Season 2 Episode 9

Ms. Hellfire

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2000 on The WB

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  • So out of character.

    Straight off the bat I have to question why an assassin who KNOWS what their powers are chooses to go up against someone that can freeze and someone that can move things with their mind - with a GUN. A thing that fires projectiles that can be stopped by both these women. Why confront them at all, an explosive under the car would be both undetected and less likely to be stopped. It just seemed utterly ridiculous someone would pay this woman to do this. And like others said being irresponsible enough to leave clues on her person about her identity and her profession.

    I am very glad Darryl finds out so early on, he'd been involved for a while and had come to trust the girls in the previous episodes without knowing their secret, so when he did find out I liked how he was freaked but calm too, like everything just perfectly made sense all of a sudden.

    Marcy was just beyond annoying! And how does she not understand the meaning of secrecy.

    Not going to lie, I hated Prue getting her new power here. And being the first to get it for so long. As others have mentioned Prue is constantly shoved down our throats as being the best and most powerful witch, even though she doesn't care about it and Phoebe spends all her time devoted to it really but whatever. Her power is quite handy in a fight yes, but ah well. Her getting a new power, that she manages to master and use often is just irritating. Why not give Phoebe her new power first, at least she'd have an active power even if it is still mostly passive. But that's my anti-Prue rant over (sorry guys). I hate Prue, but I don't like just starting a show midway through and miss out on all the Phoebe and Piper and Cole and Leo growth.

    Overall I'm not entirely against this episode, like Iltarion, I actually like Barbas, and I like how he went about getting these witches, you usually don't expect a 'trained' assassin to be coming after you. But Bane was just too 2D, his henchman was just weird and annoying, and the whole love affair which comes back later is just - WHY.

    But on top of it all, I'm sorry the amount that Prue has booked herself up is ridiculous, you can't have serious meetings if you only schedule in 20 minutes. And you can't organise a last minute meeting, not tell everyone and then fire them.

    I also don't get why when they go to inspect the hotel room, Prue insists on going to the flowers. Like ok I get maybe trying clothes on, nobody is coming for them and if you love em you love em, but when Piper says there's flowers why she went to them, to smell them like they're for her. I mean realistically you'd just say "oh interesting" maybe read the card on your way out or something. Not go and smell them and inspect them like they're for you.

    And forcing Prue to astral project was annoying. Like she's on the phone, Bane wouldn't just start talking to her and maybe Jack would be acting this way if his job is on the line but it was all just to get her to keep showing off how powerful again super-witch is now.

    The biggest thing I love as I think I mentioned before, is Phoebe taking martial arts classes. And being so dedicated to it and it's something we see throughout all seasons. She knows she's the weakest link ability wise but she becomes one of the strongest fighters and it always shows.

    Fashion: Once again Prue's attire is hardly professional, but it is a bit better than last episode. Unlike most I hated the whole black leather (hardly new for her) and making her seem like she's irresistible.
  • Prue is on FIRE!!!

    A vastly entertaining episode that shows how dark and sinister Charmed can be, we are introduced to a new power Astral Projection which is bestowed upon Prue, and I am absolutely digging it, the scene where she discovers her new gift has to be one of my favourite Prue moments and Piper's reaction when Prue projected to her was timeless.

    The hitwoman plot was interesting enough, there was some good special effects were Piper froze the hitwoman's bullets in midair and Prue repelled the bullets. Prue going undercover as the hitwoman was a neat twist and Shannen seems to have a blast with the material given and also lack of leather material worn (tee hee!). I actually find myself liking the interactions between Prue and the dark, brooding Bane, some good chemistry there.

    The only slight downpoint is the return of Barbas, the actor still is insanely OTT but does appear slightly more deadly here, how he managed to turn Prue against his sisters is a mystery as he never had that power in his previous appearance nevertheless it brought on a fantastic scene in which Piper and Phoebe have to remind Prue that they are her sisters when she attacks them with her powers, as usual it is the powerful sisterly bond the three share which snaps Prue out of her commando trance, the disposal of Barbas was great and comical, his flailing arms and screaming had me in stitches. seeing Piper get a power advancement as well was perfect, she can now unfreeze an entity whilst leaving others frozen.

