Season 5 Episode 22

Oh My Goddess (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2003 on The WB

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  • Ah ok one.

    Paige asks a guy about doomsday dreams and gets all shocked about the guys reaction And again she orbs into the club and has a really surprised clueless look when Phoebe tells her off? And I HATE that Paige is the one having the prophetic dream and not Phoebe. Her power is already crap, she's not like the seer she can't actually see the proper future, just what the elders want her to, but now you go and give your Mary Sue Paige a dream Phoebe would've made sense to have?

    Admittedly the story was kinda sucky and full of flaws AND Leo does love his son to the end of the world, so I hate that he just leaves to become an elder.

    I dislike them being all " we can't do anything without Leo" and how for the next season they treat Chris, but it's cool to have another male around, especially since Leo's character goes downhill for a while. but I guess that's all later stuff.

    The titans weren't that bad but were kind of stupid. You don't like your boss but you unfreeze him anyway, you actually kinda sucked at destroying the world, even though it made it seem like you didn't, and you got destroyed by one god and a hole. There was no need to really turn the sisters into gods, seems to me they could've just written a spell

    I also found Paige's plan beyond stupid. The whole "ill orb" and just the smug arrogant look on her face when she acts like she's the bomb.
  • who god??

    I'm sorry but who got was patze? You now papier was ATHEN purge was AFRODITI but patze??
  • Oh My Goddess (1)

    Oh My Goddess (1) was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because it touched upon classical Greek Myths. There was a lot of character and plot development as the Titans were freed and killed most of the Elders. It was interesting to see Leo take control of the higher realm and for the sisters to become Goddesses. There was a lot of action, magic and intrigue. As unbelievable as some elements may be, there was a lot of entertaining quality to the episode. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • God awful.


    I suppose it's only fitting that season 5 finish as poorly as it started. There's hardly anything to recommend in this exposition-heavey, event-less episode. Titans have been re-released from their ice tomb sets, looking like they just got back from a fancy-dress party. They're about as imposing as dead fish. Some guy called Chris shows up to not save Paige and says that he's from the future, the girls barely flinch at this and we've to put up with a lot of vague statements from the new guy. The idea of villains wanting to take out the elders (and succeeding, for the most part) isn't given enough weight to care about, not when you have fairies, leprechauns and everything that is sucky about season 5 causing a mess in the sitting room. The sister are gods now. Let us pray that the second half is better than this tripe.

  • Leo must turn the sister into Greek goddess so they can save the world by vanquishing it’s greatest threat, the ancient mythical Titans.

    The season five closer of Charmed is one of the best episodes of the series. Oh My Goddess gives us fans the things that we look for in the show. It reveals a little more about the Elders and the history of magic. The Elders are so guarded against inferring with mortals lives because they didn’t want to make the same mistake again. And like all good end of season cliffhangers they reveal the character of Chris without giving much about who he is. Which continues throughout the all most all of the sixth season before we find out the truth. Even though most fans wouldn’t agree with this, I liked Leo becoming an Elder and him and Piper having their temporary separation because it allowed them to grow so much as characters and people and in the long run it strengthened their marriage. It is my personal believe that it helped Piper prepare for the events of the seventh and eight seasons. Plus, they were Goddess, I mean come on how cool was that. I think the powers the got were a reflection of themselves. Paige always wanted to be able to kick but and she became the goddess of war, Athena. Phoebe may have not be as obviously powerful as the other two but it did play on Phoebe’s strongest power, her sexuality. And Piper has been the physical most powerful of the three since Prue died. All in all it kicked serious ass. And if you haven’t seen it, you should.
  • Dismember The Titans


    Oh My Goddess, Part 1-When the mythic Gods, the Titans, are released and kill all the elders, Leo is forced to take over. Meanwhile, a mysterious Whitelighter from the future guides the Charmed Ones when Leo gives the girls the ultimate power to vanquish the Titans, recreating them as Greek Goddesses, despite the risk that they will be seduced by their vast new powers.

