Season 2 Episode 14

Pardon My Past

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on The WB

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  • Love the evil Phoebe.

    Well to start, I feel the exact same Iltarion so I'm just going to say what he said: "The weakness of the episode is the logic behind it. Why wouldn't past Prue and Piper just vanquish Anton in the first place? Why kill their cousin? And even if they did kill her while defending themselves, why not then vanquish Anton instead of going to the extreme of cursing Phoebe for all time? Idiocy. And why would Phoebe die at the same time at the same age? Couldn't Anton just join with her before that?" And actually being in the episode now, it seems even more ridiculous "we know HE loves you, HE turned you, we can't have you joining forces so we'll kill YOU and let him live and be pissed off". If they could get a spell to vanquish Phoebe there's a spell to vanquish a warlock in the book. Especially when 'good' phoebe is in the past, she's not even fighting them. I know they think she's deranged and all but she still isn't fighting them and they're just trying to murder her now. If there's a chance she's good still in their mind, why not try and take it instead of just going straight to murder. Especially since she did just kick Anton and refused him. Right in front of them, she showed she's not with Anton, what they're doing is just murder now.

    Anyway, why was Phoebe wearing something like that showing off her entire body, knowing there was company in the house? I like that she's studying and not partying though, shows growth in her characters development. Although it is actually really rude for them to be throwing a party on the night of her exam. I mean you would've had to organise it and Phoebe would have known about her exams for a while.

    I also agree with someone else about Leo. He became a whitelighter in the mid 1940s. So in the 1920s when this was taking place, he would actually still be alive, because he'd need to be qualified to be a doctor and everything by the time he goes off to war, so he'd be alive and very young at this point. So it annoys me that he is there. If it had of taken place, even at the turn of the century in 1900 it'd be a different story because at least this way they could say it is one of Leo's past lives, he died some time later before he was born again in the early 1900s.

    I didn't like the powers they had, it's supposed to be the same three powers passed down through the generations and while Piper has her 'freezing' power, Prue ALSO has a freezing power but it's completely different and I just found it a bit ridiculous. I liked Phoebe's flame power, which I just associated with Anton perhaps giving it to her somehow to justify her having it. But yeah.

    I like that Phoebe still took her exam. I still don't like Dan in the past life. He actually looked beyond pathetic as well. Prue in her past life was still an arrogant cow. And naturally she's also an amazing photographer, which we'll discover in the next few episodes. Never really studied it but naturally gets a job at the first magazine she wants and is all amazing and knows everything.

    Although we do kind of have a link here to the later seasons. When Leo mentions "you regress if you abuse your powers" and Phoebe loses hers later.

    On the plus side though, It's Phoebe centric and I have always enjoyed this episode. She acts evil perfectly and she looks stunning in her 20s garb. And I did like Anton he was a bit of a hottie. And posing as Christina was smart I guess, if he had no other option.
  • Reply to ChristinaBryant

    They never said he was their past whitelighter, just Piper's ex lover.
  • This Episode Makes NO Sense!

    How is it possible that Leo was the previous whitelighter of the three cousins in Phoebe's past if the flashbacks took place in the 1920's? If you're truly a Charmed fan, you know that Leo didn't become a whitelighter until the 1940's because he died during World War 2, which started in 1939 and ended in 1945.
  • Pardon My Past

    Pardon My Past was a good episode of Charmed and I enjoyed watching though this wasn't the best episode ever. It was interesting to see an added layer to Phoebe through one of her past lives. The flash backs were fun and intriguing as the same souls seem to stick together through time. It was great to see the Phoebe's switch places. There were some minor developments with Piper and Dan and Leo in the mix. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!
  • Pardon my confusion...

    This episode would be brilliant if it made any sense.

    Phoebe is the center of attention for this one, and she looks outstanding in her 1920's garb. She plays the bad girl to the nines once again, though I don't get the over-heated make out session with Anton. Is that how evil beings kiss?

