Season 7 Episode 6

Once in a Blue Moon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2004 on The WB

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  • Once in a Blue Moon

    Once in a Blue Moon was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story lines came together in an intriguing way. The scenes were engaging and full of character and plot development. It was funny watching the sisters endure "that time of the month" but things got serious when they realized the effects of the Blue Moon on their phase. It was sad to see Phoebe going through issues with Leslie as she continues to stand him up and always have an excuse she can't explain. There was magic and more learned about the mysterious new figures of power. I liked learning more about Agent Brody as well. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • The Monsterous Ones


    Once In A Blue Moon-A blue moon causes problems right after the Elders', suspicious of Leo, assign the sisters a new whitelighter. Meanwhile, Agent Brody tells Paige of a powerful new threat, and Phoebe and Leslie confess their true feelings for each other as Leslie prepares to leave.

    Hmmm, well, this has all the makings for a great, even dark episode, but all the typical Charmed inconsistencies and weak writing choices just make it barely average. The dilemma at hand with the whtielighters being attacked was a nice set up, not to mention watching the second one especially get ripped apart was pretty graphic for Charmed! An even bigger surprise is when the sisters transformed into the monsters that were attacking the whitelighters in the first place! It was actually a shocking and unforseen twist that had so many possibilities But like anything with Chamred these days, the wirters play this more for laughs and even have the nerve to brush it off because it won't happen for another 50 years! Okay!! How bought a damn explanation writers!? Why is it that the sisters turn to monsters during the blue moon in the first place!? Has it happened before to other witches in their line or not!? Why the hell do the Elders not know about it!? Seriously, WHAT. THE. HELL!? O_0 What's the point of this whole point! I swear at this point, if the writers took a Writing 101 class, they would fail...MISERABLY.

    Luckily, the plot with Leo and the evil that's haunting him moves forward. We even get see the big threat of the season for the first time, which turns out to be the Avatars, who were first introduced in Season 5's "Sam I Am". Whether the writers' planned ahead (which of course they didn't!) or simply saw a opportunity to further explore the characters, it's a great development as their powers seem pretty invincible. Though, it sucks they couldn't get Tony Todd back as one of the Avatars, how badass would it have been as a villain/threat to the sisters!!! The plot development with the demon possessing Leo was another weak point and I still don't understand where the writers got all these lightning powers from!? Where were these powers when the Titans killed most of them!? Hard to believe just 2 Titans could kill all those Elders if they could collectively shoot thunderbolts at them!? If you look up the word "plothole" in the dictionary, Brad Kern face shows up right next to it. God, being a writer on Charmed must have been the easiest job in the world!! O_0 Lastly, the writers finally send Nick Lachey on his "former boy bander turned ratings product" way and it's simply too late. We all knew from the start the relationship wasn't gonna work, yet they forced it down our throats. Oh well, please let the door hit on the way out, you over-smiling d@uche! All and All, "Once In A Blue Moon" has the right about of twists and shocks, but in the end, it's just mediocre mess.

  • One of the worst episode in this series.

    You thought this episode will be interesting? You are totally wrong. Very wrong. This is just another episode full with rubbish and nothing happened at all. A complete waste of my time to watch this stupid episode with stupid plot. The Charmed Ones transferred into beast? What the crap is this? Awful is also the word to describe this episode. A pointless episode full of rubbish. I hate this episode so much. Season 1 to season 3 is good, but after Brad Kern take over the show, the show is getting worse, and worse and become WORST. The writers need to do something before this show becomes the worst show in US history.
  • I really liked this episode!

    This episode was really good, even with Leo being possessed by a Possessor Demon & attacking some Elders again (I hope the ones that were lying on the ground were okay & not dead! ...). Odin was (that's a great/nice name for that Elder, I like it!) really furious & assumed that Leo did it on purpose, he apologized before this had happened about thinking Leo killed Zora (although he did) & (supposedly) after it was over again so Leo isn't going to be punished by them! Yet I don't know why they still think that they can't tell The Elders the truth about what happened to Zora, now that they know that The Elders sometimes lose their heads & don't listen before acting/judging. I can almost guarantee that they'll be very angry at Leo & The Charmed Ones for withholding the truth from them & lying about it also. Yet I believe or at least I'd hope that if they explain they didn't say anything right away because they weren't sure if The Elders would listen before condemning Leo like they almost did in this episode & they knew it was something else that contributed to Zora's death & that they have proof now, that The Elders would understand why & accept that. I know that doesn't happen in the series though, it would've been nice though. So, long story short an awesome episode with both some bad & some good stuff happening along with various other things!

