Season 6 Episode 6

My Three Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2003 on The WB
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My Three Witches
The Halliwell sisters attempt to escape magical alternate realities where their secret desires come true, after Chris uses the demon Gith to try to teach them a lesson. Meanwhile, Leo demands that the Elders strip Chris of his Whitelighter status.

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  • An ok one.

    So while Chris's plan was a bit silly, I thought he had a great point. A demon just almost took Piper, the others were busy and they're there now just chatting about men and telling Chris to be quiet while he's trying to DO HIS JOB and they don't want to.

    And that is called personal gain! I actually disliked the sisters here. Lunch dates, friends, cooking etc all seem to take priority over demon hunting and protecting your child from future evil.. Yes remember that child.

    "there's no shame in being a witch today", I know we know it's an alternate reality but they think it's real and did Paige forget what happened to Prue?

    Leo was more annoying again. What's the point in being an elder you are practically a whitelighter. ALWAYS in the house, sensing for them, being there, being around etc etc. And you killed valkyries in cold blood, I'm sorry the sisters know how to defend themselves, but ok even if yours was an ok death. Chris did his to protect the sisters too, or did you forget what you did to Piper and that she was there with no memory, and really he gave them the pendants FOR YOU. Because if he didn't they wouldn't have been able to save you. Get off your high horse Leo.

    "Heal now ask later" goes for the baby with a cold and then takes his time on the whitelighter with an arrow. Bet he would've loved if Chris died just then. And then how would Leo make himself seem better.

    And Leo he has nothing he needs to tell you! You aren't a whitelighter, you aren't her husband, you don't live there you should not be in this house anymore. Go do your job, be a father or an elder.moreless
  • My Three Witches

    My Three Witches was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama and intrigue. It was interesting to see what Chris was up to as Leo remained suspicious. Each of the sister's alternate realities was quite interesting and fun. There w was a lot of character and plot development. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I have no desire to watch this episode again.

    ''Mommy, what's an orgasm?'' That's exactly what I imagine a lot of kids asked their parents after watching the episode upon its original run through; a frilly nilly series that has no quarrels at all dealing with faries and trolls and leprechauns, suddenly decides to open with a pre-title teaser discussing a five minute female orgasm. Are they trying to tell us the series has grown up? This show! And how come the male 5 minute orgasm is dangerous? I really wanted to know. NAAAAAAAAT. But wouldn't it have made an awesome episode had the plot revolved around achieving this five-minute orgasm? Thoughts?

    There are so many neon signs that this will be an especially dreadful episode of Charmed from the teaser alone. The crap special FX (apparently there's a never ending supply of red tissue(?)in the manor). Paige orbing herself in half? Because, okay. Who needs legs or any of those pesky important organs? (This also raises quite a few new possible entries into the Karma Sutra.) And the really obvious stunt-double for Piper. She hulks out several times, boasting some heavy artillery in the gun department.

    This is gonna be a looong 40 minutes.

    So where to start? Chris' fool-proof plan to tag team with a demon? (Curse you demon for your sudden but inevitable betrayal!) Or how about Piper's rendezvous with her friends, which pretty much involved Piper and a bunch of extras we've never met before (but we're assured they're Piper's bezzie mates) oogling at ripped men in speedos. Now, I appreciate gratuitous eye-candy as much as the next fellow, but is this Piper's idea of a normal life? What has Charmed turned into, has someone been watching HBO? Orgasms. Male Strippers. I half expected Wyatt to snort a couple of lines before the credits.

    As soon as Chris' fool-proof plan kicks into effect, there are, admittedly, some good ideas tossed around in that cauldron of realities. But, as with most opportunities on this show, the writers don't know a good thing when they've got it, and so we only ever touch upon exposure in a positive light, a world without magic, and Jason's stupid fantasy. There simply isn't enough time to care about any of the situations that girls find themselves in as a result of their desires. This is a plot device the show has recycled time and time again. Given that all three leads sleep their way through this one (''Jason is dying. I have to save Jason. Tear. Emotion. Cannot compute.''), it's especially difficult to muster up and kind of reaction to what's going on.

  • My Harmed Brain Cells

    My Three Witches-The Halliwell sisters attempt to escape magical alternate realities where their secret desires come true, after Chris uses the demon Gith to try to teach them a lesson. Meanwhile, Leo demands that the Elders strip Chris of his Whitelighter status.

