Season 1 Episode 19

Out Of Sight

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 1999 on The WB

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  • Out of Sight

    Out of Sight was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was great, secrets are revealed and the action and magic were awesome. I liked the story of Grimlocks stealing the sight of youth to see powerful auras. Prue accidentally uses her powers in front of a reporter who exposes her to Andy. Every thing comes together in the end and Andy finally learns the truth about Prue. I liked how every thing worked out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Potions, Grimlocks, and Andy sees the light... oh, and some stupid exposure nonsense as well...

    This really could have been a great episode. Parts of it- ARE. We have grimlocks introduced (finally some demons!). We have our first potion vanquish. We have Prue using her hands to channel her power, including the famous pool of potion into the grimlock's face. And we finally have Andy being thrown a bone. Hallelujah!

    We also have a great subplot involving a blind guy and an absolutely stunningly attractive Phoebe. Wow, she looks good here. One episode after Prue got to dabble romantically with a guest actor, it is Phoebe's turn. Their scenes together worked very well, and I loved that he got his sight back at the end. The sight of Alyssa Milano here is enough to make a blind man want to see!

    Anyway, the problem with this episode, which keeps it below the quality of Dead Man Dating, Wicca Envy, Woogey in the House, and That 70s Episode, is the completely asinine exposure subplot. The reporter had zero proof of anything and would have been laughed out of any editor's office. A videotape showing a purse switching shoulders? Are you serious? No one would buy that. All he needed to do was pause the recording, and then start again after she switched shoulders. That proves NOTHING. Even Prue's confession means nothing. As she could just say he was acting like a crazy man, which he was, and so she told him whatever to just get her car back.

    Hey, it was great to see the reporter run into the grimlock though. Good stuff. This is not the last time a demon will actually prove quite useful. Anyway, it was great that Andy finally knows. I love when Prue threatened him with her power and he just immediately left. That was good. It was also great that Piper was thinking of Leo and that we can say good bye to the waste of time that was Josh. As Paige would one day say, "Cross the pond."
  • Prue's power got stronger.

    Prue's power got stronger, she can now move things with her hand. It's good, it's very good because by using her eyes, her eye might feel tired (just joking). Fantastic is the word I can describe this episode. This episode is great, exciting, special (Andy learn their secret and Prue's power got stronger), and one of the best episode in this series. This episode is listed in one of my "top 10 episodes". This episode is just awesome, just perfect. It seems to be too easy for Andy to accept that Prue is a witch. It's good because their relationship can continue. Prue+Andy=Perfect couple.
  • This one was just a tad too predictable for me and that made me enjoy it far less.

    A young boy is kidnapped by demons known as Grimlocks. (We will see more of them in later episodes.) Prue witnesses the kidnapping and also, as luck, or lack of it, would have it, a nosy reporter witnesses her using her powers and is hell bent on getting to the truth and finding out what is behind it all.

    For me, this episode seemed to follow cliche after cliche. Reporter sees Prue using her power, reporter must get to the truth and, of course, to top it all off, Andy, the ever- suspicious, finds out about Prue's witchy poo abilities at long last.

    It had to happen, and this type of scenario has been played out again and again and again. A pretty weak episode in my opinion.
  • Prue witnesses and tries to stop a child kidnapping. A reporter sees her and tries to get a scoop on the sisters. The sisters are trying to find the demons and Andy finally learns the truth. They rescue the boys and must deal with the aftermath.

    An excellent storyline that finally reveals to Andy and a few others that the sisters are witches. It was bound to happen eventually.

    The Demons were called Grimlocks. For those of you that are wondering, Grimlocks are a Dungeons and Dragons game race of fictitious underground humanoids who are actually sightless. It was an interesting use of the name for the beings in this episode.

    Of course the reporter played by Scott Plank that saw the abduction and Prue's use of her powers stood there and did nothing to help anyone. I certainly hope all reporters are not that callous. He wasn't concerned about the children just his story.

    I really liked Brent Miller played by Raphael Sbarge the former kidnap victim who was blind. It was really cool that he got his eyesight back as well. You would then have to believe that there were people all over the country that happened too as well. I hope we get to see more of him with Phoebe.

    I must admit I was impressed with the writing on this episode. For the first time I think we saw a whole episode without one of the sisters doing something completely idiotic or out of character. I really enjoy Charmed but it is rife with that kind of story motifs.

    The rescue was action packed and the sisters are obviously growing in strength and skill with the use of their powers. The way Prue threw that pipe and then picking the liquid off the floor and onto the Grimlock. Very neat!

    All three sisters really took part in this episode and Phoebe's powers are really starting to show their worth.

    I know it's short lived but it will be interesting to have someone know about the girls powers for a while. It could change the dynamic of the next few episodes.

