Season 5 Episode 23

Oh My Goddess (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2003 on The WB

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  • Not as good.

    I actually found Piper a bit ridiculous especially at the start of this episode. She can't do anything unless Leo comes and tells her himself? The elders are dead, there's natural issues happening etc etc and you KNOW for a fact he's TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD and you want him to just take time out (if someone dies in that time, it's on Piper)? Like when Leo needed to go warn the elders you asked him to go watch an elf instead... She just is a bit narrow minded, you can vanquish the titans, another evil, DO YOUR JOB.

    I don't get why the elder in danger couldn't orb himself.. And they say that 'most' the elders were dead but there's more in the bunker than there were in heaven.

    I liked the idea of the gods vs titans. But I feel the ending and vanquish was just really really badly done. I would've preferred that all 3 had a critical role at least of some kind. Even if all Phoebe did was attract them to her, trick them into a hole or something.

    "what are you wearing under that robe" "more robes" loved that.

    My god they are beyond pathetic without Leo. I understand he's an important part and I enjoy them finally realising that but damn, you'd rather something go wrong, someone die, shit happen just so Leo can come and give you a pep talk. And I'm sorry it is completely your fault that the world goes to hell if you guys REFUSE to take on the titans. I'm sick of them treating Chris like crap. I get you don't trust him yet, but damn, they are completely abandoning their duties and everything for selfish, arrogant reasons and they don't care. And my god, you need to fight the titans! But you want Leo to what, snuggle up for a few hours first?

    I would like to rate this higher, the acting isn't bad but I just feel the story and the lines and how shit they treat the characters. I hated Leo, I hated his threat to Chris it was completely pathetic, I hated his goodbye to Piper, taking her pain away was crap but it does leave for an interesting Piper next episode I guess. Just overall badly done.

    And at the end, everytime Leo was needed 'up there' they summoned him but when it's Chris an Elder leaves heaven to go to earth and risk death and exposure to them all? Sure.
  • Oh My Goddess (2)

    Oh My Goddess (2) was a superb season finale of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this ending to season five. The story lines wrapped up nicely as the Titans were defeated and the sisters gave back their Godly powers. It was interesting to learn more about Chris the Whitelighter from the future. It was great to see Leo take over as an Elder and be the defacto leader of the higher realms. There was drama, action, intrigue, humor and more. The ending was surprising and I certainly look forward to watching what happens in the next season!!!!!!!!!
  • Goddesses Gone Wild


    Some choice scenes involving Piper and Leo and a pretty decent cliff-hanger elevate this final hour of Charmed's fifth season from piss poor to mildly watchable stuff. I really enjoyed the scene where Phoebe and Paige discuss what it is that Leo brings to the table, and joking that whenever he says he'll check with the elders, he's off having a pint with the lads. It's a very grounded and human conversation in an episode that tackles Gods and Titans (an ambitious plot with effects that look as though they were composited using Windows Moviemaker). While I found it odd that directly after breaking Piper's heart and informing the girls (and Darryl?) that he has moved on for good, Leo pops down to have a chat with Chris. Um, ok. Leo warns him that he'll be watching over Chris like a hawk and then orbs back up to Elder-land (apparently where all of the elders stack up in a very white shed); however, Chris has other plans and blasts Leo's orbs, looking very much like a vanquish! Not only that, but once he's done killing Leo with a power similar to Piper's, he slams the manor door shut with another power similar to Prue's! Kinda awesome, I must say. Overall, though, as you'd expect from the back end of season five, some horrendous special-effects, an underdeveloped story and lousy guest-stars (for the most part) all come part and parcel. I did, however, find some of the dialogue very amusing, mostly coming from Phoebe (who looked fiiiiine as the Goddess of Lurve).

    Season 5 Overview:

    It's still up in the air whether or not this is the worst season of the show (I'll have my answer when I get to season 8); however, season 5 wasn't all bad, and in fact produced a few classics along the way. But overall, it was one giant magical mess.

