Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB

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  • Wyatt makes his toys come to life during his 3rd birthday party, Piper and Phoebe do little of importance, and Billie's stupidity and ignorance fuels another episode's plot, this time one that involves Paige and Henry. The episode moves along in a better

    Not the best episode, but only due to the HUGE inconsistancies and Billie's repeated stupidity. Whitelighter appearance was relevant and moved the season's big bad plot along a bit, and it was also funny. Phoebe's approace with Wyatt was actually good, and I didn't notice anything wrong with her this episode - no wanting to get pregnant crap, no mentioning moving out (which never works we've seen the sisters try it like 10 times), and no disgusting clothes. Wyatt's reaction was feasible also. But Phoebe and Piper didn't really contribute much at all to the main plot, and their sub-plot was sort of dull. I thought Phoebe was pretty dimwitted for taking SO long to figure out Wyatt's toys were extensions of his emotions. But I LOVED how Piper was so quick to figure out that the bank robbery involved a demon.

    Wyatt's Village-People-came-to-life toys were pretty obnoxious, and there's NO way that Wyatt's friends' parents would have been okay with them, right from the beginning when one of them shot a freaking arrow into the wall. And can Wyatt please talk? Come on kid, you're 3 years old now. I'm sure they could get him to at least make some type of simple response to something Piper asked him. I mean, if Mary Kate and Ashley could do it, they surely can find some new Wyatt actor who can also do it. Get rid of the retard who just mumbles.

    Onto the bank robbery, which was a nice plot in my opinion, although it obviously hinted at the "less magic a.k.a. crap budget" theme of this season. I also liked the Agent Murphy tie-in. Nice. Paige handled herself well for the most part. The healing Henry thing though, I think someone noticed that her hands were, um, glowing, and maybe suspected something was weird when Henry almost died then felt fine. But no, that's too hard for Charmed. I'll let the switching bodies thing go though, because yes we did see it as an audience, but I'll just assume that's so we would know what was going on. Now I didn't really understand why Piper just happened to be looking at the bank's cameras when Paige was signaling something. That's a pretty big stretch there.

    On to the episode's was to be expected, with Piper talking to Wyatt, but it was done well enough. Overall I'd say this episode held itself together pretty well, but there are still inconsistancies and situations that can't occur unless some/all of the people involved are to be considered retards. Not too bad Charmed (based on recent seasons, not the show's whole run, because in that case, this episode would be much more dull and less suspenseful), now get better and start building up tension for the finale.
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