Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB

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  • Payback's A Witch

    Payback's A Witch was a perfect episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama and intrigue as Wyatt made his toys come to life, Paige and Henry went through a lot, and Billie risks every ones safety on her continued quest to find her sister. I liked how the story was played out. There was a lot of character development and it was interesting to see Wyatt use magic to bring toys to life in order to help find Leo. There were some good lessons in this episode. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I like the idea of the hostage plot finally being taken in the series!

    This episode was great, almost perfect!
    Finally things are going upwards for Charmed. Granted, the last episode was a little blah, but starting with Vaya con Leos, and now this, I really look forward to the next episode!

    I think Paige and Billie did great in that bank.
    Furthermore, Paige finally finds a trigger for her healing power - love, love for Henry! Isn't that sweet! I think she's closer to revealing she's a witch to him now.

    The subplot with wyatt's "friends" was also good, but kind of a reminder to the episode "Cheaper by the Coven" where he also finds himself guilty for the demise of his family.

    All in all, good job!
  • Great episode, Paige and Billie dont use magic they use science!!

    Paige tries to help Henry get his parolee, Nick a loan at a bank, but when the loan is denied, Nick crashes his car into the bank and holds everyone hostage. The flurry of media causes Paige and Billie to come up with a solution that does not include magic. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe have their hands full when Wyatt celebrates his third birthday by using his magic to make his dolls and toys come to life.
  • i love love love love this episode ! full review inside !

    OMFG OMG !!!!!!!!! i just watched this episode from 1st start till it finished and i love love love love it ! it was great , has everything on this episode (action , fun , sad a bit , hilarious and more).. and thats great finally Paige healed ! and they not really forget Leo in this episode ! i love it ! all da 3 ladies act really well in this good episode including Billie.. and not to mention Wyatt too ! finally they not showing too much of Billie but when-does-her-kept-searching thing gonna end ? hope their next episode was better then this , i still dont know if this my favourite episode from season 8 or not ! maybe my top 3 ! and who is Maria , Khristopher , Jason yall talking about ? overall i gave this episode 9.5/10 , really great episode !

    and i kinda agreed with yall about how Paige know Piper got her signal , da helicopter and more but who cares anyway rite ? this was great episode anyway..
  • Yes! Finally Paige ! Im soo happy with the writers for finally giving one of the sisters a new power!

    I believe this episode was MUCH better than the last one, because the last one was sort of more about Billie and I missed the sisters!

    Anyway I think that Charmed is doing good, I believe it should have the right to more than it already has seeing as it has been on air for 8 years but oh well, its not my place to meddle in things...

    Anyway, Lovely episode :D
  • Must say.... i thought charmed was going downhill but they are prooving they are still one of the best shows out there

    This episode was really good from beggining to end..... it just captured you in it.... loved the set and it looks like its the biggest budget they have had this season so its because its pretty big...

    The acting was great and the storyline was..... unlike other episodes..."ORIGINAL" and thats why i loved this episode..... Charmed is great and i hope they keep on giving the fans what they want to see.
  • Dealing with his father's absence, Wyatt is dishearted on all days, his 4th birthday. Meanwhile, Piper and an elder talk about the Charmed One's future. Downtown, Paige, Billie, and Henry get caught in a bank hold-up. Phoebe trys to help Wyatt and creates

    I loved this episode. I think it was one of those where everything was well written.We got a range if things from a bank robbery, to a heart-filled scene and a child's world turned crazy. It was Charmed's way of celebrating their being the 'Longest running show with FEMALE leads.' I think of all the episodes shown (from season 1-8) this tops it all. Everyone played their parts extraodinarily well. This will be hard to beat as we get closer to the battle of all battles to get Leo back. I can't wait until next week when Paige shares the big secret with Henry.
  • With the intention of helping his parolee get a loan, Henry, along with Paige, go to a bank but instead the parolee decides to take everyone at the bank hostage. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Piper have their hands full when, during his third birthday party.

    Great episode!!Billie and Paige were really smart in this episode! With there potion and not using any magic and switching bodies. No wonder Paige's voice sounded funny. I knew something wasn't right. She is really lucky no one saw her heal Henry. Wyatt's birthday was awesome!! They did his first birthday and third but not second.
  • Easily the Best episode of the season ...

