Season 4 Episode 9

Muse to My Ears

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on The WB

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  • Electric Fuse to My Ears, Please

    A contrived episode which is one of those season four hours which is usually forgotten about, as are many of the other filler episodes Charmed did around this time.

    Muse to My Ears sees the sisters discovering a demon is using a mystical ring to suck in muses, who spread inspiration to their charges. It gets personal when the girl's muse, Melody, is put at risk. Meanwhile, Cole adjusts to his new-found humanity.

    The A-story of this episode is pure filler material. The idea of Muses is interesting but the writers don't do much to evolve on it, creating a storyline which essentially goes nowhere. It also suffers from the fact that neither the sister's muse or the demon-of-the-week are that great. Siobhan Flynn is just grating as Melody and, whilst Anthony Starke's performance is pretty good, Devlin is just a carbon copy of most other demons on the show that he's just annoying.

    Cole's subplot is slightly more interesting but mostly boring. His overlong talking scenes with Phoebe seem to drag on for ages and it isn't helped that most of the things they're debating had been discussed last episode.

    Not the best of episodes and suffering from a slow pace, Muse to My Ears has an intriguing premise but fails to go anywhere with it.

    Director: Joel J Feigenbaum
    Writer: Krista Vernoff
    Rating: D
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