Season 7 Episode 11

Ordinary Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2005 on The WB

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  • Stupidty of Leo and the Halliwell

    Once Kyle learned that the Avatars did not kill his parents, he did not remain blind about them. He still knew that they were a threat.


    Leo and the Halliwells proved to be the threat, because they STUPIDLY bought into the Avatars little song and dance about no conflict in the future. They were willing to rob humanity of its free will in order to adhere to their childish moral compass. They have never learned to outgrow their Sunday school morality on this show. Which is why they remained emotionally stunted.

  • Only 2 more with Kyle.

    And then Paige just doesn't care about the fact Brody did just 'try' he would've succeeded, the fact he didn't even talk to him.. he just outright acts like Leo is the murderer. And I'm sorry "I would've warned you if I knew" um you should've said something anyway. And so Paige's argument is "Leo wasn't there what does he know" but then he's justified because Leo is an avatar.. such a stupid argument!

    Sees the truth, still goes on an anti-avatar rampage. I'm sorry from what we see, Kyle was NEVER even there. He came back when they were already dead... nobody told him about avatars or the potion so yeah I don't get how he finds out about them and really he just decided to jump to a conclusion that turned into a massive, unjustified hatred. Worst type of character.
  • I still believe being ordanary is very over rated..

    Finally, The long awaited Ordnary Witches, I have to say that as much as I loved this eppisode, I was left with wishing there had been more to it.

    I was very happy tho that the story played out as well as it did and did not get rushed like I feel it does sometimes.

    As always the sisters are looking as beautiful as ever. I felt very happy with the much material that ms. Milano had on.

    How nice was it to watch Piper and Leo making breakfast together again.? How very 'ordnary.'

    Like always Piper seems to be the sister that is needing to question things. How perfect of a world do the Avatars plan on making it.? I keep thinking the same things also. How perfect is perfect? And would there really be burnt toast in a perfect world.?

    Help me.. How many times is this that they have gone back in time.? three? Four? A hundred? Even tho it was a good idea to have Body go back and see what really happen to his parents. I myself am still wondering where Brody got all the information on the Avatars are and what brought him to the conclustion that they were the ones that killed his parents.

    What can I say about this new demon Zanku? He seems as typical as all the others demons, evil, misterious, powerful, a little more powerful then the source. Him somewhat telling on Leo to the other elders was very A typical. Feeling that he will not be around that long I do not want to get that attached.

    Watching the inoccents get the sisters powers was..? How can I say? A little boring.. Sort of part of the story that could have been left out. But that is just me.

    Out of all the characters on the show the elders are starting to be on my not liked anymore list. Leo had it right when he said "The fate of the world is no longer in your hands." For elders that have claimed to be peaceful people (angels or what not) That seems to be going out the door when they tryed to kill Leo. I remember one of the elders saying once to Piper that they may have to make Leo be reborn, to start to cycle of life over again if things didnt get better with him. I had assumed that they would have done it in a nicer way then trying to electocute him to death.

    The eppisode did end on a good note with the sisters once again being on the same side. I like that.

    My Bits and Pieces:

    Peter Woodward again played a demon, the main one that killed Agent Brodys parents. This makes I believe three, Charmed and Dangerours, (the source) Someone to witch over me and Ordinar Witches (Aku). I find him very a very interesting actor, Maybe it is his accent.

    How powerful are the Avatars that they can not do what they need to with out the Charmed ones.?

    Agent Brody spoke to little Brody about imaginary friend or friends always looking out for him growing up. Could that have been an elder or an Avatar?

    Blessed Be

  • Ordinary Witches

    Ordinary Witches was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing as Zankou plotted to destroy the sisters, Leo faced the Elders, and Kyle and Paige learn the truth about his parent's death. There was a lot of action, drama, and some humor along with serious moments. It seems some sort of transition is coming, though exactly how things will play out is yet to be revealed. I liked the ending which left me wondering what Kyle's intentions are and what will Zankou and the Elders do now? I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens!!!!!!!!!
  • Extraordinary Plotholes


    Ordinary Witches-When Piper switches powers with Phoebe, to allow her to see the vision of the utopian world, Zankou interferes, and causes their powers to be transferred to innocent bystanders, who run amok. Meanwhile, Brody's murderous desires prompt Paige to take him on a journey back to his childhood to learn the truth about his parents' death.

