Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB

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  • Easily the Best episode of the season ...

    Payback's a Witch

    Tonight's explosive Charmed (EASILY the BEST episode of the season, no joke) started out with Wyatt's 3-year birthday party. He seems obviously upset with the now noticeable abscence of Leo, but Piper tries her best to cheer him up. And elder (the one introduced in the Season 6 finale years ago) orbs in and visits Piper, telling her she has to go on living her life for her family, regardless of what has happened. The Elder tells her that Wyatt is a good kid and that he'll get over this soon enough ... just before he orbs a giant cake into the elder's face!

    Next we see Billie torturing a demon trying to get answers from him about her sister; after Piper lets him get away, she warns Billie that she needs to give up her obsession. Back at Magic School a demon gathering happens, in which they decide that something must be done to stop Billie from picking them all off - she must die. After Billie visits Paige at the bank, a demon follows her there.

    Also, Phoebe tires to comfort the saddened Wyatt by enchanting his favorite teddy bear (the one from last season) ... making it move and talk!!! Then, the bear does the queerest thing, transforming Wyatt's toy Indian, Cowboy, and Army Sarg. into real-life people! They take Wyatt and teleport him away from the Manor! Nice going, Phoebe! The three action figures turned real raid the birthday party, scaring all the guests! But Phoebe and Piper are able to pass them off as "part of the show," and it starts to work out, especially for Wyatt.

    After the three of them start searching all over the house for Leo, and start wondering whether if Leo broke his promise and left "them" because of something "they" did, Phoebe finally realizes that they aren't just Wyatt's toys, they share Wyatt's emotions and is Wyatt's way of expressing what he's feeling. Wyatt is obviously safe with his friends, so Phoebe and Piper focus on helping Paige and Billie.

    Meanwhile, Paige and Henry try to help an ex-convict named Nick apply for a loan at a bank for his son. However, when they, like everyone else, denies his request, he goes crazy and drives a car into the bank wall, and then holds everyone at gunpoint! Turning his back on Henry and Paige, Nick holds everyone hostage and demands the bank clerk to fill up a bag with money, and then tells the San Francisco PD that he wants a helicopter out of there!

    Paige gets the idea to orb out and convinces Nick to let her use the rest room. She orbs back to the Manor and tells Piper and Phoebe to call Agent Murphy at Homeland Security and to locate Nick's son so that he can talk him down. Agent Murphy convinces the San Francisco PD to comply with his demand for a copter, but as they wait, Henry tries to talk with Nick. Another hostage, a cop, pulls a gun from his bag and goes for it! Henry sees him try to shoot at Nick and dives in front of him, taking the bullet! Nick gets back up and almost shoots and kills the cop, but Paige restrains him! Paige goes back to Henry to see that he's been hit. Meanwhile, outside the bank Piper brings Nick's son Justin, who we find out is just a young child. He may also be the only hope of stopping Nick.

    However, all that goes out the window when the demons after Billie decide to strike during this opportunity. The one Billie had captured earlier possesses Nick, taking over his mind ... meaning the hostages, including Paige, the wounded Henry, and especially Billie, are all screwed! The demon-possessed Nick tries to taunt Paige into using her powers to orb Henry out of there, who is now in critical condition, thus exposing herself to everyone! But Paige won't, and somehow she's able to tap into her whitelighter powers and heal Henry's wound! When the demon goes crazy and threatens to kill Henry with the gun if she doesn't expose herself, Billie unleashes the potion she's been secretly working on, creating a white mist around Paige and herself!

    Paige then lets the demon-possessed Nick take Billie hostage (who he really wants) and into the copter waiting for her outside. However, we soon find out that Paige and Billie pulled the old switcheroo using that potion, as "Billie" is able to deflect the demon's energy balls by orbing them and then orbs the demon back to the Manor, where the others are ready to vanquish him with potions. When Billie was posing as Paige, she got the inkling that there was more between Paige and Henry than she's let on.

    The sisters try to convince Billie that she needs to lay off finding her sister for a while, and Piper has a long and meaningful talk with Wyatt, who finally turns his action figure friends back to normal, realizing he'll see his father again.
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