Season 5 Episode 19

Nymphs Just Want To Have Fun

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2003 on The WB

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  • Noooo

    See I disliked Paige in this one because she wasn't trying to help or anything she was actually outright arrogant and went way way way too far. I found her impossible to want to enjoy in this one! Especially the way she was treating Piper and how in the end STILL it's Piper who is always in the wrong when it comes to Paige.

    But that colour coding of the book - hell no. And the person who cooks the most should decide the order of the kitchen which is Piper.

    And what was with her nymph outfit she looked ridiculous. At least the other two looked natural! She looked like an idiot with a bright green top and poofed up hair.
  • Years later...

    I have just watched this episode for the second time. Cringe-worthy. Just.... cringe-worthy! Although I was alone, I felt embarrassed to be watching. My rating is1 because I couldn't get it any lower...
  • Nymphs Just Want To Have Fun

    Nymphs Just Want To Have Fun was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and featured Nymphs who are sort of fairy like in nature and the way they were portrayed seemed pretty accurate. I especially like how they ran off and disappeared into the woods when threatened. It was great to watch Paige and Piper work through their sisterly issues as Phoebe is confronted with mixed feelings over her new boss after an intense encounter. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • You'll want to burn forests everywhere after this one, if it meant killing every possible nymph.


    Crap title, dreadful episode, ''Nypmhs Just Wanna Have Fun'' may very well be the worst Charmed episode in all eight seasons of the show, including whatever garbage season 8 has managed to concoct. It was bad enough that Paige was being super annoying before she was transformed into a nymph, but when she finally became a tree hugger, things just got awkward. And fast. The hour is a resounding mess, from the script, which felt flat and very same-y and contained some horribly bland, out of character dialogue (who wanted to slap Paige when she told Piper her frame of thought was too linear in comparison to her own?). The direction, too, was completely off; scenes looked particularly vacant and all three leads lacked their usual spark. And the sub-plot we receive to distract from skanky women frolicking about the place (which is no different than a typical Saturday night in town, what made them attract so much attention and fear over exposure?), we have Phoebe sleeping with Jason (again, SHOCK) and spending the whole hour ignoring him. There is nothing to reccommend here. This is, by all accounts, an absolute mess of an episode.

  • I just want to have fun, with nymphs.


    This episode is certainly not one of the better episodes of the series. However, it is not near as bad as many of these reviews would have you believe. Let me point out some positive things. Did only my wife and I notice that Holly's hair is gorgeous in this episode? Wow. Paige also looks great with the flowing red hair, and Phoebe in the morning scene, in the black dress, white skin and shoulder-cropped black hair, looks like a dead ringer for Prue.

    I admit the nymphs at P3s scene is somewhat embarrassing, but the whole point of the scene, which appears to be missed by most, was that Paige was showing what an inner part of her wanted to be doing. We all see this at the end. Charmed fans should also appreciate that the demon at the end was disposed of with a spell and not a vanquish. Very smart. The best part of this episode are the two scenes with Leo and Piper, one near the beginning and one near the end. After the troubles of last episode, it is great to see them as back to normal. The nymphs were kinda hot (though the hottest one was vanquished right off the bat), and I got a kick out of their interaction with Leo in front of Piper.

    Satyrs are supposed to be half man and half goat. So, I'm not sure what happened to the goat half. Not a great episode, but as always, there are some good things to be seen here.

  • Mr. Kern Is Having TOO Much Fun!!!

    Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun-When a demon attacks and kills one of the three nympths that protect a lake, the Charmed ones try to help. However, once the demon is destroyed, the nypmphs decide Paige should replace the fallen nymph, and they won't take no for an answer.

    Nymphs....Nymphs.....Nymphs!!! How could not one wirter during the writers' room for this episode not even consider this being a idea!!? I swear Brad Kern at this point said, "aww f@#$ it, let's go crazy and through some Nymphs on the show too, it'll be great!" Wrong!! God, I've seen more mature cartooons then this. By far one of the worst hours of television you'll ever see, especially when Rose McGowan herself was quoted as saying this was the worst episode she'd ever done. I don't blame her as you could tell how humiliated she acted during her Nymph scenes. The other Nymphs had to be the worst creatures to ever grace the series. Running like 5 year olds on a a sugar rush, ranting about the forest, nature and their new cader to no one who cares! The demons are also not worth talking about and that eternal spring crap their after.

