Season 8 Episode 11

Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Phoebe suggests that Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins must be the carriers of the powers, but earlier, Billy said they had no idea about magic, and later, Mrs. Jenkins said that her mother was magical, but skipped a generation down to Billy and Christie. So when the sisters used the "To Call A Lost Witch" spell, it shouldn't have brought Mrs. Jenkins to them, let alone Mr. Jenkins who isn't magical at all. Mr. Jenkins could have only come if he was magical, or if he was touching Mrs. Jenkins, but he wasn't, he was just targeting her.

    • Phoebe says she has never seen projection power but in the season 5 episode Witches In Tights Kevin had that power.

    • After Billie turns her parents into assassins Pheobe says that it wasn't a spell because it didn't rhyme, but in season 4 episode Lost and Bound Paige uses a haiku to kill Ludlow because she "couldn't do the rhyming thing."

    • When Paige comes home from p3 after she gets stood up she starts stirring the potion and says something like "can we use the stun potion on Henry?" then in the next shot she's not stirring it anymore.

    • In this episode, young Wyatt wears a red cowboy hat with white whipping around the brim, similar to the hat young Andy Trudeau wears in the season 1 episode, That 70's Episode, except that the whipping on Wyatt's hat runs in the opposite direction.

    • TRIVIA: The opening sequence that is shown from this episode and until Kill Billie: Vol.2 is the only opening sequence in the whole history of the series which doesn't feature Kit.

    • After Billie's parents are accused of murder and she is viewing the report over the internet, the marker of the time spot of the video run time jumps forward and backward between shots.

    • Why would Billie assume that Christy was magical but not even consider the idea that her parents might be?

    • When Paige is going down the stairs past dancing couples at P3, a scene flashes of a woman leading a man as they dance... This exact same scene appeared in the season two episode "Awakened".

    • The sisters used the "call for a lost witch" spell to summon Billie's parents, and while this may work with Billie's mother, it wouldn't with her father since he is not magical. Plus since scrying isn't working either (as stated per Paige, although it has been done successfully before) there would be no way to "call" him.

    • It is once again stated, by Paige this time, that one cannot scry for non-magical beings, though it's been done, with success, several times before.

    • TRIVIA: As of this episode Phoebe has a new assistant, Dorrie.

    • TRIVIA: Since Brian Krause (Leo) has been removed from the opening credits, there seem to be a few more clips of the four actresses remaining on the series (Holly, Alyssa, Rose and Kaley).

    • TRIVIA: Bilie discovers that she & Christy inherited their witch powers from their grandmother, and since it seemed to skip a generation, their mother does not have them.

    • TRIVIA: Billie develops a new power called Projection, in which she can transform people or things into whatever comes to her mind.

  • Quotes

    • Phoebe (to her sisters & Billie): Okay, let's talk over here... (to Billie's parents who are practically making out) You guys just don't mind us... just keep grossing me out over there.

    • Phoebe: Hey... are you okay?
      Billie: Oh yeah sure, considering my parents tried to shoot me.

    • Phoebe (as she walks into the room where Paige is talking to Henry): Paige we gotta move. (upon seeing Henry) So we can get the thing from the thing for the thing.

    • As Billie and Phoebe untie Piper.
      Phoebe: Piper what happened?
      Piper: Well, your parents jumped me. That's the last time I invite them for dinner.

    • Billie: Did you know that Christy was a witch? I mean, that I was?
      Mrs. Jenkins: Mm-hmm. Just like your grandmother. (looks down at herself and then back at Billie) I guess it skipped a generation, huh? (they smile at each other)
      Billie: Lucky you.
      Mrs. Jenkins: No, lucky you. You have a very special gift, Billie, one you were meant to do great things with. I know that. Just embrace it.

    • Mrs. Jenkins and Billie are bonding in Billie's dorm room and are talking about Christy.
      Mrs. Jenkins: You were wildly different as two kids could be.
      Billie: We were?

    • Paige: Just a question. Why is it so hard for you to get close to people?
      Henry: Well, you don't beat around the bush, do you?

    • Phoebe (referring to Nanta): Too bad Mary Poppins got away.
      Piper (spoon feeding baby Chris): Oh don't worry. I'm sure we'll be seeing her again in about 30 years or so.
      Phoebe: Oh we won't be doing this in 30 years. (looks over at baby Chris in his high chair) They will.
      Piper: I wonder where I'll be?
      Phoebe: My guess, is you'll be sitting right here feeding your grandkids, with Leo.
      Piper: Let's hope so.
      Phoebe: Piper, give yourself a break. It's going to take some time and you have to allow yourself that time.
      Piper: Sounds like good advice. (referring to Phoebe's advice problems) Did you have any for the twins?
      Phoebe: Actually, I did, I suggested that she move out of the house and get her own space.
      Piper: That's good advice.
      A few minutes later, Piper picks up baby Chris and walks out of the room and Phoebe flips through the paper and opens to the condominiums for sale section.

    • Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins hold guns on Piper, Phoebe & Billie.
      Piper: Billie, I really don't want to blow up your parents, but...
      Billie: All right, stop it, this is crazy! You want to shoot me, is that what you want to do?!
      Phoebe: Easy, Billie.
      Billie: You already lost one daughter. You want to lose another, too? (walks closer to her parents) You want to pull the trigger, Mom? It's not going to bring Christy back. I know that's the one thing you want more then anything else in the world. Why didn't you tell me you kept searching for her? Don't you think I needed to know, that I wanted to know? I was scared & young and I didn't know any better and I just thought you didn't care about me or her. And now you're all I have left. (her parents change back to their normal selves).
      Mrs. Jenkins (brushes Bilie's hair away from her face): Oh Billie. I'm sorry, baby.
      Billie and her parents cry & hug each other. A minute later, Paige walks in.
      Paige (to Piper & Phoebe): Hey, guys, I think I figured out a way to clear their names. (sees Billie and her parents) Did I miss something?

    • Phoebe: I mean you're a growing witch and our powers are tied to our emotions and you've been surpressing those lately.
      Billie: Well, if I can turn my parents into something, I can turn them back. (looks at the dead flowers) Dead flowers, come alive again. (nothing happens).
      Phoebe: It takes awhile to get a hang of new powers, plus you aren't in the same emotional state you were downstairs.
      Billie: How do I get back to that same emotional state?
      Phoebe: I don't know, but when you figure it out, just be careful what you say.

    • Billie: Phoebe, what's happening to me?
      Phoebe: Oh sweetie, I don't know, although, I do know of a power called Projection and I've never actually seen it but I know it exists.
      Bilie: Projection?
      Phoebe: It lets a witch turn people and things into whatever comes to mind, without a spell or potion, it's pretty powerful stuff.

    • Phoebe & Billie walk into the attic to look in the Book of Shadows for a way to turn Billie's parents back into their normal selves.
      Phoebe: Well, I don't think it was a spell, because the words didn't rhyme, obviously it had something to do with the words, right? Or maybe it was just --
      Billie (as she looks over at the wilted flowers and then walks towards them): -- me.
      Phoebe (flipping through the Book of Shadows): Well no, it couldn't have been just you. I mean that was a pretty powerful transformation, down there.
      Billie (leans over the wilted flowers): Well tell that to these flowers. This morning they were alive, until I said something like "suck the life out of this place" and then they just --
      Phoebe: -- had the life sucked out of them?

    • Billie (still looking shocked over her parents' transformation): Mom, Dad?
      Mrs. Jenkins: Who are you?
      Billie: I'm your daughter, Billie.

    • Billie (as she is looking at Piper & Phoebe, confused): What is going on?!
      Phoebe: Piper, what did you put in their food?
      Piper: Food was in the food, thank you very much!
      Phoebe: Okay, but how do you explain this?
      Piper: Don't look at me. (pointing at Billie) She's the one who said "assassins"!
      Billie: It's a figure of speech!
      Phoebe: Well, apparently not.

    • Mrs. Jenkins pulls her knife out of the wall, slides her finger down the blade and then sucks on her finger.
      Mrs. Jenkins: Titanium, the best. (to her husband) Nice gun, where'd you get it?
      Mr. Jenkins: I don't know but I like it.
      Mrs. Jenkins: Ha! Me too!

    • A fly buzzes around, while Bilie argues with her parents..
      Billie: I don't care about you?! You guys are cold-hearted assassins!
      A second later a magical glow comes over Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins and they are turned into assassins. Mrs. Jenkins throws a knife into the wall killing the fly.
      Mr. Jenkins: Nice shot, babe.
      Mrs. Jenkins: Thanks, honey.
      Billie, Piper & Phoebe watch all of this in amazement.
      Piper: Oh boy!

    • Piper decides to record everyday events for Leo's return.
      Phoebe: You're videotaping yourself setting the table?
      Piper: Well, when you go on a long trip, it's the little things you miss.
      Phoebe: Yeah, but sweetie, he's not on a long trip, he's frozen.
      Piper: Not for long.

    • Phoebe & Bilie are in the attic, talking about Billie's parents.
      Phoebe: It can't be as bad as you think, who knows, they might even surprise you.
      Billie: Surprise me? They're going to suck the life out of this place.
      A second later, an arrangement of flowers die. Billie turns around, see this and looks around the attic confused.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: (Mr. & Mrs. Witch) Germany: Billies Killer-Eltern (Billie's Killer Parents) France: (Mr. & Mrs. Smith)

    • The set used to do the shot scene and the confession have been used as well in the season 7 episode Charrrmed in the museum's robbery scene.

    • On its original airdate this episode got 3.3 million viewers.

  • Allusions

    • Phoebe: Think Manchurian Candidate.
      Paige: Which version?
      Phoebe: Does it matter?

      This references the 1964 movie "The Manchurian Candidate", about a brainwashed assassin. The movie was also remade in 2004.

    • Title: Mr. & Mrs. Witch

      This is a reference to the 2005 film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as rival spies who also happened to be married. Plus it is also a reference to the 1996 TV series Mr. & Mrs. Smith, starring Scott Bakula and Maria Bello as two spies who pose as a married couple.