    Payback's a Witch

    Tonight's explosive Charmed (EASILY the BEST episode of the season, no joke) started out with Wyatt's 3-year birthday party. He seems obviously upset with the now noticeable abscence of Leo, but Piper tries her best to cheer him up. And elder (the one introduced in the Season 6 finale years ago) orbs in and visits Piper, telling her she has to go on living her life for her family, regardless of what has happened. The Elder tells her that Wyatt is a good kid and that he'll get over this soon enough ... just before he orbs a giant cake into the elder's face!

    Next we see Billie torturing a demon trying to get answers from him about her sister; after Piper lets him get away, she warns Billie that she needs to give up her obsession. Back at Magic School a demon gathering happens, in which they decide that something must be done to stop Billie from picking them all off - she must die. After Billie visits Paige at the bank, a demon follows her there.

    Also, Phoebe tires to comfort the saddened Wyatt by enchanting his favorite teddy bear (the one from last season) ... making it move and talk!!! Then, the bear does the queerest thing, transforming Wyatt's toy Indian, Cowboy, and Army Sarg. into real-life people! They take Wyatt and teleport him away from the Manor! Nice going, Phoebe! The three action figures turned real raid the birthday party, scaring all the guests! But Phoebe and Piper are able to pass them off as "part of the show," and it starts to work out, especially for Wyatt.

    After the three of them start searching all over the house for Leo, and start wondering whether if Leo broke his promise and left "them" because of something "they" did, Phoebe finally realizes that they aren't just Wyatt's toys, they share Wyatt's emotions and is Wyatt's way of expressing what he's feeling. Wyatt is obviously safe with his friends, so Phoebe and Piper focus on helping Paige and Billie.

    Meanwhile, Paige and Henry try to help an ex-convict named Nick apply for a loan at a bank for his son. However, when they, like everyone else, denies his request, he goes crazy and drives a car into the bank wall, and then holds everyone at gunpoint! Turning his back on Henry and Paige, Nick holds everyone hostage and demands the bank clerk to fill up a bag with money, and then tells the San Francisco PD that he wants a helicopter out of there!

    Paige gets the idea to orb out and convinces Nick to let her use the rest room. She orbs back to the Manor and tells Piper and Phoebe to call Agent Murphy at Homeland Security and to locate Nick's son so that he can talk him down. Agent Murphy convinces the San Francisco PD to comply with his demand for a copter, but as they wait, Henry tries to talk with Nick. Another hostage, a cop, pulls a gun from his bag and goes for it! Henry sees him try to shoot at Nick and dives in front of him, taking the bullet! Nick gets back up and almost shoots and kills the cop, but Paige restrains him! Paige goes back to Henry to see that he's been hit. Meanwhile, outside the bank Piper brings Nick's son Justin, who we find out is just a young child. He may also be the only hope of stopping Nick.

    However, all that goes out the window when the demons after Billie decide to strike during this opportunity. The one Billie had captured earlier possesses Nick, taking over his mind ... meaning the hostages, including Paige, the wounded Henry, and especially Billie, are all screwed! The demon-possessed Nick tries to taunt Paige into using her powers to orb Henry out of there, who is now in critical condition, thus exposing herself to everyone! But Paige won't, and somehow she's able to tap into her whitelighter powers and heal Henry's wound! When the demon goes crazy and threatens to kill Henry with the gun if she doesn't expose herself, Billie unleashes the potion she's been secretly working on, creating a white mist around Paige and herself!

    Paige then lets the demon-possessed Nick take Billie hostage (who he really wants) and into the copter waiting for her outside. However, we soon find out that Paige and Billie pulled the old switcheroo using that potion, as "Billie" is able to deflect the demon's energy balls by orbing them and then orbs the demon back to the Manor, where the others are ready to vanquish him with potions. When Billie was posing as Paige, she got the inkling that there was more between Paige and Henry than she's let on.

    The sisters try to convince Billie that she needs to lay off finding her sister for a while, and Piper has a long and meaningful talk with Wyatt, who finally turns his action figure friends back to normal, realizing he'll see his father again.
  • great episode

    this episode was amazing! it showed how wyatt dealt with his feelings by turning his toys into life siza versions. when billie(transformed into paige) was talking to billie after she saved him it sounded like she was sick. was that because it was billie at the time or was she sick when the episode was shot? overall a great episode the writers totally recovered from last weeks disaster
  • The best we saw this season so far.

