Season 4 Episode 9

Muse to My Ears

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on The WB

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  • An A-"Muse"-ing Episode

    Muse To My Ears-The Halliwell sisters must find a way to release Muses which have been abducted by a warlock who is attempting to build an evil faction in the absence of the Source.

    Maybe it's just me, but I always found "Muse To My Ears" a funny episode, while the plot is typical for Charmed, the actors certainly much more entertaining throughout. The whole cast is brillaint when the Muse comes into play, especially when they all full of so much inspiration it exrupts into some hiarlious scenes. From Phoebe's constantly writing to Piper being so in control to Paige's drawing to Cole being so assertive, it all come together so well. Then there was Cole and Phoebe arguing about their issues and it's nice the writers are making Cole's dilemma about being human a factor. It makes Cole and Phoebe's relationship more surreal as both are concern with Cole's safety.

    Anthony Starke (Devlin) was also entertaining villian and I loved how he could easily manipulated the other warlocks to play a part in his plans. I also loved the mini-brawl at P3 with the sisters vanquishing some warlocks before going after Devlin. The episode ends on a really touching note with Cole and Phoebe dressed up 40's style and dancing in the middle of P3. It's a beautiful scene that's often forgotten by Charmed fans. All and All, "Muse To My Ears" is a very enjoyable and entertaining that is seen as average fluff my most Charmed fans, but I enjoyed it a lot more than others.
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