bonus for losing Leo once again. Hopefully, the next episode is a lot better...
  • Looks like they\'re running out of ideas

    I found the movie and Tv show allusions cute at first but now it is becoming annoying. It feels lilke the writers are running out of ideas. Maybe they should have ended the show in season 7. Billie\'s speech when she \"undemons\" her parents sounds plastic. Ok, they let us in a bit in Billie\'s issues, at least something is new.
  • Billie and the assasin parents. You do the math.

    Ok. When I saw the preview of Mr. & Mrs. Witch, I was really scared. I was afraid that the episode would be a total rip-off of Mr. And Mrs. Smith, an episode completely dedicated to Billie and her trivial problems. But now that I’ve watched it, I actually don’t feel the same.

    I want to start with the good stuff about the episode, which actually is quite a big amount. Paige and Henry was totally cute together and I love how their relationship moved forward and backward continuously. It’s very realistic and I loved how they keep getting back together, even if they get pissed at each other all the time. The chemistry between Ivan and Rose is so good, and they really sparkle when they act together. And compared to the two previous boyfriends of Paige’s (a magic abusing maniac and an avatar obsessed maniac) he’s a real improvement. I especially loved how Paige asked him if he was married, a paranoia that appeared with Nate. Great.

    The whole main story about Billie’s parents as assassins was kinda cheesy and I so hated the writers for the whole thing about their killing each other; it just screamed Mr. And Mrs. Smith. It just was too much. But the demons wanting to manifest in the “real world” was very interesting and the demon-man and his Nanny (lol) was quite good. The thing that this episode really is about, though, is Billie, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. She actually showed some depth and (oh, the horror) acting skills! The episode also brought some new life to the story about her sister’s disappearance and it’s actually looking to move somewhere. Both she and the writers have something to work with. The beginning of the scene with the dinner, was totally hilarious and pure genius. All of them just sitting there not saying a word. Very good to see some humour, that doesn’t involve bad jokes or fairies.
    I also liked the family-like feeling about this episode. The sisters’ bon has reappeared in the last few episodes, and I also liked Billie’s and Phoebe’s friendship. Piper’s neurotic reactions to Leo’s disappearance is hilarious but I would have liked to see some genuine grieving, and I hated how the others just acted as though he was on vacation.

    I don’t know how I feel about Billie’s new powers, I have to wait to comment on that till next week. I also felt that Phoebe’s search for an apartment of her own was completely pointless, and it brings nothing good or new to the show. They’ve tried it before, but it never works. Come on people, give Phoebe something new to work with. Also, Rose was absolutely beautiful in this episode, as always. I’m melting just to think about her. All in all a very surprising episode, in the fact that it was as good as it was. Still not nearly as good as Charmed used to be in it's glory days, but ok by todays standards. Average Season 8.
  • It was all about Billie, I'm not liking it.

    Not very impressed this week I must say, I'm so sick of Billie on this show, they need to give her the boot. Billie's parents come to visit, and somehow they end up at the Halliwell's for dinner. Billie gets a new power of projection, and makes some flowers die without realising. Then when she confronts her parents at the dinner table about Christy, and she accidentally transforms them into assassins. I thought this was a little disrespectful and pathetic, to give Billie Prue's power. That wasn't the best writing. Piper attempts to continue her life without Leo, but she doesn't want to leave the boys alone. Paige tries to make a connection with Henry and thinks she is stood up when he doesn't show up at P3, but in the end it turns out he had something to do with a parolee. In the end, Billie is able to change her parents back, after they defeat a demonic scam, where a group of demons try to take over a multi million dollar company. After stressing about a reply she has to write to twins in her advice column, Phoebe realises to find a way to have her own life, by moving out and she looks through the real estate section and sees a luxury loft. This episode was so disappointing, Charmed is really going downhill this year, its probably a good thing its cancelled.
  • Brangelina: The Golden Years

    Wow, just look at how fast the cookie crumbles. 2005 ended with what could possibly be the finest Charmed episode in years, with a shocking departure and some amazing writing. Now, we enter 2006 and we get this. A hollow, empty, pathetic episode spoofing a movie that was released in the middle of last year. Yep, the Charmed writers really keep an eye on pop culture don't they!

    Mr and Mrs Witch (gag) sees Billie's parents coming to stay. Billie suddenly has a new power where whatever she says actually happens and after she calls Mom and Pop "cold-hearted assassins", they become, uh, cold-hearted assassins. They then dress up in leather, make out and are hired to kill some executive guys. Then hired to kill each other. Meanwhile, Piper gets to mourn for a large portion of around five seconds and a sister moves out. Again.

    This should have been a Piper episode. Her soulmate has just died (well, sorta). She deserves to be center stage! But, of course, nothing can put down the Bimbo. Nope, she gets another episode all to herself AND she gets a new power. Why can't one of the sisters get a new power?? Piper hasn't had a new one since late season three, why couldn't she have something new to use? It really grates on me.

