Season 2 Episode 8

P3 H2O

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 1999 on The WB

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  • Never particularly cared for this episode.

    And this is where Prue's fashion goes really downhill, I'm sorry but you CANNOT wear clothes like what she's wearing or Jack's wearing at a business like Bucklands. Especially after the year it's had they'd be trying to stick to every single rule.

    And in the time she's at bucklands in a red top she drives to the lake and puts on a white top.. what's the point in that change of clothes?

    And I hate them saying Prue looks the most like their mum. Prue gets EVERYTHING in every episode, Alyssa actually does resemble Finola, why not actually give Phoebe something for once. And I did hate the idea of Prue acting like she's responsible for absolutely everything (I understand feeling responsible) but she's acting like she IS in charge.

    But this is just my hatred of Prue. And on top of that she was supposed to have worked through her fears of drowning last season, she seems pretty deathly afraid of water still, but doesn't matter, she'll defeat barbas again by her own perfect self.

    It is an interesting episode, I like that it wasn't immediately at the start of the series, nor too far in and that they weren't all obsessed about their past like a lot of shows make their characters. Prue acting like it's a sign is annoying when she is there on a weekly-daily basis. And automatically assuming the worst of Sam. Your mum died at a young age, what do you know about her life. And assuming the worst of Leo. Their defiance of him gets really bloody annoying. He can answer your questions in a different place. And naturally the whole "you have no right to talk about our mum" you don't even know ANY of the story! Get over yourselves, you never try and find out the truth before doing anything.

    And they are quite annoying with not acting professional. I understand it's a very personal situation but so because it's personal you can't go to the book of shadows? He's making a very standard 'request' that you check what it is before being idiots like usual. Just gah, what do you know compared to a whitelighter of 60 years! Aw Prue so 10 minutes ago you were condemning Sam and blaming him and now hes worthy of your depressed blank pathetic face and pitying him.

    The flashbacks to young Prue was quite lame, she was hardly convincing of a child actor. They did look very alike though so good casting there. And Prue grabbing Piper by the hair, and if that was normal hair in a normal situation it would be getting very knotty the way she was holding it.

    What wins this episode for me is Piper and Leo, and reading the notes, and being obviously in love but knowing neither of them should really express it and having no real idea what the other is thinking. They acted it so well.

    And final note.. just because you say in Japanese "you want this piece it's nice" doesn't mean someone would automatically be like "omg yes, I must have it".

    "we have to see passed our emotions Sam so do you" right because that is what you're doing. Hypocrite. And Prue really doesn't care about Phoebe obviously. Prue only saw a dead body as a kid and has been 'scarred' for life. But wants Phoebe to see her entire death from start to finish as an adult who can understand it. And really, the plan didn't even need powers at all. Patty's power wasn't the problem the problem was she put the electrical things down to freeze Sam. You don't need ANY powers for this plan.

    Fashion: Prue just no. And that pink number at the end actually showing her bra! That's just unclassy no matter where you are.

    Phoebe looked nice her in her quite conservative outfit compared to normal.
  • The girls avenge their mothers death and learn some surprising truths...

    A brilliant episode, much worthier than the score given. P3 H2O (love the title) has the girls facing one of their most challenging foes, the demon that took away their mother, Patty from them and the major source of Prue's neurosis, not only that we meet the mysterious Sam Wilder who as it turns out was Patty's whitelighter and secret lover.

    The emotional stakes are therefore high, with each sister dealing with the truth in different ways; Prue with anger and denial, Piper turning to Leo for comfort whilst reading the love letters between Sam and Patty and Phoebe trying to keep everything together.

    None of the scenes fail in this episode and its difficult to pick out my favourite moments; I loved the scenes with Piper and Leo as they were heartfelt and not at all cheesy, whilst Prue's realisation that she must follow in her mothers footsteps to defeat the demon and her fears are played to perfection by Shannen who does steal the show in many

    I loved the different settings used to, which is one of the things that Charmed usually excels in taking the girls to different areas and places and letting the story unravel their. The Water Demon was also hauntingly interesting with a decent MO, the way it could take over its victims body was eeire and I can remember being freaked out when I watched the episode for the very first time

    Overall an intense, dark and emotional episode which will come into significance later on in the series. Enjoy!
  • P3 H2O

    P3 H2O was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the sisters were confronted by the very demon responsible for killing their mother. The story was well written and the flash backs were done in a cohesive manner and gave the right amount of information. Prue is caught between dealing with her fears and dealing with Jack who now works with her. I really liked how Piper's relationship with Leo paralleled her mother Patty and white lighter Sam's own relationship. Phoebe was also forced to relive the past and witness her mother's death to help fight the demon in their time. Over all this was a good fun story full of drama, intrigue and action along with character and plot development. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Don't lose her... Yeah, here's some even better advice- Don't lose HIM.