    I swear as Charmed went on, it's like all previous establishedmythologythat the writers created early on in the series became non-existent! How else do you explain Piper and Phoebe getting frozen more than once when their next door neighbor gets Piper's powers? Good. Witches. DON'T. FREEZE! Powers or not, they are naturally born witches, thus immune to that power! When did we learn that? Season 2's "How To Make A Quilt Out of Americans"! If fans can remember that how come the writers can't! I hope Brad Kern now is struggling to even get a fan fic posted online yet alone show run (and destroy) another series!! Anyway, the power switching plot is pretty much filler and I really don't care if some random guy with Phoebe's powers saw her vision of the Utopia. Honestly, in reality, what guy would care about some chick and her daughter having a chat about a world with no demons? O_0 Anyway, on the plus side, Zankou rocks! Oded Fehr is just what this series needed, a strong actor in a solid villain role and I love how he manipulates those around him, even executes his plans better than most of the recent demons of late. His interaction with the Elders was a great moment, especially using their fear of the Avatars against them, knowing that both good and evil pretty much have everything to lose if the Avatars are successful. It leads to an another great moment where the Elders try to kill Leo, only to fail. Itdefinitelyshows just how powerful the Avatars are and seeing them orb away hopeless shows they are no match for them.

    Paige and Kyle are once again off on their own adventure and while you knew his little trip to the past would end with the Avatars not being his parents' killer, it does give Kyle a chance to grow and learn from his past just like Paige did in "A Paige From The Past". The scene where his parents are murdered by demons is brutal, which some nice, sharp direction and SFX. While it's good to know Kyle's "I must kill the Avatars/They kill my parents!"whiningphase is over. You know he still doesn't trust them considering he stole another potion from the past. Either way, with Paige now on her sisters' side, Utopia is only an episode away! All and All, a decent episode despite the usual plotholes from the writers and filler stuff with the neighbors with powers.


    The Brody bunch

    So Leo's secret is out. Now the sisters must decide whether to buy into the Avatar dream or keep on fighting those demons. It's a toughie....

    The big problem is Kyle, who is still bent on revenge. To settle matters once and for all, he and Paige take a trip to the past to see whether his parents really did die at the hands of the Avatars. It's a nice idea, but unfortunately one which has to rate as a major missed opportunity. The writers could have given us a gripping and action packed story but instead we get a tedious sequence with his family and a very bland death scene. Kyle is a good character but I feel he's being wasted at the moment.

    Meanwhile, Phoebe decides to show Piper her vision of the future. They cast a spell to swap powers but Zankou pops up and sends the powers flying though the window, where they infect two bystanders. Ok, so this has been done before but I thought the reactions of the bystanders were spot on. Who wouldn't go straight to a casino if they could see the future? Hehe! That said, they could have done far more with this thread. I don't get why Ronnie was persuaded to give up his power just by seeing a few kids at a school. At that point he hadn't even seen a demon so Phoebe's vision would have meant nothing to him.

    There's no demon plot as such but the underworld scenes are good. Zankou is clearly going to stick around but he hasn't come to life yet. Still, it has that Season Four feel and that's a good thing.

    It's a classy performance from Brian this week. I can't believe the elders actually tried to kill Leo. What a bunch of wankers! Still, Leo has the last laugh. Seems he's now about as vanquishable as Cole.

    Score: 9.1
  • Piper and Phoebe switch powers and the outcome becomes dangerous. Paige and Brody go to the past to see who killed his parents. Starring: Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs as "Piper", Brian Krause

    The return of spells and potions from previous seasons shows that the Charmed Ones have come a long way, and i truly love that. The strength and threat of Zankou (guest star Oded Fehr) is really shown and is proven that the Charmed Ones may not live through this one. The episode also showed the strength of Leo (Brian Krause) and the Avatars. Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) running all over town trying to get their powers back after they literally went flying out the window. I thought it was a great plot point and it brought in one of my favorite television actresses, Anne Dudek. It was a great way to have Piper realize that the Avatars are good. Paige (Rose McGowan) and Kyle Brody (guest star Kerr Smith) going to the past to see if his parents were really killed by the Avatars, and him not caring and still wanting to kill one was also a great plot point, and character moment.
  • worst episode of the series

    this episode seems like a bunch of fat just preparing for the next episode. i hate to say this, but it sucked. it seemed like it had no plotline, and i hope for more between the fued of paige, and the other sisters. i though they would fight more, and stuff, but nothing happend. also the whole going to the past thing was boring, and not neccissary. i did like the idea that other people would get thier powers, but they could have done more with it. leo and the elders confict was good, but it was only for 5 percent of the episode. it was good, but it stunck compared to the other ones.
  • Zankou!!!!

