Season 2 Episode 16

Murphy's Luck

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2000 on The WB

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  • Joy, two 'miss perfect' episodes in a row.

    Well yay, two miss perfect episodes in a row. "Did you get the job" "yes" (no actually you didn't). "did she jump?" "yes she did" actually no she didn't, she was going to, and she was on the ledge yes but she actually slipped and then slipped out of your hands..

    I hated how depressed Prue looked throughout this entire episode. Before she got suicidal within a day of being 'haunted', she looked like she wanted to kill herself. And it was just annoying and ridiculous. I'm sorry this is totally out of character for her I felt. Yes she's had her hardships, but it just seemed ridiculous. And they're really trying to shove her down your throats.

    And Prue was hardly cursed, Voosloo followed Maggie around for months, he was with her all the time, making bad things happen and making her feel bad. He spoke to Prue once, and it was in a hospital setting so it wasn't even into her heard (I mean it was but not literally 'in her head'), and she wanted to kill herself from the start of the episode, let alone before the darklighter even spoke to her.

    I kind of wish they had of made Maggie fall off the roof closer to that bouncy awning type thing (sorry no idea what it's actually called). That way her being drifted towards it wouldn't have looked SO ridiculous. If I saw that I'd be seriously questioning it but a slight movement I guess I could understand.

    Voosloo is an amazing actor and bad guy! I do wish they made him a seasonal or half season bad guy, even just more than one episode! Such a minor roll for such an amazingly evil man.

    Even Amy Adams is a pretty big star, so it's amazing to have such big actors as secondary minor roles..

    I loved Pipers respect towards Dan, she seems like such a nice woman here. even though she was sleeping with Dan while still being in love with Leo which is kind of unfair to him. Dan has been quite crazy for the last few episodes he's been in. But him calling her because he 'sensed' something.. after what 6-8 months of dating you can sense things? And then you get grumpy because an out of the blue phone call and Piper isn't available to just speak.

    they've also been crazy worried about where they do magic but recently they just do their magic in front of everyone. Mainly Prue, but naturally she tells them off for everything. She Astral Projected in Animal Pragmatism in front of EVERYONE. She did it here too. She then does her magic in front of a room full of officers.

    The magazine guy was a bit over the top though, you gave her a 'chance', she wasn't even hired it was a trial.. no need to be so rude. But Prue's absolute depression over this, the look on her face, she looked like he was digging a stake into her chest. Just I'm sorry, the idea of suicide and depression was done WAYYY too much here.

    Fashion: Haven't done this for a while.

    I liked the thing Piper wears in her hair, she does it quite a lot. Like that wrap around thing.

    Phoebe looked nice as usual.

    Maggie's clothes suited her, conservative and the way she wore them just suited her.

    So they didn't have time to scry but they had time to drive somewhere, sign into this place and get in and talk to Maggie.. when scrying takes SECONDS.

    Spells: Prue's spell was the worst thing I've ever heard. That ending was annoying. But naturally, it's her first spell and she's perfected that too right.
  • Murphy's Luck

    Murphy's Luck was another perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging and full of character development. It was great to see another side of Prue as she pursued her photography career and took charge to get the job she sought. Piper told Leo that she chooses him but will only tell Dan face to face and awkward situations follow. Phoebe used her powers to help through out the episode. Prue succeeds in the end securing her photography career with a great photo of Maggie who was played by the lovely Amy Adams. It was great to see Arnold Vosloo who played The Mummy from the popular movie with the same title. The acting was superb, the direction and editing were spectacular and the over all production was a total success. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Imhotep is in my head!

    This is a very good episode with some moments of greatness. Here are two great things about this episode:

    1) Piper and Leo are finally back together.
    2) Arnold Vosloo is the main bad guy.

    Vosloo, of course, is a great antagonist in whatever he is in, and it is just too bad that he couldn't have been signed on for a longer stint as a bad like Mummy franchise co-actor Oded Fehr is for Season 7. It is also slightly disappointing that he really only has one method of attack, using depression to kill his targets in a drawn out process that is otherwise similar to what Barbas does. He does have a myriad of talents, however, for a darklighter.

