Season 2 Episode 8

P3 H2O

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 1999 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Piper: Sam, yes you were clear. My eyes were open to the difficulties, the risks, but my answer is the same as it was when you were still here with me. No one understands me the way you do, no one can.
      Leo: What I wouldn't do for what other people consider ordinary. A conversation that gets finished, a night spent uninterrupted. A night with you.
      Piper: It's like I could've written these.
      Leo: I wish you had.
      Piper: What would it have changed? Looks like this one is about our water demon. You can't be with me up at the lake. This demon is too strong and I can't risk losing you, not for myself or the others you protect. They must as always come first. You know I'd never face this demon if I didn't think I'd be home in time for dinner to see my girls, to see you. She never came home. When did this happen? Where was dad?
      Leo: Your sisters need to know about Sam, your mom, Piper.
      Piper: And if this demon is as strong as she thought, then they're going to need me but how do we get there in time to… Can you? I mean, is that breaking the rules?
      Leo: What rules haven't we already broken? I'll have to hold you.
      (Leo holds Piper and they orb out.)