Season 2 Episode 8

P3 H2O

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 1999 on The WB

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  • Don't lose her... Yeah, here's some even better advice- Don't lose HIM.

    Charmed is literally about facing demons every week, but this episode is also all about figuratively facing demons. The two 800 pound demons in the room are Prue's neurotic fears regarding her mother's death, and Piper and Leo's heartbreaking love.

    This episode is amazingly written and acted and deserves its place among the best of Charmed. It is a somewhat famous episode, being the birthplace of the idea of Paige, the savior of Charmed. In the episode, the two above detailed story threads are woven together to create a powerful and even beautiful final tale of lost love, courage, redemption, and hope.

    This is a Prue and Piper-centric episode, and I have to give Shannen credit for one of her best performances here. Her character practically oozes strength and determination, as long as her feet are on land. The episode wonderfully builds tension until the final showdown where Prue and Sam must face their demons, together.

    As good as that is, the Piper/Leo story line makes the episode. The first half of the show has elements of Friday the 13th and Jaws, and is somewhat slow as it sets up Prue's thread of the story. It is when the love letters are found and Piper's thread kicks in that the episode really picks up, and we get some fantastic scenes, one after the other, starting with Leo orbing Piper for the first time on the show, and then Phoebe being forced to relive her mother's final moments. Great stuff. After the final battle, which actually surprised me, the last scene between Piper and Leo in the kitchen is classic. Once again, Brian is completely convincing as the desperately in love Leo, and his lines are superb. Piper puts on a strong face for Leo, but the last look through the door at the end tells us that her heart left with him.

    Dan continues to be annoying and refuses to button his dang shirt. It is going to be a long couple episodes until Leo returns in Awakened.
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