    The Hound of the Halliwells

    This is one of those annoying hours which starts off full of promise but somehow fails to deliver. There are plenty of strands: elders, werewolves, avatars, Leslie, Agent Brody. The trouble is, few of them tie up.

    When a whitelighter is mauled by a strange black beast, the elders decide to blame Leo, proving beyond all doubt that they are indeed a bunch of worthless, interfering backstabbers. I wish Leo would just kill the lot of them and be done with it.

    The stuff with the werewolves was interesting, and I had the shock of my life when the sisters morphed into them. Totally did not see that coming. I kept expecting there to be some reason behind it but it turned out to be nothing more than an excuse to roll out some dodgy graphics and splash a bit of ketchup about.

    The avatars are back! And this week we learn they are the new power we've been hearing about. I'm so glad the writers have done this; it shows great continuity and the fact they are neutral makes them all the more intriguing. Hopefully that means this is the last we'll see of those stupid green heads. They are seriously lame.

    The Agent Brody strand is the most interesting. Like most policemen in San Francisco, he seems to know all about witches but the fact he thinks he can protect the Charmed Ones is new. He's a great character and I really like his blossoming relationship with Paige. More Brody please!

    So Phoebe's ghostwriter is leaving already. Shame that, I was kind of enjoying Nick Lachey in that green shirt. Seriously though, I don't know why they keep doing this. If you're going to introduce a love interest, at least make him stick around long enough for us to care when he leaves. They made the same mistake with Richard. Love the way Piper freezes the black guy mid shimmer. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the terrible CGI used for the werewolves. Please, guys, leave the animation to Disney.

    Score: 8.9
  • This episode is really good. It's funny and has good writing. The digital effects throughout the episode aren't too great, but the writing and plot make up for it.

    Phoebe actually works out some of her issues. She said she was lost when she met Leslie and now she's found her way. It makes sense though, even though it sounds cheesy. I mean she lost her powers at the end of season 6, risked her life to save an innocent and her sister, which gave her her premonition power kind of character development there.

    The beginning is really funny, especially Paige and Phoebe. Piper is just pissed in this episode and shes blowing things up and freezing everything, which is cool. She was about to blow up an elder which had me going.

    Piper: Leo killed Zola, but he didn't mean to he was tricked.
    Paige: Might wanna tell that to Zola..

    LOLL! that shi+ had be going for a while i was laughing lol.

    Piper: We have enough people orbing in and out of here on a daily basis and we dont need another! (blowing up the toaster inadvertently)
    Phoebe:...(sobs like shes upset) that was a great toaster.

    really funny this one is, and the end has a great touch of the prue days with Piper freezing a demon and unfreezing his head.

    Good Episode indeed.
  • OK all of you who rate this episode with a 1.0 aren't real Charmed fans, so stop leaving reviews and stop downgrading the episode's ratings! And every real Charmed fan realizes that this is a great episode!

    I must say I was very surprised to see someone rating this episode with "abysmal". I mean, come on!
    I saw something similar with 7x15, show ghouls.
    I personally think that the 7th season is one of the best and I just don't get how come there are so many negative reviews! You dare say this episode is unoriginal, but when have the Charmed ones become beasts before? I mean, c'mon people!
    plus, you gotta admire their acting! Rose McGowan is GREAT in this episode! She's witty, funny, original...
    Plus, there is some character development considering agent Brody and... this is the last episode that shows Lesley; and Phoebe gets back to work!
    Have some respect!!!
  • Stupid and unoriginal

    The Elders' suspicion of Leo causes them to assign a new Whitelighter to the girls. However, when the new Whitelighter is nearly killed by beasts, the Elders blame the attack on Leo. Trying to prove Leo's innocence, Piper, Phoebe and Paige discover that the beasts are actually The Charmed Ones' themselves, transformed by a blue moon. Meanwhile, Agent Brody learns Paige's secret and informs her of a powerful new threat, and Phoebe and Leslie discuss their feelings before saying goodbye.
  • cheesy werewolves.. alright humour.. average

    Ok first up, props to the writers for actually having decent bad guys, and not just humans that are magic, instead having, albeit very fake looking, werewolves.

    The werewolves happen to be the sisters. Huh You say? Apparently every 50 years when the two blue moons rise they are destined to become savage werewolves. yes random I know.

    Leo throughtout this episode is judged by the elders but that was very boring. Phoebe "must" go and see lesley/ jessica simpsons ex, and they talk, and it's all so pointless, but at least he is better than the last one.. or the one before.. well there have been so many, Cole was better.
    There were some funny parts with the whole pms jokes and stuff, so I do reccomend this ep. B+
  • Phoebe, Piper and Paige turn into hideous monsters by the light of the blue moon, a very rare thing. They attack elders and whitelighters and are not in control of their actions or minds- almost hypnotised.