    Charmed is literally about facing demons every week, but this episode is also all about figuratively facing demons. The two 800 pound demons in the room are Prue's neurotic fears regarding her mother's death, and Piper and Leo's heartbreaking love.

    This episode is amazingly written and acted and deserves its place among the best of Charmed. It is a somewhat famous episode, being the birthplace of the idea of Paige, the savior of Charmed. In the episode, the two above detailed story threads are woven together to create a powerful and even beautiful final tale of lost love, courage, redemption, and hope.

    This is a Prue and Piper-centric episode, and I have to give Shannen credit for one of her best performances here. Her character practically oozes strength and determination, as long as her feet are on land. The episode wonderfully builds tension until the final showdown where Prue and Sam must face their demons, together.

    As good as that is, the Piper/Leo story line makes the episode. The first half of the show has elements of Friday the 13th and Jaws, and is somewhat slow as it sets up Prue's thread of the story. It is when the love letters are found and Piper's thread kicks in that the episode really picks up, and we get some fantastic scenes, one after the other, starting with Leo orbing Piper for the first time on the show, and then Phoebe being forced to relive her mother's final moments. Great stuff. After the final battle, which actually surprised me, the last scene between Piper and Leo in the kitchen is classic. Once again, Brian is completely convincing as the desperately in love Leo, and his lines are superb. Piper puts on a strong face for Leo, but the last look through the door at the end tells us that her heart left with him.

    Dan continues to be annoying and refuses to button his dang shirt. It is going to be a long couple episodes until Leo returns in Awakened.
  • Waiter, There's a Demon in My Lake

    An absolutely brilliant episode, P3 H20 works because of the new setting they use for the episode. In various TV shows, taking the characters out of their familiar settings only occasionally works but luckily, Charmed does so with perfection.

    P3 H20 has the sisters investigating a series of drownings at Camp Skylark, the camp where they stayed as children, and discover that the water demon responsible for the drownings is the same demon who drowned their mom Patty. They also meet the former whitelighter who had an affair with their mother.

    This has to be one of the best episodes of the season with some extremely dark scenes (the drownings in particular) and Holly, Alyssa and mostly Shannen give brilliant performances. Shannen is very convincing as Prue realises that she's the one who has to kill the water demon and it's neat how history basically replays itself, first with Piper freezing Leo just as they're about to kill the demon, the same thing that Patty did to her whitelighter Sam, and also when Piper and Leo realize that they weren't the first whitelighter-charge couple. Brilliant.

    Rating: A
  • Momma Drama

    P3 H20-The sisters must face and destroy the demon that was responsible for their mother's death 20 years ago. In the process, they uncover a chapter of their mother's life that they never knew about - one that disturbingly mirrors Piper's current relationship with Leo. Superbly written and wonderful heartwarming story, "P3 H2O" (Cool title) sees the sisters coming to turns with the lost of their mother when they face the demon that killed her 20 years ago. All 3 leads give great performances, but Shannen Doherty comes out on top this time. She is brilliant as Prue must face of fears over her mother's terrible fate and get over the pain that has always been within her. It makes perfect sense that Prue would be the saddest of her sisters as she remembers every small detail of her mother's death. You can honestly see how angry and hurt Prue is, not just still dealing with the reality of losing her mother but going up against the demon that killed her must be a frighting experience. I especially love the scene where Prue accepts her fate:

    Prue: Sam, would mom's plan have worked if she had finished it?
    Sam: Absolutely.
    Piper: But you said her power, my power, doesn't work against this demon.
    Phoebe: So that's it, we use mom's plan with one difference, the witch at the end of the dock is not gonna be the one with the power to freeze..
    Prue: It's gonna be me.

