Season 8 Episode 12

Payback's A Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time that Paige glamours herself, lets her enemy kidnap her, and then attacks by surprise. This episode she does it using Billie's appearance. Previously she did this disguised as Hope in the episode Little Box of Horrors.

    • TRIVIA: This episode contains many magical incidents that should surely expose the world to magic. Included are when Nick gets possessed by Rohtul, and his face changes once he is; Paige heals Henry, and her hands glow; Paige and Billie swap identities and orbs appear, but none of the hostages seemed to notice. Also what about the surveillance cameras that were rolling throughout the whole thing? Not to mention the police observing the situation through them.

    • TRIVIA: Rose McGowan (Paige Matthews) sounds like she has a cold in this episode.

    • An Elder is shown in this episode wearing a wedding ring. Is it now allowed for them to marry, or is this ring left over from when he was alive? Or perhaps it's just a goof, and it's the real-life actor's wedding ring shown in error.

    • TRIVIA: This is the fifth episode in which one of the Charmed Ones heals using Whitelighter powers. Piper uses this power in the episodes "Love Hurts" and "Siren's Song" while Paige performs the same feat in "Charmed Again, Pt 2" and "Charmed and Dangerous". As opposed to the previous times Paige healed though, in this episode she did it on her own using her naturally self-developing powers to heal Henry.

    • TRIVIA: With this episode, the series became the longest running show with all female leads, surpassing the TV series Laverne & Shirley.

    • Ratio-wise, the headdress of the toy Indian is much, much larger compared to the headdress of the live Indian. He should've had a headdress about twice as big.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode after Phoebe takes Wyatt's teddy bear and magically gets it to talk for Wyatt, he transforms three of his other toys (an Indian, Soldier and Cowboy) into real people and has them speak for him too.

    • TRIVIA: The song during the opening guest-star credits is Depeche Mode's "Precious".

    • TRIVIA: It's revealed that Henry's last name is Mitchell.

    • TRIVIA: Wyatt's third birthday is celebrated in this episode.

    • TRIVIA: For the first time ever, Paige heals someone by herself - Henry, speculated to be because of her feelings towards him.

    • When Piper and Phoebe left the manor to help Paige, they left Wyatt with his life-size toys, but where was baby Chris?

  • Quotes

    • Henry: I've never seen him like this. It's like he just snapped.
      Billie (sarcastically): Oh, really? Is that what he did?

    • Phoebe (waves her hand over Wyatt's teddy bear and says a spell): Little bear, show me how you care, tell me how you really feel, if you were real. (the bear magically comes to life)
      Bear: I'm so sad, I want to cry all the time.
      Phoebe: Oh no, Why are you sad, Bear?
      Bear (looks over at Wyatt): You want to tell her, or should I?
      (Wyatt looks over at his toy Soldier, Indian and Cowboy, blinks his eyes magcially brings them to life and 6 feet tall)
      Phoebe (looks up at the toys and then Wyatt): Oh my God! (Wyatt laughs) How'd you do that?

    • Wyatt's birthday party has started and he's missing in action.
      Vivian: So, um, where's the birthday boy?
      Piper: That's a good question. (screams Phoebe's name) Phoebe!
      Phoebe: Sorry, sorry! (She & Wyatt arrive on the landing) Here's the birthday boy! (the guests clap and cheer when Wyatt comes downstairs)
      Vivian: Happy Birthday!
      Piper: Where you been?
      Phoebe: Oh you know, just upstairs, chatting, playing with some toys. Wow! This just seems like a huge success. (looks at her watch) Maybe we should wrap it up.
      Piper: What are you talking about? The party just started. Wait a minute. What happened? What's wrong?
      (an arrow hits the door frame and the guests scream)

    • Solider (to Wyatt about Leo): Don't you worry, we won't give up until we find him.

    • Piper (to Phoebe): I'll go, you stay here with Wyatt and make sure he turns Pinocchio back into wood!

    • (Paige & Billie are still being held hostage in the bank)
      Billie (referring to Nick): I think you're getting to him.
      Paige: Yeah, well...not soon enough. Henry's in pretty bad shape.
      Billie: Well, he's a tough guy, he'll be okay.
      Paige: I don't know. When it comes right down to it, I'm gonna orb him out of here.
      Billie: I thought you didn't want to use magic?
      Paige: I don't, but I don't want to see him die either!

