Season 2 Episode 14

Pardon My Past

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Piper's past life must be the only one of the three that was in the charmed line because she had one of Melinda Warren's powers - freezing.

    • When Phoebe pulls out the family tree and finds P.Russell, the dates are July 2, 1894- Feb. 17, 1924. She then states that the dates match up, as well as the age. This would make Phoebe 30 years old, which we know she is not. When she first finds her name, the date of birth is November 2, 1975. This makes Phoebe 24 at the time of the episode.

    • When Phoebe switches life forces with her former life evil Phoebe is able to throw fire at Piper and Prue when they get back to the manor. However this does not make sense, since it was only the souls that were switched, past Phoebe should have only had the power of premonition since that is the power that belongs to the body she took over.

    • Phoebe switches life essences with her past self in order to hide the amulet but is in danger because past Prue and Piper are only gonna recognize her as the evil Phoebe. So why then didn't one of them switch life essences as well in order to hold off the killing until she successfully hid the amulet?

      Note: When Phoebe first reads the spell, Prue asks that, but Piper says only Phoebe can go.

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the fourth time one or more of the sisters travels through time.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time Alyssa Milano appears as a late relative. Previously she appeared (albiet briefly and in a video) as her mother Patty in Thank You For Not Morphing and this time as a distant cousin (as well as her past self) P. Russell.

    • TRIVIA: In Dan's past life his first name was Gordon, and this is also his last name in his present life.

    • TRIVIA: While Anton is not the first evil being to be featured during the series' run to fall in love with a mortal/witch(Cole, Alec, Drasi, Necromancer), he is the only one to turn the woman he loved permanantly evil.

    • Since the sisters are all reincarnations of family members wouldn't Dan be a reincarnation of someone in his line? Also wouldn't Piper be a little weirded out by the fact that she was romantically involved with a man who was previously her great-grandfather?

    • As explained by Leo once someone dies they are reincarnated into the life of someone close in the circle of their life which was true of the sisters, himself and Dan. So why is it that Grams, Patty and Melinda are all spirits? Why have none of them been reincarnated? If it is the same spirit that goes from one life to another, wouldn't that mean they would be elsewhere rather than in Heaven or where ever it is they visit from?

    • Past Piper was involved with past Leo in 1924, however present day Leo became a whitelighter when he died in the war in 1942, when he was already in his 20's. So even if Past Leo died and was reborn all in 1924 that would have made him maybe, just turning 18 when he died. He was clearly older than since he had already been married prior to enlisting.

    • TRIVIA: This episode features the song The Homecoming Song by Owsley and the song Can't Stand It by Wilco.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time Brian Krause appears in the opening theme credits.

    • According to the family tree, Jack Halliwell lived from 1930 to 1964. Patty lived from April 4, 1950 to February 28, 1978 (her death is consistent with the date given in the Season 1 episode That 70's Episode). Penny's (Grams) lifetime is given as June 3, 1937 to March 5, 1963 (which isn't possible as we know she died in 1998 and she lived longer than Patty and took care of the girls when Patty died).

    • Phoebe says she is the same age as her past life was when she died, and that is why everything is happening now. Phoebe's birthday is given as November 2, 1975; this make her 24 during the episode. P. Russell lived from July 2, 1894 to February 17, 1924; making her 29 when she died.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first episode to show the Halliwell's family tree, and the next time it is shown is in the episode "Baby's First Demon".

    • TRIVIA: The family tree shows that Melinda Warren is about halfway down, revealing that there are generations of ancestors that preceeded her and were documented on the family tree.

    • On the family tree shown in this episode it says that the sisters' parents were Patricia Halliwell and Victor Jones. Victor's surname is later said to be Bennett and stays consistant throughout the rest of the series.

    • When they came back into the house, where did Prue get the red sweater?

    • TRIVIA: Greg Vaughan and Tyler Christopher later reunited to play half-brothers Lucky Spencer and Nikolas Cassadine on the daytime soap General Hospital.

    • While Phoebe was in the past, a man sang the song "If You Were The Only Girl In The World" in the manor. This song was an actual song of the era, written in 1916 by Clifford Grey and Nat D. Ayer. The song was very popular and was sang by several different artists throughout the next several decades.

    • TRIVIA: A family tree (with some inconsistencies) reveals Piper's date of birth as August 7, 1973, Phoebe's as November 2, 1975 and Prue's as November 15, 1971.

    • The past lives of the main characters are revealed: Piper was P. Baxter-Johnson (September 1897-December 1970, Grams' mother). She ran a club in the manor and had the same power. Prue was P. Bowen (June 1895-May 1972), a photographer with the power to blow subzero winds from her mouth. Phoebe was P. Russell (July 2, 1894-February 17, 1924) with the power to shoot fire out of her hands. Dan was Gordon Johnson (September 1895-August 1965, Grams' father) and Leo was Piper's former lover, though his full name is not revealed.

    • Leo said that the reason that Phoebe didn't have her fire power was because she screwed up and regressed, but the real reason is because the prophecy of the Charmed Ones said that one sister had the power to move things with her mind, one sister had the power to freeze time, and the last sister has the power to see the future. It is also stated in Season 4 that throwing fire is an upper level demonic power. Being good, the Charmed Ones wouldn't have demonic powers. Perhaps this is why when Phoebe becomes evil when pregnant with The Source's spawn, one of her powers is to throw fire.

    • When Phoebe is coming down the stairs her shirt is buttoned at the top and remains buttoned until she gets down the stairs.

    • When Anton puts on the necklace in Christina's hospital room across Phoebe's neck as she lays on the bed, he doesn't even lift her head to secure it. How is it latched when past Phoebe wakes up in the present?

  • Quotes

    • Phoebe: I was bad... I was very... very bad...

    • Phoebe: Leo, don't worry so much. You're mortal now. You'll get wrinkles.

    • Past-life Phoebe: Would you tell your husband to play something else. I'm bored with this old song.
      (Past-life Piper walks over to her husband, Past-life Dan)
      Past-life Piper: Don't worry about her, baby, just keep playing.
      Past-life Dan: Anything for you.

    • Phoebe: This so embarrassing. I haven't needed my big sister to walk me to school since the first grade.

    • Prue (about Leo): It's not like there's a fallen Whitelighter support group to join or anything.

    • Piper: A daydream? Since when do daydreams attack people?
      Phoebe: It wasn't really an attack, it was more of... a seduction.
      Leo: Interesting daydream.

    • Piper (referring to Dan): You saw him, too?
      Phoebe: He was your husband. Sorry, Leo.
      Leo: That's ok. Hoping Piper learned from her past mistakes.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Hrozba z minulosti (Threat from the Past) France: Soeurs contre soeur (Sisters against sister) Italy: Il fascino del male (The charm of evil) Germany: Verflucht in alle Ewigkeit (Cursed for eternity)

  • Allusions

    • Phoebe: Where's Shirley MacLaine when you need her?

      Shirley MacLaine, though most widely known as an actress, is also very spiritual and claims to be in touch with her past lives; she has made many accounts of various lives she's had in the past.

    • Title: Pardon My Past

      This is a reference to the common saying "pardon my French".

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