Season 2 Episode 14

Pardon My Past

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on The WB

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  • The Golden Gals

    Despite some annoying moments which scream "let's think of an excuse to get Alyssa into her underwear", Pardon My Past is an excellent hour which brilliantly mixes drama and mystery.

    In the episode, Phoebe is disturbed when she has flashes of her evil past life, where her cousins put a curse on her which will also kill present-day Phoebe. Phoebe travels into the past, determined to stop the curse from going ahead.

    The scenes set in the 1920's are excellently written and masterfully directed by Michael Gleason. The black-and-white to color shot being most memorable. Alyssa looks like she's having a ball playing evil Phoebe whilst Shannen Doherty also puts her all into the rare chance (well, in the first few seasons anyway) where the sisters get to act out of character.

    Though most of Pardon My Past is good, there are some moments which make me want to run into the street and let myself become roadkill. The first is Jeanette Miller's awful performance as Grandma Larson. She acts like a mental patient, with all her "daddy worked behind the bar" and "you broke my dolly!" Uh, you're supposed to be 80-something, not 3! Also, is it just me or is Brian Krause extremely corny in this episode. All the dialogue where he suddenly brings up his relationship with Piper and how he just... stares at her like they're stuck in some Lifetime movie made me want to vomit...

    Besides those two awful moments, Pardon My Past is one of the better season two episodes and there are some genuinely tense scenes.

    Rated: A-