Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB

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  • Paige can finally heal!

    Paige can finally heal!

    An ok episode, but still mostly focusing on Billie trying to find her sister. They could give it a break for an episode or two.

    Piper is still missing Leo & so is Wyatt who is celebrating his 3rd birthday. Pheobe tries to get him to open up but instead Wyatt ends up transforming 3 of his toys into real live people who start looking for the white father aka Leo.

    Billie manages to upset a posesser demon who wants revenge so while her, paige & Henry (who gets shot & almost dies) are hostages in a bank robery, he manages to posess the robber after Paige convinces him to give himself up. He wants Paige & Billie to use their magic & expose themselves.

    When Henry is unconcious & almost dead Paige is just about to give up & orb him out when all of a sudden she manages to heal him.

    The wierd thing is that Henry didn't question how he recovered from the gunshot wound, and wouldn't the whole healing process be on camera.
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