Season 5 Episode 21

Necromancing the Stone

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2003 on The WB
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When Grams comes to the manor for a Wiccan birthing ceremony, for Wyatt, the sisters find out that she has brought a memory from her past, a former lover who wants to kill the Charmed Ones and bring back the love they once shared. Meanwhile, Phoebe contemplates Jason's invitation, even though it will take her away from her family, and Paige casts a truth spell to figure out if Nate can accept her being a witch.moreless

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  • An alright one.

    At the start once again Paige was once again choosing to have sex and shack up than do her wiccan duties. An ongoing annoyance with her. Although I don't get why piper needed her, surely she could've read the spell herself and thrown a simple potion. I mean if they have a rule that says nobody vanquishes alone (that'd be smart) that we don't know about ok, but yeah otherwise that was easily a solo job.

    Considering how often she used to be watching and looking down, she hasn't yet looked down to see that Wyatt is in fact a boy not a girl? That really surprises me. And I didn't like her reaction and how cold she was, shocked ok I get that, but outright rude. To me Wyatt so far is Cole all over again, lets tell him he's evil and treat him like crap (everyone but immediate family), and expect him to still turn out good.

    I am sick of Paige constantly casting spells that are very very obvious for personal gain and getting away with it. But I like that this time she gets bad news still. And she wants to cast it on a guy she barely knows and Prue knew Andy for 10 years and in the pilot at least Andy believed in witches.

    See I also don't like how easily grams always gets a body now. Last time we saw her she was all shocked about being physical and every time before that she was a ghost. Now she can simply step out of the candles and is a body?

    I also thought the whole necromancer storyline was pretty crap. Another piper-centric episode with others as the main feature and they just shouldn't be. Grams and Paige should both be barely on the side lines, not full on main screen.

    But absolutely absolutely hated Paige still. Risking Darryl's job but making it seem like his problem. He wouldn't be at risk of Nate talking about a 'witch and cop friend' if you didn't take him to the cops! And 'constitution smonstituion', You're a prison talking about witch craft so Darryl tells you to make it quick and you tell him to 'oh shush' like fk me, they wrote her so completely selfish and arrogant!

    I really didn't like Paige's anti-man rant, you know how much of a step Phoebe is taking being back in the dating world and you have to make her doubt every single thing? Say he's leading a double life etc. And ok a man has a wife, he's a dirtbag but you're the mistress here, dump him, tell the wife, move on but god stop risking Darryl's job for these things. No wonder he eventually stops helping.

    I completely hate how they've changed the truth spell and how it works. A demon with control over spirits would be able to control penny's ghost and I hate how he can't just because she had a spell cast on her. And I hate how grams basically doesn't change due to the spell, not just blurting out the truth.moreless
  • Necromancing the Stone

    Necromancing the Stone was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, intriguing and full of character development. Grams returns to discover her grandchild is a boy which leads to some tension with her and Piper as Phoebe must make a major decision about her and Jason's future, and Paige learns the truth about her boyfriend. There were some shocking revelations as it's found out Grams dated the necromancer and Paige's boyfriend has a secret double life. I liked the ending where Grams was successful in vanquishing the necromancer's spirit and performing the wiccaning on Wyatt. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Men Suck.

    While it's always good to have grams pop down for a visit, it's a pity her return is in such a perfunctory main storyline. What should have been a subplot in a better episode is stretched too thin, resulting in an hour driven by subplots instead of one strong main arc. Paige wants to use the truth spell with a guy she met last week: filler, boring, and more filler. Jason asks Phoebe to live in Hong Kong, will she go? Of course not. Boring. And Piper has a fallout with Grams, which is curiously underplayed given what Gram says about Wyatt. The less said about the necromancer, the better. It's all watchable, of course, in a boring sort of way. The ending, too, is admittedly sweet, something Charmed can do well when given the right motivation. Very skippable.moreless
  • Grams vs. Men

    Necromancing the Stone-When Grams comes to the manor for a Wiccan birthing ceremony, for Wyatt, the sisters find out that she has brought a memory from her past, a former lover who wants to kill the Charmed Ones and bring back the love they once shared. Meanwhile, Phoebe contemplates Jason's invitation, even though it will take her away from her family, and Paige casts a truth spell to figure out if Nate can accept her being a witch.

    It's always good to have Jennifer Rhodes back. Even an rather boring episode like this one can be brought up a notch or two thanks to her charming and warm presence on the series. Grams' return is welcomed, considering she brings up a major plot point this season that been pretty glance over: Piper had a boy! It was a pretty big twist and the fact that he's the first male of the Haliwell line does raise some questions that Leo and the sisters have been avoiding. Thankfully, the writers finally address this and I'm also glad Grams was the one pushing for these questions. Afterall, she takes a lot pride in her family and her wiccan duties, so it's normal that she of all people would be a bit frustrated over the baby's gender. While Grams went a little overboard with the male bashing, her agrument with Piper made sense and they both made some good points about their men in their lives and how they became corrupted with power (Although, did we really need more COloe bashing, the guy did more good than bad to Phoebe in the end, seriously) Also, consdering how powerful the baby will be (and what we know what Wyatt will soon become in the future next season) Grams has reason to be worried. Though, I'm pretty sure the writers weren't thinking far ahead consdering....well.......the writing was taking a nose dive this season in terms of quality.