    Dan should not have been in the past, though I understand this was just another message to Piper, with her once again with Dan but in love with Leo. The best two parts of the show for me was when Dan had to leave the manor but the sisters asked Leo to stay, and when Dan kissed Piper in the club and then he and Leo shared a very adversarial look. Great stuff. I also liked when Phoebe touched Leo on the cheek and told him to stop worrying. She is such a sweetheart. Leo's fawning over Piper in this episode is nearly as bad as Dan, but I'll let it pass considering the circumstances. He still helped Phoebe out in the end, against Piper's wishes.

    The strength of this episode, besides the wonderful costumes, is the pacing. It is pretty much non-stop forward momentum from the beginning. It also has a great vanquish, with Prue, Piper and Leo working together to deal with Anton and evil Phoebe. The weakness of the episode is the logic behind it. Why wouldn't past Prue and Piper just vanquish Anton in the first place? Why kill their cousin? And even if they did kill her while defending themselves, why not then vanquish Anton instead of going to the extreme of cursing Phoebe for all time? Idiocy. And why would Phoebe die at the same time at the same age? Couldn't Anton just join with her before that? The writers here treat evil Phoebe like she is in another reality or dimension rather than being in the past. It logically doesn't work. So, some great elements here, but for the most part, what a tangled mess.
  • The Golden Gals

    Despite some annoying moments which scream "let's think of an excuse to get Alyssa into her underwear", Pardon My Past is an excellent hour which brilliantly mixes drama and mystery.

    In the episode, Phoebe is disturbed when she has flashes of her evil past life, where her cousins put a curse on her which will also kill present-day Phoebe. Phoebe travels into the past, determined to stop the curse from going ahead.

    The scenes set in the 1920's are excellently written and masterfully directed by Michael Gleason. The black-and-white to color shot being most memorable. Alyssa looks like she's having a ball playing evil Phoebe whilst Shannen Doherty also puts her all into the rare chance (well, in the first few seasons anyway) where the sisters get to act out of character.

    Though most of Pardon My Past is good, there are some moments which make me want to run into the street and let myself become roadkill. The first is Jeanette Miller's awful performance as Grandma Larson. She acts like a mental patient, with all her "daddy worked behind the bar" and "you broke my dolly!" Uh, you're supposed to be 80-something, not 3! Also, is it just me or is Brian Krause extremely corny in this episode. All the dialogue where he suddenly brings up his relationship with Piper and how he just... stares at her like they're stuck in some Lifetime movie made me want to vomit...

    Besides those two awful moments, Pardon My Past is one of the better season two episodes and there are some genuinely tense scenes.

    Rated: A-
  • I want to take you back. Way back.

    This is a really interesting idea for an episode and certainly stands out from the others. I had to watch it a couple of times to understand some of the finer points but I have to say, for such a complicated storyline, it hangs together pretty well.

    Almost all the action takes place at the Manor. This may sound dull but, with all the flashbacks, it's anything but. The twenties scenes are truly superb and they really draw you into the plot. Ten out of ten for the outfits, the soundtrack and the direction, particularly that first scene as you walk with evil Phoebe into the house.

    Alyssa Milano plays her evil self brilliantly, picking up where she left off in "Is there a woogy in the house?" The way she struts about so brazenly is just awesome. I hope they give her more roles like this in future.

    The only problem I have with this episode is the concept of reincarnation, as this doesn't tie in with anything else on the show. If the Halliwells' souls are continually being recycled, how come Patty and Penny have both appeared to the sisters as ghosts? Surely they would be in new bodies by now? I also thought it a little ridiculous that Dan and Piper were husband and wife in the past, given that Dan disappears completely from her life at the end of the season.

    Scene of the week has to be the three way catfight on the floor. It's not often we get to see the Charmed Ones slapping each other up like this, and certainly not in stockings and suspenders. Enjoy!
  • I rate this in my "Top 5" 'Charmed' episodes, I thought it was excellent from start to finish. Phoebe, via a spell, travels back in time, and we learn things about her and her sisters that are QUITE different from the Halliwells we know.