    Overall a great episode with good acting, plot line, and production values. Maybe the best episode of the season. I'm really looking forward to these last few to the first season. Thanks for reading...
  • A lot happens in this episode including Prue's power growing and Andy finally finding out her secret. What, no witch hunt! No fair

    Three episodes ago the cliffhanger had me thinking that Andy may actually go on a witch hunt turning him into an adversary of sorts. Last episode kind of made it clear that this was probably not the case and this episode solidifies that by actually have him find out what Prue has been keeping from him. I can't say I'm not a little disappointed that there was no witch hunt though.

    Anyhoos, this is still a pivotal episode not just for that reason though. Prue can now channel her power through her hands making it more agile and more powerful. This is a very good advancement in powers and makes you think what Piper and Phoebe's powers may develop into. It's also ironic as if Gabriel the Lord of War had shown up later rather than a few episodes previous to this, then Prue's power would have more likely been taken.

    The main bad guys for this episode were the Grimlocks, and although one dimensional, I enjoyed the inventiveness and Malice of their power of taking children's eye sight, giving them the ability to see peoples good Auras. Especially as they also used the force to strangle these individuals. They were creepy and one could see them as an effective henchman type creature for a bigger bad guy if they were to ever return.

    So Andy knows, next point of call is whether he can deal with it.
  • You've Just Been Grimlocked!

    Out of Sight-When Prue witnesses a kidnapping in the park, a reporter sees her using her powers. Phoebe and Piper attempt to learn more about the demons who stole the child and stop the reporter from exposing Prue. Meanwhile, Andy finally learns about Prue's powers.

    A dark, impressive episode with the best demon of the week plot yet. The Grimlocks, are the most original demons the writers have come up with at this point and they make for great ghoulish creatures. The Grimlocks themselves look incredibly creepy with they're black eyes and bluish, pale skin. The make-up crew really bring them life as they look stunning. The writers also crafted an amazing M.O. as Grimlocks steal the sight from children so they can see the aura around good people and strangle them to death with it. I love the scenes that feature the 2 boys trapped in the sewers with the Grimlocks as it was very effectively creepy.

    Raphael Sbarge (Brent Miller) was great as the wealthy businessman who was blinded by the Grimlocks years ago as a child. The scenes between Brent and Phoebe were superbly acted by both actors and both characters had instant chemistry between each other. I also liked Prue's power development as now she can channel her telekinesis through her hands instead of her eyes. The shot of Prue levitating Grimlock and a little boy was well done despite some dodgy looking special effects. The only downside to the episode is Scott Plank as reporter Eric Lohman, who is a complete annoyance after he finds out Prue's a witch. The constant scenes where he harasses her are irritating and sometimes I don't know if it's the actor or just the character! On the plus side, Andy finally finds out the sisters are witches, which is a hilarious scene with Andy's reaction to Prue threatening him with magic:

    Andy: "No Prue, I'm not leaving you down here."
    Prue: "Just go alright, or do you want me to use my power on you."
    Andy: "...I'll see you outside."

    The special effects were excellent and I love how the vanquishing potion made the Grimlocks melt away. Lastly, after Piper goes through a life-threatening experience while fighting the Grimlocks, she decides to break up with Josh. It's a good development as Piper still has feelings for Leo and would rather pursue those feeling than be with Josh. I'm just glad that relationship ended quickly as it seemed like the writers were just giving Piper a rebound guy for time. All and All, "Out of Sight" is a superb highlight from the first season with inventive villains, an excellent storyline, wonderful guest stars and great developments.
  • The secret is out...

    While celebrating the birthday party of her friend's son, David, in the park with her sisters, Prue sees a demon kidnapping him and uses her power to try and avoid it. The despicable Bay Weekly tabloid journalist Eric Lohman witnesses and blackmails Prue. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe find out that the demon is a Grimlock that can only be vanquished with a root of Schisandra. Also, twenty years ago, two boys were kidnapped in the same spot and one of them, Brent Miller, survived. However, he was totally blind. Phoebe contacts him while Piper visits Josh to get some underground maps of San Francisco. When Eric goes to Inspector Andy Trudeau's office, Andy assigns himself to the case and ends up discovering the Halliwell's secret.

    "Out of Sight" is one of the best episodes of the First Season of "Charmed". The story is dark, and now with Andy aware of Prue, Piper and Phoebe's powers, the stories will certainly shift in another direction.
  • Prue's powers are exposed when she levitates a boy and a strange demon in front of a reporter. Meanwhile the girls must save the kidnapped boys held captive by demons who have stolen their eyesight

    A very dark and sinister episodes, definately gave me the chills the first time I watched it. The episode marks the frst time that the girls powers have been exposed, which of course is used repeatedly in later episodes which overshadows this episode. The special effects are reasonable particularly when the demons (known as Grimlocks) used electric sparks to blind the boy and steal his eyesight, it looked very real. I liked how Prue was so cool headed when she is faced with threats from the reporter, she was very funny when she used her power to puncture the reporter's tyres.