    1. A Witch's Tail (Part 1) - 2.5/102. A Witch's Tail (Part 2) - 4/103. Happily Ever After - 5.5/104. Siren Song - 7/105. Witches in Tights - 6/106. The Eyes Have It - 7.5/107. Sympathy for the Demon - 8/108. A Witch in Time - 9/109. Sam I Am - 7/1010. Y Tu Mummy Tambien - 7/1011. The Importance of Being Phoebe - 6.5/1012. Centennial Charmed - 8.5/1013. House Call - 3/1014. Sand Francisco Dreamin' - 4/1015. The Day The Magic Died - 7/1016. Baby's First Demon - 4/1017. Lucky Charmed 3.5/1018. Cat House - 7/1019. Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun - 1/1020. Sense and Sense Ability - 7/1021. Necromancing the Stone - 5/1022. Oh My Goddess (Part 1) - 2/1023. Oh My Goddess (Part 2) - 4.5/10

  • By TheGods, This Sucks!


    Oh My Goddess, Part 2-Now all-powerful goddesses, the Charmed Ones must try to not be seduced by their new powers and stay focused on vanquishing the Titans before the Titans can destroy all the whitelighters and elders. Meanwhile, Leo must decide whether to become an elder or remain with his family.

    Sigh. Part 2 of thismediocre seasonfinale shows the sisters becoming Goddesses and once again, the wrtiers play the sister's transformations for slapstick instead of actually showing the sisters as bada$$ gods like they should be. What makes this episode so painful for me, is watching the writers butcher Greek mythology when I love Greek mythology. Phoebe becomes a Goddess of Love and you gueesed it...acts like she wants it all the time, Paige is the Goddess of War andjust annoys on screen while Piper was actually cool as the Goddess of Earth. The Titans continue to be little more than just average villains for the girls. After killing the Elders they really don't do much else in this episode. They even get defeated by the sisters, or I should say Piper fairly quickly. While it's awesome to see Piper being bada$$, it's an anticlimatic defeat of the Titans, who were supposedly so powerful and hard to stop. Then Piper ends up being the dilemma for the last 15 minutes or so for the episode. The only reall significance out of the episode is Leo ascension into being an Elder and Piper's grief over Leo having to leave. Even in the mist of all the waste potential in the story, Holly still gives a strong performance and that last scene between her and Leo is always heartbreaking. These two at this point represent the heart and soul of the series, everything with Piper and Leo is always solid.

    I have to admit there were some moments of great lines like Paige referring to themselves as "the Supremes" and Phoebe asking an Elder what's he wearing under his robe then responding by saying "more robes". But meh, the rest of the episode is a waste and Chris so far is a mystery and I don't mean in a good way. The season ends with a cliffhanger as when Leo makes Chris into the sisters' new whitelighter, Chris seems to blow him up or something. It's a cliffhanger for the sake of cliffhanger, which just causes plot holes for next season. And what an even worse season that would turn out to be....Season 6....sigh....

  • Oh my god awful...

    Season 5 of Charmed included two of the series best episodes in A Witch in Time and Centennial Charmed. However, this season also had a poor premier and probably the worst season finale in both episodes of Oh My Goddess. Frankly, the first part is probably the better part. At least in that part I was fairly entertained by Paige, Piper and Leo. Even Chris's sudden appearance is somewhat refreshing and novel, though Drew's acting is a little rough at the start. The first part also had the attractive Titan Meta, until Cronus sorrowfully got rid of her. I believe the 2nd episode was completely written for shock value and to set up as big of a cliffhanger as possible. Little of what is said or occurs has any bearing on the rest of the series. First of all, the Elders don't have enough power to defend themselves against the TItans, and yet, they can give mortals the power to destroy them? That doesn't make any sense. Secondly, Leo had to become an Elder? Says who? There were plenty left. Lastly, the mighty Titans ended up being pathetic. They destroyed Elders left and right, but both their powers together couldn't touch Piper. And what was Phoebe needed for? She was useless. Lame.

    Chris's actions this whole finale make no sense. The Titans were around before he was born; so, how does he know so much about them? And hey, Marty McFly, hello? When going back in time before your birth, you might not want to break up your parents! Idiocy. All of his secrets and his plotting to remove Leo are for dramatic effect only. Otherwise, it all makes no sense. How about just coming back and saying "hey, I'm Chris, your son from the future. Wyatt is going to turn evil and I'm back to prevent that from happening." I think that would have worked just fine. And that would make sense, but no, we get the lies and secrets so that we can all think that maybe he's a bad guy and wonder what happened to Leo at the end, the big cliffhanger.