    Wyatt’s birthday party takes some astonishing turns, when he transforms his toys in to living beings, but *surprise* they aren’t bad; they were the best party entertainers for Wyatt and the other kids! I think it was cleverly plotted to let Wyatt deal with his missing daddy Leo.
    On the other part of town, Paige, Billie and Henry are hostage in a bank. We wouldn’t be at Charmed, when there would be no daemon interfering in that.
    Paige finally manages to heal someone (Henry to be particularly). So we can assume that this event will bring their relationship to a new level, something that might not be that bad.
    But why else I like this episode? The story wasn’t that exciting after all, but I think it’s because we see for the first time how Billie really can fit in the show. This way it was possible that not Billie stands in the centre/focus like the previous episodes.
    But some things made me think! For example where is Chris? Shouldn’t he be around when his brother has a big birthday party? And the second point is, I read that the budget for the show production was cut, but anyway that can afford to bring in a helicopter? Sure I liked it, but I think when they really have to cut coast, that would have been something. But it looks to me they are still doing quite well.
  • Paige can finally heal!

    Paige can finally heal!

    An ok episode, but still mostly focusing on Billie trying to find her sister. They could give it a break for an episode or two.

    Piper is still missing Leo & so is Wyatt who is celebrating his 3rd birthday. Pheobe tries to get him to open up but instead Wyatt ends up transforming 3 of his toys into real live people who start looking for the white father aka Leo.

    Billie manages to upset a posesser demon who wants revenge so while her, paige & Henry (who gets shot & almost dies) are hostages in a bank robery, he manages to posess the robber after Paige convinces him to give himself up. He wants Paige & Billie to use their magic & expose themselves.

    When Henry is unconcious & almost dead Paige is just about to give up & orb him out when all of a sudden she manages to heal him.

    The wierd thing is that Henry didn't question how he recovered from the gunshot wound, and wouldn't the whole healing process be on camera.
  • great show. look forword to it every week. looking forward to see what wyatt and chris do together. i'm not that thrill about billie. the show has never been about out side witches, why should they start now.

    i love the show and everyone on it. i have lost interest in it though. now i just watch it to see what wyatt does. the show is great but they are putting to much stock in billie. she is not the star or even a co-star, but all of a sudden the whole show is about her. so i don't like the story line's any more. i look forward to see if wyatt get's to do something. for me right now it's all about wyatt and him trying to get is daddy back. i see where this is going billie's sister is going to be the big bad or big bad's number one agent. it will come down to a choice, save the world or save her sister, what will billie do. i still love the show but i only watch it to see what they let wyatt do. other than that the story does not thrill me any more. may be they should do more on wyatt and chris than on billie. they are more fun to watch.

  • While Wyatt brings his toys to life and drives his mother absoulutly crazy. Paige and Billie are traped in a hold up in a bank unable to use their powers.

    This was a good episoide and for all those complaining READ THIS. Charmed doesn't have the budget anymore to use countless powers in every episoide. I think it was good because except for the whole demon thing that was a real life problem Paige and Billie faced. It shows more about their lives than about their magic which at least I think was more like season one where they at least somewhat focased on jobs and home life and dating with Leo and Leo having to go away. This was a good episoide although they probably should get more writers in because some of these episoides are starting to look like they repeat themselves.
  • Wyatt makes his toys come to life during his 3rd birthday party, Piper and Phoebe do little of importance, and Billie's stupidity and ignorance fuels another episode's plot, this time one that involves Paige and Henry. The episode moves along in a better

    Not the best episode, but only due to the HUGE inconsistancies and Billie's repeated stupidity. Whitelighter appearance was relevant and moved the season's big bad plot along a bit, and it was also funny. Phoebe's approace with Wyatt was actually good, and I didn't notice anything wrong with her this episode - no wanting to get pregnant crap, no mentioning moving out (which never works we've seen the sisters try it like 10 times), and no disgusting clothes. Wyatt's reaction was feasible also. But Phoebe and Piper didn't really contribute much at all to the main plot, and their sub-plot was sort of dull. I thought Phoebe was pretty dimwitted for taking SO long to figure out Wyatt's toys were extensions of his emotions. But I LOVED how Piper was so quick to figure out that the bank robbery involved a demon.

