Season 4 Episode 9

Muse to My Ears

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on The WB

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  • Muses make you lose control.

    Awful, awful title aside, there's actually quite a bit to enjoy from 'Muse to My Ears' (it makes no sense!). Cole is dealing with his life without his powers ('I will not be your houseboy') while Phoebe tries to adjust to the idea of being a wife. And there's a bunch of warlocks stealing powers from demons and taking out muses for their inspiration, but that's less exciting than it seems. The little comedic break where the Muse's presence causes some slight disruption among the ranks of the good guys is quite funny, but there's very little here that could be classed as memorable, if anything at all. Piper's little strobe light idea was a good one, I'll give her that, and the twist, while predictable, worked out in the end, proving that Cole isn't useless. And what's with all of the Cole/Leo bonding, eh? Surely the white-lighter would get into some trouble for leaving his charges and taking a day trip down to the underworld with an ex-demon? Tsk.