    I absolutely hated what the writers did to Piper and Leo when I watched this the first time. I have said before that the series could be renamed- The Many Sufferings of Piper Halliwell. It seems the writers can hardly go through 10 episodes without making her suffer in some fashion. Now, that I know how everything works out, I am mostly fine with it. I still think it is totally unnecessary. The kids provided plenty of opportunities for conflict without actually breaking Leo and Piper up. Still, if it was going to be done, it could have been done so much better. I hated the writing through most of it, even the famous last scene, though the acting is fabulous, especially by Holly. Leo explains that he has no choice, and yet, he hardly seems upset about it. And what? They are just going to give up on each other? Is it written somewhere that you can't be married to an Elder? They were already breaking the rules in the first place. I especially hate when Piper asks Leo if she will ever see him again, and he says he doesn't know. That was complete fluff for the sake of a shocking ending. Leo and Piper see each other again the next fricking episode.

    Well, all that being said, let me point out some things I liked. The scene where Leo motivates the sisters is so good it makes me think a different writer handled that scene. "Piper, you are everything that is good and beautiful in this world." Woah, great line. Paige, as usual. Just love Rose McGowan, all her little faces. She is so adorable. Whether being comedic or vengeful, she kicks ass. And finally, of course, Leo and Piper are great whenever they are together. I may not like some of the writing of their final epic scene together, but I did like most of Piper's lines. Very moving scene.

    It is all much easier to stomach now, knowing how things end up.
  • Oh My God, Why?? Part Two

    The second part of this episode is just another excuse to throw the actresses into ridiculous costumes and have Phoebe act like a complete slut. This has to be one of the worst season finales in history with some sucky big bads, a pointless story development and some mind-numbingly bad acting.

    Oh My Goddess Part Two sees the sisters acting like complete morons in some cheap outfits which apparently make them "goddesses". Piper's the Goddess of Pissed-Off Weather, Paige is the Goddess of Cheap Special Effects and Phoebe is the Goddess of Sluttiness. Together, they face off against some boring, barely-clothed Titans who have managed to kill all the Elders besides, predictably, Leo. Meanwhile, sucky actor Drew Fuller ruins the entire series by popping up and doing nothing interesting.

    The break-up of Piper and Leo is a completely pointless storyline, obviously put in to give the massively underused Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause something to do, as they've spent most of the season giving birth and messing around with diapers. Morons. The whole story is one of the most forgetful in Charmed history and the closing moment of Chris blasting Leo's orb somewhere is never really paid off, probably because the writers were just making up all this stuff as they go along.

    The Titans turn out to be, as predicted, boring as hell and Brian Thompson puts absolutely no energy into a performance he has basically done countless times before under different make-up in Buffy, X Files and, uh, Charmed.

    Alyssa Milano is absolutely awful throughout this episode, doing nothing but acting like a pretentious, holier-than-thou slut and getting a bunch of shirtless men to give her pedicures. The Piper/Leo scenes go on for way too long and even Holly looks bored. Drew Fuller sucks and his Pinnochio-like performance just stinks up the whole show.

    Aren't season finales supposed to be exciting and explosive? This feels like it was written in 10 minutes.

    Director: Joel J Feigenbaum
    Writers: Krista Vernoff, Curtis Kheel, Daniel Cerone
    Rating: D
  • Save the whitelighters, save the world

    To defeat the titans, the Charmed Ones must dress up in white linen and (in one case) twenty inch hair extensions. Leo, meanwhile, must decamp to Elderland to save what remains of good magic.

    This is a typical "sister-gets-transformed" episode, which sees the same cheesy character flaws wheeled yet again: Phoebe the temptress, Piper the control freak etc. Far too much time is spent on silly roleplaying, which is a shame as there's a decent demon plot going on in the background. New boy Chris does his best to get them to focus but the writers seem more interested in Phoebe attending a bachelor auction (wtf?) than in saving the world.

    A big theme this week is the family versus witchcraft debate. I can understand why Piper would miss Leo on a personal level but this shouldn't affect their craft. They managed perfectly well without him in Season One but here they just turn to mush. Enough of the whingeing!