    When Phoebe ends up going back to a past life, we find that she was an evil witch with very strong powers and that she, Prue and Piper were cousins rather than sisters. Phoebe is wealthy and many men from 1924 find her extremely attractive but most of her actions are merely for her own gain, something which goes completely against the ethos of The Charmed Ones.

    We soon find out that an evil warlock is mixed up in the whole thing and see that it is imperative that Phoebe gets back to the present day as soon as possible before her past destroys her future.

    I won't spoil it by going into any more detail, but I will say that it's a terrific episode that everyone should watch. I think you'll be glad you did!
  • Phoebe vs Phoebe...the best of season 2

    seriously this episode is nothing but classic material,it contains an original storyline and a great use of the main cast members,its nothing but perfect storytelling.
    Alyssa steals the episode though as she not only has to play Phoebe but also her evil pastlife...and each pretend to be the other.
    Shannen and Holly are also great as they too must act out their characters pastlives.
    its a massive attack on the charmed timeline as an all out war in the past and present ensues.
    there is a witty script,excellnt cinematography,and some pretty great stuntwork too.
    Pardon My Past is a genuinly fantastic episode and nothing has bettered it in this whole season.
    a great kload of character development is included here too.
    and this episode will be referred to in many episodes to come in the near and distant future of the show.
    recommended to all.
  • #If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other#

    The idea of past lives plays a major part in this, with Phoebe sentenced to die because her past self was evil and cursed. The thing is that time travel here is once again different to the previous ones which mixes it up nicely. This time its passive time travel meaning that Phoebe doesn't have control. When she actually does cast a spell to do so it plays nicely into the Warlock Anton's plans. Wow a Warlock who uses his brain a little.

    Although at first I thought the everyone looking the same thing was dumb but slowly got used to it. It helped that it was explained by Leo as not being the true visage of the person but the recognising of the soul. Everyone being interlinked. Dan Gordon actually being Piper's husband in the past life was a neat trick to make you think Leo wasn't around. Nope Leo was her lover apparently. This results in some of the funniest lines of the episode from Leo like this one with a cheeky grin on his face:

    Piper: You saw Dan?
    Phoebe: He was your husband. Sorry Leo.
    Leo: That's ok. I'm hoping Piper learns from her past mistakes.

    Although the fact that the past sisters/cousins were part of the family line this wasn't mentioned till later and it did seem a little odd to set a past life in the Halliwell Manor even after you found out. The Manor in the 20s was convincing as being part of that time period despite this. Anton the Warlock however was a great character and you could imagine this past Phoebe being seduced by him and his evil side. I liked the fact that he was also quite intelligent, turning into Leo was a bit confusing though. A few niggles, I was hoping that the seduction would continue in Phoebe's class (she is doing a university course now remember), no she was just attacked. Secondly, Leo died in World War 2 in the early 1940s therefore this being set in 1924 where he is supposedly still alive (just not present) as his past self wouldn't make sense, as I'm assuming the soul only passes onto the next person at death. This would make the next life Leo (who is to become Whitelighter Leo) supposedly in his late teens and clearly in the present that just aint the case. He's in his late 20s at least, do Whitelighters age therefore cos I didn't think they did.
  • The Roaring 20's

    Pardon My Past-Phoebe experiences flashes of one of her past lives when she and her sisters were cousins in the 1920s. However, in this past life, Phoebe was evil and power mad and a curse was bestowed upon her that could affect future Phoebe's life.

    An impressive episode with a stellar storyline as well as creating a stunning period piece, "Pardon My Past" sees Phoebe being haunted by her past life and once she vists that past, she finds some shocking developments. Alyssa Milano has this episode all to herself and she does a great job throughout as Phoebe struggles to save her own life as her past life may end up killing her. It would also make sense that Phoebe finally getting her life together by going back to college would give her more reason to want stop her from reliving her past life.