    Well, I guess I should give the writers credit, the started out Season 5 with the utter ridiculousness that was "A Witch's Tail", so it's very appropriate that they ended it with equally (if nore more so) ridiculous "Oh My Goddess". So let's see, from mermaids to fairytales to mummies to lephrachans to nymphs to Greek Gods and Titans, talk about a mythological overload!! One of the reasons Season 5 was a complete miss is that it came off one of the best (if not the best) season(s) of Charmed: Season 4. With Constance Burge officially dropping herself from the show after Season 4, it seems Brad Kern couldn't resist turning the show from a serious, fairly dark supernatural series into some saturday morning cartoon with witches. Not to mention, they ruined Cole in his last 12 episodes with some the most inconsistent writing I've ever seen. One week, he's over Phoebe, one week, he's a good guy, one week, he's obsessed with Phoebe again, one week, he's suddenly calling himself evil after he's been fighting for Phoebe to see him as a good guy...what. the. hell! Then there Phoebe who also took a noise drive in terms of development. Either she's bashing the h*llout of Cole when some scenes don't even call for it or trying to desperately to go on the rebound after Cole with other guys. Paige quit her job but unlike Prue, it made her less interesting after the fact and Piper's pregnancy storyline was treated mostly as a gimmick until "The Day Magic Died" and a few moments of serious concern of the baby's powers and future.

    But anyway, you woulf think that the Titans would be these epic and awesome villains for the sisters, but once again the writers suck all the possible awesome out of the storyline. I mean these guys are the most powerful beings the sisters have ever faced, yet all they do for Part 1 isb!tch among themselves and moan about how the world has forgotten them. Oh, there are some weird weather accurancies going and they turn a couple of whitelighters into stone, including Pagie. It's obvious the writers have the budget to not only make this story work but make it into one of the most epic episodes of Charmed. But yet again, everything is treated pretty much as a gimmic and the only real drama or tension is Piper and Leo's marriage beginning to fall apart. It's seems the writers were actually planning ahead with the whole marital issues development and it's hard watching Piper growing more fearful of the fact that she will lose Leo. Otherwise, we just see the magical world getting all scared for nothing, leasing to all those fairies, lephracans, nymphs etc. to return (Kill me now!!) and have the first appearence of one of the most boring characters in Charmed history (Chris). Seriously, Drew Fuller couldn't be more flat or dull in his delivery if he tried. I do have to admit the death of the Elders was surprisingingly chilling but is really the only scene that shows have much of a threat the Titains are, other than that, they are your typical Charmed villains with goofy costumes. The episode ends with sisters becoming Gods and it's downhill from there....

  • Titans are released and it is up to the Charmed Ones to stop them. Starring Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs as "Piper", Brian Krause

    Titans, okay, i guess ill go with it. Well i kinda liked the storyline, how the Elders sort of created the gods in a way, it was interesting, and i liked that a power actually was strong enough to take out the Elders. I liked that Leo (Brian Krause) stepped up to help save the elders, and i also liked that Chris Halliwell (guest star Drew Fuller) was introduced to the show, and that Paige (Rose McGowan) was supposed to be killed. The performances by the cast in the episode was pretty good, and i really loved the performance by Drew Fuller. He did amazingly well. I liked the episode, but this was suitable for the season finale.
  • Clash of the titans

    Elders! Titans! The end of the world! This may not be the best storyline they've ever come up with but it is a suitably big plot for a season finale. It has that rehashed-Hollywood-epic kind of feel. In fact, the way the titans step out of their ice tombs reminds me of one of the early superman films. I forget which.

    It's a slow old start but the pace does pick up later on. I particularly like the way the titans go after the elders and whitelighters. It's not often we get to see 'up there' and involving the elders gives the story an added sense of scale. For once, more is at stake than simply witches and demons.

    Unfortunately, the impact of the story is ruined by some lousy special effects and some very average writing. The snow set, in particular, looks rubbish and Paige and Phoebes' lines are annoying the whole time they're there: one is preachy and the other whiny. Brian and Holly aside, the cast regulars are well below par and the guest actors are flat and lifeless. And, just when things start to get good, a load of stupid magical creatures turn up. What do they have to do with anything? Grrrrr!

    For me, the highlight of the episode is the sudden appearance of Chris. He turns up in the middle of a fight and stays close to the action throughout. The show has been needing a new male character for a while now and Chris is suitably mysterious. Where has he really come from? Is he friend or foe? Like Leo and Cole before him, we shan't know all the answers for a while. I have heard the writers didn't think of making him a Halliwell until Holly became pregnant partway through Season Six but I don't know how true this is. After all, there are some hefty clues - for example he tells Piper he has read the Book of Shadows before.