    The bloke playing Cronus is very good. It's just a shame his character spends most of the episode skulking around doing nothing. The vanquish is very disappointing. Piper causes an earthquake and the baddies fall into a crack in the ground. Whatever happened to blood and guts?

    Surprisingly, we then get a really good ending. Piper is understandably devastated that Leo is leaving to become an elder and their scene together is truly touching. The final scene, on the steps of the Manor, gives us the best cliffhanger since "All Hell Breaks Loose." Leo orbs up to Elderland, leaving Chris as the sisters' new whitelighter, but Chris blasts him out of existence mid orb. What is going on here? Is Leo dead?

    Demon count for the season stands as follows: 47 demons, 3 titans, 2 darklighters, 2 evil witches, 1 half-demon, 1 mortal, 1 ghost, 1 sea hag, 1 siren and 1 warlock. That's a total of 60 evil beings. This is getting seriously one sided.
  • wans't the god of war a man

    this episode is very good and creative. although i don't think thier greek mytholagy is all accurate. never the less it was good. but the leo leaving thing was very random they should have built it up a little bit in some of the other episodes, and it sort of through me off. a man from the futur came in an episode with the gods, and magical creatures. it was sort of mixing sience fiction with fantasy, and it messed stuff up for me. however all of the sisters were hiariose as gods, extept piper who played it more serios, but she was good to, and was it just me or did leo not seem to sad about leaving.
  • Although it seems to contradict later episodes, I do love this two-parter. Spoilers within, obviously.

    During these two episodes, we are introduced to Chris Perry, the mysterious whitelighter from the future. If you do not know his identity yet, that's alright because I will not reveal it in this review. You'll have to go look at reviews for "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell". Other than his identity, season 6 spoilers follow.

    This two-part episode combines transformations (Piper into Mother Nature, Leo into an Elder, Phoebe into a love goddess, and Paige into a war goddess), heartbreak, mystery, and a thrilling conclusion. The only problem with it is the episode seems to contradict what we find out later. In Chris's future, Wyatt is the evil overlord of the world. Yet in these episodes, Chris claims that the titans rule his future. Paige also was "supposed to die" in this episode, but later Chris says that she lent him money often.

    As long as we ignore the strange contradictions, the episode is lovely and a fine example of the series. The introduction of Chris could not be better...and how about that cliffhanger?
  • Piper, Phoege and Paige are now goddesses and must face with the struggles of their new powers. They must be consumed by them and use them unwisely. Otherwise they will lose their mortality. Leo has his own issues to deal with: He's becoming an elder.

    This episode has been one of the best in the Charmed series. It had some great storylines with the temptation of power and the so ever hard choice between family and the greater good. I was so surprised due to the fact that Leo chose to be an elder rather than staying with his family. That is one of the hardest choice I can ever imagine having to do, and it was heartbreaking to see Piper's reaction to this. Her scenes with Leo were incredible, and Holly Marie did an excellent job in portraying those emotions. If you love Charmed, this is the episode to see ;)
  • Released after centuries spent entombed beneath the Arctic ice, The titans are heading into a battle with the charmed ones who have also got the powers of greek godesses . Personal coment: Favourite episode

    Great episode. Oh my god loved it. It was hilarious how phoebe turned into the godess of love and how paige turned into the godess of war . Piper's character was more serious this episode because she took her part as the oldest sister who will control her other two sisters . A fantastic series finale. GREAT costumes and great writing although I think that the way the titans were killed by getting swallowed into the ground was too easy. It was a good introductin to Chris's character. Leo leaving was a tear jerker moment.
    Finally there was a finale starring Piper because every finale is either about Phoebe or Prue , It was nice to see the spotlight on Piper. All in all it was a magnificent episode.
  • The best ever !!!

