Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB

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  • It started out boring, but ended very nicely.

    It's Wyatt's third birthday, and Piper and Phoebe are busy getting ready for his party without the help of Leo. Phoebe goes to talk to Wyatt about his father, and casts a spell on a teddy bear, so she can understand how Wyatt is feeling. The bear comes to life and says that he is very sad and feels like crying all the time. Wyatt sees Phoebe cast the spell, and looks over at his toys and turn an Indian, a army officer and a cowboy into real people. Paige goes to the bank along with Henry, so she can help one of Henry's parolees get a loan. Unfortunately, it turns out that the loan is not approved, so Nick (the parolee) runs out of the bank, and drives his car through the bank entrance. Piper is angry with Phoebe as she has to deal with the Indian, army officer and cowboy who are running round joining in at Wyatt's party. Piper tells the other parents that they are the entertainment. A demon that Billie previously attacked, takes over the body of Nick, and refuses to let anyone go. Billie manages to make a potion from some ingredients. A cop grabs a gun and goes to shoot at Nick, but Henry jumps in the way and ends up getting shot himself. As Henry's condition worsens, Paige tells Billie that she cannot expose herself on tape, but she'll orb him out if she has to. As Henry slowly starts to slip away, Paige holds her hand over him, and she begins to heal him. Billie then throws a smoke bomb, and she and Paige swap identities. The demon take Billie, who is really Paige, and flies off in a helicopter. When he takes Billie back to the other demons, she is in the firing line for a set of fire balls, but she throws them back, then grabs Nick and orbs out. When they are in the attic, he questions how she orbed, and then she turns back into Paige, and then is defeated. Piper manages to get Wyatt to turn his toys back, and tells him that his fathers disappearance is not his fault, and that Leo is a brave man.