    Wyatt's Village-People-came-to-life toys were pretty obnoxious, and there's NO way that Wyatt's friends' parents would have been okay with them, right from the beginning when one of them shot a freaking arrow into the wall. And can Wyatt please talk? Come on kid, you're 3 years old now. I'm sure they could get him to at least make some type of simple response to something Piper asked him. I mean, if Mary Kate and Ashley could do it, they surely can find some new Wyatt actor who can also do it. Get rid of the retard who just mumbles.

    Onto the bank robbery, which was a nice plot in my opinion, although it obviously hinted at the "less magic a.k.a. crap budget" theme of this season. I also liked the Agent Murphy tie-in. Nice. Paige handled herself well for the most part. The healing Henry thing though, I think someone noticed that her hands were, um, glowing, and maybe suspected something was weird when Henry almost died then felt fine. But no, that's too hard for Charmed. I'll let the switching bodies thing go though, because yes we did see it as an audience, but I'll just assume that's so we would know what was going on. Now I didn't really understand why Piper just happened to be looking at the bank's cameras when Paige was signaling something. That's a pretty big stretch there.

    On to the episode's was to be expected, with Piper talking to Wyatt, but it was done well enough. Overall I'd say this episode held itself together pretty well, but there are still inconsistancies and situations that can't occur unless some/all of the people involved are to be considered retards. Not too bad Charmed (based on recent seasons, not the show's whole run, because in that case, this episode would be much more dull and less suspenseful), now get better and start building up tension for the finale.
  • I love the plot, they just need to work out the kinks.

    Ok so the show starts of very nice, with Wyatt being a troubled toddler . . . and the Cake scene was lark. This episode all includes the trials of Billie dealing with trying to find her sister and following the clues that fall at her feet. I honestly don't see why people don't like her sub-plot, because she's cool . . . NEW . . . and a Breath of Fresh air to the show. And this episode sort of fit.

    Only the minor things really bothered me, like the whole smoke bomb out of other peoples things (Though I don't really know much about the smoke bomb). And the gaping hole of Nick- Once again I say it was a great plot, just not exicuted very well.

    And one last thing, Paige You Rock My Socks! Finally she get's the power to heal, breaking the bonds of her Half-Whitelighterhoode! WOOT!
  • Although Charmed's quality has been poor lately, episodes such as this one show that they're improving.

    I have spoken in previous reviews about the improvements that I would like Charmed to have made. And so far, they're mostly coming along nicely. Phoebe's problems aren't easy, but she's still herself.

    Piper's perfect marriage is trying on her, and not for random reasons like the argument in earlier episodes. And finally, Paige has a beau. Very nicely done, and I like the complications that arise from that.

    We're on our way!

    Bored, bored, bored

    This has to be the dullest episode of the whole series. I spent the whole hour waiting for something even mildly interesting to happen but to no avail. In a yawn inducing nutshell: Phoebe and Piper hold a birthday party for Wyatt while Paige and Billie get taken hostage in a bank.

    It's been a while since we've had a Wyatt based episode. It doesn't start too badly; the opening scene between Piper and Wyatt is quite touching and I liked Phoebe's spell to get the bear to talk. However, it then goes completely down the pan and the rest of the hour comprises little more than three blokes in silly costumes running around at a kids' party (though the soldier is quite fit).

    Paige and Billie's plot is even worse. Henry tries to help an ex-con get a bank loan. When the bank says no, the ex-con whips out a gun and takes everyone hostage. Nothing happens for a very long time then Henry gets shot and Paige heals him. It's about time Paige had a new power so this is good to see. On the other hand, Billie's 'potion' is ridiculous. A bit of tobacco and the contents of someone's make-up bag? Come on!

    Both plots are also incredibly predictable. I don't whether I have been watching Charmed for too long or whether the writers are just getting lazy but I saw every twist coming a mile off. As soon as I saw the three toys being lined up I knew they were going to come to life. It was also a given that the demon was going to possess the gunman at some point and Paige glamouring into Billie was so obvious it was painful.

