Season 2 Episode 8

P3 H2O

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 1999 on The WB

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  • The girls avenge their mothers death and learn some surprising truths...

    A brilliant episode, much worthier than the score given. P3 H2O (love the title) has the girls facing one of their most challenging foes, the demon that took away their mother, Patty from them and the major source of Prue's neurosis, not only that we meet the mysterious Sam Wilder who as it turns out was Patty's whitelighter and secret lover.

    The emotional stakes are therefore high, with each sister dealing with the truth in different ways; Prue with anger and denial, Piper turning to Leo for comfort whilst reading the love letters between Sam and Patty and Phoebe trying to keep everything together.

    None of the scenes fail in this episode and its difficult to pick out my favourite moments; I loved the scenes with Piper and Leo as they were heartfelt and not at all cheesy, whilst Prue's realisation that she must follow in her mothers footsteps to defeat the demon and her fears are played to perfection by Shannen who does steal the show in many

    I loved the different settings used to, which is one of the things that Charmed usually excels in taking the girls to different areas and places and letting the story unravel their. The Water Demon was also hauntingly interesting with a decent MO, the way it could take over its victims body was eeire and I can remember being freaked out when I watched the episode for the very first time

    Overall an intense, dark and emotional episode which will come into significance later on in the series. Enjoy!
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