    Scott Jaeck (Sam Wilder) makes for a great guest star and gives a stunning performance as the fallen whitelighter. You truly feel sorry for the character as he was forced to live with the guilt of Patti's death for all those years hiding at that camp. I also love the development of Patti and Sam having an affair which is truly ironic seeing as how Piper and Leo are in the same situation. The parrales that both couples share are amazingly similar and Piper and Leo's reaction to the affiar is well acted by both Holly and Brian. The scene where Piper freezes Leo from getting hurt just like Patty did to Sam 20 years before was probably the best scene to show this. This revelation gives hope for Piper and Leo's relationship but at the same, makes it's difficult for Leo as his feelings for Piper are going stronger each day. Leo's little speech to Piper about that was so touching as well as heartbreaking making their relationship hopeless.

    The water demon brought some really above average effects for the series as well as some disturbing scenes. I love that the water demon used his past victims to lure new victims he can drown. The episode also benefits from the great camp setting which is a freshing change from the city of San Fransico. Other great scenes is Phoebe's intense premontion of her mother's death which Alyssa pulls off the overwhelming experience with such passion in her performance. Then there's Sam's tragic death and the sight of his spirit walking away with Patti's is such a beautiful moment. All and All, "P3 H20" sees the writers and actors creating a remarkable episode that will be remembered for its superb writting, a wonderful storyine and touching performances from various cast members as well as guest stars.
  • The girls, and Prue in particular, must re-live the death of their mother and learn some very surprising things.

    Patty Halliwell died by drowning when her three girls were very young. Prue, in particular, finds herself constantly drawn back to the place where Patty met her death and finds that she isn't coping at all, even after such a long time.

    Learning that a water demon was responsible for Patty's death makes the girls, particularly Prue, determined to defeat it but that proves to be far easier said than done as the demon is very strong.

    Even more difficult to deal with is an older man who seems to know all about what happened to Patty and worse, seems to blame himself for her demise.

    An excellent episode, with particularly impressive acting by Shannen Doherty as the grief-striken daughter who can't let go of the past.
  • #It's all just a little bit of history repeating#

    Patty had an affair. With her Whitelighter! Remind you of anybody?

    When Prue is brooding out at the lake where her mother Patty drowned she sees someone get dragged under by something supernatural. A Guy who turns out to be Patty's Whitelighter Sam tells her she can't save the person as its too risky.

    A very revealing and yet slightly boring episode about Patty's death and the giant water monster who killed her. More than that is the revelation that Patty had an affair something that shows she's human. It was cute that Sam had clipped his wings for her and as Patty in her previous episode was such a good character it's nice to learn more about her. Also Prue's reaction to being compared to her mother is endearing as she isn't comfortable with it at all. Piper and Leo's relationship being shadowed is an interesting way to go and seems to end an era, as Piper sticks to her guns and stays with Dan. She obviously still wants Leo more though.

    Lastly Piper holds onto Leo and Orbs - I just want the girls to learn to Orb themselves as I don't know how it happens.
  • Patty & Sam

    Prue stops Piper's car nearby the lake where their mother drowned twenty years ago, and she recalls her death. When she sees a man drowning in the lake, she tried to save him and is contained by a weird man, who saves her life from a demon in the lake. Prue meets Piper and Phoebe at home, and Leo discloses that the man that saved her is Sam Wilder, a former whitelighter in charge of protecting their mother and also that they fell in love with each other. When Patty died, Sam became a mortal. The Halliwell sisters go to the summer camp near the lake and try to avoid the children to get close of the water and to destroy the demon.

    In this episode, the death of Patty Halliwell and her love for her whitelighter are disclosed. Prue resolves her trauma with the death of her mother and is surprised by the attitude of Jack Sheridan at Buckland's auction house. Piper is divided by her love for Leo and Dan.
  • Don't go near the water

    I can't put my finger on why I didn't give this a higher score. It has all the makings of a really good instalment but something about it just doesn't quite feel right.