    A special mention to out favourite copper, Darryl he finally learns the sisters magical truth and about time to, as I was getting tired of the "I know that you know that I know you have a secret" talks between Darryl and Prue.

    Overall I give this episode a 9/10 rating as it is near perfect with only a couple annoyances; Barbas and what was with that dreadful witch chick that Phoebe saves ???
  • Ms. Hellfire

    Ms. Hellfire was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and full of action, suspense and some surprises. It was great to see Prue's new power and the new boss at Buckland's Auction House. When Morris is investigating another case which involves the sisters they finally tell him the truth about them being witches. He handled it pretty well and I'm glad it didn't take to long for this to happen. It was awesome to see Prue acting as a hit woman. A demon from the past is back and tries to have the sisters killed. In the end they defeat him, and the sisters all have their own success in some form or another. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Prue enters the Matrix.

    This somewhat preposterous episode has four redeeming characteristics from my point of view: Shannen in black leather, astral projection, Darryl learning the truth, and Barbas.

    I continue to be at odds with many reviewers who are not fans of Billy Drago as Barbas. I dig this demon, always have, with his seething whisper and his icy stare. His confrontation with Prue is a great scene, and I love how he turns her against her sisters. Great idea that will be partially repeated when he turns Phoebe against Paige in Season 5. Barbas by himself is pretty much enough to ensure this episode of a 7.5.

    As I have said before, I appreciate how the writers decided to not mess around with Darryl. The sisters tell him straight away what is going on, and he absorbs it about as well as he can. I think the entire thing is handled very realistically. I'm not sure why Prue gets the new power when the writers have probably over-established her as the most powerful witch already, but a new power is always a good thing.

    I thought the whole Prue with Bane relationship was ridiculous. They are in love but have never met? And he is like the wimpiest bad guy in history, I think. Cool when Prue goes up against her sisters. Quick thinking by Piper this time to get Shannen to Astral Project. Of course, once again, the power of talk and their sisterly bond save the day. Good scene in the beginning with the hit woman shooting up the manor, but in the middle of the day? Whuh?

    Dan coming around in the middle of the night carrying plywood is just pathetic. I started with as open a mind as possible, but can we just get rid of this guy already?!! UGH!!!
  • I've seen probably 80% to 90% of the eps of Charmed. This one ranks up there as one of the worst. It still beats any episode of Gilligan's Island, but only because that is a rather easy yardstick to measure by.

    Charmed is fantasy. We know that. This episode isn't fantasy, it's absurdity.

    As a matter of fact, to steal a riff from Joe Pesci, it's an absurdity wrapped around an improbabilty stuffed with inanity... blanketed with a heapin' helpin' of horse manure. (OK, OK, that last is vaguely stolen from Buddy Ebsen and the Beverly Hillbillies...)

    To start with, the Manor gets shot up with a full auto machine gun. Then some woman comes roaring in from the back entrance, and tries to shoot the girls with the same gun. Pru sends the bullets back at her and she is killed. Some investigation of what she was carrying with her suggests this was a hitwoman, hired to kill Pru, her sisters, and 10 other witches, of whom only the sisters and one other is still alive.

    Right about now, your bogon flux meter should be pegging out. Hired assassins, one would presume (granted, I have no actual experience with them), would tend to be fairly low key about their hits -- subtlety would be a hallmark -- they wouldn't usually use a drive-by style of attack as a format for making a hit (unless, perhaps, the situation warranted it, such as on a rap star)... I would personally expect that an assassin who performed a drive-by type hit in the middle of a WASP suburban neighborhood would not be in business for long.