    Paige and Kyle went back to the past, in order to find out who killed Kyle's parents. Piper and Phoebe agree to swap their powers so that Piper can see Phoebe's vision about the demon-free world. Unfortunately, Zankou appears when they are swapping their power, causing their power to enter a mortal's body. This episode is much better than the previous episode "Once in a Blue Moon", "There's Something About Leo" and of course, "A Call to Arms". Kyle finds out his parents murderer are actually demons, not avatars. Great, but you can clearly see he still have a grudge of Leo. A fine example to this series, although I don't really like it. But still great after watching those disappointing episode.
  • This episode was average but good...

    Phoebe wants to swap powers with Piper to show Piper the utopian world, but things dont work out so good because when Phoebe and Piper swap powers, zankou interupts them causing them to lose their powers. while this is happening their powers fly through the air and into the nearest bodys around. meanwhile paige and Brody take a trip back to the past to see who killed his parents was it the avatars or something else ???
  • Paige tells Brody to find out who tried to kill his parents. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe switch there powers. Then later on, Leo makes Paige and Brody go back to the future to see who killed Brody's parents' the Avatar or someone else.

    Brody finds out that Leo is an Avatar maybe someone must of told him. Kyle tried to kill Leo. So Paige tells Kyle to go in the past and find out who killed his parents or find out the truth behind Kyle's parent's death. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe swtch there powers so Piper could get visions of the utopian world.But later Phoebe lost her powers and Densies got them. When Phoebe found out about that she told him that she's is a witch, that was pretty loud but no one heard it. Densies thought it maybe nice to have powers and fight demons.
  • What would it be like if mortals suddenly gained the powers of the Charmed Ones? Not very interesting, as it turns out.

    This was a wasted opportunity. Mortals unwittingly absorbed Piper and Phoebe's powers and did something predictable - went to a casino and used Phoebe's power of premonition to win at the craps table. Their behavior was completely selfish, so why would Phoebe's sharing her premonition of Utopia convince them to give the sisters their powers back? This device fell short of believability.

    The other elements of the episode were more meaningful, but still lacked the impact typical of the series. When Paige and Kyle traveled back in time to learn who really killed his parents, the emotion was palpable but the action limited. Kyle and Paige hid out, waiting for the attack, while Jack and Ruth Brody identified Egyptian artifacts at a warehouse. The appearance of Aku and the other Celerity demons was a nice twist; but the fact that it was demons who had killed the Brodys was no surprise.

    Zankou was the most interesting part of the episode. Instead of relying on his impressive powers, Zankou showed himself to be a smart and patient demon who chose the perfect time to strike. When Leo got in his way, Zankou turned the other Elders against Leo. Very clever. But the attempt fell short; all the powers of the Elders were insufficient to defeat an Avatar. Was it high drama when the Elders tried to vanquish Leo? Somehow, no. They're almost as crazed about the Avatars as Kyle is.

    Overall, while the acting was strong as usual, the writing was mediocre. The episode moved the story along but should have been better.
  • Pretty Ordinary Episode

    We're back into "seen it all before" territory with Ordinary Witches, which has Piper and Phoebe's powers being transferred to two normal people who cause havoc through the city and travel to Las Vegas to do some magical gambling.

    The episode also has Paige and Brody traveling back to the 1980's so Paige can prove to Brody that the Avatars didn't kill his parents but in fact, some random, unnamed demons did it instead.

    I was very disappointed by Paige and Brody's story. It felt like a massive cop-out to show that the Avatars weren't the ones who killed Mr and Mrs Brody. It would have been nice if the demons who did murder them actually had a decent agenda, but all they turned out to be were just normal, boring demons. The main plot of the episode is also boring. We've seen the "powers transferred to mortals" storyline being done repeatedly on this show and I personally couldn't wait till the sisters got their powers back.

    I have a suspicion that Rose doesn't get along very well with Alyssa or Holly. She hasn't had many scenes with her two co-stars this season and it seems that almost every episode has her on a separate mission with Brody. It's cool to see her with Brody, as they have great chemistry together, but it almost feels like they're not sisters anymore, only coming together right at the end for the big vanquish. It's a shame, this Avatar storyline is seriously dragging down the show. Zankou is also slightly disappointing. He showed promise in Witchness Protection, but this episode just sees him as a dull demon only there to cause a bit of mischief. Disappointing, as usual.