    I'm glad they did an episode based around their mother's death as it is obviously a big part of who they are. Having Prue go up to the lake without telling her sisters is very true to her character. I also liked the idea of bringing Patty's whitelighter, Sam, into the picture. He gave the story an interesting twist and it was great to see how he and Leo reacted to one another. The memory dust was good too. It all got rather cheesy when Piper and Leo were going through Patty's letters and realised she was in love with her whitelighter. I didn't see the need for this - surely Leo and Piper can make their own minds up? In the long run, I guess it did give us Paige and help keep the show running for five more seasons but that's not the point!

    Jack continues to make me smile with his boyish pranks and cheeky grin. Dan continues to make me cringe with his bouffy hair and simpering smile. That said, I do love the catty scenes with him and Leo.

    The water demon was good and I liked the way it could take over the bodies of its victims or appear as a watery mass. The vanquish was great and, once again, did not rely on the sisters using their powers in the same old way. Piper freezing Leo just as Patty had frozen Sam was predictable but still fun.

    The best bit was Phoebe's flashback and I particularly loved Prue's line just beforehand: "I know somebody who can see anything." It's great when Phoebe uses her power rather than just waits for premonitions.

    So Leo has decided he is off, has he? Something tells me he'll be back.
  • It was alright, I sorta guess the thing about Sam

    Piper doesn’t like Leo does she!!! Man I hate that. Any way it was sorta predictable with Sam and Patty (Prue, Piper and Phoebe’s mom), I sorta guess the same with what Leo and Piper were going through. This episode was ok, nothing really happen. We knew how their mom dies (patty), and it was so funny the scene after Sam blows the powder on them to forget. Lol. Dan was suppose to have breakfast with Piper, but Piper forgot because of that powder thingy. Then Leo teleported to their house, and Leo got angry at Sam for letting them forget.

    Sam last work to Leo “don’t let her go!” yay.
  • Revealing and great.

    While visiting the camp where her mother died, Prue witnesses a man drowning at the hands of something lurking beneath the surface of the lake and encounters a man telling her to leave not to return. After telling her sisters about the deadly event, the sisters head to the camp to learn that the man, Sam, was their mother's white lighter, who has been living near the lake for the past twenty years to prevent history from repeating itself, fearing Prue would return and die while fighting the water demon in the lake like her mother did. Meanwhile, Piper discovers love letters written by her mother to Sam and is forced to reevaluate her relationship with Leo, while Dan continues to court her.
  • P3H2O

    I think it was inevitable that eventually there would be ann episode that revolved around there mother. I thought it was a little weird how much Patty and Piper are like one another and sweet at the same time. Patty with Sam and Piper with Leo. It must have been tough for the girls having to go through it all over again and to find out that Patty had an affair with her whitelighter.
  • The sisters realize that the water demon at the lake where they when to camp when they were younger is the one that killed their mother and that Sam,who saved Prue, was their mother's lover and whitelighter but is moral after he wasn't able to save Patty.

    The sisters have to deal with their mothers death and Prue has to face her worst fear. Phoebe shows great strength in reliving her mother's last moments in other to kill the demon. Sam also has to deal with what happen. He blamed himselff for Patty's death because he believed that his love for her is the reason that she died. Leo understands where he is coming from because he experience what Sam when through because of his love for Piper. Leo is very strong because he is willing to give up Piper in order to protect her. This episode is about overcoming fear and making sacifices for the better.
  • so basicly the girls try to vanquish the demon that killed their mother..big deal...

    I know some of you might hate me after this review but I didn't think that is was such a great episode..Pheobe didn't do much...piper was always mean to leo(thinking that later she'ss having 2 kids with him...), prue was mad that she was being compared to her mum but in the ned she likes it, dan is tring to at least have a more- than- 10sec(freezing included)- conversation with piper...sam is killed in this eppy even if later in the show he'll get to meet his daughter weird is that?! i don't get it how do they get these ideas....ok the demon special effect was interesting but not that great..not something i would like that much...but hey there have to be good and worse eppies so..if you like it it's oki..

    PS:pls don't be mean to me 4 this review..
  • The sisters must face the demon that killed their mother.

    Prue witnesses a drowning at the lake where her mother was killed. She tells her sisters about it and they go to investigate. After the camp director is killed, they realize that there is nobody to stop the summer camp from opening up, while the demon is still in the water. They meet Sam, and find out that he was their mother\'s whitelighter. They had fallen in love and, after she had died, he had clipped his wings. They vanquish the demon, but loose Sam in the prosses, where he is finally reunited with their mother. Leo tells Piper that their fellings for each other are interfering with their work and tells her that he has to leave.