    Bending the needle on that bogon flux meter about now: They probably don't keep copious written notes about things, either... like "Hit on XXX, plastique, 10am" along with a crossed off list of recent kills, all wrapped up in a nice day planner. Successful assassins are likely anal, but not in the written sense of things, only in the meticulous sense of the term.

    I grant you that assassins probably use explosives to blow up their victim's car (this does seem to be one type you do hear about), but using them to blow up a shop they own seems, once more, likely to draw the ire of various officials even more so than the drive-by thing. It's also not particularly good at precision, since one really can't be too sure they got the intended victim and not some innocent bystander... and it's not like they wouldn't appear rather overly suspicious poking around the coroner's office asking about the person who was killed.

    About now the needle breaks off the BFM, putting out one of your eyes: I don't see it as likely that too many assassins get romantically involved with the person who hired them... or that assassins often get romantically pursued by the one who hires them...

    But despite these perposterous unlikelihoods, we find herein all the above as salient plot points.

    Apparently the only assassin actually involved with this episode's production was a mass murderer of bogon flux meters.

    About the only thing this episode does of any importance is a quick throwaway about Buckland's new management (Seems like a much bigger and more widespread firm now than when Pru got hired -- the SF office is now a "regional office" of an apparent chain, not the home base of a single "Christies" type house of high repute), and a slightly introduced point about Pru's new power of astral projection.

    Other than the above two minor developments, for the most part, this ep need only be watched for continuity and completeness reasons. It's otherwise something to bypass.
  • finally!

    finally prue gets a new power! and i love this power- astral projection! i wish i had it! lol. barbas is back! has my fav orite demon! and finally daryll knows that the charmed ones are \'the charmed ones\'! lol, this is a very good epiosde. Prue (shannen) is good in this episode!
  • Starring Prue as the hit-women Ms. Hellfire

    This is a very funny ep. Shannen Doherty did really good in it. it's new to charmed and thats why i found it good. Also, one of my fav. demons was in it Barbas The Demon Of Fear it was great. and i hope Charmed keeps going on and on.
  • Meet Prue: Sexy Assasin!!

    Cool. Finally, another ep where Prue's inner sexy, kick-ass self is revealed! Love the outfit, love the ep love evrything 'bout PRUE!! The moves ar great, the camera angles carefully plotted to move with the action. So much going on. Prue was made for the leather and her fight moves are great. You can see that in this other ep I just can't remember what it's called. Prue Rox!!
  • A bit silly !! Charmed ones ??, hitwoman ??

    When the Charmed Ones barely escape an attempt on their lives by a mysterious hit woman known only as "Ms. Hellfire," Prue assumes the assassin's identity in order to find out who hired her. While Piper and Phoebe race against time to protect the next potential target on the hit list Prue's undercover work gets her entangled with a ruthless criminal who ultimately leads the Halliwell sisters to a confrontation with their old enemy, Barbas !! A bit silly and out of character I thought but it was written well I suppose
  • That old black leather

    This is an intriguing and well plotted episode which certainly breaks the mould as far as Charmed is concerned. Having a demon hire a gangster who then hires a hitwoman to take out the Charmed Ones is a great twist and certainly keeps you guessing. Unlike some on here, I enjoyed seeing Barbas again. I actually found him more sinister this time round.

    The opening scene is great, particularly the shot where Piper freezes the bullets. I really felt for Phoebe when she read the hitlist and it said her power was negligible. Maybe next time Barbas appears she'll see him coming and kick him back to hell herself. Out of interest, is it normal for hired killers to carry their personal details with them when they make a hit - including how they are planning to kill their next victim?

    Prue was obviously loving being Ms Hellfire and I have to say Shannen does carry off the leather chick thing very well. The slow motion shot as she is walking into that club is a classic. I think perhaps she was enjoying it as much as her character.

    There is plenty of character development this week, not least when the sisters finally come out to Darryl. Given that he's the one who doesn't believe in witchcraft, he takes it all rather calmly. Andy was a believer and he seemed utterly shocked.

