Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB

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  • Wyatt's toys comes to life. Billie and Paige are held hostage and must choose to reveal magic or risk Henry's life.

    Not quite sure what to say. STILL not liking Billie or her character. Still unsure of why she is on this show. Not sure why they continue to let her hang out with them.
    I am not liking the relationship between Paige and Henry. It's too complicated and it doesn't quite make sense. Paige has fallen in love with other people and she couldn't heal them-but this guy who she has hardly had time enough to really get to know has made her tap into her whitelighter powers? And why is it that they haven't had a whitelighter since? Why is it that Billie doesn't have a whitelighter? Why don't the elders talk to Billie and confront her about stirring up un-necessary trouble?
    I can't stand Billie's character and I hope they just get rid of her. She's annoying and too young. This IS called CHARMED and it is suppose to be about The Charmed Ones that were destined to exist. They are the most powerful-why do they need Billie??
    Mr. Brad Kern-Help me to understand!!!
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