    Honestly, Season 6 at this point has nothing going for it. The plots are making no sense, the villains more predictable, even the sisters are becoming self-absorb to the point where there are becoming unlikeable. In this hot mess of an episode, Chris decides to teach the sisters a lesson when they are too busy with their own personal lives instead of vanquishing a demon. But heres the thing, Chris' plan sucks! Not only does he get them almost killed, but himself killed as well. I also hate how Chris keeps going behind the sisters back, doing these evil things and they can pick up on it. Leo once again is the most competent character so far thi season as he is the only one puttign two and two together about Chris. Leo finding the Valkyrie necklace and realizing Chris killed a Valkyrie was a long time coming. Not to mention, he set up a hearing with the Elders! Finally, Chris was about to get what's been coming to him....yet the end of the episode, Leo lets it go because Piper convinces him that Chris saved them and proved himself. Yet, it was Chris that got the sisters stuck there in the first place!! Seriously? WTF!?

    Rhe! If that wasn't bad enough, the sisters' alternate world were dull. Phoebe becomes a min-Oprah, Paige is attacked by multiple demons now that the world knows she's a witch and Piper watches a bunch of half naked men grid their junk in her face! Gith is a worthless demon, not to mention the way he's vanquished has to be the most unintentionally hilarious scene in the series' history. That horrid green screen SFX with the sisters running away from the explosion!? My god, the SFX really sucks this year which is surprising considering this was the season with probably the biggest budget of any season. "My Three Witches" plays as a joke...a really bad, sick joke!moreless
  • Chris gives sisters a lesson!

    Chris did right thing he did to sisters. Because sisters don't care about save the world right now. Chris do care LOT about the world and Wyatt. I am really proud of Chris. The sisters need to wake up and work to destroy the demons fast before demon want Wyatt really bad. Leo need to grow up, because Chris need powers to give sisters a powers to save Leo in island. Leo need to know better. Leo is not my favorite character in the show. In the ending of this episode, the sisters already learned their lessons to work to save the world, their personal life need to be wait! Way to go, Chris! Great Episode!moreless
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Desmond Askew


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (28)

    • Pheobe claims that her reality was based on the desires that she was channeling from Jason but Gith was creating them from the notes that Chris gave him and it seems unlikely that he would have included Jasons desires for Pheobe in there.

    • In this episode Piper gets a cut in her hand while working in the kitchen, at the end she asks Leo to heal her and he does. Yet in the episode Long Live The Queen, Leo says that he can't heal self-inflicted wounds after drunk Piper falls off the chair and hurts herself. So, how was he able to heal her now?

    • Didn't Jason notice that Phoebe was not at the television show? Why didn't he ask where she was instead?

    • When Phoebe is out of the fake wall she goes quickly to see if Jason is alright. He even says that she was sending messages because she was worried. If she was so worried why did she take the time to change her clothes?

    • When Paige and Phoebe orb away from the demon they hide in the rubish spot in the same alley. Why didn't they orb far away from the alley?

    • When Chris makes Phoebe's world get into Paige's one you can see that Phoebe is standing in the middle of the alley. Anyway seconds lately Paige pulls her down and she is suddenly near to the wall.

    • TRIVIA: The alley set where Paige fights with the demons is the same one that will be used when Piper and Leo conceive Chris.

    • When they get into the fake worlds they are no longer in the real world so they suddenly disappear. So how is that no one noticed that Paige and Phoebe suddenly disappear in front of a crowd (Paige) and in front of Jason (Phoebe.)Their magic was clearly exposed in that moment.

    • Before Paige cast the spell she is cleaning the room and she is picking roses from the floor. Those roses are supposed to be there because of the vortex and the wind but weirdly at the end of the scene where the demon is creating the vortex you can see that the roses are right in the same exact spot where the demon was and there were no roses there when the demon left.

    • The set use to make the magic act with the old people (where one of them has a heart attack) is the same set that was used in The Power of Three Blondes as the neighbours' house where the witches were waiting for the girls.

    • When all the sisters are in the same world and Phoebe is beating up the demon, you can see in the background, that it is not really Piper but really is a doll.

    • Piper changed her clothes before putting Wyatt down for the night. Why would she take the time to do that? She was not that dressed up anyway and there was no evidence of her getting dirty in the alternate world.

    • As he gets comfortable in the limo, Jason says, "Home, Blake." The classic saying is, "Home, James."

    • When Piper is being sucked into the vortex and is hanging onto the stairwell post, it is apparent that it is not Holly's arm holding onto the post.

    • When the Charmed Ones and Wyatt come out of the portal, Wyatt's blanket moves from covering his body to just draped over Piper's body and it changes quite a few more times.