    This is also the first time we see Prue's astral projection power. Unlike Rex in Season One's "Wicca Envy", her projected self has solid form and can be seen. It'll be interesting to see how they work this into the show.

    Neither Jack nor Dan have much to do this week but, with Bane around, who cares?
  • Prue must go undercover after a hit woman tries to murder the sisters.

    All is relatively normal in Halliwell Manor until, suddenly, the three sisters are confronted by someone weilding an impressive automatic weapon who clearly wants them all dead. Just escaping with their lives after Prue turns the bullets back on the shooter, the girls are devastated to find that she was a human and not a magical being out to get them after all.

    Further investigation uncovers the fact that she was a hit woman who went by the name of "Ms. Hellfire" and that she was clearly hired to assassinate the sisters. The question is, who hired her?

    Things get interesting when Prue decides to go undercover as the dead woman to try to find out who hired her, hence, Prue becomes Ms. Hellfire, complete with a rather daring wardrobe to match! Her task is to find out who hired the killer, human or demon, and eliminate them if necessary.

    A pretty good episode. Shannen Doherty was excellent as Ms.Hellfire and looked great in the especially created wardrobe. Well worth watching.
  • Prue Haliwell, Assassin Witch

    Ms. Hellfire-An assassination attempt on the sisters' lives forces Prue to go undercover as the woman who tried to kill them, known as Ms. Hellfire. While undercover, she becomes romantically involved with the man who hired the original Ms. Hellfire.

    Despite the returh of Barbus, "Ms. Hellfire" is truly fun episode that has one of the best opening teasers the series have had so far. The whole seqeunce of the sisters being attacked by a hit woman who shots up the manor and them quickly trying to avoid getting shot. The special effects were stunning as Piper freezes bullets just before they can hit her and Prue goes all "Matrix" with her telekinesis by stopping them mid-air and sending them flying back to the hit woman, killing her. Prue taking the idenity of Ms. Hellfire is an entertainig storyline and one Shannen Doherty obviously loved playing as her scenes indicate.

    Billy Drago (Barbus) is still mediocre in the role as the Demon of Fear, but I do love the concept of demons working with assassins as it's very intriguing. The only downside is Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Bane Jessup whose acting is more boring than watching paint dry! His delivery so dry and monotone; the scenes where he tries to convey emotion are just plain awful. Anyway, I like that Darryl finally knows the whole truth about the sisters and his reaction was priceless. Also, the introduction of Prue's new power, astral projection, is done brilliantly throughout the episode. It's a cool power and I love the special effects used for it throughout. The only other annoyances was the irritating witch that Piper and Phoebe are forced to protect and Piper's lame sub-plot as Dan asks her to move in. But besides that, "Ms. Hellfire" is a great episode with a very fun storyline and nice developments throughout.
  • Barbas returns.

    How did Barbas return exactly? I thought he will only appeared every 1,300 years? Nevermind, as long as the episode is interesting, I don't care so much about the others. Congratulations to Constance M. Burge, the creator of this series and Sheryl J. Anderson, for writing out this episode. This episode is great, I love it. Just that Barbas seems to be vanquished easily, unlike how he was vanquished in season 5 episode "Sympathy for the Demon". I love this episode, one of my favourite episode together with "Morality Bites" and "They're Everywhere". What can I say about this episode, it's just perfect. Watch it, the one hour is worth to loose.
  • Astral Projection

    A hit-woman tries to kill the Halliwell sisters on Friday, 13th, shooting their house. However, she dies when Prue protects herself and her sisters from the bullets. They find that she was Ms. Hellfire, and Prue goes undercover to investigate why a mortal woman wished to kill them. Prue discloses that she was hired by a gangster, Bane Jessup, who was associated to the Demon of Fear, Barbas, to kill the Halliwell sisters and other 10 witches before midnight.