    It must have cost a lot to make this instalment as there are stacks of guest actors, several big scenes and even a helicopter buzzing around the set. Shame they couldn't spend a little more on the plot. And will someone please teach Wyatt to speak. No kid can possibly be that quiet.

    Score: 7.7
  • Paige is held hostage.

    Billie the troublesome woman. I hate her so much especially after the episode "Kill Billie Vol.1". Billie seems to become part of the show now. But as far as I concerned, this show is Charmed!! The Charmed Ones. What the crap is going on with Brad Kern? Paige is held hostage after Henry's friend can't get money from the bank. Why can't Piper just freeze the police outside and go in to freeze Henry's friend (I forgotten his name)? There's so many mistakes they have done that can expose themselves as witches and demon, except if the hostage are blind and dumb. Not a very good episode.
  • Wyatt's toys comes to life. Billie and Paige are held hostage and must choose to reveal magic or risk Henry's life.

    Not quite sure what to say. STILL not liking Billie or her character. Still unsure of why she is on this show. Not sure why they continue to let her hang out with them.
    I am not liking the relationship between Paige and Henry. It's too complicated and it doesn't quite make sense. Paige has fallen in love with other people and she couldn't heal them-but this guy who she has hardly had time enough to really get to know has made her tap into her whitelighter powers? And why is it that they haven't had a whitelighter since? Why is it that Billie doesn't have a whitelighter? Why don't the elders talk to Billie and confront her about stirring up un-necessary trouble?
    I can't stand Billie's character and I hope they just get rid of her. She's annoying and too young. This IS called CHARMED and it is suppose to be about The Charmed Ones that were destined to exist. They are the most powerful-why do they need Billie??
    Mr. Brad Kern-Help me to understand!!!
  • It started out boring, but ended very nicely.

    It's Wyatt's third birthday, and Piper and Phoebe are busy getting ready for his party without the help of Leo. Phoebe goes to talk to Wyatt about his father, and casts a spell on a teddy bear, so she can understand how Wyatt is feeling. The bear comes to life and says that he is very sad and feels like crying all the time. Wyatt sees Phoebe cast the spell, and looks over at his toys and turn an Indian, a army officer and a cowboy into real people. Paige goes to the bank along with Henry, so she can help one of Henry's parolees get a loan. Unfortunately, it turns out that the loan is not approved, so Nick (the parolee) runs out of the bank, and drives his car through the bank entrance. Piper is angry with Phoebe as she has to deal with the Indian, army officer and cowboy who are running round joining in at Wyatt's party. Piper tells the other parents that they are the entertainment. A demon that Billie previously attacked, takes over the body of Nick, and refuses to let anyone go. Billie manages to make a potion from some ingredients. A cop grabs a gun and goes to shoot at Nick, but Henry jumps in the way and ends up getting shot himself. As Henry's condition worsens, Paige tells Billie that she cannot expose herself on tape, but she'll orb him out if she has to. As Henry slowly starts to slip away, Paige holds her hand over him, and she begins to heal him. Billie then throws a smoke bomb, and she and Paige swap identities. The demon take Billie, who is really Paige, and flies off in a helicopter. When he takes Billie back to the other demons, she is in the firing line for a set of fire balls, but she throws them back, then grabs Nick and orbs out. When they are in the attic, he questions how she orbed, and then she turns back into Paige, and then is defeated. Piper manages to get Wyatt to turn his toys back, and tells him that his fathers disappearance is not his fault, and that Leo is a brave man.
  • Better than Mr & Mrs Witch, but not that great of an episode. It had a rough start, but a fantastic ending, that's the only reason why i rated it above a 6

    The episode was funny, but not that good.

    The bank storyline was really boring, until the Posessor Demon came.
    Wyatt's storyline was funny, but it was really similar to the other storylines that were written for him when Leo was gone.

    Holly, Alyssa, Rose and Kaley did a fantastic job acting out their parts.
    And i gotta say that the writers made a fantastic ending for the episode, it was really original.

    In conclusion: A little below average episode, but at least it was better than Mr & Mrs Witch. IEUWWW
  • Talking Toys and A zoom gone amoc.