    All in all, a good concept but perhaps rather ambitious. Fingers crossed for part two.
  • this episode was brilliant exactly why i watch this series :]

    the ancient titans are released and set out to kill all the elders as the elders banished them hundreds of years ago. Leo is forced to take over as most of the elders are dead,While piper is a bit annoyed with leo for taken elders seriesly and not his wife and son. Paige is hit with one of the titans beaming eyes and is turned to stone but, phoebe would have aswell but she was saved by a mysterious young whitelighter from the future.but paige soon gets saved with some magical assistance. And to defeat the titans its going to take more than charmed power it will take the charmed ones to become titans themselves. So Leo releases an ancient vapor that will cause the charmed ones to become godesses.... Phoebe the godess of love..... Paige the godess of war.......
    and Piper the godess of earth.. together they must defeat the titans and save the elders from any further threats ..

    dont forget to watch the second part of "OH MY GODESS" OR YOU WILL REALLY MISS OUT
  • Worst of the whole series.

    I love Charmed. I liked the leprechaun episode, I liked the nymphs episode. But Oh my Goddess 1 + 2 are awful!

    It is completely out of character, the charmed 3 cannot possibly fight without Leo to inspire them.. since when has that been a problem? Certainly it never stopped Paige before.

    And why was Phoebe not the goddes of war, isn't she the one that does the whole fighting thing?

    Leo was way out of character, he loves his baby, and yet he ditches them all, and he does not need to be an elder, there's plenty left. Selfishness.

    Also the whole Chris thing is just annoying.

    Basically in this ep - the charmed ones were annoying and whiney, there was no character development and Paige was hardly in it. I'm trying hard to think of something postive, I suppose there were a few tense moments. But no. Disapointing.
  • The Titans are released & kill elders, Leo is forced 2 take over. A Whitelighter from the future guides the CO when Leo gives them the power 2 vanquish the Titans, making them Greek Goddesses, despite the risk that they'll be seduced by their powers

    When the mythic Gods, the Titans, are released and kill all the elders, Leo is forced to take over. Meanwhile, a mysterious Whitelighter from the future guides the Charmed Ones when Leo gives the girls the ultimate power to vanquish the Titans, recreating them as Greek Goddesses, despite the risk that they will be seduced by their vast new powers. great episode, it introduces drew fuller as chris perry the girls\'s future whitelighter and a regular in the 6th season..

    so with the 3 girls, leo and chris and the 3/2 titans make a great episode VIVA el CHRIS!!long live chris halliwell
  • San Fransisco is experiencing heatwaves, and Paige has prophetic dreams of what turns out to be the Titans, the Greek gods before the Olympians. A guy called Chris arrives from the future to ensure their victory and Leo turns them into Olympian goddesses.

    This episode is hilarious and at the same time, very revealing and pivotal. Paige has weird apocalypse dreams and tries to be super witch by scrying for evil. This evil turns out to be the Titans, whom the Olympians banished. These are powerful gods. The Titans want revenge on the Elders for sending Zeus etc., after them and they do that by killing whitelighters so they orb up there (the only way in- blinking and shimmering etc.doesn't work). Paige lures one by orbing and tries to vanquish her by throwing potions which are stronger than the ones they used on the Source and Cole. Instead Meta turns her to stone and guy from a future arrives, and gets rid of Meta (she leaves, isn't even hurt). After Piper and Phoebe with the help of magical creatures free Paige, Chris has a one and one with Leo who is outraged, upset after discovering (SPOILER ALERT) most of the Elders are dead. Chris convinces him to do something.
    The Charmed Ones become Goddesses to vanquish the Titans.
    End Part One
  • One of the better episodes!!

    I love this episode(including part 2) I think that Chris is a really good addition to the show. It was funny when Pheobe said: Look at that oracle's......ball. I do not like the fact that Leo became an Elder. (Oops, next episode) I liked him when he was just Leo, not an Elder also.
  • The sisters are turned into greek goddesses.

    Phoebe, Paige and Piper are turned into greek goddesses for this episode. The demons this time are greek gods that have been frozen for a long time and are looking for revenge. They go after the elders and after killing a lot of them, Leo decides to don the elder robe and uses his power to turn the sisters into 3 of the most powerful women ever. This episode also inroduces Chris, who at the end of the episode becomes the charmed ones new whitelighter. These 2 episodes is also a tearjerker though as Leo says goodbye to his wife to embrace his destiny as an elder.
  • I have to say, season five has gone downhill.

    Honestly, I agree with the reviews that state this was a bad storyline.. But my opinion is that it sunk because the acting just didn\'t cut it.