    In the concluding half of Charmed's fifth-season finale, the Charmed Ones must adjust to their newfound powers as Greek Goddesses without becoming seduced by those powers. As an added burden, the girls are obliged to vanquish the Titans, who have killed all existing Whitelighter Elders. As the story rushes to its cliffhanger climax, surviving Whitelighter Leo is given a choice: should he become the head elder, or remain with his wife, Piper, and his baby, Wyatt? Among other things, this episode marks the emergence of a new major Charmed character: mercurial Whitelighter Chris Perry.
  • Leo becomes an elder

    The charmed ones are now goddeses. With help from Chris they try to defeat the Titans. They all say how much they need Leo but Piper needs him most of all. He comes down after helping all elders into a safe house. While making one of his lift up speeches he transforms into an elder. That made Piper really mad which helped her defeat the Titans. Then feeling angry she causes a storm. She visits Leo and is mad because they might not see each other, she felt like he abandoned her. This episode was really good and sad except for the way Phoebe handled her love goddess thing, that annoyed me.
  • Someone Vanquish Leo, Please!!!

    I love the Charmed Series, but this Episode was the WORST!!! There are many Charmed Episodes I enjoy watching repeatedly. However, this is ONE Episode I will NEVER watch AGAIN!!!

    I presumed that the main plot was the "Titans Vs. Elders". However, it only worked at best as a mediocre sub-plot.

    The "REAL" main plot was "How Leo can put a Sword through Piper's heart and twist it!" I have always liked Leo. However, after watching this horrible Episode, I have less respect for Leo. I particularly hated him when he essentially told Piper that she was merely his inspirational stepping stone to his lofty dreams. While telling her this CRAP, anyone with half a brain could see Piper was being destroyed. This Episode will forever more have me questioning Leo's "love" for Piper, which he has professed all along.

    The one thing this episode is productive at is to remind us that people we love most are the one's who are able hurt us the MOST, and Leo took FULL advantage!

    I am proud to say I have always hated the Elders and I ALWAYS will!!! The only difference between the Elders and the High Level Demons is that the Demons are more intelligent. If it was not for the strategic thinking of the Charmed Ones, the Elders would have been vanquished entirely! The Episode, "Blinded By The Whitelighter" illustrated this perfectly!

    For all of Cole's faults, he never hurt Phoebe the way LEO has hurt Piper.

    I still love the Series Charmed, and I have all of the available Season's on DVD. I may one day even have decent feelings about LEO, but I will never see him in the same light again.
  • This is one of the few episodes that actually made me cry. Its not fair how after all Piper and Leo have gone through.......

    This is one of the few episodes that actually made me cry. Its not fair how after all Piper and Leo have gone through, to just give it up by Leo becoming an Elder. Grrrr... I wish the Elders would just let them be together. I mean, how many times has this happened??? But besides that, I give this episode two thumbs up!!! Great Season Finale!
  • CHarmed Goddesses go head on with the titans, should be more intersting than the first part.

    So up a full three points from its first part, the second part of the finale is much more action packed.

    So the sisters are all in their goddess gear and chris tells them who they are. Paige got the goddess of war, which would make her athena. Athena did not have a trident, that was poseidon, and wow that would have been so much cooler if one of them was poseidon. Paige does look good in her outfit it looked like she was about to pop out of her dress,lol.
    Phoebe is the goddess of love, which would make her Aphrodite. Not a shock there, she is all about love and finding it. I thought she looked great in her outfit, the wig wasnt that bad but that type of blond didnt do anything for alyssa milano.
    And apparently piper has dominion over the earth and its elements, which makes her zeus, right? she is the most grounded one, which chris actually mentions. wow did holly look beautful as a goddess or what.

    so chris tries to keep all of three of them focused but paige and phoebe are pretty much off the deep end. paige raises her trident and destroys the piano,atleast it wasnt the clock. phoebe "hearts" out. i totally loved her effect. it was really cute. nothing new with paiges way of leaving, the electric bolt thing. and pipers was new and very nice.

    so phoebe "hearts" over to P3 in time for the auction. she basically makes every man fall in love with her. they bid on her and the price gets really high. that was aphrodites power in mythology she had dominion over love and everything about love. It was a nice idea to have alyssa as the goddess of love. it totally suits her. so she makes with the love as paige makes with the war. power hungry much paige? she is already rounding up an army. " kiss the hand of the piage" so funny and rose really made an effort to act this time. she seemed lost in the script for the first part. piper "winds" in or something, i cant describe it although leaves circled aorund her too. she ruins paiges fun and takes her back home to land them right in the middle of "goddess of love gone wild" chris barges in to scold them but piper takes care of it by blowing some strong wind on the bachelors, phoebe pouts. he sends them after the titans.