    The first ten minutes felt slow, silly and just unbearably boring. My God; the toys are alive, and the others are stuck in a hostage situation. Oh Please. But when the episode was finished I really felt otherwise. The toy plot turned out to not only be quite cute, but also very revealing and interesting. Wyatt finally got to grieve in his own way, and Piper got to talk to her boy and see what’s going on through his mind. The whole hostage situation at the bank started out boring and just plain stupid, but evolved into an exciting plotline with some character development as well as some interesting demons, and for once an original vanquish. Billie was bearable, Paige and Henry was as cute together as ever, and their relationship is getting better and better. I loved how the other girls teased her for her love. And while we’re on the subject; Paige can heal. Rejoice. Finally we’ve got a healer and Paige has a new power. Billie had something to do, and something to act with, that wasn’t her usual screwing something up. She was actually pretty good in this episode. Piper and Phoebe didn’t have much to do, but the little time they had was well spent. Although I’m a bit mad nothing happened with Phoebe’s moving out. It was a complete waste of story to have her search for an apartment in the last episode, if they were only going to forget all about it in the next. While we’re on it; the whole idea was a mistake to begin with. Phoebe has moved out twice before. It never worked out, but at least she had her reasons then. Now it’s just impossible top say why she wants to. I just hate how they’ve made Phoebe such a boring character. In seasons 1-4, she was my favourite on the show, but now she’s just plain boring and they never give her anything to do. Bad writers.

    Something I did like, however was that Billie got a new role in the show. She’s not there to screw something up anymore, she’s not there to learn all about magic. That’s a very good thing, seeing as those story lines have been made thousands of times before and are starting to get boring. Now she really does help the sisters, and finally starts to show some respect for both them, and for danger. The thing that bugged the most with this episode was the ridiculously overusing of the zoom-button. In every scene of the hostage-plot the camera zoomed in and out whenever someone said something. It was really annoying and I sometimes felt like shooting the one that came up with that nifty idea. And I want to see more of the Big Bad of the season. We got a great peak of what's to come in Vaya Con Leos, and have heard nothing since. Bring it on, already.

    All in all a good episode, with some exciting scenes and original demons, and a bearable Billie, for once.
  • Paige and Billie are held hostage, as are we by this episode.

    Okay, straight up this has to be the worst episode of Charmed of all time. In watching it a second time, I have to admit I fast-forwarded through some parts rather than tolerate them a second time. Let me start with the easier part- the good things. Phoebe looks great this episode, love the pigtails. Secondly, Paige being able to heal is a good thing, I guess. Lastly, it is good that Leo isn't being forgotten.

    Otherwise, everything else is pretty much junk. Why didn't Billie just use her telekinesis to pull the gun out of the robber's hand? That wouldn't be exposing anything. Everyone would have just thought he dropped the dang thing. Billie makes a potion out of a bunch of crap from a purse? Come on. Paige and Henry vouche for a guy who then takes a bank hostage? Hahaha... poor choice. Besides Phoebe being cute, the scenes at the manor with the 3 action figures turned real by Wyatt are frankly somewhat painful to watch. There is some comedy there, but mostly, it is just foolishness. Paige makes one signal to the cameras and Piper just happens to be watching during that part. Preposterous, but that is pretty much this episode.
  • Could they be losing their touch?

    Don't get me wrong. I love Charmed. I always have and always will, but it seems lately they have run out of interesting thing to write about. This season, along with last season, are by far the worst the've had. The writing problem makes me ask, "Are they losing their touch?" In my opinion they need to end the show soon. Let it be on a good note and not a bad one. ALSO, where is little Chris. Did i miss something?
  • Payback is a witch? Comeback is a wish! Too much to handle...

    They tried to do a new original episode but I wasn't that way: We have two stories (the bank and the Wyatt's toys)

    I've to say that the story of Wyatt was bad, very bad! It's not funny, it has no sense and it's ridicule! The characters were bad and the didn't do anything to the story. So half of the episodes is completely forgeteable. At least we have some good writing in Piper ("turn back Pinocho into wood" "he's not anatomicly correct")

    In the other hand we have a better story, that is not so better! The whole bank thing is boring till the end... We have only a few good moments but the rest it's quite the same. And all the potion thing makes no sense! Why it should that work? The few good scenes (like the car crash, the elicoter, the SWAT stuff) could have been a lot better! the camera job was awful, the scenes were horrible because of that! The scene with the three sisters in Piper's bedroom was so so so bad! that the way that bad filming can make a good scene turn into something so bad!