    I was slightly disappointed that Ivan Sergei hasn't been added to the credits. He's a really good character and he has such genuine chemistry with Rose McGowan that it's a shame he isn't yet known as "main cast". The writers better not ruin this relationship as it's the most convincing one since Phoebe and Cole first got together.

    Piper hardly did anything. Holly Marie Combs was, as usual, excellent and her mourning of Leo and her determination to record everything for him when he returns was heartbreaking to watch. It was just a shame that she didn't get to do much of this and only appeared in, what was it, like six scenes?

    Phoebe really annoyed me. She's supposed to be somebody who connects and seemingly cares about her readers at the Bay Mirror. Being so intelligent, she uses the moment where her sister's husband semi-dies to bail and get her own apartment. Yes, really. This is yet another case of the writer's completely butchering Phoebe's character and giving her something boring to do. These Phoebe-centric storylines never last (see her college course last season and her various post-Cole relationships) and I just can't understand why the writers still do them.

    Okay, I'm gonna get all serious now. Instead of digging at the show, I'm going to have a more... intelligent criticism session. Has anybody noticed that Charmed is... slightly forgettable now? I mean, I remember all the big episodes this season but most of them have just faded to the back of my memory. I hardly even remember episode titles anymore, simply knowing Charmed episodes as "the one with the superhero belt" or "the one with all the photographs". I don't know if it's the direction Charmed is going in but something is majorly lacking. Billie hasn't connected with me like other new characters (Paige, Cole etc.) and her storyline doesn't interest me. It's either Kaley's acting or the writing. I haven't seen 8 Simple Rules so I can't really judge if Kaley herself is a completely bad actress but I know that she can't pull off drama and her comedy skills just... aren't there. The writing doesn't help either.

    If this is the final season, then I hope more time is spent on the sisters instead of Billie. Seeing Charmed slowly turn into an hour-long version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is depressing. With regulars leaving and their absence almost completely ignored and the sisters getting less screen time and less interesting storylines, I'm close to giving up all hope for this show. Judging by the ratings for Mr and Mrs Witch, fans haven't reacted well to Leo's departure and I can see why. This really sucked. Corporate execs? Assassins? Blondes? This isn't the Charmed I once knew.

    Rating: F
  • This episode was cool even though it was all about Billy again.

    This episode was cool even though it was all about Billy again.

    In my opinion it should have been all about Piper but since Billy showed up this whole season has been about her. I really miss the good old days.

    And Billy's new power, HELLO, I think pheobe deservs the new power & not her, it's about time she had an active power again.

    We get to meet Billy's parents & we find out more about her sister, she finds out that her parents have been looking for her sister for the last 15 years but never told her.

    I loved the way that here parents turned into assassins, like Mr & Mrs Smith. Really cool. And a little different.

  • Well at least now we know what Billie is going on about, and seeing her parents was funny too...

    Well at first I thought that season 8 would be excellent, but now im just seeing that its AMAZING! I love it, and i think the writers are doing a very good job...Ok some people dont like the whole billie story but i believe that they did it for a reason, and im sure we will learn why very shortly...

    Cant wait to c what the big battle is going to be about :D
  • Finally getting a glimpse into what Billie is about.

    I thought the episode was good. I've personally been waiting to find out Billie's story because you have to think that it hinges on her sister Christy... and some of the other things happening with the sisters.

    I think Kaley has been a good addition to the show. I like the way her character was more in the beginning of the show, a little tougher etc.

    This episode was fun, and obviously a take on Mr & Mrs Smith... not totally but to a point. You can only do so much in an hour. But again it was fun, and some of the lines in this particular episode were delivered very well and just funny.
  • Billie's parents come to visit and Billie learns that they have never stopped looking for her sister and Phoebe is thinking of moving out and Piper is recording daily life for leo.

    Even though it was mainly focused on Billie it was a very good episode its had action and a bit of comedy to balance it out which I enjoyed.
    It was quite a complicated episode especially when that female demon is explaining how they were going to kill that man.
  • Bille? Who cares? Her parents? Who cares? The sisters and how they can create a safe world for the future and get Leo home? I care about that. My summary is that Billie parents should have took Bille back with them.

    I had written my review the day this episode aired but some how it didn\'t get posted. I hope it was an error on my part, I would hate to think that my opinion was deleted. Anyway, I do not like this Billie character and it has no value to the story line. I have been a Charmed viewer from the begining so I feel I can have that opinion. You can tell this show is about to come to it\'s end and my only hope is that somehow Prue(Shannon Daugherty) is brought back for the finale. Not because I am a die-hard Shannon fan but because the show deserves an ending with the original cast that started it. IF done correctly it could make this show go down as one of the ones people will talk about for a long time in the future. I have more opinions but since I have doubts that this post will get listed I will wait to see before I write more in later show reviews.
  • A dieing show.