    Brain/Leo was is the rookie of the show, that I feel is underestimated. I had hoped for him to tidy up the loose ends of this lackluster episode, but all he could manage was to stand there with that same expression on his face, trying to be upset one minute, torn the next, dramatic after that and so on and so forth. It was a range of emotions that he didn\'t portray well. In previous episodes he stood around and looked pretty, and even now, in one shining moment, it didn\'t look like he was taking charge.

    Chris Perry?! Writers! How desperete did you have to be? I would personally have been more convinced if Prue or Cole had risen from the dead and come to a deliver a message, as opposed to this houlier-than-thou cheeseball. This guy is without a doubt the WORST preforming actor I think Charmed has ever seen. His whole preformance was waaaay too melodramatic.

    Phoebe, oh Phoebe. We still love you, but you need to be more ambitious. DO SOMETHING, rather than standing around acting slutty, Alyssa.

    Paige/Rose and Piper/Holly were way underused in this episode. Paige is stone for half the time, and the writers settled for having Piper mope around in a sad heap.

    Personally, I had a problem with all of the actors here. I know this is a thoroughly negative review, but I just was not impressed. I believe series five dived into the bad ratings pit with that leprechaun episode.. Almost saved by the speak, hear and see no evil one, but not quite. I\'m sorry Charmed, but this was not your best work.

  • Weird weather makes Paige act weird and find the cause of the problem somewhere in the mountains.

    SO this the season finale of the Fifth season. It goes with the underlying theme of mythological beings and creatures. This finale brings in the great Titans. THey have been released by a pathetic demon who feels he should be worshipped. I wanted to kill him myself but thankfully one of the titans did. Seriously i would have thought a demon would have to be very powerful to release the titans, not that puny demon.
    so this release has sparked several weird weather shifts which are giving paige the heebie jeebies. shes having weird dreams which i found to be a total dis to phoebe seeing as how she is more intact with the future and whats to come. whatever with that. she gives the low down to piper and phoebe. what in the world was rose doing? she was shrugging her shoulders through the entire scene. i wanted to hit her. her acting wasnt at all that good for the first part. I think alyssa did great in the first part and holly didnt seem to know what to do with her "tools" scenes.

    the first part is severely slow but it does have its moments, however they are so far apart. i was kind of bored and i absolutely love this show to death. phoebe is planning a charity auction with elise and paige orbs in the club. what an idiot? phoebe basically says that but in a nicer way. they go to the mountains so the feebs can get a premonition. we do not see it once again, which at first did irritate me but it is actually kind of cool. the two titans released before need to find the 3rd which they do. it causes an earthquake piling snow on the feebs and paige.

    ok hooray something small happened, lets move it along people. cut to piper and leos basically pointless scene in which the writers show us the latest faults in their marriage and the idiotic things they are doing to fix it. "Tools" is a counseling thing where both people express their feelings and omg shoot me now, so boring. i was laughing along with darryl and sheila which is weird because i usually ignore darryl. his wife is so gorgeous.

    Paige and phoebe figure out who the big bads are and paige wants to be bait to lure one to the manor, honey did you think potions would destroy the infamous titans, total idiot and i really wished phoebe would knock some sense into her. she goes and comes abck real quick, titan behind her. the vials are thrown and nothing happens. phoebe gets sent "flying" and i use that losely you would think a titan has more telekinetic power then what i saw. and then mysterious chris orbs in and "saves" the day. i love chris and his character. i thought drew did a good job and oh what do you know paige got stoned,lol. finally she shuts up. now if only leo would face the same fate, not for another 3 years? darn.

    another pointless piper and leo scene but piper basically says screw the tools, im pissed and screw the elders, nothing new there. piper and the feebs wonder about chris but magical creatures interupt their collective thinking. on the first floor we saw tons of magical creatures, they need a palce of refuge and the midget nanny hires herself. take notice of alyssas expressions in the scene, they are golden. apparently chris is not evil because he touched the book, yeah whatever, but we all know his story.

    the titans have advanced their plans and killed the elders and i would ahve given anything to see some elder slaughter. would have made the first part a lot more interesting( the second part is totally better) leo sees the masscre and thank the writers for sparing us from one of brians crying scenes omg if i had to see that i would have shot myself. chris kind of comforts him and basically lays the law. leo knows what needs to be done. he gets some type of urn from an encased space. there is some spell on it to release the spirits of the gods. ok whos genius idea was to have a very light grey/white effect in enderland. hello enderland is white and the god effect was basically the same color.

    chris tells the girls leo is up their and the god mojo makes it way into the manor. the transformation scene was rather good. it was like a mini tornado. holly by far looked the most beautiful in her god gear. the blond wig would have looked better if it didnt looked like a bunch of knots and paige, yeah whatever with that. they all looked good im totally kidding,lol.

    so thats the first part. nothing much going on. really slow with some minor wows. alyssa and holly had some good one liners but the second part is better.
  • Oh My God, Why?? Part One

    A badly structured finale which seems to drag on forever and has some pointless plot twists and contrived story developments in order to get the sisters dressed up in embarrassing outfits.