    an elder is being helped by a lepracaun, uh yeah sure. the elder has a better chance of running. the titan kills the leppy and the sisters make an appearance. paige makes a refernce to the supremes, wtf? and the titans bolt and flame at the girls and they deflect it with their hands. it was a nice scene. piper gets more mad when leo doesnt come down when she calls him, good thing for me i dont have to see him.

    paige and phoebe work outs ways to destroy the titans. for a moment there i thought the titan was actually there falling for phoebe. not for nothing her seduction would have worked if paige worked her war mojo on that titan quicker. they shouldnt have waited for the second one to come. they had the one titan,kill him and then go after the second one.whatever. and a pointless scene about leo and confidence building skills. this scene was basically the full point deducter on my rating. this scene basically ruins any credibility the girls have for fighting evil. leo helped them so much? i wasnt buying it. i was totally angry at the writers for making that scene. they seemed so helpless without leo, get out of here. no way in hell. atleast they didnt pull this when he was actually gone in season 8,whew.

    piper gets more angry with chris and sends him to get leo. a shocking moment was suppose to occur between chris and wyatt. the first time i saw it kind of shook me a little bit. but then again this guy is new in the house so its totally understandable wyatt would protect himself from a stranger, add to that his mother was just arguing with him. chris gets leo and plays decoy while leo talks to his wife and does something useful. he tells the girls they are stupid for having so much faith in him, ok not exactly in those words but thats what it boils down too. he doesnt really do anything, they have faith in themselves, leo actually makes sense, go figure. they get their ocnfidence and leo glows, whatever. he is becoming full elder.

    leo and piper have a little fight about what the glow meant. leo is playing stupid, well not really, he usually is. piper yells for chris. piper gets really mad and blows him to a door. there was a nice ripple effect there. downstairs paige and phoebe are getting their butts kicked. piper "winds" intot he conservatory and starts an earthquake. the ground opens up and leads to hell im guessing. paige bolts the remaining floor to suck the titans in, phoebe stands int he background doing nothing,whatever. i feel so bad for her soemtimes. soemtimes she has all the answers for winning a battle and other times her powers cant do anything. anyway piper closes the hole up. ok if they can be held in a ice prison then i can buy them being held in molten magma. leo comes downstairs to congratulate them but piper isnt having it she gets out of there. honey why didnt you open the hole and kick him in, please? no ok fine.

    piper is causing a storm and its getting pretty bad. we see shots of the city when it had a really bad storm. lightning everywhere, it was a good shot. the feebs andpiage try to get her home and piper goes up to elderland, to slaughter some elders. no jus kidding although i can wish. holly did great in the scene while i sensed no emotion in brian. so elders have the power to take away pain, and piper goes along with it because she cant bare to deal with it. where the hell was that when prue died? and since he was an elser he was suppose to stay up there indefinately but no his curiosity about chris had to keep him on earth where we saw him every single episode. way to get my hopes and then crash them.

    next day or so im thinking, paige and phoebe realize that wackiness about piper and figure soemthing is up. leo talsk to chris. leo is acting all important, shut up leo please. even better chris blows him up, hooray. i love chris. well it wasnt exactly a blow up, it just looked like that chris sends him to valhalla which we find out all about next year. chris closes the door and if you listen there is some weird background music on the soundtrack. its very freaky. it doesnt mean anything it just sounds really freaky.

    Ok so it was an average finale, more action packed then season 4's finale. it was a nice wrap up. stay tuned season 6 gets much more darker.
  • A very good episode until ten minutes before the End.

    The Girls are turned into Goddesses by Elder Leo to defeat the Titans with the Help of their new Whitelighter Chris.

    Honestly I really really enjoyed most of this finale. The Part where they got to be Goddesses was nice and also fitted into this season. The invincible Cole, Wyatt's Powers showing already in the womb and Piper exploding half the house because she got angry. The only thing that was totally wrong was Pheobe as the Goddess of Love. What the **** was her Power anyway? Seducing? As if she needed Powers for that. How could her Powers help defeat the Titans? Having them seduced into Sex won't make them stop bringing Hell over Earth. It sure didn't stop Cole did it?