    The 1920's setting was marvelous as the directing, the costumes, make-up, and set change the manor went through made the decade look amazing. The whole cast also do great in their past lives roles, especially Alyssa Milano who, of course, must have loved playing an evil witch for an hour. Shannen and Holly are also good as Past Prue and Piper, even though their past counterparts aren't too different from their modern version. I love the revelations that Leo and Piper were lovers in their past lives, which is another great development in their relationship. Then there's Prue finding out she was photographer in her past life which leads her to go after her past dreams of becoming a photograher in her life now. Lastly, Gener Hospital star Tyler Christopher who is great as the seductive warlock, Anton, who is the reason Phoebe became evil in her past life. Also, I loved Evil Phoebe's fire throwing power as well as Past Prue's cryokinesis which brought some nice action set pieces when Anton and Evil Phoebe create chaos at the manor.

    The only downside is Jeanette Miller (Adult Christina Larson) who gives such a dreadful performance, I'm surprised she made it past the audition. Just the way she delivers her lines, especially when she says, "That was my favorite dolly!" I mean WTF? It was 76 years ago lady, get over it! But despite that awful piece of acting and dialogue, "Pardon My Past" is an excellent episode full of thrills, action, great storytelling and wonderful developemnts.
  • Now thats more like it.

    After a sring of dodgy episodes we finally get a good one. That might even be an understatement. This episode was all about Phebie learning about her past life and how she was seriously evil. The plot soon thickens when she realises that she too is going to die like her evil pastlife if she does not sort the mess out. Again in this episode Piper gets more attracted again to Leo which really annoys Dan but i hope she goes with Leo because i cannot stand Dan at all. Well atleast this episode was much better than the previous one which is something.
  • Phoebe is haunted by her past life so she travels bake in time and we find out that piper and Prue were her cousins and that phoebe was evil and in love with Anton. Prue and Piper must stop their past lives curse in the present so that Phoebe doesn't die.

    I love the song that plays "if you were the only girl in the world and i were the only boy"

    I love it how when Phoebe goes back in time to the 1920's Piper and Prue are now her cousins. they all have different powers i love Phoebe's flame throwing. It's a shame she couldn't keep it for the rest of the series. I loved the clothes they wore especially the red dress Phoebe wore it was adorable. I love charmed this is one of my favorite episodes, I love how they always came up with different episodes, no two episodes were the same.
  • Past lives come to present...

    In this episode, "Pardon my Past", Phoebe is haunted by a spirit in her past life. To find out why, she visits 1924 where she discovers that one of her past lives, P. Russell, is a pyrokinetic witch who was romanced by a warlock named Anton. Similarly, while in the past, Phoebe sees that the past lives of her sisters were former relatives of hers and out to destroy her and all her future lives before she can become completely evil. Prue and Piper must then stop their past lives' curse in the present before Phoebe falls victim to it and dies.
  • Wow Piper former lover was Leo, does that mean they are destine to be together.

    You can tell that the past Piper is still in love with Leo (as Anton posted as her former lover). And Dan is Piper husband wow… hope they don’t get together, I prefer Leo and Piper then Dan and Piper.

    Lol it’s funny that Phoebe’s lover was a warlock, same with Piper in the first season of the first episode.

    I didn’t understand why Piper got so mad with Leo for not telling her that they were together last time. If he had told her, they may not end up together. Oh well… doesn’t matter.

    Overall the story was ok, we got to see Phoebe as a bad girl in the past, but as present Phoebe said, she was good till she meet up with Anton. And her power is cool!!! And we got to see her fire power when she marry Cole in season 4.
  • Another really good eppy of charmed!!