    Oh My Goddess Part One sees the sisters battling the Titans, ancient Greek gods who are planning to wreck havoc by slaughtering the Elders. Meanwhile, the sisters encounter their mysterious new whitelighter, Chris Perry.

    The episode introduces Drew Fuller as Chris. Fuller is, without a doubt, the worst actor to ever appear in Charmed. He can't read his lines without coming off like a complete newbie in the acting business, looks like he'd prefer to be somewhere else and is just generally god-awful.

    The Titans themselves aren't interesting bad guys and the actors playing them aren't that great either. The massacre of the Elders is effective but a complete knock-off of a similar exit to the Oracles back in season one of Angel, who did it much better and used it to greater effect.

    The promotion of Leo to head Elder at least gives Brian Krause something to do, as he had mostly blended into the background for the past couple of seasons. But, even then, the storyline itself ends up not going anywhere and he's back to his old self almost immediately into season six. There are also some unneeded diversions from the main storyline, most notably Paige getting turned into stone and the always-annoying magical creatures, who pop up for some pointless, grating reason.

    Like the season five premiere, this is another case of an episode which is badly stretched out to fill up two hours. The storyline isn't involving and the acting is unusually average. But, for some reason, most fans seem to love this episode and the following one, something which I've never fully understood.

    Director: Jonathan West
    Writers: Krista Vernoff, Curtis Kheel, Daniel Cerone
    Rating: D
  • Oh My Goddess 1 and 2 are my absolute favorite episodes.

    Oh My Goddess 1 and 2 are my absolute favorite episodes. This is the episode were Chris (from the future) comes. The Titans have been released and are after the Elders' power. To access it they are killing whitelighters to be able to orb. When mst Elders have been wiped out, Leo safe houses what is left of the white lightersand Elders. And also turns the girls into Goddesses. The powers eventually start over ruling the Charmed Ones, but personal feelings Piper has for Leo destroys the Titans for good. Oh My Goddess 2 is when Leo becomes a white lighter and him and piper split up. But Leo tries to ease Piper's pain and casts a temporary healing spell on her!
    I love this episode, it is exciting at times but somewhat sad too. In Oh My Goddess 2 Chris also becomes the girls whitlighter, but the seaon ends with a question about what Chris is really about.
  • paige is turned to stone three titans are unleashed on the world with the powers to create hurricanes lightning and thunder and turn people to stone (namely Paige) among other strange powerful and remarkable abilities the elders are Killed and Leo is cryi

    it was a great episode although it shocked and suprised me that Piper was being so cheerful during the heat wave(due to the titans) but it did\\\'nt suprise me that Piper was upset Leo missing marriage counseling poor Piper I hope she and Leo work it out in the end
  • Titans vs goddess charmed ones.

    The Titans are back, after a demon release him from the block of ice. They want revenge on the elders. So they must kill three whitelighter to get to the elders. They accomplish to kill 2 of then, and with that power they kill most of the elders. Leo have to step on the way to help the charmed ones to stop the Titans to kill the rest of the elders. Help by a guy from the future(Chris) Leo make the decision to turn the charmed ones to goddess.

    I love this episode. Is one of my favors. Specially because I into mythology. Its a mast see episode.
  • When the are released and kill all the elders, Leo takes over.A mysterious Whitelighter from the future guides the Charmed Ones when Leo gives the girls the ultimate power recreating them as Greek Goddesses, despite the risk that they will be seduced by t

    The three mythic Gods, the Titans, are released and kill all the elders Leo is forced to take over. Meanwhile, a mysterious Whitelighter (chris), from the future guides the Charmed Ones when Leo gives the girls the ultimate power to vanquish the Titans, recreating them as Greek Goddesses, despite the risk that they will be seduced by their vast new powers. Which they overcome when piper banishes the titans. Then piper takes out her anger about leo becoming an elder all on san fransisco with her new godly powers. She gives up her powers and leo takes away her pain.