Season 5 Episode 19

Nymphs Just Want To Have Fun

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2003 on The WB

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  • I just want to have fun, with nymphs.


    This episode is certainly not one of the better episodes of the series. However, it is not near as bad as many of these reviews would have you believe. Let me point out some positive things. Did only my wife and I notice that Holly's hair is gorgeous in this episode? Wow. Paige also looks great with the flowing red hair, and Phoebe in the morning scene, in the black dress, white skin and shoulder-cropped black hair, looks like a dead ringer for Prue.

    I admit the nymphs at P3s scene is somewhat embarrassing, but the whole point of the scene, which appears to be missed by most, was that Paige was showing what an inner part of her wanted to be doing. We all see this at the end. Charmed fans should also appreciate that the demon at the end was disposed of with a spell and not a vanquish. Very smart. The best part of this episode are the two scenes with Leo and Piper, one near the beginning and one near the end. After the troubles of last episode, it is great to see them as back to normal. The nymphs were kinda hot (though the hottest one was vanquished right off the bat), and I got a kick out of their interaction with Leo in front of Piper.

    Satyrs are supposed to be half man and half goat. So, I'm not sure what happened to the goat half. Not a great episode, but as always, there are some good things to be seen here.

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