    The scene in the club where Piper tells Leo the good news is pure Charmed magic, with both having a hard time restraining themselves and being frustrated in the process. It is cool that Piper wants to show Dan the respect he deserves and not cheat on him. That is the way it should be, though I'm not sure she always did the same for Leo. I am glad that Leo got his powers back, though I was surprised that it was so soon. Leo was actually pretty useful even as a mortal, giving the sisters absolutely crucial guidance in nearly every episode since his return. But, of course, the orbing and healing are pretty useful skills to have around. The scene at the end when Leo comes back to the manor is a pure joy. It is great to hear that Piper is going to give it a try, regardless of him being a whitelighter, which is what she should have decided all along. Oh well, better late than never.

    Much of the episode actually centers around Prue for the second straight week. How many things from the past still have this woman messed up? It is kind of laughable that she is nearly ready to commit suicide in a matter of hours when Maggie was dealing with the darklighter for weeks to months and still around. Still, again, Vosloo is excellent throughout. What bad could you bring around to top this guy?
  • Prue's a Suicidal Psycho! Aaaaggghhh!

    One of the best episodes of late season two, "Murphy's Luck" is Charmed getting into some edgier storytelling with a darklighter who drives his victims to suicide. Shannen Doherty owns this episode and her acting as Prue gets stuck in even more bad luck is superb.

    Meanwhile, the writers show that they do have brains by giving Leo back his whitelighter wings. He became such a dull character after they were clipped, it only seems right that he has them back.

    But, the Leo-Piper-Dan triangle gets more boring by the week and you can only wish that Dan stayed in New York so the witch and the whitelighter could get it on in peace!

    All-in-all, this is an entertaining and nerve-wracking episode which for once puts the viewer in a sense of dread that most Charmed episodes avoid.

    Rating: A-
  • Lucky Star

    Murphy's Luck-After Prue prevents a woman from committing suicide, a Darklighter puts a curse on her that throws her into a depression that could cost her life.

    An absolutely touching and dark episode that sees Prue saving the life of a young star, only to fall prey to the darklighter that cursed her innocent in the first place. Shannen Doherty really shines throughout as Prue's luck gets worse and worse that you can't help feeling sorry for her. I love that the storyline also reveals a side of Prue we never knew about as there was once a time in her life she depressed and hurt beyond words. It's really heartbreaking to see Prue so defeated and suicidal as she's always been the opposite. It gives Prue some great character development and Shannen coveys so much emotion with ease.

    The guest stars are all wonderful with Amy Adams, before her "Enchanted" big break years later, giving a stunning performance as Maggie Murphy. You really get drawn into her story about being a fallen star whose life feel apart after being such a great activist. Then there's Mummy star Arnold Vosloo who just oozes menace as the Darklighter who curses both Maggie and Prue. Another great development is Piper finally telling Leo how she truly feels as it was pretty obvious she would chose Leo in the end. Also, Leo finally gets his wings back, which is relief as the writers weren't giving Leo much to do during his powerless state the last couple of episodes. All and All, "Murphy's Luck" is a great episode full of strong acting, touching scenes and dark moments.
  • A sad, suicidal Prue is not a good look.

    Sometimes, helping an innocent gets you into more hot water than you bargained for as Prue intercedes with a young woman who is feeling depressed and suicidal because of the influence of a Darklighter. The Darklighter, who is not at all happy with Prue's interference, decides to make her suffer by turning his anger towards her and making her feel suicidal and extremely depressed herself.

    I have to say that the rest of the plot involving Leo and Piper was secondary for me,possibly because I'm not a big fan of either character. As for Shannen Doherty though, a huge amount of kudos to her for playing through Prue's depression so expertly, it was a great job of acting and showed us even more of Shannen's range.
  • Prue & the Darklighter

    Piper tells Leo that she loves him, but she will only tell Dan one week later, since he is out of town. Prue is interviewed by a photographer of a magazine, who assigns her for a test, photographing Maggie Murphy, a woman considered to be in a strike of bad luck. Prue saves Maggie from her attempt of suicide induced by a Darklighter and casts a spell of good fortune to help the good-hearted Maggie. The irritated Darklighter decides to curse Prue, and when she is in her limit, she is saved by Piper and Phoebe. Meanwhile, Leo retrieves his powers to save Prue, becoming a whitelighter again.

    "Murphy's Luck" is a good episode of "Charmed", where Piper finally chooses Leo and Prue gets the job as a photographer. Arnold Vosloo makes a sinister Darklighter and the story is entertaining.
  • Blinded by the darklighter

    Excellent episode, this! For some reason, I find darklighters far more interesting than either demons or warlocks. I think it's because they seem to have a purpose in the greater scheme of things, whereas the other two groups are only in it for themselves. It also helps that this particular darklighter is played by the bloke who played Imhotep in "The Mummy". Shame he has to keep his clothes on this time round.