    The vanquish was very awry, were Prue and Phoebe got strangled remotely by the Grimlocks and Prue threw the potion over the grimlock which made him dissolve into waste. Great Material! I especially liked the fact that after the Grimlocks were vanquished all of their victims eyesights returned including Brent Miller who lost his eyesight to them 10 years ago.

    Overall an immensely dark and entertaining episode with many great and memorable moments
  • Seeing is believing

    This is one of the best plotted episodes of the first season. Not only is there a decent demon plot but we get the added twist of a reporter trying to out the Charmed Ones and, joy of joys, Andy FINALLY learns Prue's secret. About time!

    Let's begin with the grimlocks. First of all, good name. I have to confess I didn't find them particularly creepy, and the whole aura thing seemed a bit lame, but the idea of kidnapping and blinding young boys makes a change from the usual "must kill the witches" routine.

    The real baddie, however, is not a demon but a reporter who hounds the sisters after seeing Prue use her power. Despite some less than Oscarlike acting, he makes a worthy hate figure. This is the first episode to deal with the issue of exposure and it is handled well, although Prue confesses way too easily for my liking; there was no guarantee she would get that tape back.

    What really makes this episode special, however, is that we no longer have to endure Andy's utter ineptness at putting two and two together. Quite how someone who believes in witchcraft (and who saw the sisters using their powers as a child) could have taken so long to get to the truth is beyond me but there you go. Although way overdue, I'm delighted he is now in on the act. I'm also glad they got rid of Josh as he was too dull for words.

    There are two notable firsts in this episode. First up, we see Prue channel her power through her hands. Secondly, we have our first ever vanquishing potion. I wonder if the writers realised quite what they'd started when they came up with this one?

    The climax is gripping and brings together all the threads of the story beautifully. What a way for Andy to uncover the truth! And, for once, the demons do the sisters a favour by killing the reporter. Season One just seems to be getting better and better.
  • I liked this episode, and Prue uses her powers in a different way now

    When a young boy is kidnapped in a park, Prue's powers are seen by a reporter. As Phoebe and Piper learn that Grimlocks kidnapped the child to steal their eyesight, Prue is confronted by the reporter who tells her he is going to expose her secret with or without her help. Phoebe seeks out an old victim of the Grimlocks, a blind man, to try to figure out where the children are being held. Meanwhile, Piper learns her boyfriend is willing to pass up a job in Beverly Hills to stay in town with her. Andy finally learns about Prue's powers.
  • demons kidnap children and steal their sight.

    This is one of my personal favorites. Demons called Grimlocks (who remind of characters from the Blue Man Group)kidnap 2 little boys and steal their sight so they can see a human's aura. They then use this power to kill people with strong auras. One of the boys is the son of Pipers friend. Prue sees the demon kidnap the child and levitates them by throwing up her hands. This throws her off as she has never done this before. Unfortunately for her, a tabloid reporter sees her and hounds her and the sisters to try and get the story. I think this is played a bit over the top and was the one weakness of this episode. I think this may have been the first time the sisters threw a potion at a demon to vanquish them. I'm glad in future episodes they use small vials rather than the huge jars they used here. Andy follows his leads and runs into the sisters where they are tracking the Grimlocks for the vanquish. He witnesses Prue using her powers and finally finds out their secret. This is probably why it is one of my favorites. Also they finally killed the Piper-Josh subplot which I was extremely happy about.
  • eye witness

    I liked this episode a whole lot. Prue's powers advance so she can now move thingd by the wave of a hand. She is caught by a reporter who exposes her powers. The fashion throughout this season is terrible though. Andy finally finds out that Prue Piper and Phoebe are witches.
  • Prue's powers advance. This is true to form...the powers are based on the emotions and she was stressed when her powers advanced. Well done!

    Piper's love for kids and family is reinforced here. I thought she was over dressed for a party in the park, but the wardrobe issues have plagued this show all season. It is reasonable that someone finally saw them use powers. This plants the seeds for the downfall at the end of season 3. It is interesting to see how they dealt with potions. First they use jam jars and as the series advances, they use vials. The newspaper reporter reminds me of the Incredible Hulk and the reporter that badgered David Banner. Of course, there is also a reference to another comic hero...Wonder Woman. Nicely, done, writers!

    It is unlikely that Prue's boss does subscribe to an offbeat paper.
  • A mixture from secrets, feelings,suspicions, problems and human auras...