    Anyway, Grams get the sisters to go after a Necromancer and it turns out to be a former lover of Grams. Sure it makes sense given where Grams'men hating probably started but ehh, the story is just so dull and plays likePhoebe/Cole-lite. Actually, your pretty much begging him to get vanquished considering he's such a love sicked sap and can't even come off like a decent villain like Cole before he got vanquished (for good I mean!) To make matters worse we get a dumb plot with Jason making an offer to Phoebe to join him in Hong Kong for six months. Yeah, it's natural given they've been dating for a few weeks, maybe even a month or so, but the way it's written couldn't make sense to a 10 year old. So Phoebe decides to go without even talking about it with her sisters and then suddenly she doesn't without giving Jason a good reason to stay. Suddenly, you "belong here" and "aren't ready" Phoebe when you made such an abrupt decision to go less than 24 hours ago. Jeeze!! Jason should have never came back! Anyway, the last scene of the episode really shines though. Wyatt's wiccan is a classic Charmed moment filled with ghosts of past Haliwell witches, some beautiful scoring and "Blessed Be" thrown in for good measure. No matter how forgettable the episode is, the ending makes it worth is. "Necromancing the Stone" is your typical Charmed hour save some great Grams bits and plot movement on Wyatt's part.moreless
  • Wyatt's wiccaning. So cute!

    This episode was very different to me, because for once, it was about Grams. I loved it. The story with her and her lover, Phoebe's decision, or at least, struggling to find an answer to her own question, and most of all, Paige's dealing with Nate. That was the part that I remembered the most before I re-watched the episode after more than 3 years. I still don't understand why Grams was so pessimistic about Wyatt being a boy. So what? Change is good. And it's awesome that she finally saw it. I still don't understand what was in Phoebe's head when she said "Yes" to China, even with orbing and such. But then again, I've never been truly in love.

    My favourite scene in the episode would have to be "My wife is gonna love this! - What? You're married?!".

    An amazing episode, watch it if you haven't!moreless
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Norman Reedus

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • Although it is said that all the Halliwell ancestors will be summoned, Prue and Patty are not shown during Wyatt's Wiccaning.

    • During the wiccaning when Grams first takes Wyatt from Piper she is wearing both earrings. But when she turns toward the matriarchs she is only wearing one earring and Wyatt has the earring in his hand. Then when she hands Wyatt back to Piper she has both her earrings back again.

    • When Piper and Paige vanquished the Creeper, Piper called Paige and said that she was needed but all that was done was a spell was said and a potion was thrown. Piper could've done that by herself.

    • Penny said that the last time the Necromancer attacked was at Patty's wiccaning. So when did they date? Penny was still married to Allen at that point, as shown in the season six episode Witchstock, he did not die until the late 1960's when Patty was older!

    • It is said in this episode that Grams' romance with the Necromancer is the reason she gave up on love and began hating men. However, that is contradicted in part during the season six episode 'Witchstock' when it is said that Grams' gave up on love and became bitter with the death of her first husband Allen.

    • Phoebe is shown seeing Jason by looking out a certain window but in the episode Womb Raider, that window shows the house next door, not the street.

    • TRIVIA: When Wyatt has his Wiccaning, it's the first (unofficial) appearance by twins, Jason and Kristopher Simmons. They would take over the role of Wyatt, at the beginning of season 6, but not be officially credited with the role until halfway through season 8.

    • TRIVIA: The notes Grams put in the Book of Shadows about the Necromancer are very similar to the notes Phoebe added to the book about Cole/Belthazor, in the season 3 episode "Look Who's Barking".

    • TRIVIA: Scout Taylor-Compton (Thistle) also appeared in the season 3 episode "Once Upon A Time".

    • How is the Necromancer a ghost? To be a ghost, one must have a soul, and demons don't have souls, unless they are extraordinary like Cole - a fact that has been mentioned a few times.

    • In the episode "Bride and Gloom" Cole says that demons and other evil beings cannot love, which is why the Warlock Zile couldn't say "I love you", but the Necromancer told Grams that he loved her in this episode.

    • TRIVIA: Paige uses the Truth Spell on her boyfriend Nate, just a Prue did on Andy in the season 1 episode "The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts".

    • TRIVIA: Grams says the spell to vanquish a ghost has to be said by a ghost, which is the same spell Prue used in the season 1 episode "Power of Two" and Piper used in the season 4 episode "Saving Private Leo" when they both died in these episodes.

    • TRIVIA: Foreshadowing? Grams mentions that male witches are prone to evil, along with the Crone's "great" things she saw, will this cause a problem with Wyatt?

    • Why couldn't Paige or Piper cast the spell to summon Grams? They waited for Phoebe so she could do it, but they could've done it.

    • When Paige's boyfriend is in jail, in one scene he seems to have a roommate, but when Darryl lets him out he leaves the door open. Wouldn't the inmate escape - unless he was moved to another cell?

    • Piper is attacked by the demon's fire and flown away across the room hitting a mirror and shattering it, but she seems uninjured.