    I think that the episode has a good ending: I mean the Charmed Ones working together! At last! We don't see Billie killing the bad guy, anyway, the episode it's quite Billie-centric! The effects in the attic were well done (when the make the demon go out of the body)

    PD: What was about the "Phoebe "He's cute" to the toy-soldier" thing? That sounds as if Phoebe was desperate! It's too impersonal of her!

    So a "strange" episode that makes go down with the "toy story" stuff but has an effort to do a good job with the bank (at least it's a chance). so the episode is a 5 episode because of the ending...
  • still know, the charmed ones or a billie soap..?

    i am going to lose my patience..please... writers, do you know what charmed is? can somebody, say (..i dont know..) to a director of charmed, that he should visit this side and see the last comments on the 8season??
    i mean, am i expecting to much? -a episode with power, with Paiper Phoebe Paige, and not Billie and her ½lost sister½..please who cares??
    in last two episodes Billie was the one with her big problem, i mean, everything is turning around her..people, this is charmed!! 3witches, 2kids, Leo, Elders, Deamons..
    Paiper Phoebe Paige are losing their role, but not Billie..she is going to be the perfect star in charmed..
    phoebe was one of the favourite witch time ago, but what is she now?
    you must understand, i realy love charmed, i love to watch them..but something is not right..there is no more passion by the writers
  • Payback's a Snore

    Charmed makes TV history with this episode, as "the little show that could" is awarded the (slightly overlong) title of Longest Running, Hour-Long Drama Series with Female Leads. Phew. Shame that Brad Kern didn't create an interesting storyline to mark the occasion but, thinking about it, what do I expect from an episode written by the Destroyer of All Charmed Greatness?

    Payback's a Witch sees Paige and Billie accompanying Henry to the bank to help one of his parolee's get a loan. The parolee's claim is rejected and he decides to hold everybody there hostage. Paige and Billie need to stop the crisis without using magic, creating havoc. Meanwhile, Wyatt conjures up the Village People and a talking bear reveals the forever-mute-one's feelings.

    The hostage storyline is predictable garbage, with a ton of plotholes and acting worthy of a 6th grade production of Oklahoma. Apparently, Brad Kern believes that a car smashing through glass and a helicopter will help maintain the audience's attention. Sadly, it didn't work on me. The main problem with this storyline was the shaky camerawork used throughout. It looks like the director watched a little too many NYPD Blue episodes before shooting and the desperate attempt at being "edgy" and "dramatic" just doesn't work.

    Wyatt's subplot is also tiresome. There should have been a more serious way of revealing Wyatt's longing for his popsicle father than all the action figures coming to life. It was a really pointless attempt at humor that just continued to fall apart, scene after scene. Despite that, the closing scene between Piper and her son was excellently written and Holly Marie Combs was awesome. Shame she didn't have more to do in the rest of the episode though.

    The best thing about Payback's a Witch is the fact that Paige learns how to heal. Like Piper way back in Love Hurts, it's the pain of almost losing a loved one that causes healing to happen, and it's good to see one of the sisters get a new power which doesn't annoy (I'm looking at you, Phoebe's ding-dong noises).

    An episode which could have, and should have, been a lot better, Payback's a Witch has two storylines which fail to immediately capture the viewer and some of the worst leaps-of-logic in Charmed history.

    Rating: D-
  • I guess I am too critical but I know this show can be done better...

    Can we find Billie's sister already? Since that other guy was kidnapped and turned evil she probably did too. Chris never got a 1st birthday party and Wyatt is only 3? And does he ever talk? Henry and his cases? Do I care? I want more Charmed stories that mean something to the family and their mission. They have lost alot of what was once good about this show and it is starting to wear thin. But yes I keep watching, hoping that I will be surprised and entertained and maybe even awwed?? I know I am too harsh but to a degree you have to agree with me. Or atleast see what I am talking about.
    Till next week....