    Phoebe's whole sub-plot with Jason also seemed like a time filler. Sure when scene of Phoebe's walk of shame was mildly entertaining, but their relationship becoming so predictable at this point it's getting boring. There's nothing more to say here then this is the definition of a waste of time. One of those episodes that make Charmed fans ashamed to be fans and makes Shannon Dorethy even happier she left when she had the chance. Avoid this like your life depended on it!
  • The start of a great 5 episode-long season 5 ending.

    This is one of my favourite episodes of Charmed. It revolves around Paige, being the lead witch, being turned into a nymph and having some issues. This episode had a lot of green in it, amazing dialogues, and a good storyline. I loved Paige turning the house-life upside down, changing everything, I thought that was very clever. She looked amazing as a nymph, really natural. But she still had her common sense even as a nymph, she asked questions, didn't trust the sator. I like that about her. Piper had some funny moments, I loved the competition between her and Paige. The Jason/Phoebe storyline was interesting, he's a nice guy.
    Watch this episode, you won't regret it!
  • Dear oh dear oh dear

    Y'know, I'd heard a lot about this episode before I watched it but I was determined to come to it with an open mind. I can truthfully say it really is as bad as they say it is.

    The nymphs have to be the most annoying creatures ever featured on this show. They're beyond painful; they're excruciating! How the Charmed Ones didn't want to vanquish them at first sight I shall never know. That girly skipping and giggling is just awful, particularly at P3, where it couldn't look more out of place. What does any of this have to do with witchcraft?

    A decent demon plot might have saved the episode but alas we don't get one. The baddies are so bland it hurts and the effects are woeful. Boring old Jason is there to ensure Phoebe once again spends all her time in a pointless subplot and Piper's mildly interesting issues with Paige have no impact on the story.

    It's not just the writing that sucks - the acting is also well below par. None of the regulars puts in much effort and Rose gives a very half-hearted performance as the third nymph. Compare this to the excellent performance she gave as a vampire in "Bite Me" and it's obvious she hates the role. Even her costume doesn't match those of the other nymphs.

    It really is hard to believe this is the same show that gave us Belthazor and the Source. They should never have let Julian go.

    When I started these reviews I vowed not to score anything lower than seven. This is the first time I've had to break that rule. Please let it be the last.
  • Bad is the word.

    When a demon kills the satyr of the Spring of Life, the satyr's underlings, a trio of wood nymphs, escape to San Francisco to find a new leader. After the nymphs magically transform Paige into one of them, they are all captured by the demon, Tull who forces them to lead him to the Spring. Piper and Phoebe must rescue Paige before the demon destroys the forest with his newfound powers.

    This episode was completely pointless, I was very excited waiting for this episode, and in the end it turns out to be the worst ever episode on charmed. I understand that the writter's have to usually turn to mythology but I have to say nymphs were just not the right mythology for Charmed, And the constant talking and blabbing on they did was just so boring, I think after Prue died Charmed lost all its Charmedness and had to resort to all this crap I am a true Charmed fan but I just had to say this because it really needs the thumbs down, EVERYONE ? dont waste your time on this silly episode.
  • Lacks of everything that Charmed should have

    As a semi-fan of Charmed (I have only watch the first six seasons, missed most of the seventh season, and I only managed to catch the latest episodes of the eight) I must admit that Season 5 was a pretty average season. Of course, it was not the best. I think that Season 3 is the best, followed by Season 1, Season 6, Season 4 and 2 and 5 are in a tie. The season really seemed promising since the beginning, though the season premiere was not the best and original premiere ever, it was enough to make me watch the rest of the episodes.