    The secret of the Charmed was almost revealed in this episode. Actually Andy understand about it. Till this time he was only suspecting. In spite of all he was shocked. But the newsman was excited. This man made me feel evil. If I were Prue or Piper I would poison him with some potion or drop him from a high place... Only his dead safe them from revealing and it was nice that grimlocks take care of that.
    The grimlocks were very interesting demons and I really like the way they die when you splash them with the potion. I was happy that Brent has his eyes back too. And I really like his dog!:)
    I am agree with Piper about Josh... when you think for one man it's not fair to be with other.
    The most interesting part of the episode, at least for me, was how Prue learn to control her power with her hands. Her powers are still growing and that was a huge step ahead!
  • I have NO idea what jumps the shark is supposed to mean.

    This episode kinda had me freaked out. I couldn\'t watch Charmed for four weeks after that. The sight-stealing white-faced dudes are waaaayyy late for their beautician\'s appointment. Same make-up that made THE GRUDGE scary. I feel sorry for that cop but hey- that teaches him for being nosy and messing with da legendary CHARMED ONES!!
  • Two sight stealing demons kidnap one of the sisters' friend's son.

    In the park, the sister are at their friend birthday party, when Prue sees the little boy being kidnapped. She tries to use her powers to stop them but her power comes out of her hands. A reporter sees the boy and the demon floating in midair. Meanwhile, Piper doesn't know if she wants Josh and her to become a couple. Pheobe becomes acquainted with one of the Grimlocks former victims, Brent Miller. While the sisters try to track down the demon, the reporter is following their every move.
  • Steal my sight, why don’t you?

    Another original Season One episode, filled with actually menacing and well-written demons, Out Of Sight is an early Charmed classic, with many memorable scenes and great over-all acting.

    The Grimlocks are a few of those Charmed Demons that stay with you for a long time. I remember watching this episode when I was 11, and having nightmares of those white ghostly creatures. They’re seriously creepy and actually threatening, something very, very unusual when it comes to demons and villains on Charmed. The main plot about the kidnapped children is beautifully laid out, and the story comes together evenly and in a nice pace. This is also the very first episode to deal with the issue of exposure. Admittedly, this idea has been so overused over the eight years Charmed ahs aired, that it doesn’t seem original anymore. This, of course, makes it much harder to enjoy this episode, which is a shame, because if you hadn’t watched all the coming exposure episodes, this one is very good.

    Phoebe’s romance with Brent Miller is actually quite sweet, and it seem natural. I also rejoice at the fact that Andy finally learns the truth about the sisters, and we are spared the ten minutes of suspicion that occurred in every single episode of season one up to this one. Prue’s and Andy’s scenes together are good, and even Piper’s and Josh’s story line is cute.

    All in all, Out Of Sight is an original, gripping and funny hour of Charmed, with good writing and creepy demons. A Season One classic.
  • Never Act with Animals or Kids #2

    I've said this many times already but I find it really annoying when you're watching re-runs of Charmed and they end up being ruined when the storyline you are seeing unfolding in front of you was constantly repeated as the series went on. One of the storylines in Blind Sided involves a reporter blackmailing the sisters after seeing them using their powers in public. It was a great plotline which ended up being done to death over the years, so the first use of it loses all of its momentum.

    Blind Sided also features two other storylines. The demon plot has the sisters battling two Grimlock demons that abduct children and take away their eye sight in order to obtain more power. Meanwhile, Andy finally discovers Prue's secret.

    The Grimlocks remain, to this day, one of the best demons on Charmed and their motives behind the abductions of children are well evolved on, something which is hardly done in the current episodes. Their powers were also cool as I loved the way they could make their victim's throats close up with a wave of their hand. I enjoyed the relationship between Phoebe and the blind man Brent in this episode. They had some real chemistry and Brent had some really good character development.

    I was glad that Andy found out the secret. He had been Mr Gullible for 19 episodes; I think the writers should have given him at least some intelligence! All-in-all, Blind Sided is a brilliant episode with an excellent demon plot and some interesting subplots. The latter half of season one had some amazing episodes, this being one of them.

    Rating: B
  • cool episode

    that was cool! prue finally used levitation w/ her hands! then she got caught... :cry: . the grimlocks look really cool! they steal kids eyesight. y did the old guy get his eyesight back? they sayd that after 24 hours they would be perminatlly blind? well, it worked out good! i liked this episode!
  • great episode

    in this episode scott terra plays a son of a friend of the sisters, he gets kidnapped by a demon and prue sees this and tries tostop the demon and while she uses her powers a reporter sees this and threatens to expose the sisters.
    Phoebe and Piper attempt to learn more about the demons who stole the child (grimlocks)and stop the reporter from exposing Prue.
    Meanwhile, Andy finally learns about Prue's powers.
    In the search of the demons phoebe runs in to a man who had a similar experience when he was a little boy and who ended up blind, a great role played by Raphael Sbarge (as Brent Miller.).
    Rating :
    Acting 10/10
    Story 8/10
    Overall 9/10
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