    Phoebe is haunted by a past life so she goes into that past life where Piper, Prue, and Phoebe are all cousins and Phoebe was a good witch until she turned bad after a warlock Anton turned her against her cousins and to use her power so he can get their powers. They had different powers phoebe had Flame thorwing power, Piper had pretty much the same power, and prue had ice thorwing power. And what makes this eppy a little better is that it takes place in the 20's one of my favorite eras, even though i wasnt in that era. I feel like it would be sweet to be in that era. Anyways, I really loved this eppy and its only another reason why charmed is my favorite movie!
  • Evil cousins

    I love that the sisters were connected magically and thought that it was kinda strange watching Piper and Prue want to kill Phoebe. It makes you wonder what they will be in the next life. Will they be sisters, cousins or something else. Will they be evil or good. In every life will Leo and Dan be there. All in all I thought that this was a great episode. I give it 10 out of 10.
  • Definetly a ten for pardon my past !!!

    This is one of my favourite episodes from charmed, again a classic episode. Phoebe has flashbacks and it all relates to her past life. She found out that her past life is evil and her sisters now are her cousins in her past life which is in the 1920s. Present Phoebe has to kill a past life demon who is in love with Phoebe. Great episode with all the characters in an alternate reality in the 1920s. The thing that i like in this episode is seeing the sisters with different powers Prue has an ice-blast, pipers power is quite similar its freezing but in slow motion, and i cant forget about evil Phoebe she has an active power for once and it is firethrowing.
  • One of my top three episodes overal.

    This episode is one of my top favourite episodes out of every episode that has been showen. I like the whole idea of the past and the outfits look amazing. It makes me feel like being back in the 20's for some strange reason. I feel the whole episode is quite well written and one of the best of season two. The whole idea of that Phoebe has an evil past was intriging and I liked the way, when she gets out of the cart it's black and white and then when she gets to the door it goes into colour again. Very good editing work.
  • Have ya seen those outfits? anyway...

    This is probably one of my most memorable episodes. If someone mentions classic charmed, i think of this episode (and Murphy's luck).

    It was a great addition to the episodes, and another great time-travelling episode (I love them). We get to see the charmed ones in their past lives which is great.

    It does seem thatit's a little unfair on Phoebe. She is evil, plus her sisters are her cousins (huh?) but Prue and piper's past lives are sisters. Oh well.
  • wow!

    i thought this was a very good epiosde. it was cool how she kept coming to the past and back and to the past and back, that was cool. it was cool ho thye showed hthe other cousins powers in the past, that was cool! i liked past prues powers! that was cool!
  • This episode gives a lot of insight into their family history, I think

    I absolutely loved this episode. It was unique in the sense it wasn't just another demon that tried, failed, got his ass kicked. It was a memorable episode of importance. And we also got to see their kick ass powers in the 1920's

    Who agrees that Prue's power was a freezing power with a kick. Even Piper's was awesome. Phoebe's was demonic, but hey ^^ it's all fun.

    Let me see... what did it lack? A better freaking fighting scene. That will be one of the only episodes in which the charmed ones get to kick eachother's asses. Sure, it wasn;t the charmed ones but as good as. And they let the opportunity pass. I mean, it was quite awful and there was no energy. Prue blows, phoebe's locket absorbs... etcetera, ectetera, etcetera.

  • If you're looking for confusion, this is the episode to watch.

    In a series that prides itself on confusing its fans, this episode takes that and goes to the tenth degree!
    Past lives are revealed and for a fan like me to watch it--and need a few times viewing it to get the full meaning--it says something about its style.
    Sadly this episode--like a few others of the series--would be so much better off if it was placed in the correct order with regards to time rather than trying to explain something two years into the series.
    It is a great episode but very baffling to watch.
    But like I classified it, I can truly say it was pivotal in the structure of the show as we know it.

  • Brilliant Episode

    This was a brilliant episode. It carries on the legacy of the charmed ones and shows that they were all linked in their past lives and what powers they had then. Overall i feel that this is one of the classic episodes of charmed. And also one with Prue in.