    This episode reveals how their mother was really killed. Prue is afraid of following in her mothers footsteps. An okay episode. The story line was pretty good but it was kinda predictible.
  • When people around a lake drowns mysteriously the Charmed ones get invovled because it's the same lake that their mother drowned in. By the lake they meet Whitelighter-Sam who they discover was in love with their mother. In the end Sam commits sucicide an

    This episode is hard to classify. The Charmed ones develop, it's a very special episode because it's the first time that we are allowed to tap into a private part of their past. We kind of relive the death of Patricia "Patty" Halliwell, the mother of the power of three. Especially Prue develops and grows stronger. Piper learns to listen to her heart and she learns that she is not the only one who had an affair and fell in love with a whiteligther against the rules. Phoebe learns the painfull truth about the death of her mother.
    The special tension between Piper and Leo in this episode is so painfull that I as a fan can fell it. That's very hard to make people do...
  • love it!

    (im watching this epiode right now BTW!) i love this episode! thye need more water demons, theres only been 2! this is one of the best episode of the show, prue gets so dramathic. its cool. i like at the beginning where it shows little prue calling out to her mom. that was cool!
  • Camp Kill-All

    This was a pretty good episode. Prue is apparently the one who was most affected by her mother's death. How horrible it must have been to be there when it happened. She hates being compared to her mother, because she fears she will die young like her mother. She is so afraid to walk in her footsteps, but she will have to. Sam(their mom's whitlighter) and their mother Patty were obviously in love, and he in fact was not responsible for her death. Even though she froze him to stop him from trying to save her, that doesn't stop him from feeling guilty. And poor Phoebe. It was so heartbreaking to watch her relive her mother's death. A couple of tears fell from my eyesat that moment. Piper needs to stop fighting it and just be with Leo. It's in her blood to love her whitelighter just as her mother did. Like Piper said, it was like she wrote those letters herself. All the problems that Piper has with Leo and his job, Dan has with her. Leaving at a moments notice, putting an innocent's needs before their own. It's Piper's responsibility as one of the Charmed Ones and Leo's as a whitlighter. Sam seemed to be at peace after avenging Patty's death and moving on into the afterlife with her.
  • They found out how their mom died and Phoebe really feels it! :S An amazing episode

    I really think this episode was good for the characters. It showed them some more about what caused their mom's death although Prue did now that of course since she was there but they have learned more about their mother's past and her affair with her own whitelighter Sam. I liked the references. Prue said in the beginning to that camp lady woman how Piper was most alike her mother and in fact that was true since both her mom and Piper have shown interest in a whitelighter and for some reasons can't be together. Prue was even more right at that moment then she knew. Also liked how Piper froze Leo like Patty froze Sam years ago, shows that Piper still cares about Leo since Patty froze Sam years ago just to protect him.

    Sad how Phoebe had to feel how her mom died, must be horror if that happened to you in real life! And also some nice character development for Prue, getting over her fears of stepping further on that bridge. Makes me realise that most likely Prue got her fear of drowning because her mom died in that lake. Don't know if that has been mentioned in an episode before but I just realised that :)

    Anyhow great episode, nice to see those flashbacks from how it happened in the past and that we finally got to see their mom's face. I can remember that in season 1 when Prue saw her mom in the pool when Barabas (?) made her fear come true, that her mom had no face. Nice to finally see a face with the person in question.
    Great episode, truly a must see! :)
  • in this episode the girls find out that the demon who kiled their mother is killing again and they need to face him.

    this episode is special because the girls find out how their mother died, she was killed by a water demon and this demon it out on the lose again and the girls are the only ones who can stop him.
    When they start investigating the girls find loveletters from their mom and sam.When they meet sam and talkto him ,the girls find out sam was their mother's whitelighter .when piper hears this ,she feels that if the love between her mom and sam didnt work ,how is her relationship with leo supposed too work out.
    The girls beat the demon by finding out what went wrong when their mom tried tokill the demon and do it in an other way and with the power of three.
    I found it weird that the writers mirrored the leo-piper relationship with their mom and her whitelighter, but this episode was SUPER.
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