    • If the Jason who was shot is just in Phoebe's world, how could her empathy work on someone that far away? Her power seems to only work within a small range, that's why she sticks a yellow line at the basement to stop her sisters from passing it.

    • In Piper's fantasy world, another car crashed into hers and was later on fire and exploded. Didn't Piper even bother to try to see whether the other driver was okay?

    • Leo must be turning out to be some Elder, he spends more time chasing Chris and taking care of Wyatt than he does up "there".

    • So when the sisters were pulled into their fantasy worlds, what was going on in the real world? Phoebe was just about to do her last show, Paige was in the middle of a magic act, and Piper had friends coming over. Obviously time passed in the real world, because Leo was looking for them. So what happened with Phoebe's show and Piper's friends?

    • Why exactly did Gith just stand there when the car exploded?

    • The place where Paige saves the girl is obviously a re-dress of the manor's basement - the line that Phoebe drew on the floor in the episode "Forget Me...Not" is visible.

    • If two worlds are combined, how is it it seems that one world goes into another?

    • Phoebe wasn't suppose to lose her powers - so why didn't she get a premonition about Jason's untimely death? In "A Witch in Time" she got premontions about Miles' death by natural means because of their intense connection, surely her connection is much more intense both physically and emotionally with Jason.

    • Why does it take Paige so long to cast the spell? She used this exact spell in "Siren Song" & "Womb Raider", plus she seems to cast it very slowly, like she doesn't remember the words, yet she's cast it numerous times before.

    • When Paige casts the vanishing spell to clean the house, the clean effect should have been the swirling stars and not orbing.

    • Phoebe can sense Piper's emotional distress when they're in separate fantasy-scenarios, despite the fact that in the previous episode Piper took the potion so that Phoebe would quit picking up on her emotions.

    • The degree and type of lighting between Gith standing in the street in natural sunlight, and the three sisters in a studio in front of a green-screen, is pretty noticeably different.

    • Some bodyguard Phoebe had. He noticed there was a gun, and even after everybody ducked or ran and there was a clear path to the guy, he didn't even try to apprehend him or scare him off.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Piper: Oh, you design lingerie?
      Mary: Mm-hm. You're gonna love it.
      Piper: Oh, sure, just as long as I don't have to try any of it on.
      Mary: Well, you'd look silly if you did. You don't have what it takes to fill the pouch.
      Piper: The pouch?
      Mary: Meet my models.
      (A passel of good-looking men walk in. Piper steps back.)
      Piper: Oh, sorry. Hi. (to Mary) Oh, yeah, the pouch.
      Model: So where can we change?
      Piper: Uh, my bedroom's free.

    • Leo (showing Piper a Valkyrie
      : Do you know where Chris got it?
      Piper: A swap meet?

    • Piper (about Wyatt): No magic, really. He has a common cold and babies need to develop immunities.
      Leo: Not when his father's a miracle worker.
      Piper: No, really, if I'm going to lead any kind of a normal life, there will be no healing for any of us.
      Leo: So you just want him to suffer?
      Piper: Oh, don't be so dramatic. If he had a serious illness, I would be the first one to call you, but he doesn't. So in the mean time, just watch him and fret like a normal person.

    • Fan: I've been watching you on TV all week. You are huge.
      Phoebe: Oh, well, the TV does add ten pounds.

    • Paige: Got to get back to the temp job. Don't know how much longer those old folks are going to be alive.

    • Phoebe: So wait, a vortex did all of this?
      Piper: Vortex, whirlpool, I don't know, whatever.
      Paige: Well, if it was a whirlpool, there'd probably be some water.
      Chris: The fineries of what almost killed Piper aren't important. The point is she was almost killed and no one was here to help.
      Paige: You're right, I'm sorry, I was kind of tied up…or cut in half.
      Phoebe: And I was interviewing the most fascinating woman.
      Piper: Oh, the orgasm lady. That show was great, at least what I saw of it until the TV was sucked into oblivion. I hope you brought home that book.

    • Piper: I'm gonna hang out with my friends, because I will have a normal life if it kills me! (she slaps her hands on her thighs for emphasis hurting her bandaged hand) Ow.

    • Paige: Call me butter, 'cause I'm on a roll!

    • Chris: I never quite understood how one could eat a desire.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Mé tři čarodějky (My Three Witches) France: L'énergie du désir (The Energy of Desire) Italy: Fantasie pericolose (Dangerous Fantasies) Germany: Opfer der Sehnsucht (Victims of the Desires)

    • The WB used the promo title "Fantasies in the Flesh" for this episode.