Season 8 Episode 11

Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2006 on The WB

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  • Billie fails to listen to the sisters and messes things up, initiating another episode with too much Billie. Billie's parents return, Billie gets a new power, and Billie has sad emotional end-of-the-episode time with mommy.

    Well I definitely think Billie was the star of this episode, and I see no way anyone can deny it. I hope my summary made obvious the stupid ehnanced Billie-ness of this episode. And haven't we seen the lame "Billie goes out and doesn't listen to the sisters, messing things up and in turn creating the plot for the whole episode" plot like 5 times already this season? If Billie never met with that demon guy, him and his "Annie the nanny" friend wouldn't have ever known about the sisters and would have never been able to set up Billie's parents. And apparently the sisters don't even mind that Billie doesn't listen to them anymore, because they never said a thing to her. I mean, Billie showed Phoebe the news story on her computer, and she didn't seem to care. Yes Paige and Piper didn't see the news story, but didn't they think it was a bit odd that somehow Nanny and demon-as-human guy set up Billie's parents???

    I'd have to say that it was nice in a way that Billie's parents came back, because we found out that they actually did know that Billie and her sister were witches. Though it's inane and insipid and banal and terse and no one cares and I just want Billie to find her sister's stupid rotting corpse already so she gives up searching for her and kills herself, I guess the stupid Billie's missing sister side-plot (or is this crap the main plot of the show now...?) moved along nicely.

    Phoebe's writer's block was incredibly dumb because the result of the whole stupid sub-plot was her wanting to move out, and what the heck how many times have the sisters tried to move out over the last 8 years??? IT DOESN'T WORK! I do like Phoebe's hair though, and I'm sooo glad she didn't mention anything about getting pregnant or anything along those lines.

    Paige and Henry finally made the hook-up, that's good. Except he looked pretty trashy during this episode...maybe because he said he's been working really hard lately?

    Piper didn't do too much this episode. The way her grief crap was executed was horrible. She didn't have anything to work with really, and the whole thing came off as lame. She just seemed...weak and boring.

    So after this episode, we find out Billie's parents knew her sister and she are witches, Piper's obviously sad because Leo is gone, and Paige finally got something from Henry. Phoebe um...has nice hair.