    I thought that this episode was very unusual compared to all the others we have seen, in the way that the sisters usually save innocents from other demons and warlocks whilst upholding their everyday lives. This episode focused on a power that controlled the sisters and instead of having to protect others from demons etc. They have to protect them from themselves. The story line was complex and it was impossible to second guess what is about to happen. It was a mix of humour, personal problems, drama, violence. This was the Episode of Charmed that seemed to mark the pick up of the series.

    A very good episode of Charmed and if the writers keep it up who knows where Charmed will end up!

    Certainly a favourite episode for me.
  • Just Another Menstrual Monday

    An absolutely awesome episode, Once in a Blue Moon features some excellent comedy and some of the creepiest scenes glimpsed on Charmed in a while.

    The episode has the sisters investigating a series of wolf attacks in the city, dealing with a new whitelighter being assigned to them and Phoebe dealing with her feelings for Leslie. The sisters are shocked to discover that they, in fact, are the werewolves, and are destined to turn into them every 50 years. It's a cool surprise and makes for some hilarious interplay between the sisters.

    The werewolves themselves look slightly corny but I do give props to the writers for creating monsters which aren't the usual "normal looking person with the ability to create an energy ball". The opening scene, in which the monsters attack the trainee whitelighter are probably the most violent thing seen in Charmed for years now, which makes a change from the PG-13 violence used on the show in the past.

    Phoebe and Leslie's relationship finally comes to an end and Leslie leaves without doing anything of any importance. At all. Why hire Nick Lachey, a somewhat famous actor/singer/reality star, if you're going to dump his character after 6 episodes? It seems like the writers come into trouble whenever they hire famous actors to play the boyfriends on this show. Obviously, due to other commitments, they don't want to stay around for long so the character gets written out and the sister is left, again, without a relationship. It's just pointless, really. Besides the relationship stuff, Once in a Blue Moon is an interesting episode with some cool monsters.
  • Wost and most pointless episode I have ever seen. I mean...

    This was the worst television episode ever made out of any program. What did it help to the story line nothing. What did it tell us nothing. Complete and utter pointless episode I sorry but after this the writers should of been ashamed. Thank God they were and the next episode was much better. It was the sadest excuse of an eposode ever. It was just a blody filler episode which we all love so much!!! Sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad do I need to go on or do u get the picture???????????
  • Piper, Paige and Phoebe turn into dangerous magical beasts that attack elders and whitelighters by the power of the rare but powerful Blue Moon

    I thought this episode digressed from the usual pattern of Charmed: the sisters fight demons while trying to uphold social and love lives. This episode focused on a power that controlled the sisers rather than threatening them. It also gave us an insight into the Avatars for the 1st time. It showed us how little the elders actually know of obscure and dangerous magic, therefore lessening our trust in them. A very daring episode.
  • The Power of Three and the PMS Werewolves

    The Power of Three and the PMS Werewolves

    Main Storyline:
    During the second blue moon of the year, the Charmed Ones are transformed into dangerous, wolf-like creatures, who attack with the intent to kill. I found this transformation a bit confusing, like the sisters never really found out about why it happened to them (PMS? Blue Moon?)

    1. Phoebe & Les: So, after being stood up again, (for a breakfast date!) Les finally leaves, and Phoebe loses another loves (and the WB loses their Nick Lachey promos). She's lost so many loves in the past three years (Cole, Jason, and now Les), but hopefully this time the relationship as put her with child.
    2. Agent Brody: I stand corrected! While Brody was releasing all of his emotions, about his parents and their death, Kerr Smith was really terrific, but I'm not so sure about his story. That is, I think there is more to his character.
    3. The Avatars: So, the avatar returns! After an appearance in "Centennial Charmed", (the head avatar), it's obvious that its these guys who are the 'gathering storm'. I'm so excited about the continuity this season. With the Angel of Death returning and the story arcs, Charmed is better than ever.
    4. Leo Moving in Again?: Sure, it didn?t actually happen (actually quite the opposite), but it was mentioned. I hope that Piper and Leo's marriage continues to work out. Or, maybe starts to work out again would be the right words.
    5. The New Whitelighter: The Elders are haters! They hate Leo and they don't want him to have a good life, so they snatch away his trust, his innocence, and now his pride. Poor Leo!

    A very strong, if not slightly confusing episode. It is even better than the last two weeks worth of episodes.

    Grade: A-
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