    Then what's with the Titans? If they were really that powerful why was so easy to kill them? Chris said: Your Powers as Goddesses might not be enough, not even the Power of three. Or something like that. So how come that the Power of one witch/Goddess was enough? The Greeks were a whole bunch and they didn't manage to kill them. So what does it say? That Piper has outpowered Prue. Pretty useless as we figured that out already after they vanquished the source three times.

    Leo becoming an Elder. Why did they do that? Or more precisely what for? I mean all these years they've told us that the Elder are all in for the rules and that Leo was this mediocre Whitelighter because he did not follow them and all. So Leo chooses (!!!) to become an Elder. He loves Piper more than his Job as he prooved twice already, he loves her more then them which he prooved numerous times and his son? It's all he's been talking about. He even had nightmares of losing him. And now all of a sudden he is willing to miss out on his son's life so that he can become who disagreed with. Doesn't that strike as a little odd?

    Then there's Chris. Since when can you "orb in" from the future? He showed as little support as possible by repeating "I can't tell you this, it might affect the future." As if his coming didn't. Was it only me or has someone out there the impression that Chris is Wyatt's Future? Something in his eyes when he said "I never met my Family" made me wonder. But it could have been his bad acting too. He always kept his distance and wasn't much of a help. And what's with the last scene? So he became the whitelighter of the Charmed Ones. You might think that would make him happy or trigger any kind of emotion. Yet it doesn't. Leo orbs up and Chris waves his hand at the lights causing some kind of harm to Leo.
    What was that? You cannot kill a Whitelighter seeing that he is already dead. Except if you are a Darklighter which Chris obviously isn't. So if Leo or Paige or any Whitelighter was harmed while orbing in the past they fell of the sky. Leo did not. So what did Chris do to him? Alter his memory? Make his doubts go away with some kind of future magic?
    Either way this will better be treated in the next season, because if not it is one hel of a bad storyline.

    All in all a good episode for going on an hour and twenty minutes but getting the worst ending in Charmed history. (From a writing kind of view)

    Let's Hope the next season starts better than this one ended.
  • The sisters become godesses blah blah blah

    Lets see piper and leo broke up. That crap was so totally unessacary. Phoebe became a slut. and paige just went totally trigger happy. Leo was a total jackass leaving his kid and wife. The titans were totally gay. They were seriously gay. Even in san fransisco you would notice a dude with half a shirt. I think that chris could have taken a totally different approach to saving the whole dam ass future. i mean how bad can it be. you don\\\'t have to go break up your parent that is so stupid. How did he orb in from the future.
  • The sisters are transformed into Goddesses in order to protect the world from the recently escaped Titans.

    This episode had it\'s moments, but all in all, it seemed like another excuse to get the sisters into costumes. And in the end, they didn\'t even need all three to be goddesses since it was just Piper\'s power that sent the Titans into the earth.

    And I was very disappointed with another barrier put in Piper and Leo\'s way. I love those two together and seeing Leo taken away again was just awful for me. But, there\'s no getting around Holly Marie Combs\' performance at the end of the episode. It was completely perfect! It moved me to tears thinking of the heartache that Piper was going through and would continue to go through without Leo by her side.

    Good episode, not great.
  • Titans vs. Charmed Goddesses

    This was a great episode. The Charmed Ones were turned into Goddesses. This was so exciting. Since I'm a huge Piper fan, I thought she was the best Goddess. She had the best powers and costume. Piper was the only one who wasn't loosing her focus over her new powers. She was more in control of them. Phoebe and Paige lost focus easily because of their new powers. The end of this episode was sad to me. Piper was so angry at Leo for becoming an elder that she was taking it out on the city. And when she confronted Leo about it, it was sad. But I still consider this my most favorite episode.
  • Made me cry

    This, by far, was one of my favorite Charmed episodes ever! I loved the ending to this season with this episode. Leo's decision to become an elder tore the whole family apart, and it brought tears to my eyes. I think Piper showed her true strength in this episode! It was really amazing!
  • My views

    To be honest, I never thought I could rate a charmed episode at 7.0 but this was quite mediocre. I mean...