    • When Grams starts her man bashing rant, Leo points out she was married 4 times,which is also the amount of times said in the season three episode 'Magic hour' However in "Lost and Bound", Phoebe stated Grams had been married six times when she put a hex on the engagement ring.

    • When Leo is in the bedroom with Piper discussing Grams, Wyatt is awake, and then a few shots later is clearly asleep, and is then awake for the remainder of the shots.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Grams (to Piper): I am so sorry. I never realized how much my anger, my bitterness affected my life, or yours. And I'm most sorry for what I did to my great-grandson…If ever I wanted a second chance, it would be with him, and you.
      (Piper hugs her.)
      Grams (to Phoebe and Paige): Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't ever give up on love.

    • Darryl: Do you know how much trouble I'm in? The man's got constitutional rights, you know?
      Paige: Oh, constitution, schmonstitution, Darryl.

    • Piper: What are you doing with Wyatt? I thought Grams was gonna spend some time with him.
      Leo: Well, she didn't want to.
      Piper: What? That's ridiculous.
      Leo: Really? Then why didn't she want to touch him or change him or feed him?
      Piper: Well, she's probably just resting before the ceremony. She said she was gonna do it as soon as we get rid of the Necromancer.
      Leo: Piper, it has nothing to do with the Necromancer, and you know it. Grams doesn't like the fact that Wyatt's a boy, and she makes no bones about it.

    • Phoebe: What's going on here?
      Piper: Your grandmother hates your nephew. That's what's going on here.
      Grams: That's not what I said.
      Piper: Oh, she only said that she hates men!

    • Paige (about Jason): I'm just saying, he could be living a double life. He could be married. He could have a mistress. He could be gay!

    • Nate(about magic): I just didn't know it was really real. Oh my God, my wife is going to love this!
      Paige: Wait, you're married?
      Nate: Did I just say wife?
      Paige: You didn't tell me you were married!
      Nate: I didn't tell you that I had kids either, but...

    • Leo (to Wyatt, after Grams shows her disgust about a boy witch): Now you know why we don't summon her more often.

    • Phoebe (to Wyatt): But no spitting up. And none of that toxic poop you do sometimes. Grams hasn't been around babies since she was alive.

    • Leo: Paige? Darryl's on the phone, he's pretty pissed. Something about your boyfriend?
      Paige: He's not my boyfriend, he's my ex-boyfriend.

    • Grams (about the Necromancer): I was just trying to show how much he craves life, the sensuousness of it - food, drinks, sex...
      Piper: Oh! I don't want to hear about a dead demon doing the dirty.

    • Necromancer: Penny Halliwell. The witch who stole my heart. You should have seen her. The glint in her eye, the way she held up her hand and sent me hurdling
      into that wall.
      Skreek: Youch.
      Necromancer: Didn't hurt as much as the potion did, though. I can tell she made it herself. The flames were excruciating. She was furious with me, which can only mean one thing: she still feels the passion, the heat.
      Shreek: You sure that wasn't the fire?

    • Piper: Grams was alive when she banished the Necromancer, right?
      Phoebe: Right.
      Piper: Okay, well, now she's dead!
      Paige: You sound so happy about that.

    • Grams: And, you know, men are just so...
      Paige: Evil! That's what they are. They are just plain evil.
      Piper: Oh. I take it Nate wasn't too happy about you being a witch.
      Paige: Oh, Nate was fine with my being a witch. It's maybe his wife that would have had a problem.
      Piper: He's married?
      Paige: Yeah. With two kids.
      Piper: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
      Grams: I told you she should have gotten a dog.

    • Grams (after Phoebe and Paige leave for their dates): They'd be better off with a dog. More loyal, and they die sooner.

    • Phoebe(to Wyatt): You could be on the cover of GQ, you're so handsome!

    • Paige: We done here?
      Piper: Yes. Sleaze away.
      Paige: Well, at least I get some.

    • Paige: Maybe you'd be okay with this?
      Nate: Yeah. Hell yeah!

    • Piper (reading in the Book of Shadows what Grams had written about the Necromancer): Enjoys Clark Gable movies?

    • Darryl: This is so not my problem!

    • Nate: Listen to the doughnut hog!
      Darryl: What?

    • Paige: Ghosts can feel pain. Maybe I could just orb his testicles somewhere.
      Piper: Paige! There will be no talking of testicle-orbing in front of the child!
      Leo: Or in front of his dad either.

    • Nate: What's so funny?
      Darryl: You'll never know. A little friendly advice-don't ask me questions, don't call Paige, and walk away as fast as you can.
      Nate: Is that a threat?
      Darryl: Actually, Nate, it is.

    • Necromancer (to Grams, who the sisters didn't realize he knew): Penny!
      Piper: Penny?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Velká láska Penny Halliwellové (Big Love of Penny Halliwell) France: Le Necromancien (The Necromancer) Italy: Un amore passato (A love from the past) Germany: Hexentaufe (The wiccaning)

    • This episode scored 5.0 million viewers.


    • Title: Necromancing the Stone

      This is a reference to the 1984 movie "Romancing The Stone", starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.