    There were that were worth of mentioning, like “Centennial Charmed” or “Y Tu Mummy Tambien”, though they were the last episodes with Cole in it, I still think it was an okay season. I was watching and looking forward to what the season finale will be like, and that is when this episode decides to bump in, and give me the impression of one of the worst episodes in the history of Charmed. It seems like the writers instead of using own created demons and villains, decide to use some sort of simple demon join in together with mythology, which in some cases is okay, but eventually is unable to do much if you are including Charmed into one of these episodes.

    I must admit that I was truly disappointed with this episode. Of course, not every episode can impress me, and some of them lack of battles, but have a good storyline, good villain, or good arc-continuer, but this episode lacks of all of that, which is why I believed that it is one of the worst episodes of Charmed ever! I just did not enjoy it, the storyline of the episode was silly, and I just could not take it anymore. Fortunately, the season was able to recover itself with the following episodes and the appearance of Chris, who made a good arc for the following season. In my opinion, one of the worst episodes of Charmed.
  • Who thought of this briliant story?! There are some girls who look like 6 year old stoned girls and then there is the cheesy Piper/Paige story!

    Ok, wow! This episode is really bad... The thing that saved was the Phoebe/Jason story as well as the scenes with Piper/Leo/Paige.

    The sotry starts out with three girls danicng in the woods... Then we see Phoebe sleepingw ith Jason... Now the stoned girls are chased out of the forrest and they dance around a fountain and become breaking news, right there with the war in Iraq and other inposrtnat news. Then, because three half-naked girls can obviosly expose magic, Piper, Phoebe and Paige have to get them. Then Paige becomes one of the stoner girls... All is well when the demon turns into a tree, litelarry!

    All in all a really really bad episode. The only good thing was the back story.
  • Not the best episode of the series but good enough.

    This episode revolves around 3 nymphs. They are 3 young women that dance around their sator, until he vanquished by a demon. Meanwhile Phoebe is angry at the fact Jason has marked her work and wants her to redo it. Phoebe believes that you can't find love over the internet until Jason takes her to a bar that is full of hapy couples and they are all down to the him and the dateing company that Jason set up over the internet. Paige becomes a nymph but manages to get turned back. Of course the evil demons that were after the nymphs and the enternal spring are vanquished.
  • completely pointless

    this is one of those episodes of charmed that is completely pointless. the thing about this episode that drives me the most crazy is the fact that the nymphs become such big news. there are girls in green dancing and giggling alert the media. it just didnt make sense. they didnt do magic in public they just danced thats it why did anyone give a *&$#. the only other thing that happened was that phoebe slept with her boss. i like jason dean and all but sleeping with your boss is just not that big of a deal so phoebe shouldnt be flipping out about it. oh well better episodes follow this thank g-d
  • I Just Wanna Have Fun Killing Those Nymphs and Brad Kern!

    Rose McGowan has publicly stated that this is her worst ever episode. Can we blame her? I mean, wouldn't you be embarassed having to dance around in frilly outfits to a rock band? On stage. In front of around 50 people?

    It was difficult to choose the classification for this episode. There are so many I could easily have chosen, "silly", "painful to watch", "filler episode". I eventually chose "bottom of the barrel".

    This is the Worst. Ever. Episode. Of. Charmed. Ever! I have never seen an hour of TV that has made me want to scratch out my eyes more. It is just plain embarassing to have to sit through an hour of some of your favorite actresses being reduced to utter garbage like this.

    The story has three wood nymphs who are left on their own and abandoned after their satyr is killed and who dance around in the streets and turn Paige into one of their own. I honestly can't understand why the producers paid money to make this. It is awful!

    All of the actors look plain embarassed making it and I feel so sorry for Rose and the guest stars who played the nymphs.

    If somebody tuned into Charmed for the first time and watched this, they would think the whole show is a pathetic, childish, embarassing and plain bad series which is completely immature for over-12s.

    Seriously, avoid this episode.
  • Not as bad as some say...

    There have been hundreds of people that have taken this episode and stated it was one of the worst in the history of the series, but I can say it's not that bad.
    It certainly is not anywhere near classic status, but I believe the reason people give for the utter disgust is the manner in which the wood nymphs dance around.
    If folks look past the dancing nymphs and get to the story, it's not all that bad. Like I said, it's not good, but it's not as bad as the rest of the world wants you to believe.