Season 2 Episode 14

Pardon My Past

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on The WB

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  • Pardon my confusion...

    This episode would be brilliant if it made any sense.

    Phoebe is the center of attention for this one, and she looks outstanding in her 1920's garb. She plays the bad girl to the nines once again, though I don't get the over-heated make out session with Anton. Is that how evil beings kiss?

    Dan should not have been in the past, though I understand this was just another message to Piper, with her once again with Dan but in love with Leo. The best two parts of the show for me was when Dan had to leave the manor but the sisters asked Leo to stay, and when Dan kissed Piper in the club and then he and Leo shared a very adversarial look. Great stuff. I also liked when Phoebe touched Leo on the cheek and told him to stop worrying. She is such a sweetheart. Leo's fawning over Piper in this episode is nearly as bad as Dan, but I'll let it pass considering the circumstances. He still helped Phoebe out in the end, against Piper's wishes.

    The strength of this episode, besides the wonderful costumes, is the pacing. It is pretty much non-stop forward momentum from the beginning. It also has a great vanquish, with Prue, Piper and Leo working together to deal with Anton and evil Phoebe. The weakness of the episode is the logic behind it. Why wouldn't past Prue and Piper just vanquish Anton in the first place? Why kill their cousin? And even if they did kill her while defending themselves, why not then vanquish Anton instead of going to the extreme of cursing Phoebe for all time? Idiocy. And why would Phoebe die at the same time at the same age? Couldn't Anton just join with her before that? The writers here treat evil Phoebe like she is in another reality or dimension rather than being in the past. It logically doesn't work. So, some great elements here, but for the most part, what a tangled mess.