    • Wyatt's life size toys throw open the attic door and start searching the room, with Phoebe coming right behind them.
      Phoebe: Okay... Who, whoa. Let's not scare the guests anymore then we already have, okay? What are you guys looking for anyway?
      Indian: The Great White Father.
      Phoebe (confused) Leo?
      Soldier: Stand down, he's not here.
      Cowboy: Maybe we should try the basement. (Soldier nods in agreement)
      Phoebe: Hey! Back up, all of you. (shoves the toys back in to the attic) How do you know we have a basement?
      Cowboy: Don't know, just do.
      Phoebe: And who told you to look for Leo?
      Soldier: No one ma'am. He's missing and it's our job to find him. Now if you'll excuse us -- (toys try to leave the attic again)
      Phoebe (shoves them back in to the attic again) Why is it your job?
      Cowboy: Because it's our fault he's gone.
      Phoebe: Your fault? How would it be your fault?
      Indian: It is also the Great White Father's fault. He broke his promise.
      Phoebe: Okay, now that's the second time you've mentioned the promise. What promise, are we talking about?
      Soldier: The promise that he would always be there, ma'am, that he would never leave.
      Cowboy: Unless he left because on account of something we did.
      Phoebe: "We"? Oh my God! You're not Wyatt's toys, you're Wyatt!

    • Wyatt's birthday party is over and Phoebe is at the door with the departing guests.
      Vivian: Thank you so much. This is the best birthday party Emma has ever been to! Those characters were so amazing!
      Phoebe: Yeah, you can thank Wyatt for that.

    • Piper (looks over at Wyatt playing with is his life size toys in the living room): Is he safe with them?
      Phoebe: More then you know.

    • Possessor Demon/Nick: Go ahead and orb him out of here. You can do it, I know you want to.
      Paige: Shut up!
      Possessor Demon/Nick: You can't let him die, Paige. You'll never be able to forgive yourself, if you do.
      (Paige moves her hand closer to Henry's wound and all of sudden her hands start to glow. She looks down at her hands in surprise and then heals Henry's wound, while the Possessor, demon looks on in shock).
      Possessor Demon/Nick: What?!
      (Henry becomes conscious after he's healed, looks around confused).
      Henry: Am I dead?
      Paige (laughs and smiles at Henry): No, you're alive!
      Possessor Demon/Nick: That's not possible! That's not possible! This is not happening!

    • Phoebe (laughing about the life-sized dolls): Oh, that's some good stuff. Look, you know, bright side is they have a good time.
      Piper: This is not a good time. This is chaos!
      Phoebe: Yeah, but you gotta admit, the army guy is kinda cute.
      Piper: Forget it, Phoebe. He's not anatomically correct!

    • Piper(to Phoebe who has caused a stir at Wyatt's birthday party and is now hiding behind the balloons): are in big trouble!

    • Billie (to the Possesser Demon): So, uh, where were we? (throws a potion at the demon and he bursts into flames)
      Paige: Yes, where were we?
      Piper: What is it going to take, to get through to you?
      Billie: Hey, you guys ... I know. Believe me, you don't have to tell me anymore. I just wanna find my sister, so badly.
      Piper: I know and I wanna get my husband back so badly, but that doesn't mean I run around half-cocked, all the time, to do it.
      Phoebe: And, it's not gonna do your sister any good if you get yourself killed, while trying to find her.
      Billie: I know that, now, I'm not gonna let vengence drive me, to try and find her. Now it's about bringing her home, safely and that's it.

    • Henry (while lying on a gurney, after being shot): Hey, you were all I could think about, there.
      Billie (as Paige, uncomfortable with Henry's words): Oh, okay, well, I'll see you soon, Henry. (she walks away, leaving behind a very confused Henry)

    • Billie: Hey, speaking of Henry, how did he make such a miraculous recovery?
      Paige: Well, I don't really think we have to discuss this now.
      Piper (suspicious): What happened?
      Billie: Well, I think that, Paige, healed him.
      (Piper & Phoebe look at Paige in surprise)
      Piper: By yourself?
      Paige: It's not a big deal.
      Phoebe: Well, it makes sense, you are half whitelighter.
      Piper: Still, something pretty extreme must have happened between you two. What were you feeling?
      Billie (teasing): Love, maybe?
      Paige (a little embarrassed, to Billie): Don't make me sorry I saved you. (Phoebe & Billie laugh)

    • (Piper & Wyatt are on the living room couch, with his real life-sized toys standing in the entrance, watching them.).
      Piper (to Wyatt): I want you to know, your Daddy is a brave man, he always has been. And what he's doing now, is very brave too. I just need you to know - it's important. That this isn't your fault, it's not anybody's fault. It just is and I know it's hard to understand. But I'm going to do everything in my power to get your Daddy back, ok? I'm going to do everything to get your Daddy back.
      (Wyatt looks over at his toys, blinks his eyes and magically shrinks them back to their normal plastic selves. Wyatt then looks over at Piper and smiles who sighs and smiles back at him).
      That's a good job, buddy, come here. (Piper hugs Wyatt) Oh my goodness, you're such a big boy. Don't worry.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Piper: I'll go, you stay here with Wyatt and make sure he turns Pinocchio back into wood!

      This is a reference to the Disney movie "Pinocchio", about a wooden puppet who turned into a little boy by magic.

    • Title: Payback's A Witch

      A reference to the common saying "payback's a bitch".

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