Season 3 Episode 3

Once Upon a Time

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • Piper shows no respect to her Elders and the little girl with the troll problem...

    Unlike most things in Charmed, Season 3 actually took its time getting Cole close enough to the sisters, and Phoebe, before launching into his story line as Belthazar.

    With that still developing, the second and third episodes of the season focus more on Piper's continued frustrations with Leo and the rules that keep them apart, coupled, of course, with your weekly supernatural bad to be dealt with.

    Last episode the conflict revolved around a story ripped from Ladyhawk. This episode involves a conflict at least partially ripped from Cat's Eye, where once again we have a young girl terrorized by diminutive trolls. In the movie, the troll was after the little girl, who was protected by a cat; here the troll is after a fairy who is protected by the little girl. In the midst of this, some fairy dust gets involved, and we have Phoebe and Prue momentarily converted, at least mentally, into their grammar school selves, as again Charmed mixes comedy with horror elements. The trolls v. fairies is a somewhat convoluted subplot that frankly I'm not sure I cared enough about to follow along properly. Fortunately, Holly absolutely carried this episode with her boiling point frustration over the loss of Leo. The opening dream sequence and the tremendous scene in the parking lot where she demanded Leo be returned to her make this episode worth seeing. In fact, her snappy dourness is very reminiscent, or pre-niscent if you will, of her mood once Leo is taken from her again in the latter half of Season 8. I was surprised they brought back Leo so quickly, basically ending that conflict, but again, this is Charmed, where few conflicts last long before being wrapped up.
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