    The show, is basically dead, the stories are so flat that you could eat off of them, though they are so dirty I’d never do that. Is to bad they lost all their vision, they used to have a great formula that worked but they became bored with it, and lost all vision of where to go and what to do to keep it fresh. So here we are, the dead years.
  • where is the passion?

    ..i do not see anything in this new episode, i mean, whats going on by the writters? i love every episode of charmed but they are not interesting anymore like they where in season 5 or 6..where are the ideas?
    really, one of the best episodes where with julian mcmahon, there was the passion and a something that took us forward to next episodes, but now there is no more julian and brain krause too..the best actors were took out of charmed..and the stories are not the best anymore..
    i am from slovenia, my english is not the best, but i try to express my feelings about charmed..Julian and Brain must return back..that is the best for charmed
  • Kinda a weak episode. Billie's new powers turn her parents into hitmen like Brad & Angelina in Mrs & Mrs Smith. The 3rd sucky episode

    Not my favorite episode of the season.
    The 3rd worst after Battle Of The Hexes and Malice In Wonderland

    Phoebe wants to move out, because she wants some space and coulnd't work with all the noise around(again, like in season 4 with Cole)
    But I loved that she had a big part in this episode, lately she's been busy with the baby crap and stuff.

    The parents were so unneccesary in this episode, the only good thing about them was the diary they gave Billie. With that Billie can find her sister faster.

    Piper's role was good too and Paige's role was ok

    Disappointing episode after the winter-break
  • This was a horrible episode!

    The continuity between scenes was awful. The plot logic and character behavior was disjointed and full of non sequiturs. I am not talking about some of the magic silliness. You expect that. It is the basis of the show. But why for example would an assassin be given a “mark” and expect to find that “mark” hiding on the other side of dumpster in a dark alley?

    The behavior of the parents didn’t make sense before their enchantment. But a simple impassioned speech by Billie and suddenly they (well the mom anyway) becomes compassionate and caring?

    And all the cute parole officer needs to do is explain that he has trust issues, and Paige is all lovey-dovey let’s make out.

    I don’t set the bar very high for this show. But this episode dug a trench to get under it
  • Billie turns her parents into “cold blooded assassins” and Piper copes with Leo being gone.

    Let’s start with the main story line with Billie and her parents. Does anyone else see a problem with this? I know that I am not a huge Billie fan and I realize the “girls” need a break but come on…don’t devote the show to Billie. I know they are getting to a point but can they please get there quickly? For the most part the story line was okay I just wish the girls would have played bigger parts.

    Paige and Henry that whole thing just seems a little…acted. Both Paige and Henry act like they could be doing something better. It was nice to get a closer look at a developing character, should be interesting to see where that goes.

    Piper and the lack of Leo, that is a whole can of worms I don’t think I can fit into one review. Piper seems to be dealing in her own way…I have to wonder how she will do in future episodes.

    Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe wants to move out again and she sees the light from some *twin* from her advice column. Sometimes you have to get away to see the bigger picture. We get it so Phoebe is going to be moving out.

    Here is a main complaint from me…they seem to be using this whole “we can turn into anyone we want, so we will do it all the time” and them using that is getting kinda lame coming from The Charmed Ones. Overall I guess the episode was okay but nothing more than that. Not the best work but I have seen worse…let’s hope they pick up the pace and get back on track!
  • Recording?

    Help, I missed January 8th's show! Did anyone record this episode that can make a copy for me? I can send you a blank VHS tape or DVD to record it on and send Federal Express or UPS to pick it up from any location. Please let me know. Thanks so much!
  • not the greatest

    I think this one touched on what happened to Billy's sister but that was about it. Pheobe is thinking of moving out, again. Boy I sure missed seeing Leo. I hope he isnt gone for the rest of the season, I hope they bring him back soon. I dont think its the same dynamic without Leo and Piper together. Looks like Paige may be finding happiness though. I am happy about that.
  • It was alright, but not their best! And as for Pheobe & Piper\'s talk in the kitchen about where she will be in 30 years, isn\'t she supposed to be dead then. Didn\'t Chris hate her just 2 eps ago because she died and left him and Wyatt alone.

    As for the story line, the writers and producers don\'t go into great detail in explaining certain things. They did a good job when Phoebe told Billie that she didn\'t know too much about the whole Projection power though. There are just a lot of loop holes in this episode! For one, in order to do the \"To Call A Witch\" spell, isn\'t who they are calling supposed to be a witch? If so, then how were they able to call on Billie's parents? Just something to make you go Hum?!
  • Life without Leo blah, blah, blah blah....

    I am just disgusted about this story line and I am a HUGE fan of charmed. It was so bad that I fell asleep at 10 minutes into the show. I hope next week is better.I am not sure what the future holds for the Charmed Ones but it would be best to try and give us the fans something more I have some great ideas and if they ever need any give me a holla.
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