    In "Ms. Hellfire", Barbas returns but is again vanquished by the Halliwell sisters. Prue develops the ability of astral projection and the sisters disclose to Darryl Morris that they are witches.
  • On of my fav's...of course!:D

    This episode is so special!
    I mean there's a lot of action, and there's Bane! OMG! Bane is so hot! And he and Prue are so cute together! I mean, Andy is my fav Prue-lover but Bane comes second!
    When the Charmed Ones barely escape an attempt on their lives by a mysterious hit woman known only as "Ms. Hellfire," Prue assumes the assassin's identity in order to find out who hired her. While Piper and Phoebe race against time to protect the next potential target on the hit list Prue's undercover work gets her entangled with a ruthless criminal who ultimately leads the Halliwell sisters to a confrontation with their old enemy, Barbas.
    I also like the episode because of Barbas and because Prue is finally the one who is willing to take some risks!
  • Prue goes undercover

    Barbas is back and is causing more trouble for the sisters. I thought that Ms Hellfires wardrobe was a little on the OTT side of things but she obviously liked it and so did Prue. Not everyone has the same taste. Barbas is getting really lazy. He could have killed 13 witches by midnight, so why hire a hit man or a hit woman.
  • Amazing.

    barbas the demon of fear is back. this episode is exciting from the start when ms hellfire shoots every where my favourite part in the episode is when piper is running and the vase explodes and she just freezes it. this episode is very funny (the crazy witch i can not remember her name). prue gets a second power called astral projection and disguises her self as the hit woman so she can find out who is after them. this is a truly brilliant episode of charmed, it is well written,packed with hunour and it is brilliantly acted. overall brilliant episode.
  • overall brilliant episode.

    barbas the demon of fear is back.
    this episode is exciting from the start when ms hellfire shoots up every thing. my favourite part in the episode is when piper is running and the vase explodes and she just freezes it. this episode is very funny.prue gets a second power called astral projection and she has lots of fun disguises her self as ms hellfire the hit woman so she can find out who is after them. this is a great episode of charmed, it is well written, packed with hunour and it is brilliantly acted. well done on this episode.

  • Prue goes undercover as an assasion that tried to kill them instead they killed her,and Prue enjoys being a women that has a very awsome name,Hellfire,Ms.Hellfire.While Prue is undercover she sees someone she is attracted to,meaning she liked her boss.

    It is a very awsome show,Prue liked it too.The show is where Prue becomes assasion undercover and discovers she got a new power an awsome power.But the show was great I think that it was cool,but I dont wish I was Piper and Pheobe,being attacked by their own sister,exspecially when they don't have any destruction power what so ever.
  • Shannen Ho-herty

    It may have sounded good on paper but Ms Hellfire turns out to be an extremely boring slice of Charmed which seems to go on forever and features another appearance from Demon of Fear Barbas or as I call him, Actor of No Talent.

    The episode starts brilliantly with the sisters being attacked by an assassin who breaks into the manor and starts shooting anything in her way. Prue kills the assassin and has to go undercover as the leather-clad Ms Hellfire to discover who ordered the hit on the Charmed Ones.

    The opening scene is really entertaining and the shot of Piper freezing the bullets in mid air was very well done. Shame this much drama didn't rub off on the rest of the episode. Shannen looks like she's having fun as Ms Hellfire but the whole script is so poorly executed that you lose interest half way through. Barbas pops up for no real purpose and is extremely lame (as usual). The corny Marcy Steadwell fails at being funny and ends up being mind-numbingly annoying (like Kathy Griffin on acid) and Antonio Sabato Jr gives a performance so lifeless he could have been cryogenically frozen and nobody would have noticed.

    It was a good decision on the writer's part to let Darryl in on the secret. He was becoming severely underused and I for one was happy that they actually gave him something interesting to do for a change. Ms Hellfire is Charmed on autopilot. Shannen Doherty in leather doesn't even make this episode much better. Avoid.

    Rating: D
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