    The story was cleverly written. Although, at first, it looked as if it was going to revolve around the future whitelighter, Maggie, she was actually sorted out fairly early on and the episode then focused on Prue (for a change!) and her struggle with the unseen darklighter. I thought it a little far fetched that Prue would be driven to suicide after just a few hours of bad luck but I suppose the writers only have an hour to play with so things are bound to get shortened sometimes.

    It was great to see Leo showing some emotion for once. I really had no idea how or when he was going to get his powers back so his heartfelt plea to the Elders came as a complete surprise. There was also some great direction. The second scene, where Prue used both her powers in quick succession to save Maggie, was edge of the seat stuff, and I really enjoyed seeing Leo sprinting out of his orb.

    It was nice to hear Andy's name mentioned again, even if it was in an attempt to get Prue to kill herself. Oh, and wasn't Maggie supposed to be Irish? They sure don't sound like that in Dublin!
  • Love it love it love it!!!

    Wow what an episode, at the beginning when I saw this person teleporting himself, I thought, omg is that a dark lighter, then later in the episode Leo said it was.

    Omg I love the scene at P3 where Piper and Leo were talking. It’s so funny!!! Leo passes the box to Piper, Piper shake it and the stick drop all over Leo. Lol and their expression was so funny, Leo say it was his fault and Piper was so sorry. Then the bit were Prue reach out for the aspirin and she knock the box over and scatter the stick drop onto the floor. Leo expression was like not again!!!

    Prue save some one from a dark lighter, but she didn’t know it then, and nearly got herself killed. We also found out about their past were Prue had a car accident and got Phoebe into hospital.

    This episode was great. Oh btw Leo’s wings is unclip!!! Yay. Now he can protect the 3 charmed ones.
  • Another great installment.

    Prue gets her first professional assignment photographing "the unluckiest woman in San Francisco", but the photo shoot turns into a rescue when Prue realizes the woman is so tormented by her run of bad luck that she's willing to end her own life. When Prue learns the woman's string of tragic events are actually the work of a Darklighter Prue soon becomes his next tormented victim. Piper and Phoebe rush to save their sister from her own desperate suicide attempt while Leo intervenes making a selfless sacrifice in order to put an end to the Darklighter's powers. Brilliant episode !!
  • suicidal Prue

    Looks like the writers are getting it back on track. I thought it was weird how quickly the darklighter got Prue to attempt to commit suicide. And Dan is still in the picture. He should leave and let Piper and Leo be in love by themselves. I am glad Leo got his wings and powers back, he deserves them.
  • Prue discovers a Darklighter who influences future Whitelighters to commit suicide, and after trying to reverse his target's luck, she finds herself his new target, and she begins to relive the pains of past experiences.

    What a great episode! This is no series classic, but it was definetely a good one. Prue is 'almost' given a job at 415 Magazine, but then is told to get a picture of the 'unluckiest woman in San Francisco'. When she arrives to take the picture, Prue sees her ready to jump of a building. She then uses her powers to save the woman's life, who is then taken to the police station where she is questioned by Darryl. When Prue finds out about it, she and Phoebe go and cast a spell on her to reverse her luck. However, the Darklighter that initially was trying to influence the woman to give up and kill herself sees that, and turns Prue's life around when he reverses her own luck. Because of that, she becomes very spread out, and manages to crash her car, give Phoebe a mild concussion, break a skateboarder's leg, break a set of glasses from P3 and lose her job which she almost got. She then remembers what an event in her past and is driven to the point of suicide by the Darklighter. Fortunately for her, Leo and Piper, who are now back together after Piper confessed to Leo that she loves him truly, discover the Darklighter's plan and rush to Prue's help. Meanwhile, Leo calls out for his powers, and the Elders grant him his wings back to help the sisters put an end to the Darklighter's plot.

    Fantastic episode, fantastic storyline...
  • wow!

    Prue goes crazy, insane! wow! th is a cool episode! i liked thwe darklighter! his p ower was cool, i liked the girl too, she almost died atleast 2 or 3 times! wow! i htink they should od more episodes like this, (wiht darklighter s!) that would be cool! great epsiode!