Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB

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  • Payback is a witch? Comeback is a wish! Too much to handle...

    They tried to do a new original episode but I wasn't that way: We have two stories (the bank and the Wyatt's toys)

    I've to say that the story of Wyatt was bad, very bad! It's not funny, it has no sense and it's ridicule! The characters were bad and the didn't do anything to the story. So half of the episodes is completely forgeteable. At least we have some good writing in Piper ("turn back Pinocho into wood" "he's not anatomicly correct")

    In the other hand we have a better story, that is not so better! The whole bank thing is boring till the end... We have only a few good moments but the rest it's quite the same. And all the potion thing makes no sense! Why it should that work? The few good scenes (like the car crash, the elicoter, the SWAT stuff) could have been a lot better! the camera job was awful, the scenes were horrible because of that! The scene with the three sisters in Piper's bedroom was so so so bad! that the way that bad filming can make a good scene turn into something so bad!

    I think that the episode has a good ending: I mean the Charmed Ones working together! At last! We don't see Billie killing the bad guy, anyway, the episode it's quite Billie-centric! The effects in the attic were well done (when the make the demon go out of the body)

    PD: What was about the "Phoebe "He's cute" to the toy-soldier" thing? That sounds as if Phoebe was desperate! It's too impersonal of her!

    So a "strange" episode that makes go down with the "toy story" stuff but has an effort to do a good job with the bank (at least it's a chance). so the episode is a 5 episode because of the ending...