    Well, first off, they take the comedy too far, or rather, Paige does. Let me set on thing straight: I think she's great but rose mcgowen cannot do witty one-liners like Holly does. It is painful to watch and she reminds me of a dumb blonde gone wrong. ewww

    Okay, that out of the way, the plot seemed a little to hyped. It isn't as good as people expected. When you think: Titans are on the loose, trying to kill all of the elders for revenge, you expect it to be pretty big since the elders are top dog in the world of good magic. And we have, in this episode, elders running away like scared children when later on in the seasons, they have these mad electrical powers they use mainly to zap Leo (poor guy)

    And, yeah, the only reason this episode never got a 5 was because it introduced Chris Perry well and he blended into the plot nicely.

    It was also sad, Holly pulling off another good performance at the end.
  • Not painful because it's emotional, but painful because it's bad.

    I have a tendency to pick apart episodes of any show that uses Greek/Roman mythology as a basis for a storyline, simply because I've studied quite a bit of it in my time in school/uni.

    This episode played fast and loose with the mythological allusions, getting some stories wrong and blatantly disregarding any precedent set before.

    First off, where did they get the gods that were shown? I can understand Cronus - sort of. He was actually a god. But where did they pull Demetrius and Mater, the "god" couple? They aren't gods within the ancient pantheon, so where did they come from? The best I can tell is that Demetrius was based on Ares/Mars and Mater on Demeter/Ceres. But this loose basing was egregious at best.

    The next thing that bothered me was Leo's/Chris's/the Elders' explanation of how the gods got their powers to begin with. The gods were borne from the Titans. They weren't mortals who were imbued with magical powers to beat the Titans. Humans came after the gods.

    Even though I think all the sisters' goddess pairings were apropos, I think Phoebe's was the best. People often mistake Aphrodite/Venus as being the goddess of romantic love, but in fact she is the "goddess of physical love," or sex. This portrayal of Aphrodite/Venus is exactly what Phoebe was all about in this episode.

    I did not like Piper's pairing very well. It seemed like she was the goddess of the earth, who would have been Demeter/Ceres, but she acted more like Hera/Juno - she was vindictive, angry, but carried a calm-and-collected facade. And Paige was just annoying in this episode. "Kiss the hand of the Paige?" Talk about letting the power go to your head.

    All in all, this was a horrible episode and I was very disappointed that this was the episode in which Chris was introduced. Surely, the writers can think of something better next time.
  • Titans and Pitchforks and Whitelighters, oh my!(Goddess) aka "Goddesses gone wild!" This double episode was exactly what the doctor ordered.

    This pair of episodes proved to be a finale of epic proportions. A double bill filled with action, mystery, comedy and heartbreak is a hard combination to find but Oh My Goddess, parts 1 and 2 most certainly delivered!

    First thing to discuss is of course how awesome the Charmed Ones where as the respective goddesses of love, war and the earth. The three sisters seemed very well suited to their new roles and their adjustment period provided much comedy, with Phoebe hitting on ever guy in sight, Paige threatening to castrate them and Piper naming herself the 'Goddess of Sanity.'

    The second episode will of course caused heartbreak across the nation among the many Piper/Leo fans out there, as the two star-corssed lovers are forced to go their separate ways. With Leo having to live in the heavens due to his new role as an Elder and Piper still coming down from her power trip, one can't help but wonder what will happen with them.

    The episodes' mystery is of course provided by the whitelighter from the future, Chris Perry. The writers seem intent on keeping us guessing, as many times throught both episodes they lead us to change our opinion of whether he is friend or foe.

    While he ultimately helped the Charmed Ones defeat the titans, he thereby manouvered himself into a position of power, as the Charmed Ones new whiteligher and as Leo rightly asked, was this his intention all along?

    After all, his actions at the end of the episode, when he somehow scatters Leo's orbs and his shifty looks after doing so definitely suggest that he is up to something, but the question is what? And what on earth (or otherwise) has he done to Leo? And why is Piper acting so strange?

    All of these questions can only be answered by Season 6 but after the series of hit and misses that was Season 5, what a way for it to end. Bravo to the writers of this masterpiece of a finale that left us laughing, gasping and most of all gagging for more.